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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – July 17, 2015


After a Giants game in May at AT&T Park, I wandered around the ballpark and pondered the fabric of the universe and the connections that constitute reality.

It is what I do.

It is a cosmic and Giant episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 29, 2015


The Giants do a lot to honor the greats of their past, both from San Francisco and New York. There are a few names they should add and a couple of more numbers they could retire.

I record Episode 946 of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast at AT&T Park among the seagulls.

3 guys named Chris (Sale, Iannetta and Heston) plus Andrew McCutchen, Nick Martinez, Shelby Miller, Brian McCann and Justin Upton all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball?


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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 27, 2014


Mark Anderson, the creator of MLB Cathedrals joins the podcast again.

Today we didn’t discuss current stadiums, those of the past or those of the future.

We talked about stadiums that were never built but imagined or proposed.

It is an alternate reality episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 1, 2014

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall of Fame!

There! I said it! And I want him in.

Don’t agree? Then first listen to today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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World Series Betting, MLB Reports SOTU + Happy 2nd Anniversary To Sully Baseball’s Daily Podcast


By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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Okay..It has been a trying month here at the MLB Reports..Damaged electronics, power outages, I moved (while working every single day) – and all of this in the eye of the Postseason.  But we are finally 100% back, and all systems at go.

First off, I wanted to acknowledge Sully for his incredible work on his 20 minute daily podcast, and his ironman streak for a couple of different things.

Sully has done a brand new podcast every day for 732 days straight.  That is incredible to say the least. We are ecstatic to have partnered with him for all but about 3 months of that time.  If you don’t currently listening to it, you are missing out.

Paul Sullivan “Sully” is a walking historical book on the game of baseball, but he presents it in a way that anyone can be a fan of the game.

My girlfriend can even easily spend 20 minutes a day downloading his show on Soundcloud, because he makes it easy to follow – and entertaining. 

He doesn’t beat you over the head with stats and spends a lot of time telling stories on the narrative, or just his personal views..  It is a gift to be able to translate the game to any specter of age or gender in audio fashion for 20 minutes a day.

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Another thing Sully does, is watch every single game of the 2430 game regular season schedule, and all of the playoffs.

At the completion of the 2014 Postseason, he will have listed a daily MVP for the AL and NL Games for 2 years straight as well.

Much like his podcast, he posts these articles every day there was baseball the previous day of action.

You are talking about 200+ more posts per year.  The guy doesn’t miss a day.  That kind of devotion is and will become even more legendary as the season’s pile up.

Thank you Sully, looking forward to many more years of featuring your work on our website.

So because Paul Sullivan does these baseball posts every day, we are guaranteed at least an article of the Daily MVP, and also his podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – October 25, 2014



I had never been to a World Series game in my life.

Neither had my dad, a lifelong Giants fan.

We went to Game 3 of the World Series together. I tried my best to share the experience of being at the game last night

It is fathers and son episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Alcides Escobar, Greg Holland, Michael Morse and Tim Hudson all owned October and the World Series last night.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – October 11, 2014


The Royals outslugged the Orioles?

The Orioles outran the Royals?

The Royals have home field advantage after winning their FOURTH extra inning post season game?

How about instead of trying to predict this post season, we just let it unfold whatever way it does. Nobody has been able to predict it yet!

I recorded today’s podcast while driving past every ballpark the Giants have called home in San Francisco.

It is going with the flow episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Alex Gordon, Wade Davis and Ryan Flaherty all owned October last night.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 19, 2014

Are the A’s closer to a new stadium or is this just another plan that will never happen?

And did you remember that there were plans to lure the Yankees to New Jersey or Manhattan?

That and more on today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 27, 2014


Could the A’s share AT & T Park with the Giants? Could that be the solution while a new ballpark is built in Oakland.

It could be. That’s the topic for today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

I want to see something cool for a new stadium for the A’s… like this proposed floating stadium for the Padres back in the 1960’s. Read the rest of this entry

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – November 5, 2013

Google Earth

Google Earth

The controversy over where the A’s are going to play is hitting a petty and infantile fever pitch.
And MLB is FINALLY acting like a parent in the situation.

What does this have to do with my son’s dinosaur toy?

Better listen to today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – November 5, 2013

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 2, 2013


I recorded yet another The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast at AT&T Park.

It is the most beautiful ballpark in baseball where they honor many of the great players in their history. They should have a statue for Barry Bonds there.

Clay Buchholz, Lorenzo Cain, Jordan Zimmermann and Brandon Belt owned baseball on May 1, 2013.

To see the up to date tally of “Who Owns Baseball?,” click HERE

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 2, 2013

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Patrick Corbin’s Confidence Creates Success For Arizona’s Starting Rotation

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Tuesday, April.23, 2013

The Arizona Diamondbacks have great tandem in the 4th and 5th slots in their rotation.Wade Miley and Patrick Corbin have been as reliable as you can get with pitchers that are in the bottom part of their rotation.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have great tandem in the 4th and 5th slots in their rotation.Wade Miley and Patrick Corbin have been as reliable as you can get with pitchers that are in the bottom part of their rotation.The two pitchers are undefeated this season – and look to be  part of the future for Arizona. They provide some depth to the rotation.

By Chris Lacey (Baseball Writer)

The Arizona Diamondbacks knew that their starting rotation was going to be a strength for the club this season, but there are two pitchers who have performed better than they were expected to. The front-end of the Starting Rotation includes; Ian Kennedy, Trevor Cahill, and Brandon McCarthy.

They have pitched good, but not great in their starts this season. These 3 Starters were expected to carry the rotation, and help Arizona reclaim the NL West Division Title. The three pitchers that Arizona has in the front part of their rotation have under-performed in their starts this season.

Diamondbacks’ Wade Miley Tells A Joke On Intentional Talk. Mature Lyrics – Parental Guidance Is Advised

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 29, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 1.34.43 PM

Today on The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast, I talk about the contract extensions of Buster Posey and Justin Verlander and why I want them both to become Hall of Famers.

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World Baseball Classic Week Two Recap

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Saturday, March 17th, 2013

Angel Pagan has led Puerto Rico to the 2013 WBC Championship Round.

Angel Pagan has led Puerto Rico to the 2013 WBC Championship Round.

By Sam Evans (Baseball Writer): 

A lot has happened in the World Baseball Classic over the last week. For one, the four teams to play in the Championship Round have been determined. In the Second Round, Cuba, Chinese Taipei, the USA, and Italy were all eliminated. For some of those teams, it was an amazing accomplishment in itself to get as far as they did. For other teams, they fell way short of expectations in 2013.

Nonetheless, the four teams still in the running are exciting and all four have been playing a fantastic brand of baseball. The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Japan, and the Dominican Republic are your 2013 WBC Final Four.

WBC 2009 Japan VS Korea Highlight:

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My Experience at AT and T Park

Friday November 30, 2012

Kyle Holland (MLB Reports Intern):

Anyone who has read my bio knows that I’m from one of the best baseball cities in America, Boston. That means I have grown up going to games at Fenway Park, America’s most beloved ballpark. I’ve been to countless Red Sox games, including Derek Lowe’s no-hitter in 2002. I’ve been to the Rogers Centre in Toronto to watch the Sox take on Toronto. As these are absolutely beautiful ballparks, nothing can compare to my trip to San Francisco in August 2011 to see my favorite team the San Francisco Giants play in AT&T Park.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that AT&T Park is the best park in all of baseball. The team, the staff, the food, the view, none of it can be beaten.

I got the experience of going to two games in this beautiful stadium. I got to see it from all angles as I sat on the first base line and upper deck third baseline, perfect view of the McCovey Cove. Read the rest of this entry

2012 World Series Game 2 Recap: Giants Shut Out the Tigers For a 2-0 Lead

Friday October 26th, 2012


Kyle Holland:  What can you say about game 2 in the World Series? Fantastic, amazing, and a thriller. This pitcher’s duel was surely one no baseball fan will forget.

Both pitchers, Madison Bumgarner and Doug Fister, certainly will remember last night’s game forever. Bumgarner pitched 7 scoreless innings allowing only 2 hits and 2 walks, while striking out 8 on only 86 pitches. Fister on the other side was also magnificent, throwing 6 innings allowing 4 hits and 1 walk, while striking out 3 on 114 pitches, but allowing 1 earned run in the process. Fister did indeed end up picking up the loss. Baseball can be very cruel sometimes.

Although low scoring, the game was everything but disappointing. The 2-0 win by the Giants is exactly what baseball fans were looking for after the 8-3 blow out in game 1. Read the rest of this entry

An Interview with Target Field Expert Stephanie Caro

Saturday, April.14/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-I had a lot of fun prospecting for the best interview experts amongst the friends network that I have in at  I must say that I knew that Stephanie was a big fan of the Twins, I just didn’t know how far back her fandom went with the club.  I was asking questions about the team since the Metrodome days us until now.  Stephanie has been a fan since the team moved there from Washington.  It was then I knew that having Stephanie as an expert for the Twins was the right decision!

CB: “Welcome to the MLB Reports Target Field  Expert Interview Stephanie. Please tell us about yourself and then give us some information on your life as a Twins fan?”

SC: “I’ve been a Twins fan since I attended my very first Bat Day at Metropolitan Stadium in 1971. (With thousands of bats pounding against the old metal decks, I remember it being extremely loud!) As a kid, I would listen to the Twins game on my transistor radio after I went to bed; now, as a middle-aged woman, I keep track of the Twins via radio, TV and/or Internet.” Read the rest of this entry

You Shake, Rattle and Roll On A World Record Chase

Tuesday, April.11/2012


Chuck at Dodger Stadium


Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and- @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- My step-mom is a retired executive from Air Canada.  Back when I was a teenager, Nancy taught me how to travel properly, by how to pack, schedule and always be able to adapt when things go awry.  I am pleased to say that she had an incredible influence on me becoming a travel expert now.  Her slogan was always; “You gotta learn how to shake, rattle and roll when traveling.” My dad (Tom Booth), helped teach a proper demeanor for my 3 brothers and me while on vacation that I also implement.  He said to us “You guys are going to encounter several things when traveling.  “If you break, lose or-your items are lost for you, just replace them immediately and don’t let it consume you.  After all, why should you be miserable on vacation?”  These are motto’s I live by while traveling.  I perpetually move forward and don’t look back.  While I am glad this trip has generated a lot interest, really the passion here is baseball and traveling.  If by some chance I don’t best my own record, I will have fun watching a baseball game in every city again.  “You have nothing to prove in this world other to anybody but yourself!”

 I have encountered numerous ways of being delayed in chasing baseball parks.  Last night was no different.  I sat in the San Diego Airport ready to embark on my flight to Cleveland that was supposed to be part of a Progressive Field/Oriole Park at Camden Yards day-night doubleheader. Out of all the 10 doubleheaders that I placed to attempt during this World Record chase, this particular one I would rank the second toughest.  The only doubleheader I thought was tougher was the Angel Stadium/Petco Park double header.  Ironically enough, I converted that doubleheader.  So when the flight was cancelled last night-(due to mechanical failure) I knew I had to think fast on my feet.  The Airline was offering up help to fly on other flight, or destinations within reason.  Much to my dismay, the airline was not even able to fly me into the second half of the double header n Baltimore, thus creating a plane flight domino.  Adding to the severity of the pressure, was I had to think of something fast because the airline needed to help me book a morning flight out of San Diego.

Whenever I plan one of these trips, I have a depth chart for each team.  I am lucky that after a few hours of placing this schedule together, I also come up with many different alternatives.  Missing the game in Texas the other night for a small delay was nerve-wracking, but maybe it was all meant to be.  When I expressed to the airline that I wanted to fly to Dallas, they quickly were on board with that option.  The other dominoes came to me quickly.  I moved Cleveland to the 25th as part of PNC Park and Progressive Field Ground Transportation doubleheader.  As part of my original streak attempt when I first dreamt up another run at this, the schedule had this exact doubleheader.  Cleveland was the last team in the Majors to post their start times.  When the Indians scheduled a matinee for the 11th of April, it opened up another doubleheader attempt for me by placing the Orioles with Cleveland.  All I had to do was bring Detroit into the doubleheader chance with Pittsburgh instead.  Now that I am not going to Progressive Field today, I am able to re-schedule the easier to attain doubleheader.  Baltimore was switched to the date left vacated by Texas on the 27th of April.  This left Detroit.  I knew the team played on the 22nd of April.

One of the reasons I went to Chase Field last Friday, was to protect myself against something like last night.  That Chase Field game is now the 1st game of the streak.  I moved Detroit into their slot on the 22nd.  All the teams have a home in the streak again.  What is more incredible about this: is that by shifting these cities around and shuffling transportation costs this little maneuver is going to save me $300.   I was dreading having to schedule the Texas game after the streak ended, whether it was driving 17 hours or flying, it was going to be costly and time-consuming,  I managed to switch out all my flights and actually have a surcharge in my favor.  Since I am flying to Denver from Dallas tomorrow, it was a cheaper flight from almost anywhere when you near a travel day fare.  Now I am flying to Dallas for a plane fare I spent $160 to originally go to Cleveland for.  This day of plane for to Dallas would probably be in the $500-$600 area.

By re-scheduling the trip this way, it also frees up more availability should I have to make up another game or two.  That Detroit game doubleheader was risky.  If I was running the streak near perfect, I could have risked it and then shuffled the Tigers to the very next day and forego the Cincinnati/Chicago White Sox doubleheader on the 25th.  This was not the case and I need that 26th doubleheader.  If I kept that doubleheader and missed the Tigers, the next date they were home was April.30th (or the 24th day of the streak.)

Moving Detroit to Sunday the 22nd is pretty decent too, I have a doubleheader for Chicago and Milwaukee on the day before.  This is about a 7 hour drive to Michigan.  Ken Lee will now attend at least 8 of my games with me for this streak.  The Pittsburgh/Cleveland double dip is very doable.  The Pirates game should end around 3:30.  It is only a couple of hours drive to Progressive Field from there.  I would give us a 80-85% chance to hit this game.  If for some reason we don’t, the Indians play on the 27th- through the 29th.  Other doubleheaders remaining are the TOR-NYY (Yankees play on the 27th-29 in case of miss) ATL-STL (Cardinals play on the 27th-29 in case of miss) CIN/CWS (The White Sox play a series on the 27th-29th). CHI/MIL (The Brewers do not play so I will need the DH).  I also give us a 80-85% of making this.  Finally I have the Boston/Washington DH (If I miss WSH-I can move them into the Marlins slot of the 17th and then re-do the Marlins from the (27-29 series).

So far I have had 2 missed doubleheaders in this trip that were entirely out of my control.  Now a 30-22 schedule hangs in the balance.  Whatever happens throughout the rest of the trip is up in the air.  The 2009 streak of 30-24 seems even more impressive now than before.  In a night where I have already logged 17,000 Air Miles for this trip and running on all fumes, I was able to come up with the best viable solution I could.  So whenever I have a chance, I will sleep comfortably about my performance on this trip thus far.  I go into tonight’s game looking for my 8th Ball Park in 6 days.  Its been a tough 20 hrs-fighting airlines-car rentals not having cars and several doubters and haters-i made it 2 the ballpark-suitcase/briefcase and all-scoreboard says 8 gms 6 days parks 30/22 days


With a flight cancellation last night, it has caused me to reschedule several games for the streak.  The Arizona D’Backs game now becomes the official game #1.  If the game was changed from the original, it will be highlighted in red.  I also changed the PIT/DET doubleheader to now be a PIT/CLE Doubleheader on the 25th ave.  I lost one of my doubleheader attempts today, but at least I am not taking an a zero.

Game#1 Day #1  Friday April.06 Chase Field in Arizona 4:10 PM (Completed:  Arizona wins 5-4)

Game # 2 Day # 2  Saturday April.07 Angels Stadium in Anaheim 1:05 PM (Completed LAA loses 6-3 to KC)

Game # 3 Day # 2 Saturday April.07 Petco Park in San Diego 5:35 PM (I Have 2 doubleheader attempts with SD as Game 2 of the day)( Completed: San Diego loses 6-5 to the LAD in 11 innings)

Game # 4 Day # 3  Sunday April.08 Minute Maid Park in Houston 1:05 PM (Completed: Houston wins 3-2)

Game # 5 Day # 4  Monday April.09 Citizens Bank Ball Park in Philadelphia 1:05 PM (Citizens Bank Ball Park Season Opener) (Completed: Philly loses 6-2 to the Miami Marlins)

Game # 6 Day # 4   Monday April.09 Citi Field in New York (NYM win 3-2 over WSH)

Game # 7 Day # 5   Tuesday April.10 Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles 1:05 PM (Dodger Stadium Season Opener) Completed: LAD wins 2-1 over  Pit)

Game # 8 Day # 6  Wednesday April.11 The Ballpark in Arlington 7:05 PM

Game # 9 Day #7 Thursday April.12 Coors Field 1:05 PM

Game #10 Day # 8 Friday April.13 AT&T Park in San Francisco 1:35 PM  (AT & T Park Season Opener)

Game # 11 Day # 9 Saturday April.14 Target Field in Minnesota 12:10 PM

Game # 12 Day # 10  Sunday April.15 Rogers Center in Toronto 1:07 PM

Game # 13 Day # 10 Sunday April.15 Yankees Stadium in the Bronx 8:05 PM

Game # 14 Day #11 Monday April.16 Fenway Park in Boston 11:05 AM

Game # 15  Day #11 Monday April.16 Nationals Park in Washington 7:05 PM

Game # 16  Day #12 Tuesday April.17 New Marlins Ballpark 7:05 PM

Game # 17  Day #13  WED April.18 Turner Field in Atlanta 12:10 PM

Game # 18  Day #13  WED April.18 Busch Stadium in St. Louis 7:15 PM

Game # 19 Day #14 THUR April.19 Safeco Field in Seattle 7:10 PM

Game # 20  Day # 15 Friday  April.20 Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City 7:10 PM

Game # 21 Day # 16 SAT.    April.21 Wrigley Field in Chicago 12:00 PM

Game # 22 Day # 16 SAT.    April.21 Miller Park in Milwaukee 6:05 PM

Game # 23  Day # 17 SUN.   April.22 Comerica Park in Detroit 1:05 PM 

Game # 24 Day # 18 MON.  April.23 Coliseum in Oakland 7:05 PM

Game # 25 Day # 19 TUES  April.24 Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay 7:05 PM

Game # 26 Day # 20  WED.  April.25 PNC Park in Pittsburgh 12:35 PM

Game # 27  Day # 20 WED.  April.25 Progressive Field in Cleveland 7:05 PM

Game # 28 Day # 21 THU.   April.26 Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati 12:35 PM

Game # 29  Day # 21 THU.   April.26 US Cellular Field in Chicago 7:11 PM

Game# 30  Day # 22 FRI      April.27  Oriole Park at Camden Yards. 7:05 PM

 ***Thank you to our Lead Baseball Writer- Chuck Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Chuck Booth, you can follow Chuck on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and you can also follow Chuck’s website for his Guinness Book of World Record Bid to see all 30 MLB Park in 23 days click here  or on the 30 MLB Parks in 23 days GWR tracker at the Reports click here. To Purchase or read about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames Book, ” please click here ***

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MLB Ballpark Traditions: National League

Sunday December 25, 2011

Doug Booth-  Guest Baseball Writer:  The entire baseball community is looking forward to the ‘New Marlins Ballpark’ in 2012.  This new opening will give some of extreme ballpark chasers a chance to tack another ballpark to their viewing history.  I will be attending the opening of this Ballpark in April and that will make it 35 Major League Stadiums for me, 5 that are defunct and this park in Miami will help me re-establish the 30 current MLB Parks.  We all assume that Oakland will have a new baseball park eventually so I will have a few years before attending a new baseball park again.  These traditions only help the folklore of baseball.  I believe it helps distinguish the sport from the other major sports leagues.  

Here are the National League Parks Traditions:

Wrigley Field

1.  7TH inning stretch-made famous by Harry Caray and kept up by guests now.

2.  They started throwing the ‘opposition’s’ home runs back onto the field and have not stopped even though it is illegal to throw the baseballs back on the field.

3.  They have their own song “go Cubs go” which they play after every win.

4.  Of course they have the curse of the ‘BILLY GOAT’ and also have not won a World Series in 103 years.

Minute Maid Park

 1. They have a train that goes from side to side whenever they hit a homer.

 2. They play the song “Stars at Night” right after 7th inning stretch

 3. They play all their games indoors and only open up the roof when the park is cleared.

Miller Park

1. They do 2 really cool waves. One is a reverse wave where the goes clockwise all around the ballpark and then change direction. The other one they do is a slow motion wave which is hilarious.

2. They have the sausage race!!!

3. The sing the song “Over The Barrell” after “Take me out to the ballgame”.

4. ‘Bernie Brewer, (Brewers mascot) goes down the slide in upper left field bleachers-and has recently started throwing t-shirts from there.

5. They give out fridges for who has the best-“Tailgate Party”.

Busch Stadium

1.  Easily the most respectful fans in baseball.

2.  They cheered the 2004 Boston Red Sox even when they lost the World Series, so they are classy.

PNC Park

1.  They have the pierogi races.

2. Between every inning they have text messages posted on-screen from people.

3. They have one of the coolest beginnings where they have a pirate ship full of pirates and they take over the opposing team’s ship on the scoreboard.

Great American Ball Park

1. They have fireworks that explode from the ship in center-field when there is a home run.

2. The Reds Museum is the best “Hall Of Fame” out of all the teams.

Dodger Stadium

1. The beach balls are still being thrown around.

2.  It is routine to show up 4 innings into the game and leave at the 8th inning-Last year I watched a game that lasted only 2 hours and the parking lot was jammed because people had arrived late and did not leave early because the game was so quick. I still love the replay of the ‘KIRK GIBSON’ homer because of all the tail lights in the parking lot that were leaving.

AT&T Park

1. The Kayaker’s in McCovey Cove are fun to watch.

2. The hecklers in center-field always are after the opposing outfielders with this chant’ “What is the matter with (insert player here)? The answer is: “He’s a bum!” They do this all game.

3. They have a Panda Bear now because of Pablo Sandoval-(Kung-Fu Panda.)

4. They chart the splash hits that go into the cove.

Coors Field

1. They sell food and beverages outside the ballpark with their own vendors for a good price.

2. They use the ‘humidor’ to reduce the flight of the baseballs by 8-10%.

Chase Field

1. They sing “Sweet Caroline” like the Boston fans do.

2. They are the only park that plays a second verse of “Take me out to the Ballgame”.

3. They are very fanatical at security about you operating camera/videos so watch out.

Petco Park

1. There is a picnic area where you can watch the game for 5 dollars.

2. They are the most pet-friendly stadium as pets are allowed into the game a lot.

Turner Field

1. ‘The tomahawk chop’ is the worst tradition in baseball, but it is here to stay-routinely sections of people will get up and stand while doing the chop.

2.  Skip Caray and Mark Lemke do the pregame show from the media gondola in center-field every home game.

3. They routinely have ‘concerts’ on weekend night games free of charge and are decent groups. I saw Arrested Development there last year.

Citi Field

1. The ‘BIG APPLE’ still comes out after every homer is hit (unless it is stuck which has happened at Citi Field).

2. There are planes that come over every five minutes–I find this very disrupting to the game and that is why I have the park ranked 11th overall.

Sun Life Stadium coming soon/New Marlins Ballpark in 2012!!

1.  You can buy a parking pass that will work for any home date online-which is convenient.

2. The mascot is always featured on the big screen throwing fake pies at people in the stands who have on opposing gear.

Nationals Park

1. The president’s race is a definite highlight of every game-and one of them always falls flat on their face–usually it is Teddy Roosevelt.

2. They shoot t-shirts into the crowd-that have chili-dogs wrapped up in them–just ask the 20 people or so that were pelted with the contents when they failed to wrap the t-shirts tight enough with the food.

Citzens Bank Ballpark

1. The Phillie Phanatac is always in trouble with the ‘grounds crew’ because he whips around in the ATV.

2. There is about 4,000 S.R.O’S for every game and most hang out in ‘Ashburn’s Alley’.

3. They boo the home players more than any other team including Boston and both NY clubs. That is understandable considering they booed Santa Claus–and cheered when Michael Irvin was knocked unconscious at the old ‘VET’.

4. They have the biggest fine in the league for jumping on the field.


 Click here to view  Part 1 of Doug Booth’s Ballpark Traditions feature on MLB reports, with a look at the American League Traditions. 

*** Thank you to our Guest Baseball Writer- Doug Booth for joining us today on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Doug Booth, you can follow Doug on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Doug’s website,*** 

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