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Kameron Loe Keeps a Snake in His MLB Locker

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Kameron Loe’s Snake in the MLB Clubhouse | Chapter 25

As part of the Chosen Journey, we have covered most of the MLB teams that Steve Karsay pitched with. One team has not been touched upon—until now!

  • Steve played with the 2005 Texas Rangers!
  • As part of baseball history, Steve Karsay pitched a combined perfect game on July 28, 2005 in AA!  Find out the story behind this magical game.
  • What is it like to pitch in the Texas heat in the summer?
  • And find out the story behind Kameron Loe making his Jake “The Snake” Roberts impression in the Texas Rangers locker room!

Paul Goldschmidt & Albert Pujols Are Making MLB History

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Goldschmidt & Pujols Leading Cardinals to the World Series in 2022? | Chapter 24

  • At this year’s MLB trade deadline, the St. Louis Cardinals traded for Jordan Montgomery from the New York Yankees.

  • The Milwaukee Brewers traded Josh Hader to the San Diego Padres.

  • Paul Goldschmidt is on the verge of winning the NL Triple Crown. Albert Pujols is on the verge of reaching 700 home runs.

  • The Cardinals are now the favourites to win the NL Central Division and may in fact head to the world series!

  • The Brewers are clawing to make the 2022 playoffs—in battle with the San Diego Padres! Will the Hader trade come back to bite them?

Steve Karsay and Jonathan assess the deadline moves by the Brewers and Cardinals. Anything can happen during playoff time! Taking a look at both teams as the MLB playoffs loom!

Predicting the 2022 MLB Division and Wild Card Winners | Chapter 23

Steve Karsay made his MLB debut with the Oakland A’s in 1993. 2 things that Steve Karsay DID NOT do in 1991:

  1. Face Dave Parker in a MLB game
  2. Meet Queen Elizabeth II
  • Steve and Jonathan look back at the recent passing of the Queen of England.
  • Did you know that on May 15, 1991 the Queen watched the A’s play ball in Baltimore?
  • Turning to baseball—Steve and Jonathan look at all of the MLB divisions and assess the division and wild card teams. Who is playoff bound?
  • And is Jerry Seinfeld right? Did Timmy Trumpet ruin the Mets season by playing the Narco song in-season?

Albert Pujols: Set to Return to the Cardinals in 2023?

As we are in last 3 of weeks of the MLB season, a thought occurred to me. Albert Pujols is reborn. He has gone back in time and recreated himself into the masher that he was once upon a time earlier in his Cardinals career.

Are we really sure that he will call it quits at the end of the season? Regardless of how far the St. Louis Cardinals advance in the 2022 MLB playoffs (they are legitimate World Series contenders), Pujols must be rethinking his plan to retire this year.

At the start of the year, reaching 700 home runs was but a pipe dream for Albert. But it is almost in his grasp. At 697, he will surely hit at least 3 more home runs this year (barring a slump or injury). And this is not a case of Albert Pujols being a one-dimensional player at the tail end of his career. He has been an overall very consistent hitter, especially in the 2nd half of the year. By discovering the fountain of youth, Pujols has to be asking himself if he has at least one more year in him.

The St. Louis Cardinals will certainly want him back in 2023. St. louis fans, as well as all MLB fans want to see him return. The money will be available. So the questions will be: Does Albert Pujols still have more in the tank after this year? Does he really want it? Or is he done no matter what in his mind?

The Vegas money- the smart money, is that Albert Pujols will be retiring on top of his game this year. One of only a handful of players that finished off their careers with such strong rebound numbers. Cooperstown is waiting for Albert Pujols whenever he is ready to hang up his cleats. If this is indeed his swansong, do yourself a favor. Make sure to catch as many St. Louis Cardinals games as you can as the MLB season wraps up. To watch Albert hit the magical 700th home run of his incredible career. For all of his big moments, including those of his Cardinals’ teammates. And just for fun, go back and watch that monster home run he hit against Brad Lidge many moons ago. That will always be in my mind the greatest Albert Pujols baseball moment ever.

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