Stat of the Week: Will Extra Base Hits Help Punch Tickets to BBHOF?

Monday June.18/2012

Alex Rodriguez leads the list of active players and is already 10th All-time for XBH. If Rodriguez can hit 308 XBH before he retires, he will pass Hank Aaron for 1st overall. –Photo courtesy of

Chuck Booth (Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-  Extra base hits kind of go hand in hand with slugging percentage to an extent.  I have often used this category every season as a gauge on how good a player does.  Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances why a player hits more doubles and triples rather than home runs but they are all considered extra base hits.  Adrian Beltre is a perfect example of this.  During his Seattle Mariner days, he would blast about 15-20 baseballs off the fences at Safeco Field every year (for a double or triple) that would have been an HR if he did not play in such a pitcher friendly park.  This list represents great careers.  If a player can reach the magic 1000 extra base hits, they will be hard to ignore for consideration towards  Cooperstown.  I have omitted Manny Ramirez from an active player.  It is my firm belief that the man served a 50 game suspension for a team like Oakland, only to quit on them and maybe land on another club.  If he is able to catch on with another job with a club, I will gladly put his name back as #2 player on this active list.

TOP 10 as of June.17/2012

Player                                                    Extra Base Hits Leaders Active (Rank All-Time)

1. Alex Rodriguez NYY                              1169   (10)

2. Jim Thome PHI                                   1079   (20)

3. Chipper Jones ATL                              1026   (26)

4. Vladimir Guerrero (FA)                         972   (39)

5. Todd Helton COL                                   956   (45)

6. Albert Pujols  LAA                                 941   (50)

7. Bobby Abreu LAD                                  908   (60)

8. David Ortiz  BOS                                   886   (64)

9. Johnny Damon CLE                               859   (73)

10. Scott Rolen CIN                                   857   (75)

I fully think that Vladimir Guerrero will sign with someone soon.  At 972 extra base hits, he is 28 extra base hits away from that 1000 marker. If a team signs him in the next few weeks, he may have a chance to get there before the end of the season.  Below is a 5 minute highlight package of his career thus far.  There is not many Expos highlights, you can always search Youtube for more.

The surprise on this list has got to be Johnny Damon.  I knew he was approaching 2800 hits, but his power is deceiving.  At 233 HRs, 108 3B and 518 2B, the man is putting himself in some serious consideration for the Hall of Fame.  With 400 SB and nearly 1700 runs to add to this resume, he would be borderline right now.  In my opinion, Damon needs to get to that 3000 plateau.  Will he play long enough to plunk down 257 more hits?  It looks like a daunting task right now when you factor in his paltry .175 average this year with the Cleveland Indians.

David Ortiz is going to wish his name was never on that 2003 list of steroid users.  Had he not been on that list, he would have been the best possible candidate for a career as a DH.  He will probably reach the 1000 extra base hit mark.  Big Papi may even stick around long enough to join the 500 HR club(he sits at 392 right now).  In the end, the loveable big guy will never see the light of day at Cooperstown.  His lifetime average is shockingly only at .284.  He does not have an over .400 OBP like Edgar Martinez does either (.418). The first Papi of the MLB has the best case to make the BBHOF as a DH right now.

Alex Rodriguez will only get in if the voters elect to ignore the steroid stuff as his numbers are there. Chipper Jones, Jim Thome and Vladimir Guerrero are already Hall of Famers even if they were all to retire at the end of the year.  Scott Rolen is already as good as retired himself and will fall short of consideration for the hall, although historically he has put up great numbers for a third basemen.  Bobby Abreu may finish with nearly 600 doubles in his career, 300 HRs and 400 SB to go along with a .290 plus average. My assumption is that  Bobby Abreu falls a tad short of the hall too.  Todd Helton’s case is going to be problematic for the Hall of Fame.  Just like Larry Walker, the voters will punish him for playing in Coors Field where has a .351 career average.  How can you ignore that the guy has the two top extra base hit seasons amongst active players with 105 XBH  in 2001 and 103 in 2000?  During the 200o year, Helton hit close to .400 into August and ended up with 405 total bases with his .372 average.  Unless he plays another 3 years and returns to his prime self, Helton will fall short of the Hall.

Players also to look out for are Adrian Beltre and Paul Konerko, who are just on the verge of 800 extra base hits.  Konerko is 36 and Beltre is 33.  Konerko is having an MVP season and I will write an article about him further this week to praise him.  Hence to say that he may accumulate another 206 extra base hits to reach 1000 for his career.  Adrian Beltre probably has 6 years left of playing time.  He has 445 doubles and 320 HRs.  I think 600 doubles and 450 HRs are well within his grasp.  At 2100 hits already, Beltre also may have an outside chance at 3000 for his career.  Beltre has a chance at Cooperstown when you also consider his defensive ability mixed in with his offense.

Albert Pujols already has 941 extra base hits and has 9 years left on his contract.  I am sure he will be able to average 55 extra base hits a year for the duration of this time period.  If so, he will take a run at Hank Aaron’s or A-Rods record should he pass the former Brave.  To have hit 900 extra base hits in your 1st 11 seasons is epic.  A great year by most standards is 70-80 extra base hits.  Pujols averages about 83 extra base knocks per year.  The Angels big slugger will need a great 2nd half to even come close to 70 this year.  Pujols still leads all MLB active Players in AVG (.326) SLG (.609) and OPS (1.026).  I think Albert will hit 30 HRs again this year and drive in 100 RBI with a great second half.  He has hit 8 HRs and driven in 24 RBI in the last month.

The extra base hits stat is one that should be talked about with more relevance!!

Please check back next Monday for another stat of the week article.  Also be sure to look us up on Wednesday for my follow up article with Paul Konerko being the subject.

Pujols has been remarkably consistent and overtook A-Rod for the best player starting in the 2008 season and that reign ended in 2011, will his Angels career see him set all-time records including extra base hits? Photo courtesy of

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    What exactly makes you think Scott Rolen is not only not a HOF’er, but will even ‘fall short of consideration’? He is one of the best defensive third basemen of the last 50 years, and even with his injury problems over the years, his offensive numbers are very similar Ron Santo’s a, in my opinion very deserving, HOF 3B. Also, whether comparing him to his contemporary peers, or to third basemen over the years, he is most certainly in the Hall of Fame discussion and quite possibly in the Hall itself. Basically, I think the man with the 8th highest career WAR of any career third baseman should at least be in the discussion.

  2. Hi there burlapfire.

    Thank you for your baseball passion. There is no doubt that Scott Rolen has been a great fielder and before he hit 30 was one of the most prolific hitters of all time at thhird base. This is not a slight on the man himself. Rolen has been a great professional, along with winning a World Series in 2006 with the Cardinals and has been a good influence on the Cincinnati Reds team of today. Rolen stats as of today sit at .281 with 310 HRs and 1261 RBI with 2023 Hits. The man has also tallied 506 doubles. 7 gold gloves are a true stat of a great defensive career. Sadly, the BBHOF doesn’t put as much stock in golden gloves as they should. What will hill hurt Rolen is that he never led the league in a any category and only finished in top 5 voting for the MVP once. 2023 hits will fall well below the bar for players in the Hall. Usually for such a small hit total, the voters would look for a 500 HR guy at minimum to persuade them in another fashion.

    My favorite player (Don Mattingly) has never even had a sniff at the BBHOF and he was .307 222 HRs and 1099 RBI with 9 gold gloves at first. What separates Mattingly from Rolen a little bit. is he was the best hitter and overall player from 1984-1987 where he averaged .337 30 HR 120 RBI H-210 and 2B-45 per season while racking up several individual offensive titles and an MVP (He was also a 3 time Sporting News Player of the Year.) All of these accolades and Mattingly hasn’t even received consideration for the Hall. It is an indictment on baseball for sure, that is why I said Rolen would not get consideration from these guys. If was up to me, I would give him consideration at least.

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