The Chosen Journey

A decade in the making: The dream project has come to fruition! Former MLB pitcher Steve Karsay joins forces with Jonathan Hacohen (aka The Chosen Lawyer) on the Chosen Journey. As part of this documentary series, Steve and the Chosen Lawyer share every week a different chapter in the life and times of Steve Karsay. His journey to the major leagues as a big league pitcher, coach, fatherhood and everything in-between. As you hear Steve’s stories, get ready in your life to dream and experience YOUR chosen Journey!



Buff Bagwell Must Get Inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame | Chapter 14 Chosen Life Podcast

Jerry Hood is back for Marc Bagwell talk! Marc Bagwell is a wrestling hall of famer- that's a fact! In WCW, Marc Bagwell was the ultimate team player You will never meet a nicer wrestler or person than Marc Bagwell Marc Bagwell and Jerry Hood are the ultimate story tellers Buff Daddy never turns down his fans for autograph requests! Coming up as a wrestler before social media! Marc Bagwell paid his dues coming up the ranks as a pro wrestler Dusty Rhodes was a huge Marcus Alexander Bagwell fan! One of the most popular WCW wrestlers of ALL Time Creation of the Buff Daddy character ABOUT THE REAL MARC BAGWELL:  A WRESTLING DOCUSERIES You think you know Buff Bagwell?  From a hall of fame worthy wrestling career to today, Marcus Alexander (Buff) Bagwell has been in the public spotlight for most of his life. The Buff Bagwell stories and headlines are told and shared daily. The impact that Buff had on professional wrestling cannot be denied. As a trailblazer, Buff created an iconic image that fans love and influenced a legion of new wrestlers since. But do you really know Buff? Get ready to meet the REAL Marc Bagwell. The top hat and sunglasses are off. Marc and his co-host Jonathan (The Chosen Lawyer) go through the life journey of Marc Bagwell. With appearances by Marc's cousin, Jerry Hood and surprise guests in Marc's world. Get ready to experience growing up and living in Marc Bagwell's boots! Marc welcomes all fan comments and questions:  Please be sure to share your question to Marc Bagwell as a comment below in this episode and you never know, Marc may answer it! Please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, hit the LIKE button for today's episode and the notification bell to learn of future episodes of The Real Marc Bagwell:  A Wrestling Docuseries! ____________________________________________________________ STAY CONNECTED: 🔗 Get a free consultation: ✔ INSTAGRAM: ✔ TIKTOK: ✔ TWITTER: ✔ FACEBOOK: ✔ LINKEDIN:
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