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The Top Players Used to Play the ‘Hot Corner’: The Sad State of Third Base in 2012

Monday March. 12, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer): When I was a kid, the best players in the game of baseball all seemed to play Third or First Base. Think back to the mid-eighties, where George Brett, Wade Boggs, Mike Schmidt, Howard Johnson, Terry Pendleton and Paul Molitor were some of the better players in the game.  Even Bobby Bonilla broke into the Majors at third base. The next wave of third baseman were impressive too, guys like: Chipper Jones, Ken Caminiti, a young Scott Rolen, Vinny Castilla and Robin Ventura. As little as five years ago, there was Alex Rodriguez and David Wright both being top-5 players in baseball. When you added Miguel Cabrera and Mike Lowell to the mix, it was a pretty formidable bunch of players at the Hot Corner. Read the rest of this entry


Car Rentals vs. Your Own Vehicle (For Baseball Road Trips)

Friday  February 10th, 2012


Douglas “Chuck” Booth (Baseball Writer)– Just to give everybody a bit of background here, I have rented cars for 4 years and 6 months straight.  I do courier work for a living. I have found that the unlimited mileage that car rentals give you are a lifesaver.  I am not going to bore with huge mathematical details yet.  What I will do is breakdown my knowledge for baseball road trips.  Depending on where you live is the big determining factor in where you should rent a car from.  For the Central to Midwest, this means doing any number of these parks:  Minnesota, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago (AL), Chicago (NL). Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit and Cleveland- you should arrange for your trip to start off and end in Milwaukee. Read the rest of this entry

The Modern-Day Baseball Doubleheader

Friday January 27, 2012

Doug Booth-  Baseball Writer:  Gone are the days when baseball teams deliberately schedule two games in one stadium like teams used to do in past generations.  If there is not a postponed game for the duration of your team’s schedule, you will not even have this occurrence.   I am here to tell that modern-day traveling has opened up possibilities for two games in one day for separate cities like never before. For the extreme ballpark chasers, nothing is more exciting for a baseball fan when Major League Baseball posts the new season’s calendar.  Usually the brass does this in mid-September.  Across the world, ballpark goers mark their favorite teams mapped out schedule.  A lot of fans check off what new or old baseball parks they want to visit in the next season.  Plans formulate with a heavy thought to their own planned vacation time.  For the most hard-core baseball fan, their whole lives revolve around this process. Posting the schedule mind you, is only part one of the process.

The baseball teams that are the smartest, post the starting times of the games as soon as possible, while some of the teams hold off releasing this information based for a multitude of reasons.  There are a few baseball venues that are multi-purpose, or that factor in some big revenue streams that may affect the stadium availability.  By the time the end of January rolls around, ninety percent of the starting times are posted.  The ESPN Sunday Night Schedule is pretty much complete, except for the summer that based on a flex schedule.  As of today, all of the teams have posted their starting times for the 2012 season except for the Cleveland Indians.  This gives the extreme baseball enthusiast the chance to mark down all possible doubleheader attempts for the year.

When I failed my first two bids for the Guinness Book of World Records (for visiting all of the stadiums in the least amount of days), I had to research all possible doubleheader partners to match up.  In the off-season before I broke the record, I spent days punching in all scenarios for each ball club.  I investigated all forms of travel methods despite costs.  There are some people that like to hammer out the most games conceivable in the least amount of days.  I for one, have a job where I pay a surcharge daily for someone to run my business while I go vacation, so each day is important.  There are people that downplay my philosophy, this I do understand.  I would never suggest that someone rush their first visit to a stadium, or even a baseball city for that matter, but once you have been to the park and city before then I implore you to park hop like a veteran.

Here are the doubleheader park attempts I did during the 3 Guinness Book of World Records Attempt’s:

Minnesota Twins at Target Field Morning game/Chicago White Sox at Us Cellular Field Night Game.  This was a successful bid as I used the #55 Hiwatha Train Line in Minnesota to my advantage, this was in conjunction with MSP Airport.  When I landed back in Chicago, I paid $65 for a sedan service ride to the park.

Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Ballpark Day Game/New York Yankees at Old Yankees Stadium for the Sunday Night ESPN 8 PM Eastern start.  This doubleheader was foiled to lengthy rain delays in Philly.  The game was not aided by extra innings either.  The logistics of this trip are still good.  There is an Amtrak station about 6 miles from CBP, where you can catch a train ride that is 90 minutes long.  From there you take the subway all the way to Yankees Stadium from Penn Station.

San Diego Padres at Petco Park day game/Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  Another doubleheader perfectly executed.  Any of the Angels, Dodger and Padres attempts are possible.  The only drawback is that you might hit a crazy traffic jam at any point.

Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park day game/Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field.  This doubleheader looked great to try until Todd ‘The Hammer’ Jones blew a save for me causing an extra 90 minutes to the game.  Had it ended at 4PM, I would have had 3 hours to drive 168 miles to Cleveland to complete the DH.

Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field day game/Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park night game.  At the advice of a front office Cubs executive, I learned that driving was definitely not the way to go.  After much research, I came up with the Amtrak maneuver.  The game at Wrigley ended at 3:45.  I used a sedan service to take me to Chicago Union Station for $50.  This was a great alternative as I saved $20 on parking alone.  I took a 5:10 Train that left me at Milwaukee Airport at 6:28 PM.  I then drove the 20 minutes to the park.

Washington Nationals at Nationals Park day game/New York Mets at Shea Stadium night game.  I used another Sunday Night game to complete this doubleheader.  This trek looked like it was going to fail a few times.  Again I used a sedan service to Ronald Regan Airport.  The flight at DCA was at 6:00 PM, and landed at Lu Guardia Airport at 7:17, giving me 45 minutes to make the 3 mile journey to Citi Field.  Mission accomplished.

Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field day game/Florida Marlins at Dolphin Stadium night game.  The 12 PM start at the ‘Trop’ was well received by yours truly.  I nailed this attempt after foregoing the pre-paid sedan service.  I used a cab instead because the sedan service was late.  I made a 4:50 flight in Tampa/arriving at Miami International Airport at 5:50.  It was easy enough to make the drive to Dolphin Stadium via rental car.

Oakland Athletics at McaFee Coliseum day game/San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park.  The easiest doubleheader completion as there is only a bridge and 15 miles between the two cities.

Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park day game/Texas Rangers at The Ball Park in Arlington night game.  The execution was perfect, using a sedan service I was at the airport in Houston for a 5:30 flight/arriving at DFW at 6:34.  From there I would have had 30 minutes for what was a 15 minute drive on a Sunday night.

Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park day game/Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park night game.  A poorly trained sedan drive missed my proper meeting point, this delayed me 30 minutes.  The plan was a 5:15 flight out of Pittsburgh that arrived in Detroit at 6:28.  A sedan driver would have given me a shot to make this game with about a 30 minute ride to the park.

I completed a Wrigley Field/Miller Park doubleheader driving.  The Amtrak option was ruled out because of construction delays.  I braved the elements of the road.  I sprinted from the parking lot at Miller to walk through the doors with 3 minutes to spare.

Toronto Blue Jays at The Rogers Center day game/New York Yankees at New Yankees Stadium night game.  I lucked out on this for several factors: There was a rain delay at the park in Yankees Stadium.  I made my flight from Toronto by using my Fast Pass International Security Clearance for passengers and a sedan service only to be in weather delay at the airport.  Once I arrived in New York, my sedan driver at LGA did not even know where Yankees Stadium was!  I walked into the stadium at 8:15 PM.  The games started at 9:40 PM.  Had all of it worked out with proper weather, I would have missed this attempt.  I would not try this again for a weekday game.

Cincinnati Reds at The Great American Ball Park day game/Chicago White Sox at Us Cellular Field night game.  I paid for a premium parking spot that saw me blast out front of the traffic in Cincinnati.  I caught a 5:40 Flight that landed in Chicago at 6:00PM because of the time change crossover.  A cab ride enabled me to make it to the park 2 minutes before the 7:11 PM Start time.  I was helped out by a rain delay once I walked into the park which  helped me gain the necessary evidence I made it on time.

New York Mets at Citi Field day game/Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Ball Park night game.  The 12 PM start time in New York was ideal for this DH.  The 7 line train took me all the way to New York Penn Station.  I took a 75 minute express train to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.  My brother picked me up and we were at ‘CBP’ 20 minutes later.

Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field day game/Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium night game.  I used the 12 PM game in Cleveland, plus a great light rail train all the way to Cleveland’s Airport.  I caught a 4:50 plan that arrived in Kansas City at 6PM.  I had a $50 sedan service take me all the way to the park.  The driver actually had a security guard move a blockade in order to for me to be dropped off at the front door.

I made a Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers doubleheader to complete the DH portion of the streaks.

I will be writing a lot of blogs on this subject.  I will be posting a Doubleheaders Master Schedule on my website in March.  There will be every plausible scenario listed.  Also look for my future blogs about travel tips.  All of the best information can also be attained from my book ‘The Fastest Thirty Ballgames.’  The links to buy are also listed at my website below.

*** Thank you to our Baseball Writer- Doug Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Doug Booth, you can follow Doug on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Doug’s website,*** 


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A Great DH Can Mean Winning the AL Pennant

Wednesday December 28, 2011

Doug Booth-  Guest Baseball Writer:  

Watching the 2011 season, something really resonated with me while watching the American League:  ‘Where have all the great designated hitters in MLB gone?’  It seemed only a few years ago that every team had a bopper capable of hitting .300 with 30 HR’S and 100 RBI’s.  Upon further investigation, I found out some interesting facts.  First, let us look at the top-3 DH’s this past 2011 season.  Michael Young of the Rangers hit .338, 11 HR’S and 106 RBI, which was the best performance by any DH, in helping to win the Rangers a 2nd straight ALCS Pennant.  A close second would go to Victor Martinez, who spent 112 games at DH and hit .330 with 12 HR’S and 103 RBI.  The 3rd best DH was David Ortiz, who hit .309 with 29 HR’s and 96 RBI.  The rest of the DH’s were average to below average.  

The Yankees struggled with Posada and a rotation of Andruw Jones/Jesus Montero, although they hit about 30 HR’s combined.  The Blue Jays never had a set DH, but received decent production from Encarnacion and Lind.  The Baltimore Orioles had Vlad Guerrero, who had his worst year ever, as did the Angels’ Bobby Abreu and the Rays’ Johnny Damon.  The Seattle Mariners had washed up Jack Cust and the likes of Willy Mo Pena by the end of the year.  Oakland has steady Hideki Matsui, but not even a decent second half had him anywhere near his career average totals.  Kansas City has been placing Billy Butler back onto the field, so his DH role was limited this season.  Adam Dunn soon became a four letter word in Chicago’s South side.  Aging and injury prone players Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner saw the most amount of work for the Cleveland Indians at DH, so yet again these players were far from being in their most productive years.  

So what is the underlying theme here?  If you have a great DH, you may just make the playoffs and win it all.  Young, Martinez, Ortiz had their teams in contention all year for the playoffs.  The Tampa Bay Rays were the 4th team in the playoff chase and managed to overcome the position thanks to superior pitching.  One could definitely say that Michael Young vs. Bobby Abreu is worth a definite amount of wins at that position, considering what they each produced in the AL West.  

I am going to go through the last 20 years of ALCS Pennant Winners as part of my study.  80% of the time (the team with a great DH) was in the World Series:

1992 TORONTO-Dave Winfield .290 26 HR’S 108 RBI
1993 TORONTO-Paul Molitor .332 22 HR’S 111 RBI
1995 CLEVELAND-Eddie Murray .323 21 HR’S 82 RBI
1996 NEW YORK-Cecil Fielder 39 HR’S 117 RBI (Acquired at deadline by NYY)
1997 CLEVELAND-David Justice .329 33 HR’S 101 RBI
1998 NEW YORK-Darryl Strawberry 24 HR’S 57 RBI (295 AB IN 101 GAMES)
1999 NEW YORK-Chili Davis/Darryl Strawberry (not the greatest year-but in middle of NYY dynasty of 6 ALCS IN 7 YRS)
2000 NEW YORK-David Justice .286 41 HR’S 118 RBI
2001 NEW YORK-David Justice (not the greatest year but it was a solid NYY team.  Edgar Martinez led SEA to a 116-46 record and were prohibitive favorites but lost to the Yankees-Martinez year was .306 23 HR’s AND 106 RBI
2002 ANAHEIM-Brad Fullmer (hit .289 with 60 XBH in 130 games and a slugging % of .531)
2003 NEW YORK-Jason Giambi 41 HR’S 107 RBI
2004 BOSTON-David Ortiz .301 41 HR’S 139 RBI
2005 CHICAGO-Carl Everett 23 HR’S 87 RBI in 135 games
2006 Detroit Tigers-Dmitri Young (They did not have a definite DH after Young’s injury so this year so was the worst out of the 20 years.)
2007 BOSTON-David Ortiz-.305 35 HR’S 117 RBI
2008 TAMPA BAY-Cliff Floyd/Wille Aybar 22 HR’S 72 RBI combined (Again great pitching carried TB.)
2009 NEW YORK-Hideki Matsui .274 28 HR 90 RBI IN 456 AB
2010 TEXAS-Vlad Guerrero .300 29 HR’S 115 RBI
2011 TEXAS-Michael Young .338 11 HR’S 106 RBI

In 2006, half of the league possessed great DH’s:  Ortiz .287 54 HR 137 RBI, Hafner .308 42 HR’S 117 RBI, Giambi 37 HR’S 113 RBI, Thome .288 42 HR’S 109 RBI, and Thomas hit 39 HR’S 114 RBI.  This group is far more productive than the 2011 bunch.  Given this Information, why wouldn’t more teams elect for permanent DH slots just to gain an edge over their competition?  The Seattle Mariners had an incredible run from 1994-2004 with Edgar Martinez as a permanent DH.  The Boston Red Sox have won 2 World Series titles and are perennial playoff contenders with David Ortiz as their DH.  The Yankees have not been the same since Hideki Matsui has left the club as their DH.  This leads me to the Toronto Blue Jays pitching an offer to Prince Fielder and making Adam Lind a permanent DH.

With a signing of Fielder, the Jays could move Adam Lind to just a DH.  Could you dare envision a lineup of: Escobar SS, Rasmus CF, Bautista RF, Fielder 1B, Lawrie 3B, Lind DH, Arencibia C, Johnson 2B, and your pick of Thames or Snyder?  This would free up your club to make a trade as well.  If you are the Jays, and offered Yu Darvish the posting bid of over $50 million and another $60-75 million in salary, why wouldn’t you offer Fielder a 7 year deal in the $140-150 Million range?  With Fielder signed, I think his presence would potentially alter the attendance by 8,000-10,000 fans per game to justify his salary (not to mention merchandise and television ratings).  With a 3-4-5 lineup of Bautista, Fielder and Lawrie, I could see 120 HR’S and 350 RBI combined each year.  The best aspect of these guys is that they are patient.  If you add Adam Lind as the #6 hitter with 30 HR 100 RBI capability, then it will become lookout time for the rest of the league.

The Angels signing of Albert Pujols should not cause concern about his production.  Even into his early 40’s, Pujols should be able to hit well given his dedication to personal fitness.  The question is: why wait to move him to DH right now with the amount of 1st baseman they already possess with Trumbo and maybe a return from Morales? It is my belief that aging players should be shipped off to the National League when they can’t post impressive offensive numbers. A good example of this are recent NL pinch hitters Jason Giambi and Matt Stairs making a living off pinch such roles after failing as DH’s late into their careers.  If the AL teams persist in signing aging players past their prime for the DH role, then I believe they will struggle.  Vlad Guerrero and Johnny Damon would be perfect for an NL team at this stage of their respective careers considering this rationale.

So whatever players are ultimately signed by each team from this point forward or already have signed, whichever AL teams have the best Designated Hitters in the league for the 2012 season will likely have the best shot at winning the AL Pennant.


*** Thank you to our Guest Baseball Writer- Doug Booth for joining us today on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Doug Booth, you can follow Doug on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Doug’s website,*** 


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MLB Ballpark Traditions: National League

Sunday December 25, 2011

Doug Booth-  Guest Baseball Writer:  The entire baseball community is looking forward to the ‘New Marlins Ballpark’ in 2012.  This new opening will give some of extreme ballpark chasers a chance to tack another ballpark to their viewing history.  I will be attending the opening of this Ballpark in April and that will make it 35 Major League Stadiums for me, 5 that are defunct and this park in Miami will help me re-establish the 30 current MLB Parks.  We all assume that Oakland will have a new baseball park eventually so I will have a few years before attending a new baseball park again.  These traditions only help the folklore of baseball.  I believe it helps distinguish the sport from the other major sports leagues.  

Here are the National League Parks Traditions:

Wrigley Field

1.  7TH inning stretch-made famous by Harry Caray and kept up by guests now.

2.  They started throwing the ‘opposition’s’ home runs back onto the field and have not stopped even though it is illegal to throw the baseballs back on the field.

3.  They have their own song “go Cubs go” which they play after every win.

4.  Of course they have the curse of the ‘BILLY GOAT’ and also have not won a World Series in 103 years.

Minute Maid Park

 1. They have a train that goes from side to side whenever they hit a homer.

 2. They play the song “Stars at Night” right after 7th inning stretch

 3. They play all their games indoors and only open up the roof when the park is cleared.

Miller Park

1. They do 2 really cool waves. One is a reverse wave where the goes clockwise all around the ballpark and then change direction. The other one they do is a slow motion wave which is hilarious.

2. They have the sausage race!!!

3. The sing the song “Over The Barrell” after “Take me out to the ballgame”.

4. ‘Bernie Brewer, (Brewers mascot) goes down the slide in upper left field bleachers-and has recently started throwing t-shirts from there.

5. They give out fridges for who has the best-“Tailgate Party”.

Busch Stadium

1.  Easily the most respectful fans in baseball.

2.  They cheered the 2004 Boston Red Sox even when they lost the World Series, so they are classy.

PNC Park

1.  They have the pierogi races.

2. Between every inning they have text messages posted on-screen from people.

3. They have one of the coolest beginnings where they have a pirate ship full of pirates and they take over the opposing team’s ship on the scoreboard.

Great American Ball Park

1. They have fireworks that explode from the ship in center-field when there is a home run.

2. The Reds Museum is the best “Hall Of Fame” out of all the teams.

Dodger Stadium

1. The beach balls are still being thrown around.

2.  It is routine to show up 4 innings into the game and leave at the 8th inning-Last year I watched a game that lasted only 2 hours and the parking lot was jammed because people had arrived late and did not leave early because the game was so quick. I still love the replay of the ‘KIRK GIBSON’ homer because of all the tail lights in the parking lot that were leaving.

AT&T Park

1. The Kayaker’s in McCovey Cove are fun to watch.

2. The hecklers in center-field always are after the opposing outfielders with this chant’ “What is the matter with (insert player here)? The answer is: “He’s a bum!” They do this all game.

3. They have a Panda Bear now because of Pablo Sandoval-(Kung-Fu Panda.)

4. They chart the splash hits that go into the cove.

Coors Field

1. They sell food and beverages outside the ballpark with their own vendors for a good price.

2. They use the ‘humidor’ to reduce the flight of the baseballs by 8-10%.

Chase Field

1. They sing “Sweet Caroline” like the Boston fans do.

2. They are the only park that plays a second verse of “Take me out to the Ballgame”.

3. They are very fanatical at security about you operating camera/videos so watch out.

Petco Park

1. There is a picnic area where you can watch the game for 5 dollars.

2. They are the most pet-friendly stadium as pets are allowed into the game a lot.

Turner Field

1. ‘The tomahawk chop’ is the worst tradition in baseball, but it is here to stay-routinely sections of people will get up and stand while doing the chop.

2.  Skip Caray and Mark Lemke do the pregame show from the media gondola in center-field every home game.

3. They routinely have ‘concerts’ on weekend night games free of charge and are decent groups. I saw Arrested Development there last year.

Citi Field

1. The ‘BIG APPLE’ still comes out after every homer is hit (unless it is stuck which has happened at Citi Field).

2. There are planes that come over every five minutes–I find this very disrupting to the game and that is why I have the park ranked 11th overall.

Sun Life Stadium coming soon/New Marlins Ballpark in 2012!!

1.  You can buy a parking pass that will work for any home date online-which is convenient.

2. The mascot is always featured on the big screen throwing fake pies at people in the stands who have on opposing gear.

Nationals Park

1. The president’s race is a definite highlight of every game-and one of them always falls flat on their face–usually it is Teddy Roosevelt.

2. They shoot t-shirts into the crowd-that have chili-dogs wrapped up in them–just ask the 20 people or so that were pelted with the contents when they failed to wrap the t-shirts tight enough with the food.

Citzens Bank Ballpark

1. The Phillie Phanatac is always in trouble with the ‘grounds crew’ because he whips around in the ATV.

2. There is about 4,000 S.R.O’S for every game and most hang out in ‘Ashburn’s Alley’.

3. They boo the home players more than any other team including Boston and both NY clubs. That is understandable considering they booed Santa Claus–and cheered when Michael Irvin was knocked unconscious at the old ‘VET’.

4. They have the biggest fine in the league for jumping on the field.


 Click here to view  Part 1 of Doug Booth’s Ballpark Traditions feature on MLB reports, with a look at the American League Traditions. 

*** Thank you to our Guest Baseball Writer- Doug Booth for joining us today on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Doug Booth, you can follow Doug on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Doug’s website,*** 

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MLB Ballpark Traditions: American League

Monday December 19, 2011

Doug Booth-  Guest Baseball Writer:  Since I finished writing the book on my experiences in chasing down the World Record by going to all the baseball parks, I decided to ask for help in my research. I went to every ballpark for two years in a row from 2008-2009, and am always fascinated by traditions and things each city does at a ballpark. Like Sweet Caroline is always played in the bottom of 8th at Fenway or…. Tailgate parties that I have seen in Oakland, New York and Minnesota. This could be something on field, in the air, outside the ballpark, after or before the game. Fans have their own way of celebrating.  This is just what I have picked up.  What else am I missing?

New York Yankees-Yankee-Stadium

1. They take roll call for every position player–and it comes from the bleachers once the game starts. Each 9 starting fielders in the TOP of the first gets their name called. The fans chant each of the BALLPLAYERS until they wave their hats back to acknowledge them.

2. Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” is played at the end of every game in an infinite loop.

3. You got the ‘DEREK JETER’ with rhythmic clapping after wards

4. They chant HIP-HIP JORGE for Jorge Posada–or they say his name to the famous chant of soccer—JORGE-JORGE-JORGE-JORGE-JORGE-JORGE.

5. Of course there are the famous calls of John Sterling for each player. Example,-“Teixeira sends a TEX MESSAGE TO RIGHT FIELD oh you are on the ‘MARK’ Teixeira.

6. Of course booing all the opposition is common.


Boston Red Sox-Fenway Park

1. Play the song Sweet Caroline in the bottom of the eighth.

2. They boo the catcher and pitcher of the opposite team every time they meet at the mound.

Toronto Blue Jays.-Rogers Center

1. They start at the time of 37-or 07 after the hour to accommodate both the Canadian and American anthem.

2. They have a chant in the stands where a guy counts from 10-1 and then everyone screams.

3. Other cities have called the some of the worst fans in baseball—they do the wave when they are down 10 runs—do you think they would do the wave in New York or Boston if their team was behind by 10 runs?

Baltimore Orioles-Oriole Park at Camden Yards

1. They chant “Oh” really loud at the time of the national anthem when the part says Oh say does that star spangle….”

2.  There was a kid who would sprint out with a player’s jacket whenever there was a pitcher called in relief from the bullpen-is he still there?

Tampa Bay Rays-Tropicana Field

1. They play the “HEY RAYS” song when they win.

2. They post the starting lineups on a scoreboard outside the park whenever they are playing that day.

3. They light up the lights outside the ‘TROP’ on nights they win so that motorists can tell the home team won.

4. They have cowbells they use in the stands ‘for effect’

Chicago White Sox-US Cellular Field

1. Their come out song is “Thunderstruck.”

2. They always shoot fireworks after the home runs.

3. They have an old-time song they sing every game, what is it?

Detroit Tigers-Comerica Park

1. They have one of the only names retired instead of numbers with “TY COBB”S’ name being displayed but no number ahead of his name.

2. They play “Detroit Rock City”, by Kiss before the game

Kansas City Royals-Kauffman Stadium

1. They shoot the water fountains high between innings.

2. One of the only clubs that play western music, this includes a rendition of “I got friends in low places.”

Minnesota Twins-Target Field

1.TC(the Twins Mascot)-hits batting practice with a lucky fan before every game.

Cleveland Indians-Progressive Field

1. They have the loyal drummer in right field that attends every game.

2. They usually play the song “CLEVELAND ROCKS” at some point in the game.

3. There is always a clip from ‘MAJOR LEAGUE’ used too.

Seattle Mariners-Safeco Field

1. There is a train that comes through about every 10 minutes in the background-almost as frequent as planes at CITI FIELD.

2. They were the ‘original team’ of the theme “ZOMBIE NATION” by KernKraft 400.

Oakland A’s-McaFee Coliseum/now O.Overstock Coliseum

1. Get there early enough and you are sure to find half the parking lot tailgating. Note: “Worst park to where opposition gear, after all, A’s fan is also “RAIDER FAN.”

2. I would never suggest public transportation in this area, serious safety concern–pay the excruciating 17 dollars and park outside the stadium for easy access in and out.

Texas Rangers-The Ballpark in Arlington

1. They play the “Natural” theme song whenever there is a homer hit by the home team.

2. “They sing the STARS AT NIGHT SONG” as do the Astros.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-Angels Stadium

1. The staff used to wear the 20’s usher outfits until recently but they still all wear straw hats like lots of other staffs.

2. They have the waterfall going a lot-and they also have fireworks every time there is a homer hit.

These traditions make baseball great.  I would appreciate any other traditions that you know of.  If you are the game it makes the experience so much greater in participating.

Get ready for Part 2 of Doug Booth’s Ballpark Traditions feature on MLB reports, with a look at the National League Traditions. Coming up this week on MLB reports!

*** Thank you to our Guest Baseball Writer- Doug Booth for joining us today on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Doug Booth, you can follow Doug on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Doug’s website,*** 

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