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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Fanduel, DraftKings, and Fanpicks 9/5/16


DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (9/5/16): MLB DFS Advice

Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (9/5/16): MLB DFS Advice

Fanpicks Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (9/5/16): MLB DFS Advice

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Daily Matchups for 9/5/2016


Max Scherzer

Kyle Hendricks

Justin Verlander

Cole Hamels

Masahiro Tanaka


Gary Sanchez


Updated Odds To Win The 2014 MLB World Series As Of Right Now: Tanaka Could Influence These Later

Masahiro Tanaka has finally been posted by his team from the NPB (Golden Lions).  Mark my words, with the exception of a crazy bid coming from the Dodgers way out West, no one will outbid the Yankees for this guys services.  Based on his age and wherewithal, the Pinstripers can alter their immediate future by landing the 25 Year Old Japanese Phenom.  If they spend the $125 MIL - $140 MIL for a 6 or 7 year total ($20 MIL post, plus player contract, look for them to blow their $189 MIL budget out of control in 2014, - and opt to reset in 2015 instead.)

Masahiro Tanaka has finally been posted by his team from the NPBL (Golden Lions). Mark my words, with the exception of a crazy bid coming from the Dodgers way out West, no one will outbid the Yankees for this guys services. Based on his age and wherewithal, the Pinstripers can alter their immediate future by landing the 25 Year Old Japanese Phenom. If they spend the $125 MIL – $140 MIL for a 6 or 7 year total ($20 MIL post, plus player contract, look for them to blow their $189 MIL budget out of control in 2014, – and opt to reset in 2015 instead.)  Tanaka was 24 – 0 – with a miniscule 1.27 ERA in 2013.

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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Since nothing has changed since last week, I have two bets for you to take – and one for you to avoid.

As I mentioned last Saturday, the Rangers have confirmed on the Shin-Soo Choo signing.  In my expert opinion this should have moved the line on Texas.

Instead, they are still the 3rd favorite to win the World Series coming out of the AL.

This is not right.  Maybe I could see the Tigers still ahead of them based on the Division they are in, but the Red Sox have no business being ahead of them.

The Best Of Masahiro Tanaka

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An Interview With Chase Field Expert Paula Vaughnn

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Wednesday Mar.6th,  2013

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

I have been communicating with Paula Vaughnn since December of 2011 on She was kind of enough to purchase my book “The Fastest 30 Ball Games.”  When I first set out my Guinness World Schedule Streak last year, I was only supposed to use Chase Field on Opening Day (April.6/2012) as an emergency game.  Well, the game turned into needing me to crack back the clock and make it Game #1 out of my 30 MLB Park Quest.  One of the disappointments was that I was not going to meet Paula in Phoenix for a game later in the month of April. 

There are few women around that rival Paula’s fandom in the game.  I recently had a chance to ask Paula about her impending trip to all 30 MLB Parks, life in Phoenix Arizona and most importantly about Chase Field.

‘Chase Field’ 2011 ASG Highlights – Mature Lyrics so Parental Guidance is advised:

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It Is The 5 Year Anniversary Of His Re-Debut As A Hitter: What Is Next For Rick Ankiel?

Thursday August.09, 2012

At Age 20 (and starting out the year at age 19), Ankiel finished 2nd in ROY voting, 7th in strikeouts and ERA, 2nd in K’s/Per 9 IP and Hits/Per 9 IP in 2000. He threw 94-97 MPH as a Young Pitcher, however a mental block and injuries plagued him to the point where he changed into a permanent Outfielder in 2005.

­Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- Playing the game of baseball is predicated on failure.  Most of us that have played the game, realize how hard it is to hit a flying object with a piece of wood or metal.  The majority of players, that are in the Major Leagues, have honed their skills from the time they were just starting grade school.  Generally it takes a hell of a lot of repetition to become good at something.  As an aspiring baseball player in my teens, I can remember swinging the baseball over 200 times a day in trying to perfect my swing.  I had practice drills that would emphasize on weight transference, foot work and eye-hand coordination.  So I imagine a lot of today’s current players did the same when they were a kid.  Today marks the 5 year anniversary from one of the greatest stories ever produced on the field by a Major League Player.

The Cardinals Drafted Rick Ankiel in the 2nd round of the 1997 Amateur Draft.  Ankiel had great pitching mechanics and made his dream come true on Aug.23 1999 (at the Age of 19),  by making his pitching debut with the St. Louis Cardinals against the Montreal Expos  He sported a 0-1 record in 5 starts to end the year with an impressive 39 Strikeouts in 33 innings, while posting a respectable 3.27 ERA.  Ankiel was a budding prospect with a chance to become a perennial ALL-Star.  In his Rookie year during the 2000 season, he finished with a record of 11-7 with a 3.50 ERA-and was 7th in the league with 194 Strikeouts. 

This season was good enough to finish 2nd in Rookie of the Year Balloting.    The Cardinals needed him to pitch in Game #1 of the NLDS because he and Daryl Kile were the only ones left on the roster as 3 starters from the regular season had become injured.  To further put pressure on this young kid, his mentor for the game of baseball, his father, had been incarcerated in jail at the time as he was making it to the Major Leagues and it ate at him not having him there live to see him play.  Still, Tony La Russa had complete faith in the kid to start in pivotal games at such a young age because of his electric arm. 

It proved to be a costly mistake as Ankiel started to mentally fracture by the 3rd inning of that very game and ended up walking 4 batters and throwing a record 5 wild pitches in one inning-while giving up 4 runs.  Ankiel never recovered from leaving the mound on that day.  Against everyone’s better judgement, La Russa sent out Ankiel again to start in  Game #2 of the NLCS versus the Braves.  His first pitch of the game sailed over Timo Perez of the New York Mets.  5 wild pitches later and La Russa mercifully pulled him from the game.  If you can believe it, La Russa brought out Ankiel to face four more hitters in Game #5 of the Series.  This time he walked 2 more hitters and threw 2 more wild pitches.  The Mets wiped out the depleted Cardinals pitching staff in that 5th game.  If you ask La Russa, these decisions all haunt him more than any other thing that he has ever done as a manager.

Here is a great highlight reel showing off Ankiel’s best moments as a National in 2011.

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Top Ten Stat Of The Week: Active Career Stolen Base Leaders

Wednesday August.8/2012

Juan Pierre was one of the most prolific hitters in terms of base hits in the last 12 years along with being the Active Leader for Career Stolen Bases. Pierre has 4-200 hit seasons in his resume.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on Twitter)- The game has been moving back towards speed, offense and athleticism since the adaptation of the steroid testing in the MLB.  I think we will see a big emphasis on the Stolen Base in the coming years.  We have Billy Hamilton coming in the near future and he could actually challenge a 100 Stolen Base in one season.  30 years ago there were several guys challenge or eventually succeed in stealing 100 bases.  Rickey Henderson and Vince Coleman both hit the century mark 3 times, while Ron LeFlore and Tim Raines cracked the 90 SB plateau.  Teams used to have several speedsters in their lineup.  Jose Reyes has the most stolen bases in one year for the active players with 78 swipes in 2007.

I omitted Luis Castillo from the list because he has not played since 2010, (much to the delight of the New York Mets fans I am sure.)  I am sure that Boston Red Sox fans are hopeful that he can regain his stolen base prowess very soon with him being only in the second year of a 7 YR/140 Million Dollar Contract.  Johnny Damon also has foraged a great career to be on this list from sheer determination.   Out of this top ten , Jose Reyes has the most steals per games played, while Omar Vizquel (who has played 2947 games) has the least amount of steals per game played.  I was most surprised by Derek Jeter cracking this list because he has never stolen more than 34 bags in one year.  I wonder how many bags Ichiro would have stolen had he arrived in North America earlier?  Johnny Damon and Omar Vizquel making this top ten is a test to their long-playing careers.  I figured Jimmy Rollins had more steals than what his totals came in as.  Bobby Abreu  has the most HRs on this list with 286  and Juan Pierre has the least. with 17.

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Us Cellular Field: Book Excerpt from ‘The Fastest 30 Ball Games.’

Wednesday August.01/2012

Baseball Park World Record Chasing All-Started for me at US Cellular Field. I had my first retro-active game if needed) on July.1/2008 of my first ever streak chase. I also finished my 30-29 at the CEL.’ I had gone to 40 Baseball Games in 35 Days overall.

     Game#2 Day#1

US Cellular Field

Chicago, IL


I had a tip from my brother Trent early on in the planning stages, that the United States airline companies often ‘sand-bag’ their flying times to destinations to take jet-way delays into consideration.  More often than not, the airlines are able to beat the scheduled arrival time by many minutes.  I actually used a tool on the internet called ‘Flight Tracker’ to watch the very flight I was on to see if this was a correct statement.  I watched this exact flight land 4 weeks in a row, all approximately 15 minutes earlier then the 6:32 PM time it was supposed to arrive on that day.  That day I was not as lucky.  It was after all a ‘Chicago Airport.’  Still at a 6:30 PM arrival-I had about 40 minutes to first pitch.  I had called in a sedan service to pick me up from ‘MIDWAY’.

True to their word, there was a young guy in his twenties waiting for me in the arrival gate and he escorted me through to the limo stand at a running pace.  I saw it had started to rain and weather was something I would always keep my eye on during transportation throughout the trip. Read the rest of this entry

A Book Excerpt from ‘The Fastest 30 Ball Games’ The Great American Ball Park

Monday, July.30/2012

To Purchase this Book please click here

Original Print of the book was June 2011
Book Excerpt writeup By Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth

“The Book Excerpt for The Great American Ball Park.  As it turned out I would have been disqualified for a dangerous driving ticket had I kept up with this streak attempt anyway.  During this game it was crazy because a rain delay in my favor saved the day.  It was also when I realized doing interviews might actually impede a streak.”

Game#4 Day#3
The Great American Ball Park
Cincinnati, OH

It felt wrong from the time I made it to the Philadelphia Airport. It was a tough shuttle ride from the parking lot to arrive at a full security checkpoint-even at an early time of a 5:45 AM flight. I had flown out of PHL before-just never the dreaded ‘F’ gate. The fact you have to wait in yet another line for a shuttle to the gate is brutal. This caused me even more panic. I had to catch that flight to Indianapolis on time to make it to Cincinnati on time. One of the things I learned when booking all of these flights was that Cincy’s Int’l Airport (CVG) completely rips you off for fares to and from its fine city. I was at an all time frustration when I became the last person on the shuttle—and virtually sprinted to the jet-way to make it 2 seconds before they closed the security door for my US Airways Flight from Philly. Read the rest of this entry

Stat of the Week: Will Extra Base Hits Help Punch Tickets to BBHOF?

Monday June.18/2012

Alex Rodriguez leads the list of active players and is already 10th All-time for XBH. If Rodriguez can hit 308 XBH before he retires, he will pass Hank Aaron for 1st overall. –Photo courtesy of

Chuck Booth (Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-  Extra base hits kind of go hand in hand with slugging percentage to an extent.  I have often used this category every season as a gauge on how good a player does.  Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances why a player hits more doubles and triples rather than home runs but they are all considered extra base hits.  Adrian Beltre is a perfect example of this.  During his Seattle Mariner days, he would blast about 15-20 baseballs off the fences at Safeco Field every year (for a double or triple) that would have been an HR if he did not play in such a pitcher friendly park.  This list represents great careers.  If a player can reach the magic 1000 extra base hits, they will be hard to ignore for consideration towards  Cooperstown.  I have omitted Manny Ramirez from an active player.  It is my firm belief that the man served a 50 game suspension for a team like Oakland, only to quit on them and maybe land on another club.  If he is able to catch on with another job with a club, I will gladly put his name back as #2 player on this active list.

TOP 10 as of June.17/2012

Player                                                    Extra Base Hits Leaders Active (Rank All-Time)

1. Alex Rodriguez NYY                              1169   (10)

2. Jim Thome PHI                                   1079   (20)

3. Chipper Jones ATL                              1026   (26)

4. Vladimir Guerrero (FA)                         972   (39)

5. Todd Helton COL                                   956   (45)

6. Albert Pujols  LAA                                 941   (50)

7. Bobby Abreu LAD                                  908   (60)

8. David Ortiz  BOS                                   886   (64)

9. Johnny Damon CLE                               859   (73)

10. Scott Rolen CIN                                   857   (75)

I fully think that Vladimir Guerrero will sign with someone soon.  At 972 extra base hits, he is 28 extra base hits away from that 1000 marker. If a team signs him in the next few weeks, he may have a chance to get there before the end of the season.  Below is a 5 minute highlight package of his career thus far.  There is not many Expos highlights, you can always search Youtube for more.

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Canadian Residents May help USA Residents with Free Car Rental Days via Air Miles

Friday, May.25/2012

Its Travel Blog Friday:

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-Renting cars in all 27 MLB cities is an expensive proposition.   Some of the bigger cities can charge from $50-$90 per weekday for just your run of the mill economy car.  Throughout my travels in the last 5 years I have discovered many new ways to combat such prices.  Earlier this year, I stumbled upon the latest nugget that I will share for you here.  Air Miles is a Canadian reward that people have been collecting up here since 1991.  It is designated with many of sponsors in order to collect Miles to redeem them for various redemptions.  Most of the time these rewards are personalized to the cardholder themselves.  I found a rare exception.

I learned that Canadians can transfer Air Miles, (in exchange for car rental redemptions towards USA Residents in any of the USA Airports.)  Not only that, but the Canadian cardholder doesn’t even need be present as part of the rental.  The rates are start at 230 Air Miles for an economy car, 250 Air Miles for a compact and 310 for a Full-Size Car.  The only state that the rental rates are cheaper belong in Florida where the economy car rental goes for only 175 Air Miles for an economy car, 200 for a compact rental and 250 for Full-Size Car.  The daily rate of the car rental in each airport is covered, the only thing that you would be responsible for are the taxes.  I will give you an example.  I rented a car in San Francisco Airport that carried a daily rate of $49.99, but was about $77 after taxes.  I used 230 Air Miles to redeem for the free day, all that was left was about $27 in taxes once the redemption was made. Read the rest of this entry

MLB Should Investigate a Payroll/Geographical Look into Division Re-Alignment

Monday, May.21/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- Despite being a Yankees fan, I admit the economics of baseball are way out of whack. I was talking with a few other fans about the MLB and thought of a radical new change in division re-alignment that may finally end the disparity between all ball clubs having a chance to make the playoffs each year. Much like soccer, it would kind of be a tier system. Scheduling and travel wise it makes a lot more sense as well. For those hardcore fans I would also make each team play at least 3 games against every other team in the Majors. Let’s see if you like what I have done.

The new AL would feature the bigger payroll teams. I know this break’s up 130 years of tradition but it is time to move into the new millennium.  There would be 15 teams in each league so that would make for 1 Interleague series at all times.  Under this format you could still keep your 2nd wild card berth.  After you read these Divisions take a look at how I would break up the 162 game schedule-and then demo sampled the natural rivalries playing each other 12 or 19 times still.  I believe this is the fairest and most accurate way to have competitive balance for all of the clubs.  The National League would take a bit of a hit however they should change the All-Star Game to mean nothing for the World Series home advantage.  The team with the best record overall in the regular season should have home field advantage when deciding the World Series and playoff round.  There would be 50 interleague games for each team.  This still only represents 30% of the games folks.  With more teams rotating through the league, the games would remain fresh.  They can still keep the American League and National League Stats separate like the NFL does. Read the rest of this entry

MLB reports Monthly Power Rankings: May 2012

Tuesday May 8th, 2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-We are going to bring you a monthly power rankings every month of the season.  There will be a few verses for each team.  Please feel free to let us know your thoughts.

May Power Rankings

  1. Texas (19-10)  Josh Hamilton is clubbing the ball at his 2010 like AL MVP clip.  Yu Darvish appears to be the real deal.  Mike Napoli hits 8th on most nights. Michael Young might be the most under-appreciated hitter in the last decade.  Ian Kinsler is on pace for 162 runs.  If Nelson Cruz starts hitting and or Nathan rounds into form, than this team may blitz by every one.
  2. Tampa Bay (19-10) The pitching staff is incredible right now.  David Price is asserting himself as one of the premier left-handed pitchers in baseball. Strong starts from Evan Longoria, Luke Scott and Carlos Pena have helped.  Joe Maddon may be the best ‘in-game manager’ of baseball now with Tony La Russa out of the Majors.
  3. Atlanta (18-12) The reason I have Atlanta rated so high is they are not even having a good year from Tim Hudson yet and Jair Jurrjens has been atrocious.  Still they sit near the top of the standings.  Chipper Jones has 21 RBI and Freddie Freeman has taken the next step so far with 26 RBI.  Last year the team had a lot of players with career worst years and they were only eliminated on the last day of the season.  This year may be different.
  4. St. Louis (18-11) You lose a franchise player like Albert Pujols and you spend half the money for Carlos Beltran and Rafael Furcal, who are finally hitting the numbers like the back of their bubble gum cards from 5 years ago.  Are we giving enough credit to Mark McGwire here? Lance Lynn has morphed into Chris Carpenter with his 6-0 start.
  5. LA Dodgers (19-10) Matt Kemp is the best player in baseball right now and may walk away with the triple crown this year.  Andre Ethier has matured into the RBI guy he needs to be.  Solid pitching by Clayton Kershaw, Chris Capuano and Ted Lilly have this team looking solid. Dodgers look good in the future when  the new ownership takes over. (more…)

Chuck Booth’s 30 MLB Park Quest: (Games 16-21)

The Streak stands at 23 MLB Parks in 18 calendar days!!

Chuck Booth:  I am the World Record Holder for-Fastest to see all 30 MLB parks in 24 days (2009)!

In 2012, I am going for 30 MLB Parks in 23 days from: April 6th to 28th.

Follow me-@chuckbooth3024 on twitter

Follow my streak all the through to the bitter end.  Schedule is this link: or at my official website for all updates!

Tuesday April.24/2012

Ken Lee, Chuck Booth and Doug Miller all at Safeco Field for the game #18 in 14 days on April.19/2012. (They would later be featured on TV several times above the King’s Court Seats. ) Chuck also had a special welcome wave from the TV Jumbo Tron and was given a free gift bag from the Seattle front office.

MLB Park # 16 Day # 12

CHC 2 @ MIA 3


New Marlins Ball Park

‘Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twiter)- It was a great day for a new baseball park.  During this trip, anytime that I have had a single game only for a day, I have felt a little bit more relaxed while watching the action.  I flew into FLL (Fort Lauderdale Airport) really early and caught up on some writing.  I was fully rewarded with my National Car Rental to the tune of a Chrysler 200 that was black in color.  I made my way to my Best Western Hotel near the airport.  Check in time was not till 3 PM, but I was able to coerce the staff to let me take a room early.  I really appreciate the professional way the Best Western staff always helps me in the travels. Read the rest of this entry

An Interview with Coliseum Expert Ken Lee

Monday April.23, 2012

CB: “Welcome to MLB Reports Experts Interview Ken.  Please tell us about yourself and then give a bit of background information on your life as a baseball fan?

KL: “My name is Ken Lee, I am a General Manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and I live in Marysville, WA with my wife Yvonne and our 2 pup pups, Boomer & Tilly.  I am a co-writer of the book titled “The Fastest 30 Ballgames – A Ballpark Chasers World Record Story” that came out last year.  I grew up playing baseball and loving every aspect of the game.  I attended my first MLB game in April of 1977 @ the Kingdome in Seattle (Yankees vs Mariners).  Since then I have attended about 1,000 games or so.  I have seen games at 29 outta 30 current ballparks (the lone exception being the new Marlins Park – which I will pick up on May 14th & 15th) and I have seen 42 different MLB ballparks overall.”

CB: “As one of the ballpark experts who take it to the extreme, how do you rank Coliseum versus the rest of the ballparks?”

KL: “Overall, I would rank it #30 outta 30.  In general, as a ballpark, it’s terrible.  It’s too cavernous and way too much exposed concrete to be a ‘real’ ballpark. Mt. Davis is an eye sore and try to watch a game from all the way out there, you will feel like you are in San Francisco! is the only ballpark I have been to where I didn’t enjoy a game from the ‘cheap seats’.”

CB: “Despite the A’s being featured in the movie ‘Moneyball’ as one of the best franchises during the early 2000’s, the team did not draw well.  Why do you think that is Ken?”

KL: “I think there are several factors personally.  Be it that the ballpark by itself is not a real drawing point, the prices are generally high for what you get (especially for parking) or the lack of big name talent on the field.  As illustrated in the movie, they were poached of Jason Giambi, Jason Isringhausen and Johnny Damon just as they were really starting to become big names.  When you don’t have big names that draw attention, the only other thing you can can do to get butts in the seats is to find a way to win and that’s what they did in 2002 rolling off 20 straight.  Since 2002 their W’s have dropped off, they only won 74 games last year and if you aren’t winning, you cant fill the house especially if you don’t have anyone on the team that people really want to come see.”

CB: “The A’s seem to have a lot of promotional days in the summer, over the last couple years have you been in attendance for any of these? Please explain your latest experiences?”

KL: “I have been to a few the last couple years, be that “Free Hot Dog Day”, $2.00 outfield seats sponsored by the BART or even a night where you can park at the ballpark for *FREE* (a $17 value!).  I can’t say that I have scheduled any of my trips around any of these, but it sure is nice to be able to go to 3 games, get free hot dogs at one, park for free another and have all 3 of your tickets cost you a total of $20!”

CB: “What is your favorite method of transportation to and from Coliseum?”

KL: “Anytime I have been to games in Oakland it has been as part of a bigger trip, so I have always driven in.  Besides paying an outrageous fortune at the ballpark for parking ($17 in 2011), there are plenty of free parking spaces within a very short walk of  The BART system is another great way to get to games as well from all over the Bay Area.  It drops you off within a short walk over a sky bridge to the ballpark.”

CB: :What advice would you give someone experiencing Coliseum for the very first time?”

KL: “Don’t be expecting much because if you are, you will be very disappointed.  However, with that said, go in with an open mind and experience everything there.  On my trips down I have got to know an usher that hooks me up with great seats every night (no matter if I bought a $2 ticket or not) and the people there, in general, are really cool.  I would warn you that seat poaching is discouraged and most sections, if not all, have posted ushers that do check tickets.  If you are going to try to poach a better seat, walk right by them like you own the place!”

CB: “How is the food at Coliseum?  What is your favorite ballpark food there?”

KL: “The food at is O.K. at best.  Nothing edible really stands out to me, but I do have to say that for free hot dogs on “Free Hot Dog Day”, they were actually not that bad.  Then again, it would have to be a pretty bad hot dog to not have enjoyed it because when you are ballpark chasing, a free meal is always appreciated.  The thing that stands out in my mind when walking around is the stands dedicated to specific breweries, like New Belgium and Widmer Brothers.  At these stands they feature the beers of these breweries only.  I have never seen another ballpark that does that and I thought it was pretty cool.”

CB: “What is your favorite all time game you have been in attendance for at Coliseum?”

KL: “I would have to say it would be my first game there, May 13, 2000.  A’s vs Mariners.  I was with a couple of friends of mine who took me to the game. Was my first time ever seeing the Mariner’s play away from Seattle.  They won 6-4 that afternoon, Tomko got the W, Mesa the S and A-Rod had a 2 runner he hit off A’s starter Kevin Appier.”

*** A big thank you goes out to our Petco Park Expert Ken Lee for participating in the expert article Series. Follow Ken Lee on twitter- (@seeall30) and to read more about Ken’s baseball journey click here ***


 ***Thank you to our Lead Baseball Writer- Chuck Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Chuck Booth, you can follow Chuck on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and you can also follow Chuck’s website for his Guinness Book of World Record Bid to see all 30 MLB Park in 23 days click here  or on the 30 MLB Parks in 23 days GWR tracker at the Reports click here. To Purchase or read about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames Book, ” please click here ***

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An Interview With Comerica Park Expert and co-founder of Stadium Journey- Paul Swaney

Sunday April 22, 2012


Paul Swaney and Son

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024)- I was fortunate to talk with Paul Swaney about Comerica Park recently.  Amongst the ball park chaser community (or any sports community for that matter), Paul Swaney has come to the forefront as one the top stadium reviewers for all of sports in the world.  Paul had a vision of starting a website to chronicle his own sports venue experiences.  He thought of this as soon as his son was born.  Since then, he co-founded the website and they have since gone into publication as a magazine.  Paul has made it his full-time job to provide information on hundreds of sporting venue’s around the globe.  Get to know this man and website because he is going places with his new venture.  I asked Paul Swaney to be part of my featured profiles of ‘The Fastest 30 Ball Games'” and am pleased that he accepted my invitation.

CB: “Welcome to the Comerica Park Expert interview Paul, please about yourself and  then give us a bit of background information on your life as Tigers fan?”

PS: “I grew up in Northern Michigan, and the Tigers were definitely the first team I really loved. I remember watching the Tigers in the 1984 World Series, one of my first sports memories. The following season, my dad, my brother, and I traveled to Tiger Stadium. I remember the excitement I felt as the Tigers clashed with the Red Sox on a sunny September afternoon. The dark blue of the stadium, the green of the field, and the energy of being in a large urban setting for the first time of my life are still vivid memories.” Read the rest of this entry

A Ball Park Chaser Guide Courtesy of Ball Park

Friday Apr.20/2012

Kauffman Stadium Chaser Guide is courtesy of


Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

27 miles/35 minute drive to Kauffman Stadium

***All underlined words are direct clickable links when you are online***


Unlimited budget     There are no 4 or 5 star hotels close to Kauffman Stadium

Moderate budget All three options are within walking distance of Kauffman Stadium

Clarion Hotel Sports Complex

Drury Inn & Suites Kansas City Stadium

Holiday Inn Kansas City – Waterpark

Chaser budget traveler  The following lodging is within 4 miles of Kauffman Stadium

Super 8  Independence, MO

Best Western  Truman Inn

Holiday Inn Kansas City Sports Complex


Parking at “The K” has never been so easy-it sure beats struggling for a cheap lot at a downtown ballpark. The Kansas City Royals are one of a handful of ball clubs that offer a centralized parking lot in front of their respective stadium. General parking is only $10 and the Royals provide an easy-guide that has directions to either the east or west parking lot, depending on the direction you are coming from. Keep in mind that parking at Kauffman Stadium is cash only. If your trip allows it, we recommend to stay at one of the hotels listed above so you can walk to and from the game.

WHERE TO EAT?                        

One of our crew’s favorite restaurants in all of baseball is just 15 minutes from Kauffman Stadium. Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum is a must see when coming to Kansas City. Chappell’s not only serves great food, but also is home of the country’s largest collection of sports memorabilia (within a restaurant). Don’t leave here without trying the famous half-pound burger, meeting Jim Chappell (the owner) and finding the autograph baseball from Ty Cobb and the authentic 1974 World Series Trophy!

 If you haven’t already noticed in the other Ballpark Chasers Guides, we love “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants and the local favorites. If you feel the same way, look no further than LC’s BBQ. Just four miles from Kauffman Stadium, LC’s can practically be smelled from the seats! Well, that may be an exaggeration, but LC’s is arguably the best BBQ joint in all of Kansas City. Our mouths are watering just thinking of their burnt end sandwiches and fries. A few miles further lay one of the coolest interactive restaurants in the country. The 810 Zone is the place to go to find food made from scratch, interactive televisions at each table, a radio broadcast booth and a colossal collection of high-definition televisions and sports memorabilia! If that isn’t enough, bring your best swing for their golf simulator game that claims to be accurate within .3 percent.  We recommend calling ahead  for a tee-time if you want to play Pebble Beach. The 810 Zone offers three locations within a 20 minute drive of Kauffman Stadium. 

The 2009 season opened with a newly renovated Kauffman Stadium. Some of the new features include a restaurant in right field, a Royals Hall of Fame exhibit and miniature golf in left field.  Rivals Sports Bar is open just beyond the right field bleachers and is serving up traditional sports bar cuisine. To keep you up on the game, Rivals offers a number of flat-screen televisions, including a 103 incher! Rivals Restaurant makes for a perfect stop during those cool spring nights or blistering hot and humid summer days in Kansas City. A quicker option is Stroud’s Chicken, which is connected to the Royal’s Hall of Fame in left field. Stroud’s is a local favorite that arguably serves the best fried chicken in the country. For dessert, look for Sheridan’s Frozen Custard in the new “Outfield Experience”. Sheridan’s is the only custard stand operating in a professional sports venue.


The Kansas City Royals have consistently been in the bottom half of fan attendance for quite some time. The struggle of the Royals on the field translates into a struggle filling up the stands of Kauffman Stadium. Needless to say, tickets were relatively easy to come by during the 2011 season. Ballpark Chasers can pick up tickets right before the game at one of the box office locations outside of Kauffman Stadium or online using their interactive seating chart.  If you can, plan on seeing the Royals play on Friday night in order to catch a great fireworks show following the game.

Ballpark Chasers Fun Fact:  One of the most coveted and hardest to come by seats in all of baseball is the famous red seat found in Section 101, Row C, Seat 1. The Royals placed this red seat in honor of the legendary Kansas City Monarch, Buck O’Neil. Don’t expect to find the seat on eBay, as the Royals front office donates this seat to a member of the Kansas City community for each home game.


Summers in Kansas City tend to be hot and humid. Expect temperatures in the 90’s with the lowest probability of rain during the months of July and August. If you prefer less humidity and cooler temperatures, plan your trip in April, May or early June. Just be prepared to bring your umbrella.


Besides the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, no other attraction comes close to the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Founded in 1990, the NLBM is a non-profit organization with a privately funded mission to preserve the history of African-Americans in baseball. Located in the historic district of 18 TH and Vine (10 minutes from Kauffman Stadium), the NLBM will provide hours of entertainment and will leave you with a greater appreciation of the Negro Leagues. Admission to the Negro League Baseball Museum is $8 for adults or $3 for children under 12. Ballpark Chasers recommends making a day out of it by purchasing a combo ticket ($10) which includes access to the Jazz Museum next door. Children under 12 would be $5 for a combo ticket.

After a day at the museums, head over to the Country Club Plaza for 15 blocks of restaurants, shops, concerts, entertainment and a unique atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere in the greater Midwest. If your trip to Kansas City is spent with the love of your life, don’t leave the Country Club Plaza without a Venetian style Gondola ride. Due to its popularity, reservations are recommended.  


Ballpark Chasers rave about the “Midwest 3” baseball road trip. This includes seeing Kauffman Stadium, Busch Stadium and Coors Field. We recommend finding the cheapest airfare to either Denver or St. Louis and using a rental car to drive in between. The drive from Denver to Kansas City is roughly 9 hours, or about 610 miles; whereas the drive between St. Louis and Kansas City is about 240 miles or 4 hours.

Unfortunately, there is not a close Minor League ballclub around the Kansas City area. Therefore, if you are looking to stay in town, Ballpark Chasers suggests seeing a couple of games at “The K” and spending some time at the Negro League Baseball Museum.

A big Thank-you goes out to Craig Landgren (Founder of for lending us the chaser guide today for Kauffman Stadium.  To view any of the 30 MLB Parks and their awesome chaser guide click here.

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Chuck Booth’s Game and Streak Updates for MLB Parks 6-10

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Tuesday April 17, 2012

Chuck Booth and Lori Martini are interviewed by Sports NY

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- “In what technically is Park #1 on Day #1 of the streak after a retro-active option I capitalized on, this game is the 6th write-up.  So let us go back to April.5th First.  I watched the New York Mets Season Opener with Lori Martini and we were both interviewed by Sports Net New York and were featured on Mets Weekly Episode 2 on .  This episode aired on Sunday April.15th.  After the incredible adrenaline rush of being on camera for an extended interview, the Mets won the season opener on a well-pitched effort by Johan Santana of the Mets.  Directly after the game, Lori and I were taken to Don Peppe’s in Queens by her friend Mike.  This place serves great Italian platters and was featured on the hit TV Series “Entourage.”  A nice meal with some great new friends then saw me make the trip to Boston.  I had to take a Greyhound Bus to Boston(for only $15) because that airport was the only one in the radius that Southwest could fly to Phoenix in time for the opener.”

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An Interview with Nationals Park Expert Ben Fallon

Monday, April.16/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)I had the chance to talk to Ben Fallon recently.  Ben is one of the most hardcore baseball fans from the city of Washington.  We discussed food, the President’s race and the outlook for the young club.

CB: “Welcome to the MLB Reports Experts Interview Ben.  Please tell us about yourself and then give us a bit of background information on your life as a Nationals Fan?”

BF: “I am a New Jersey native and lifelong Yankees fan who moved to the Nation’s Capital back in 1995.  I came to Washington to work in politics, working both on Capitol Hill and in the Bush Administration before taking my current job with the Defense Department. I have been a Nationals Partial Season Ticketholder for every season but one since baseball returned to DC in 2005, attending 30-40 games per season. ” 

CB: “Describe your favorite part about being a baseball fan?”

BF: “I just love the game. I love the history.  I love the strategy.  I love being at the games in person and picking up on the signs, the body language and the small parts of the game you miss watching on TV.  I enjoy going to games with family and friends, its 3 hours of entertainment, stress relief, good times and famiily bonding all in one.”

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An Interview with Target Field Expert Stephanie Caro

Saturday, April.14/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-I had a lot of fun prospecting for the best interview experts amongst the friends network that I have in at  I must say that I knew that Stephanie was a big fan of the Twins, I just didn’t know how far back her fandom went with the club.  I was asking questions about the team since the Metrodome days us until now.  Stephanie has been a fan since the team moved there from Washington.  It was then I knew that having Stephanie as an expert for the Twins was the right decision!

CB: “Welcome to the MLB Reports Target Field  Expert Interview Stephanie. Please tell us about yourself and then give us some information on your life as a Twins fan?”

SC: “I’ve been a Twins fan since I attended my very first Bat Day at Metropolitan Stadium in 1971. (With thousands of bats pounding against the old metal decks, I remember it being extremely loud!) As a kid, I would listen to the Twins game on my transistor radio after I went to bed; now, as a middle-aged woman, I keep track of the Twins via radio, TV and/or Internet.” Read the rest of this entry

An Interview With AT and T ‘Expert’ Tike Narry

Friday, April.13/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-  I will have the chance to meet Tike for the Season Opener for the San Francisco Giants.  Tike knows his stuff around the bay area and it today’s featured expert for AT&T Park.

CB: “Welcome to the MLB Reports Expert Interview For AT&T Park Tike. Please tell us about yourself and then give us a bit of background information on your life as a baseball Fan?”

TN: “I’m 39 years old, and attended my first baseball game at age 10. I have been a Giants fan my whole life, and have been a Season Ticketholder at AT&T Park since its opening in 2000. I have attended 679 games Major League, regular-season games entering 2012, with a goal of reaching 1,000 by my 50th birthday, and have attended games in 32 different MLB parks (23 current).”

CB: “As one of the ballpark experts who seen virtually every park, how do you rank AT&T Park versus the rest of the home venues?”

TN: “The only park that can come close to matching the setting of AT&T is PNC Park in Pittsburgh. It is spectacular, on the waterfront in China Basin in San Francisco, with a view across to the East Bay. Seats from right field can see the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and there are very few seats with a bad sight-line in the park. My only complaint about AT&T, and it’s a minor quibble, is the width of the concourses, but that’s to be expected when building a park on just 13 acres.” Read the rest of this entry

An Interview with Founder and Coors Field Expert Craig Landgren

Friday April.13/2012

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Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- I joined Craig’s baseball community website in 2008 (  I must say that all of us ballpark fans have a lot to thank him about. Craig launched Ballpark Chasers with the vision of connecting baseball fans around the world, especially those with the life goal of seeing all Major League ballparks. Since going live, Ballpark Chasers has doubled each year in total members and has quickly become the Internet’s largest collection of amateur ballpark images.   In my honest opinion, his website has been the catalyst on so many of us upping the ante on chasing parks around the country.  We are wiser fans and our pocketbooks are definitely a little heavier than they used to be with using his website here as a reference guide for all 30 MLB Parks.  I am proud to call Craig a friend and can’t thank him enough for all of the support he has given to me in my baseball endeavors.  I recently chatted with Craig about Coors Field.  Here is what we discussed. Read the rest of this entry

An Interview with Dodger Stadium Expert Josh Robbins

Tuesday April.10/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- I recently had a chance to talk with Josh Robbins about Dodger Stadium.  Josh is the Land Record World Record Holder for visiting all 30 MLB Parks in 26 days during the summer of 2008.  Here is what we talked about.”

CB: “Welcome to the MLB Reports Experts Interview Josh. Please tell us about yourself and then give us a bit of background information on your life as Yankees Fan?”

JR: “I am a Videographer/Journalist and Baseball Historian living in Gilbert, Arizona. In 2010, I earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from CSU-Long Beach. My first baseball game was July 23, 1983 at Yankee Stadium.  Don Mattingly was my favorite player growing up and I saw the 1998 Yankees clinch the World Championship in person at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA.”

CB: “Josh, you attended 30 Major League Baseball games in 26 calendar days during June and July 2008. In fact we were the same game where you set your record. You own the land record for the quickest time. Looking back 4 years later, how much does this accomplishment mean to you?”

JR: The trip was a combination of all my greatest passions in life: baseball, traveling, and videography.  It was the ultimate adventure combining the spirit of travel, the love of baseball, and sharing the time with friends and family members.  While preparing to achieve a personal goal, an effort to share my passion for baseball emerged. Unexpectedly, I raised $2200 for the Jim Thorpe Little League in Hawthorne, California and donated the proceeds to the organization before the start of the pursuit.”

CB: “As part of that trip, what was it like being interviewed and featured on a segment of ‘This Week on Baseball?”

JR: “For the past dozen years, I have worked as a Videographer for several different television and production companies.  So, I am very comfortable around reporters, cameras, and questions.  I was very surprised to hear from TWIB after initially emailing them about Thirty26.  It was a great experience having them cover an entire day of my road trip in New York.”

CB: “You have been to all of the ballparks Josh, how do the Dodgers fans compare to the rest of the country? It is my belief that this stadium is the loudest in MLB when the fans are rabid, what do you think?”

JR: “I enjoy watching baseball in Chavez Ravine but I would have to respectfully disagree.  The most passionate and loudest fans are in the Northeast.  New York, Boston, and Philadelphia crowds are into every pitch where LA fans tend to sit back and wait for the action to happen.”

CB:”The Dodgers have had recent ownership problems with the McCourts. How has this impacted the attendance?”

JR: “The attendance has declined in each of the past few seasons.  Last season was the first time in the 21st century the LA Dodgers failed to draw 3 million fans. The new ownership group must restore trust with the fan base and create a more positive environment at the ballpark and community.”

CB: “What is your favorite method of transportation to and from Dodger Stadium?”

JR: “Unfortunately, there is no commuter friendly method to attend Dodger Stadium.  An overwhelming majority of people drive to the stadium with limited alternatives.  On a few occasions, I attempted to commute by Metro from Torrance/Redondo Beach.  This system proved to be very inefficient due to the excessive changing of trains  (green/blue/red/gold lines) and 1 mile walk from the nearest Metro stop to the stadium.”

CB: “What advice would you give for somebody experiencing Dodger Stadium for the very first time.”

JR: “I would tell people to give yourself enough to arrive at the game and enjoy the Southern California climate (bring sleeves for night games). If you drive, park outside the stadium on the street and save the $15-$20 for parking.”

CB: “What is the food like at Dodger Stadium? What is your favorite ballpark food there?”

JR: “My favorite food is a helmet cup filled with soft vanilla ice cream topped with colored sprinkles.  However, Dodger Dogs are known for their size and taste.”

CB: “Finally, What is your favorite all time game that you have been in attendance in Dodger Stadium?”

JR: “There have been many memorable games over the 7 years living in the Los Angeles area but one ending was unforgettable.  Game 2 of 2008 NLDS when Matt Holiday dropped the last out of the game and the Dodgers rallied to win.”

*** A big thank you goes out to our Dodger Stadium Expert Josh Robbins for participating in the expert article Series.  Josh Robbins is a Video-Journalist and Baseball Historian living in Gilbert, Arizona.  In 2010, he earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from CSU-Long Beach.  From June 16 to July 11, 2008, he watched a game in all 30 MLB stadiums in a world record 26 days by car.  Please email Josh at   and to read more about Josh’s record baseball journey click here . Also read Josh 1st guest article at the Reports and a new Pitching grading system here ***

***Thank you to our Baseball Writer- Chuck Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Chuck Booth, you can follow Chuck on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and you can also follow Chuck’s website for his Guinness Book of World Record Bid to see all 30 MLB Park in 23 days click here  or on the 30 MLB Parks in 23 days GWR tracker at the Reports click here. To Purchase or read about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames Book, ” please click here ***

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An Interview with Citizens Bank Ball Park Expert Kurt Smith

Monday Apr.09/2012

Chuck  Booth  (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- Today’s expert is Kurt Smith.  Kurt will be the interview subject of the following parks: Tropicana Field, Turner Field and today’s featured expert Article of Citizens Bank Ball Park.  Kurt is highly respected in the ball park chaser community for his BallparkEGuides.  After you are done reading this article  I implore you trust in Kurt to deliver up tips and suggestive idea’s on how to make your stadium visits affordable and pleasurable.  I had a chance to ask some questions of the man recently.

DB: “Welcome to the MLB Reports Experts Interview Kurt.  Please tell us about yourself and then give us a bit of background information on your life as a Phillies Fan?”

KS: “For most of my life I have lived in South Jersey, which is unquestionably Philly sports country, and currently I live about a 20-minute drive from Citizens Bank Park. I grew up an Orioles fan, though, and while going to games at Veterans Stadium was fun, as a kid I absolutely lived for the two or three trips the family made to Memorial Stadium every year to see our Birds. It was much more fun being an O’s fan back then and Memorial was a great ballpark. I still miss it. But in recent years it’s been great to see the Phillies rack up division titles and a World Series championship, especially in a city that hadn’t seen a championship in 26 years. Citizens Bank Park is such a great improvement over the Vet and the Phillies and their tremendous pitching staff have become a great team to watch. I wouldn’t say I’m a Phillies fan yet, but when my daughter is old enough to go to games there she may change my mind!”

DB: “Describe the whole idea behind your website

KS: “Many baseball fans, myself included, go to ballgames and maybe don’t get a good seat, or pay too much for tickets and parking, or they aren’t aware of some of the great food items at the ballpark. The Ballpark E-Guides website gives a few pointers on seating, getting there and food, and tells you which games on the team’s schedule are likely to be low demand. And if people like what they read, I’ve thoroughly researched 14 major league ballparks to create the actual E-Guides. For $5 you can download a PDF-format illustrated guide to any of 14 major league ballparks, and I like to think you’ll easily get much more than your money’s worth with the information contained in them, from getting tickets, to seating, to getting there and all of the food items. I couldn’t believe how much I was missing out on doing the research for them!”

DB: “Citizens Bank Park has been over 102% for the last several years, tell people what they should expect about buying tickets in Philadelphia?”

KS: “Philadelphia is a city that is so weary of the Eagles underachieving in grand fashion every year that they will embrace a winning team religiously, and so every Phillies game sells out. The Phillies don’t offer a lot in the way of deals or discounts…most northeastern teams don’t, for some reason…so going through StubHub or another third-party works probably just as well. Whatever tricks you have will be helpful…probably the easiest games to get a deal on would be games against West Coast opponents, and if you go on StubHub on a really hot, muggy day you could possibly land a pretty good deal. There aren’t many bad seats at the Bank, but certain ones do have advantages; for example, seats down the third base line are closer to McFadden’s which is better for adults looking for a post-game hangout, and seats down the first base line are closer to all of the kid-friendly areas. The upper level seats can be way up there, so if you have a vertigo problem you may want to avoid them. But the view of everything from up there is tops.”

DB: “Citizens Bank Park has some of the better access entry points for the elderly and handicapped in the Majors.  So how is it their park staff did not rank high? How do you rank their staff?”

KS: “Well I haven’t seen the ranking that you mentioned and the basis for it, so I can’t really speak to that. As far as accessibility in ballparks, so many of the newer ones have really gone the extra mile with it…Comerica Park in Detroit is a good example…so my guess is that if Citizens Bank Park doesn’t rank high in that area, it may just be because the competition is actually pretty strong. I can’t think of any accessibility problems, even the Phillies Hall of Fame has a ramp to access it. As far as the staff, I think they’re great, I’ve never had a problem with any of the ushers…and I can tell you that I couldn’t say that about when the team played at Veterans Stadium. Teams everywhere have really improved their customer service, and the Phillies are a great example. They’ve been very good about everything in my experience.”

DB: “I did a survey about 3 years ago when Citizens Bank Park had the best voted singular food item with a Cheesesteak at Tony Luke’s, what are your thoughts on this?”

KS: “Well the Tony Luke’s cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz is pretty good, especially considering that local items in a ballpark don’t often live up to the original location. It’s great for people who are only going to a ballgame in Philly and want to see what this cheesesteak business is all about.  But as far as the best food item in any ballpark, I wouldn’t rank it that high. I don’t even consider it the best food item at Citizens Bank Park…Chickie’s and Pete’s fries, the Campo’s Heater sandwich, the Schmitter and Bull’s BBQ Bulldog are all better in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion.”

DB: “What is your favorite method of transportation to and from Citizens Bank Park?”

KS: “It depends on whether I’m going by myself or with a group of people. There’s really only two common ways to get there—you can drive your car and park or take the SEPTA Broad Street Line subway to the AT&T Sports Complex Station. From nearby PA suburbs you can use SEPTA’s Regional Rail to the subway. Both methods are fine and work equally well, but coming from South Jersey by myself I would rather pay about $8 round trip to take the PATCO high-speed line and then the Broad Street Line than pay $15 for the parking and $5 to cross the bridge, not to mention the gas and traffic getting out afterwards. If you’re going with three or four people though, driving and parking is fine. There’s plenty of parking in the complex and you can persuade everyone to chip in. You can save $5 on parking if you’re willing to walk a bit.”

DB: “What advice would you give for somebody experiencing Citizens Bank Park for the very first time?”

KS: “Get there as early as possible, for a couple of reasons. First, traffic is much easier to deal with if you’re driving, and second, you’ll want to check out Ashburn Alley before the park starts to fill up, because it gets very congested and stays crowded throughout the game. The Ashburn Alley gates open an hour before the rest of the ballpark does, and you’re definitely going to want to check out everything there. The Philadelphia baseball timeline is great, and the Phillies Hall brings back great memories for fans. Lots of interactive games for kids too. There’s a lot going on at the ballpark and a lot of things to see, but honestly, you can focus on the Phillie Phanatic all night and never stop being entertained. There is no mascot in sports so willing to cross the line of acceptable mascot behavior.  And don’t worry about Philly fans. They’re not as bad as everyone says. There are some jerks but most of them are perfectly nice people.”

DB: “Other than cheesesteaks at Tony Luke’s, how is the food at CBP? What is your favorite ballpark food there?”

KS: “The food as Citizens Bank Park is all great; I’ve never gone wrong with anything I’ve tried. Bull’s BBQ may make the best turkey sandwich I’ve had at a ballgame, and I don’t require much persuasion to share a bucket of Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about the chili at Harry The K’s as well. I could go on all day. My favorite food item is the underrated Schmitter, which was actually not named after Mike Schmidt. The Schmitter is a sandwich from a local tavern called McNally’s. It’s sort of a cousin to the cheesesteak, with meat, cheese, salami, tomatoes and secret sauce on a Kaiser roll. It’s a little hard to find the Schmitter stand…it’s tucked underneath the stands near the Left Field Gate. Well worth the search though. There’s just something about tomatoes and thousand island style sauce on a steak sandwich.”

DB: “What is your favorite all time game that you have been in attendance for at Citizens Bank Park?”

KS: “Wow…I have to think about that one. You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here and actually pick a hockey game, the minor league game between the Adirondack Phantoms and the Hershey Bears, which took place after the recent Winter Classic. My sister and I lucked into tickets and braved the cold for the game; and it was really cool seeing the ballpark set up for ice hockey. The Phantoms tied the score with just 20 seconds left in the game, and then won it in overtime. One of the most exciting hockey games I’ve ever seen. The crowd just went ballistic, and it was great to hear 45,000 Philly throats going nuts. So okay, not a baseball game, but I have to say that was the best time I’ve had there.”

DB: “Thank you very much Kurt.”

***Thank you to our Citizens Bank Ball Park Expert- Kurt Smith for participating in today’s article.  to learn more about Kurt Smith and his website click here***

 ***Thank you to our Baseball Writer Chuck Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Chuck Booth, you can follow Chuck on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and you can also follow Chuck’s website for his Guinness Book of World Record Bid to see all 30 MLB Park in 23 days click here  or on the 30 MLB Parks in 23 days GWR tracker at the Reports click here. To Purchase or read about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames Book, ” please click here ***

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Minute Maid Park Review: Courtesy of Stadium Journey’s Correspondent Paul Derrick

Sunday, April. 8/2012

This review is courtesy of, the best source for stadium reviews and information.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Minute Maid Park

Official Review by Paul Derrick, Stadium Journey Regional Correspondent

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. The Astros have been calling Houston home since 1962. Originally known as the Colt .45s in 1962, then after the .45s moved to the world’s first multi-purpose dome (Astrodome) they became the Astros. In 2000, the Astros made another move to their current home of Minute Maid Park, located in downtown Houston. Minute Maid Park, like its predecessor, was one of the first of its kind being one of the first retractable-roofed stadiums. This was definitely a great idea as fans are protected from Houston’s notoriously humid weather, but also allows fans to enjoy outdoor baseball during favorable weather. Minute Maid Park has the capacity to seat just under 41,000 people.

Minute Maid Park is definitely a one of a kind venue. The largest entrance to the park is inside what was once Houston’s Union Station, and the left field side of the stadium features a train as homage to the site’s history.

The train moves along a track on top of the length of the exterior wall beyond left field whenever an Astros player hits a home run, or when the Astros win a game. The engine’s tender, traditionally used to carry coal, but is usually filled with giant oranges in tribute to Minute Maid’s most famous product, orange juice.

The playing field also has a lot of neat nooks and crannies to it from the short porch in left known as the Crawford Boxes to Tal’s Hill in center. Another cool feature you will see at Minute Maid is a concourse above Tal’s Hill which features the “Conoco Home Run Porch” in left-center field that is actually over the field of play, and features a classic gasoline pump that displays the total number of Astros home runs hit since the park opened.

For fans that have attended Minute Maid in the past but not in 2011, new for the 2011 season is a large HD screen nicknamed “El Grande” replacing the original one in center field. At 54 feet high and 124 feet wide, it is the second largest scoreboard in Major League Baseball, behind Kauffman Stadium. The old screen was taken out and replaced by billboards. Additionally they added a smaller HD screen on the far left field wall. The ring of advertisement screens around the park have also been replaced in favor of HD ribbon boards in 2011.


Fan Fare Score 4.1 stars          

Crowd Score 3.6 stars    

What is FANFARE?

The FANFARE scale is our metric device for rating each stadium experience. It covers the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Atmosphere
  • Neighborhood
  • Fans
  • Access
  • Return on Investment
  • Extras

Each area is rated from 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The overall composite score is the “FANFARE Score”.

Food & Beverage    5

No trip to the ballpark is complete without some peanuts and crackerjacks (or so the song says, anyway). Fortunately, Minute Maid Park, has a bevy of food choices for you.

I’ll start by mentioning the Astros’ Sizzling Grille located in sections 116 and 125 where you can enjoy a Texas sized mild or hot sausage with your choice of toppings on a fresh baked poppy seed roll. If your taste buds are yearning for some fresh cooked sausages then the Sizzling Grill is where you need to be.

One of my favorite spots is the FiveSeven Grille owned by two of the greatest Astros of all time, Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. The FiveSeven Grille is a nice sitdown resturant that offers a variety of great options as well as to go orders for fans to enjoy in their seats. The FiveSeven Grille is located near section 156.

A couple other favorites of mine include the Goya Latin Cafe and Lefty’s BBQ at Union Station. The Goya Latin Cafe has one of the best chicken in chipotle sauce I have ever had. They offer a vast array of different products from Beef Picadillo to grilled Cuban sandwiches. The Goya even offers frozen sangrias and margaritas if that is what you are in the mood for. The Goya Cafe can be found behind home plate near section 119. My last favorite spot is Lefty’s BBQ which offers mouth watering Texas favorites like beef brisket, ribs, sausages and smoked turkey with all the great fixins. If Texas BBQ is on your mind then Lefty’s is your place.

Minute Maid definitely provides many options and are right on par with most MLB park prices, so definitely make sure you bring a big appetite and even bigger checkbook.

Atmosphere    4

The atmosphere at Minute Maid Park is unfortunately declining the worse the team gets. As of the time of this review (July 2011) the Astros are the worst team in baseball and on their way to their first 100-loss season in franchise history. So anytime you go to Minute Maid Park now you may see a more than average influx of opposing fans at games, especially when some of the big teams like the Cubs, Cardinals or Mets are in town. At times you may see a 50/50 crowd if someone like the Red Sox or Yankees are in town for inter-league play.

There are still neat things around the ballpark that provide that great baseball atmosphere, but the fans are definitely hurting this atmosphere. The Astros provide a great atmosphere for the kids as well as the diehard baseball fan. It just seems the baseball atmosphere will get worse before it gets better.

Neighborhood    4

As I mentioned earlier, Minute Maid Park is in downtown Houston so you have a variety of options. I will list a couple of my ballpark favorites. First off is the Home Plate Bar & Grill. The place is packed during every Astros home game, but it’s virtually empty in the off-season. Predictably, the decor is a stuffed-to-the-gills collection of autographed jerseys and posters of sports figures. Intent on watching the game? Sit downstairs – the mezzanine section has just two 13-inch TVs. The food wins big points, but drinks and service are somewhat lacking. The incredibly delicious crawfish po’boy is Tuesday’s standout special. Wash it down with a $2.50 Mexican beer or $1.50 well drinks.

Another option right outside the ballpark is The B.U.S. If you end up on Travis St. on the way to Minute Maid Park for an Astros game, just look for the big blob of Stros gear, Ray-Bans, and Ice Cold brew all nestled under an open warehouse-like bar right across from the stadium and you have come across the B.U.S. Inside you will find 2 main bars made out of wood, many large old school big screen TVs, projections, pool tables, darts, shuffle board, an uber amount of sports memorabilia, and a bunch of happy, fired up baseball fans having a good time whether they have tickets to the game or not. It’s not the cheapest place as far as beer prices, but overall it’s a great place to unwind, relax, and drink up before or even after the game.

Fans    3

Well, as bad as I hate to say this, Astros fans are some of the worst fair weather fans you will find in the league. Just a little over five years ago, Minute Maid Park was buzzing with fans as the Astros made their run at the World Series. Unfortunately for the ‘Stros, the fans, and Minute Maid Park it has gone down hill since then. I will say if you are still looking for some of those diehard fans you’re better off looking for them in the 300 and 400 sections rather than lower to the field. I have sat all throughout Minute Maid Park and have found the more dedicated and knowledgeable fans seem to be higher up. Unfortunately for the fans it doesn’t look like they are going to get any better any time soon, so they will just have to hope the rebuilding process doesn’t take as long as it did in Pittsburgh.

Access    4

Access to Minute Maid Park is usually not too bad. If you work downtown or are visiting, then I would highly recommend taking the Light Rail. Unfortunately, the city of Houston still has a pretty dismal public transportation system. As long as you aren’t fighting the usually brutal Houston traffic though, getting to Minute Maid can be pretty easy.

Parking will cost anywhere from $10-$20 depending on the distance from the ballpark as well as importance of the game. The concourses are wide enough to make a trip all the way around the ballpark with ease.

Bathrooms are plentiful and I have never noticed much of a line during my many visits.

Return on Investment    5

Right now (2011) is about the best return on investment you will ever find at Minute Maid Park. With plenty of promotional deals, the Astros are making a trip to Minute Maid Park quite an affordable trip for the family. The Astros offer promotions like all summer long kids are free, so I can buy a regularly priced ticket and both of my sons get in free. If you’re planning a trip to Minute Maid Park in the near future I would definitely check the promotional schedule to see when you can get the most out of your money.

Extras    4

There are a few neat extras I like about the park. One is Tal’s Hill. I think it adds that special unique aspect to Minute Maid Park. As well as it can make for some great blooper reels or SportsCenter highlights depending on how the center fielder handles the hill.

Another great extra is the Train located on tracks at the top of the stadium. It is a neat fixture and the kids love it.

One of my favorite extras is the singing of “Deep in the Heart of Texas” during the seventh inning stretch. You don’t even have to be a fan of baseball to enjoy that. Trust me, no matter what your age is you will be hard pressed from at least humming the tune during this.

My last point goes out to the great inclusion of the retractable roof which makes plenty of fans happy on those blistering hot summer days.

Paul Derrick

***Thanks to Paul Derrick and Paul Swaney for giving us all of this great information on Minute Maid Park.  Be Sure to check out their entire site for ballpark reviews.  They are also coming out with an MLB Magazine shortly.  sign up here for all of the latest updates at Stadium Journey.***

Paul Swaney and his son, the best source for stadium reviews and information.

 ***Thank you to our Baseball Writer- Douglas “Chuck” Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Chuck Booth, you can follow Chuck on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and you can also follow Chuck’s website for his Guinness Book of World Record Bid to see all 30 MLB Park in 23 days click here  or on the 30 MLB Parks in 23 days GWR tracker at the Reports click here. To Purchase or read about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames Book, ” please click here ***

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An Interview With Angel Stadium Expert Chuck Booth

Sunday April.07 /2012

Kenneth A. Lee (Guest Baseball Writer and co-author of the Fastest 30 Ballgames)- I guess the shoe is on the other foot for Chuck in this interview. I met Chuck online a mere few days before he went on his last streak.  I had to admit it has been a new goal for me to go on a journey like Chuck is doing for the 3rd time in 5 Years.  Over the course of a few days visiting in Marysville, Wa, we conducted a total of 7 combined interviews with each other.  We also have Craig Landgren being an expert for Coors Field and submitting a chaser guide for Kauffman Stadium as well.  Like I have said a lot in the last 3 years, we all must thank Craig Landgren for creating so we could all meet and eventually corroborate on the book “The Fastest 30 Ballgames.”  Onto today’s interview.  Having been to Angel Stadium a lot myself, Chuck Booth and I talked at length about the park.

KL: “Chuck, tell us why you decided to start your record streak in Angels Stadium?  Also, what are your impressions on seeing Albert Pujols in the red uniform?”

DB:  “I noticed this particular game for day #1 as a possibility for the streak to match up with San Diego all the way back to last September.  Each year I do a doubleheader master schedule for all possible parks that you could do 2 games in one day-whether it is by ground or air.  I was not as happy when I saw that San Diego has changed their Saturday night games to 5:35 PM PST though.  We will keep that for another time though.  I liked Los Angeles to start also because of the weather factor.  You can pretty much bank on the game being played.  The next day I have a doubleheader attempt for Houston and Texas, so it is good weather for the first two days.”

KL: “You know where I am going next, I have had some run-ins with the Ball Park Staff in Orange County, what are your thoughts on the staff there?”

DB:  “When In first went to this park in 2005, the staff wore the throwback cracker jack hats and were genuinely enthusiastic to see you walk in the doors.  In the years I have been back since the staff seems to be very testy.  I somehow think it has a direct result from when Artie Moreno didn’t make them wear those hats anymore.”

KL: “Angel Stadium didn’t rank very high in our book, would you care to explain why you think this is so?”

DB: “I think it is  hard to rate KC and LAA’S parks because of all the other cities having brand new facilities.  When you think of Coliseum, Tropicana Field now, they are the worst with Miami and Minnesota opening the gates on new parks recently.  At least Oakland it talking abut a new park.  Toronto, Tampa Bay, Kansas City and LAA seem to be stuck with their parks.  Really Angel Stadium is  not that bad, it is just against some stiff competition from the rest of the league?”

KL:  “The last time at Angel Stadium you parked for free?  Where did you do this?”

DB: “I can’t even remember who told me about the spot, but it is right across from E. Orangewood Ave.  Basically you drive on W. Chapman ave and take a long windy left after a Denny’s Restaurant, before finally encounter a Fire Hall.  If there is no one parked on the street, you can park there for free.  I tend to think it is a better option for day games and especially on the weekend.  There are lots of offices. I will let the reader try to guess where.  I want to park there for the game and get out of there ASAP to drive to Petco Park.”

KL:  “What is the food like at Angel Stadium?  What do you like there?

DB: “Man the selection is terrible, hotdogs or California Pizza Kitchen personal pizzas for  $10 are the best options.  You are better of to drive up W.Chapman Ave to eat Little Caesars Pizza before the game.  There is also a Denny’s within a mile of the park.  Eat before you get in is my honest advice.  There is also a Burger King and McDonalds right near the yard as well.”

KL:  “What is your favorite method of transportation to the game?”

DB:  “Having that free parking spot makes driving all the worth while. I have spent a great deal of time taking the public buses in Orange County.  This is an affordable option for sure.  Los Angeles does charge a lot for weekday car rentals out of LAX.  If you have kids and you are incorporating an Angels game with a visit to Disneyland, there is a Disney Shuttle Bus that runs out of LAX that offers you to and from your Orange County hotel (front curb service).  This is the way to go if you are staying in  this general area.”

KL:   “What about seats?  Where do you sit for the games?”

DB:   “As you are aware Ken, for guys that like to watch most of the games at the concourse level, this park is not very conducive for that kind of fan experience.  I sit in the upper levels anywhere.  I will say that anywhere in the park gives you a great view including the waterfalls.  At least the tickets are still affordable.”

KL:  “Where do you think the Angels will finish up this year?

DB: “Signing Albert Pujols is a huge upgrade on the talent.  Even with aging veterans such as: Torii Hunter and Vernon Wells, this team is poised to win the AL West with their starting pitching rotation.  I think that Texas will have an off-year and that the Angels will take the division, however I think the Tigers or the Yankees will take them out in the playoffs before they reach the World Series.”

KL:  “What advice wold give to a novice Angel Stadium Park Hopper?”

DB: “Whatever travel time you give yourself, double that to ensure you arrive at the game on time if you are coming from a long way away.  The highways in the Los Angeles can be pulverizing on traffic, (including public transportation) at any given time.

KL:  “Thank you for helping us out Chuck.”

Thanks to our Guest Writer Kenneth A. Lee.  To find out more about him click here, otherwise you will be seeing a lot of him in these future expert interviews and post game write-ups by Chuck.

Follow Ken Lee on twitter- @seeall30

Follow Chuck Booth on twitter- @chuckbooth3024

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So the Season Opener Was sold Out- What about Game #2?

Friday Apr.6/2012

(From a Greyhound Bus Ride from New York City to Boston)

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer- and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-Having just finished watching the New York Mets be victorious 1-0 over the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field in their season opener, it has me now thinking,  what is the attendance going to be for Game # 2?  Despite reports that the game was sold out, there were many empty seats out there.   This is a problem for a lot of teams in the Majors, but it is becoming a problem to even big market teams like the Mets.  A dwindling team payroll, with devastating and unfortunate injuries have not been aided by the Wilpon’s financial status either in New York.  If Johan Santana can recapture any likeness to his old self, the Mets actually might be okay this year.  (Kind of like when the construction workers in the movie ‘Major League’ don’t think that the team is that bad.) Read the rest of this entry

You Must Be Careful When Buying Through PayPal or Stub Hub!

Friday March.23, 2012

Travel Blog: #10

Articles @ MLB Reports # 27

Days to GWR Attempt:15

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- This wasn’t my topic that I was going to write about today but I felt it is so necessary to warn travelers on the pitfalls of PayPal and StubHub if they don’t know how to use their financial institutions properly.  First off, I am not bemoaning either of these entities.  Both offer a great service to the public.  This is just a cautionary tale.  When you have done extensive traveling such as I have you pretty much encounter everything, this is a kind of parallelism to the great game of baseball.  I have been overcharged, had entire flight itineraries be cancelled because of a simple date error.  Again I digress off topic, we can pick up on some of those on another day.
Read the rest of this entry

The Top Players Used to Play the ‘Hot Corner’: The Sad State of Third Base in 2012

Monday March. 12, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer): When I was a kid, the best players in the game of baseball all seemed to play Third or First Base. Think back to the mid-eighties, where George Brett, Wade Boggs, Mike Schmidt, Howard Johnson, Terry Pendleton and Paul Molitor were some of the better players in the game.  Even Bobby Bonilla broke into the Majors at third base. The next wave of third baseman were impressive too, guys like: Chipper Jones, Ken Caminiti, a young Scott Rolen, Vinny Castilla and Robin Ventura. As little as five years ago, there was Alex Rodriguez and David Wright both being top-5 players in baseball. When you added Miguel Cabrera and Mike Lowell to the mix, it was a pretty formidable bunch of players at the Hot Corner. Read the rest of this entry

Time Management and Planning Tips for Baseball Road Trips

Friday March 9, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- You have booked your vacation time off work after scouting out the Major League Baseball Schedule this year(Usually posts Sept.15 for the next following year).  You then either have to buy plane tickets or organize Ground Transportation to move around to these cities, in a lot of cases you will need to do both.  Most people do not want to feel rushed on vacation, as chances are their real life is already like this and they are looking for a reprieve from a hectic pace.  Obviously, the better travelers would already have priced out everything from flights to: parking, food, lodging, gas, car rentals, taxi cabs, tickets, tolls, luggage, add that to electronic considerations like; roaming charges for cellphones and all forms of picture-taking like maybe additional Memory Cards.  You are left with a lot of planning and money management to tackle.  You have finagled a way to pay for your vacation, however how do you go about the process in stages? Read the rest of this entry

Car Rentals vs. Your Own Vehicle (For Baseball Road Trips)

Friday  February 10th, 2012


Douglas “Chuck” Booth (Baseball Writer)– Just to give everybody a bit of background here, I have rented cars for 4 years and 6 months straight.  I do courier work for a living. I have found that the unlimited mileage that car rentals give you are a lifesaver.  I am not going to bore with huge mathematical details yet.  What I will do is breakdown my knowledge for baseball road trips.  Depending on where you live is the big determining factor in where you should rent a car from.  For the Central to Midwest, this means doing any number of these parks:  Minnesota, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago (AL), Chicago (NL). Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit and Cleveland- you should arrange for your trip to start off and end in Milwaukee. Read the rest of this entry

The Modern-Day Baseball Doubleheader

Friday January 27, 2012

Doug Booth-  Baseball Writer:  Gone are the days when baseball teams deliberately schedule two games in one stadium like teams used to do in past generations.  If there is not a postponed game for the duration of your team’s schedule, you will not even have this occurrence.   I am here to tell that modern-day traveling has opened up possibilities for two games in one day for separate cities like never before. For the extreme ballpark chasers, nothing is more exciting for a baseball fan when Major League Baseball posts the new season’s calendar.  Usually the brass does this in mid-September.  Across the world, ballpark goers mark their favorite teams mapped out schedule.  A lot of fans check off what new or old baseball parks they want to visit in the next season.  Plans formulate with a heavy thought to their own planned vacation time.  For the most hard-core baseball fan, their whole lives revolve around this process. Posting the schedule mind you, is only part one of the process.

The baseball teams that are the smartest, post the starting times of the games as soon as possible, while some of the teams hold off releasing this information based for a multitude of reasons.  There are a few baseball venues that are multi-purpose, or that factor in some big revenue streams that may affect the stadium availability.  By the time the end of January rolls around, ninety percent of the starting times are posted.  The ESPN Sunday Night Schedule is pretty much complete, except for the summer that based on a flex schedule.  As of today, all of the teams have posted their starting times for the 2012 season except for the Cleveland Indians.  This gives the extreme baseball enthusiast the chance to mark down all possible doubleheader attempts for the year.

When I failed my first two bids for the Guinness Book of World Records (for visiting all of the stadiums in the least amount of days), I had to research all possible doubleheader partners to match up.  In the off-season before I broke the record, I spent days punching in all scenarios for each ball club.  I investigated all forms of travel methods despite costs.  There are some people that like to hammer out the most games conceivable in the least amount of days.  I for one, have a job where I pay a surcharge daily for someone to run my business while I go vacation, so each day is important.  There are people that downplay my philosophy, this I do understand.  I would never suggest that someone rush their first visit to a stadium, or even a baseball city for that matter, but once you have been to the park and city before then I implore you to park hop like a veteran.

Here are the doubleheader park attempts I did during the 3 Guinness Book of World Records Attempt’s:

Minnesota Twins at Target Field Morning game/Chicago White Sox at Us Cellular Field Night Game.  This was a successful bid as I used the #55 Hiwatha Train Line in Minnesota to my advantage, this was in conjunction with MSP Airport.  When I landed back in Chicago, I paid $65 for a sedan service ride to the park.

Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Ballpark Day Game/New York Yankees at Old Yankees Stadium for the Sunday Night ESPN 8 PM Eastern start.  This doubleheader was foiled to lengthy rain delays in Philly.  The game was not aided by extra innings either.  The logistics of this trip are still good.  There is an Amtrak station about 6 miles from CBP, where you can catch a train ride that is 90 minutes long.  From there you take the subway all the way to Yankees Stadium from Penn Station.

San Diego Padres at Petco Park day game/Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  Another doubleheader perfectly executed.  Any of the Angels, Dodger and Padres attempts are possible.  The only drawback is that you might hit a crazy traffic jam at any point.

Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park day game/Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field.  This doubleheader looked great to try until Todd ‘The Hammer’ Jones blew a save for me causing an extra 90 minutes to the game.  Had it ended at 4PM, I would have had 3 hours to drive 168 miles to Cleveland to complete the DH.

Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field day game/Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park night game.  At the advice of a front office Cubs executive, I learned that driving was definitely not the way to go.  After much research, I came up with the Amtrak maneuver.  The game at Wrigley ended at 3:45.  I used a sedan service to take me to Chicago Union Station for $50.  This was a great alternative as I saved $20 on parking alone.  I took a 5:10 Train that left me at Milwaukee Airport at 6:28 PM.  I then drove the 20 minutes to the park.

Washington Nationals at Nationals Park day game/New York Mets at Shea Stadium night game.  I used another Sunday Night game to complete this doubleheader.  This trek looked like it was going to fail a few times.  Again I used a sedan service to Ronald Regan Airport.  The flight at DCA was at 6:00 PM, and landed at Lu Guardia Airport at 7:17, giving me 45 minutes to make the 3 mile journey to Citi Field.  Mission accomplished.

Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field day game/Florida Marlins at Dolphin Stadium night game.  The 12 PM start at the ‘Trop’ was well received by yours truly.  I nailed this attempt after foregoing the pre-paid sedan service.  I used a cab instead because the sedan service was late.  I made a 4:50 flight in Tampa/arriving at Miami International Airport at 5:50.  It was easy enough to make the drive to Dolphin Stadium via rental car.

Oakland Athletics at McaFee Coliseum day game/San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park.  The easiest doubleheader completion as there is only a bridge and 15 miles between the two cities.

Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park day game/Texas Rangers at The Ball Park in Arlington night game.  The execution was perfect, using a sedan service I was at the airport in Houston for a 5:30 flight/arriving at DFW at 6:34.  From there I would have had 30 minutes for what was a 15 minute drive on a Sunday night.

Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park day game/Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park night game.  A poorly trained sedan drive missed my proper meeting point, this delayed me 30 minutes.  The plan was a 5:15 flight out of Pittsburgh that arrived in Detroit at 6:28.  A sedan driver would have given me a shot to make this game with about a 30 minute ride to the park.

I completed a Wrigley Field/Miller Park doubleheader driving.  The Amtrak option was ruled out because of construction delays.  I braved the elements of the road.  I sprinted from the parking lot at Miller to walk through the doors with 3 minutes to spare.

Toronto Blue Jays at The Rogers Center day game/New York Yankees at New Yankees Stadium night game.  I lucked out on this for several factors: There was a rain delay at the park in Yankees Stadium.  I made my flight from Toronto by using my Fast Pass International Security Clearance for passengers and a sedan service only to be in weather delay at the airport.  Once I arrived in New York, my sedan driver at LGA did not even know where Yankees Stadium was!  I walked into the stadium at 8:15 PM.  The games started at 9:40 PM.  Had all of it worked out with proper weather, I would have missed this attempt.  I would not try this again for a weekday game.

Cincinnati Reds at The Great American Ball Park day game/Chicago White Sox at Us Cellular Field night game.  I paid for a premium parking spot that saw me blast out front of the traffic in Cincinnati.  I caught a 5:40 Flight that landed in Chicago at 6:00PM because of the time change crossover.  A cab ride enabled me to make it to the park 2 minutes before the 7:11 PM Start time.  I was helped out by a rain delay once I walked into the park which  helped me gain the necessary evidence I made it on time.

New York Mets at Citi Field day game/Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Ball Park night game.  The 12 PM start time in New York was ideal for this DH.  The 7 line train took me all the way to New York Penn Station.  I took a 75 minute express train to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.  My brother picked me up and we were at ‘CBP’ 20 minutes later.

Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field day game/Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium night game.  I used the 12 PM game in Cleveland, plus a great light rail train all the way to Cleveland’s Airport.  I caught a 4:50 plan that arrived in Kansas City at 6PM.  I had a $50 sedan service take me all the way to the park.  The driver actually had a security guard move a blockade in order to for me to be dropped off at the front door.

I made a Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers doubleheader to complete the DH portion of the streaks.

I will be writing a lot of blogs on this subject.  I will be posting a Doubleheaders Master Schedule on my website in March.  There will be every plausible scenario listed.  Also look for my future blogs about travel tips.  All of the best information can also be attained from my book ‘The Fastest Thirty Ballgames.’  The links to buy are also listed at my website below.

*** Thank you to our Baseball Writer- Doug Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Doug Booth, you can follow Doug on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Doug’s website,*** 


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