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The Forgotten Rivalry: The Reds and Dodgers Battle for Supremacy of the ’70s


Sometimes over the course of the schedule you manage to find that occasional game which encapsulates a club perfectly. One which showcases the superior firepower it’s truly armed with. The type of firepower that comes along once in a generation, if that. For Cincinnati, Saturday, May 19, 1973 was one of those games. As the Reds cruised to a 10-4 pasting of San Diego, Pete Rose banged out two doubles and a triple and scored three runs. Johnny Bench blasted his 10th home run of the year and drove in five runs. Joe Morgan actually got no hits at all – the box score shows him officially going 0-for-0.

That’s because in four trips to the plate, Morgan walked three times and drove in a run with a sacrifice fly. He was in the middle of nearly every Cincinnati rally, helping to pad Bench’s RBI total. After walking in the first inning, he induced Padre pitcher Mike Corkins into an errant pick-off throw and wound up on third base, from where he’d score on a Bench groundout. Then in the fourth inning, the Padres decided to walk Morgan intentionally with runners on second and third, which set up Bench’s two-run single. In the sixth, he walked in front of Bench’s homer, though he didn’t score that time because Anderson decided to give him the rest of the afternoon off and pinch-run Chaney, who finished out the game at second base. READ MORE ON PLATE COVERAGE.COM

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 13, 2017

Wally Fong AP file

Picture by Wally Fong, AP

On the campus of UC Berkeley, I talked about Tommy John and how his career and impact on the game as a pioneer had more effect on the game than many Hall of Famers.

I did NOT risk my body on this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Tommy John Surgery: All – Time MLB List Heading Into 2017 MLB Regulr Season

For all the talk of baseball players (pitchers mostly) that will be undergoing Tommy John Surgery, we will be keeping a running list!  E-mail us at if you have any names to add to our totals.

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How many players are having or had TJ in history? You are about to find out:  While our list is good, we only chart MLB’ers/  . 

Jon Roegele has an entire spreadsheet for anyone from every level that has ever gone under the knife no matter what level they are at here Read the rest of this entry

Former Padres Prospect Pete Kelich’s TJ Story: The Ups, Downs, And Turnarounds Of Tommy John Rehab

a pete kelich tj

Pete Kelich (Special Guest Writer, Former MiLB Prospect, visit his site 

My name is Pete Kelich and I am a former minor league pitcher with the San Diego Padres.  I had Tommy John surgery in May of 2014 – and navigated my way to a successful recovery.  My goal is to help others that are going through the same obstacle with insight into my personal experience.  

Check out for more information.  My objective of this blog is to highlight setbacks during Tommy John rehab and the importance of dealing with them in the right way.

The Mental Roller Coaster

The most difficult part of Tommy John rehab is understanding that there WILL BE some bumps along the way.  Unfortunately, TJ surgery has one of the longer and more intricate recovery processes already.  So combined with the inevitable distractions and setbacks, it can really be a difficult rehabilitation to get through mentally and emotionally.  

Part of the reason why it can be such a mental and emotional roller coaster is the fact that as a player, you want to be out on the field doing what you love.  You continue to see your friends or co-workers lacing up their spikes each day and after a while, that gets to be frustrating.  

For me personally, it wasn’t a jealousy issue at all.  It was purely the fact that I wanted to be playing the game I loved.

To put a positive spin on this topic, what sitting out for over a year will do for you is really make you appreciate each and every time you are able to lace them up.

While going through rehab and the early stages of the rehab throwing program, I realized how much I took for granted.  

Even more so, I realized the importance of making each throw count and being smart during throwing sessions. Read the rest of this entry

Felix Doubront To Have Tommy John Surgery Apr.12, 2016

Felix Doubront. Getty Images.

Doubront to have Tommy John surgery on Tuesday

You’ve already heard this news I’m sure and we all (at least I did) completely saw it coming. Felix Doubront, who was named the Oakland A’s fifth starter in late March, couldn’t even make it through his first exhibition game against the Giants. 

The now-interim fifth starter (perhaps permanent, we don’t know!)  Eric Surkamp came into the game, pitching seven scoreless innings and helped the A’s win that ballgame. 

It was an exhibition game but to hold that San Francisco Giants’ potent offense, keep them from scoring and secure an Athletics’ victory over a despised rival is a pretty big deal.

This post is supposed to be around Doubront. If you’d like to know more about Surkamp just CLICK HERE to read my column on Today’s Knuckleball.


Tim Collins, KC (TJ is coming this month, for his 2nd TJ Surgery)

Felix Doubront, OAK – Apr  12

Jairo Diaz, COL – Mar.18

Jarrod Parker, OAK – Mar.17 (TJ Watch List, would be his 3rd surgery)

Andrew McKirahan, ATL – Mar.10

Carter Capps, MIA – Mar.8

It was pretty obvious, the outcome off Felix Doubront’s injury. He left the game with forearm soreness ( Tommy John surgery sign number one). He had an MRI (sign number two). Got the doctor’s opinion and decided to seek a second opinion (sign number three and the nail in the coffin of the diagnosis of a torn ulnar collateral ligament and the inevitable, Tommy John surgery).


All time TJ Surgery List on

Injuries To Pitchers Cost The Most Harm To Teams For Financial Flexibility

Zack Greinke makes $34.4 MIL per year with the Diamondbacks. It represents about 30% of their entire payroll. A lot of small market teams have laid off spending 9 figure contracts on Starting Pitchers because they are more susceptible to breaking down with long term injuries from their arms. 30 MLB Pitchers had Tommy John Surgery in 2015, and that comes with a 12 - 18 months healing period.

Zack Greinke makes $34.4 MIL per year with the Diamondbacks. It represents about 30% of their entire payroll. A lot of small market teams have laid off spending 9 figure contracts on Starting Pitchers because they are more susceptible to breaking down with long term injuries from their arms. 30 MLB Pitchers had Tommy John Surgery in 2015, and that comes with a 12 – 18 months healing period.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer) 

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Player contracts are sure to hit well over he 4 Billion Dollar mark in 2016.  While the war is waged in the trenches of General Managers offices, the MLB will tell you that there is nothing wrong with the current system in baseball in terms of parity.

After all, the Kansas City Royals just won the World Series and they were not a top 10 salaried team.  The Mets also not in the top 10, were in the Fall Classic.

Record 9 figured contracts are being doled out like Benjamin Franklin’s are going out of style.

In 2015, $579 MIL worth of cash was paid out to guys on the Disabled List, and Pitchers took 57.7% of the pie in that category.  Starters were almost worth $248 MIL – and Relief Pitchers took down the other $86 MIL of that.

$334 MIL worth of payroll is about the sum for 3 average teams.  That is a lot of dough spent to guys that only pitch 30 – 34 Starts – or produce just 4 – 70 Innings worth of work in Relief. Read the rest of this entry

Tommy John Surgery Thursdays: Player Profile – Brent Strom: 2nd Guy To Have TJ Surgery

Brent Strom 1972TV2

Chuck Booth (Owner/Lead Analyst): 

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Welcome to the new feature we will be doing every week called TJ Surgery Thursdays.  For the next several years I plan to write a weekly feature on a guy that went under the procedure.

This should only take about 10 years to be caught up with the epidemic growing exponentially over the last decade.

Today’s write-up is the 2nd ever player to go under the knife for the procedure.  That guy is named Brent Strom, and he followed Tommy John‘s lead to take the UCL surgery repair in 1977. Read the rest of this entry

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