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Canadian Residents May help USA Residents with Free Car Rental Days via Air Miles

Friday, May.25/2012

Its Travel Blog Friday:

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-Renting cars in all 27 MLB cities is an expensive proposition.   Some of the bigger cities can charge from $50-$90 per weekday for just your run of the mill economy car.  Throughout my travels in the last 5 years I have discovered many new ways to combat such prices.  Earlier this year, I stumbled upon the latest nugget that I will share for you here.  Air Miles is a Canadian reward that people have been collecting up here since 1991.  It is designated with many of sponsors in order to collect Miles to redeem them for various redemptions.  Most of the time these rewards are personalized to the cardholder themselves.  I found a rare exception.

I learned that Canadians can transfer Air Miles, (in exchange for car rental redemptions towards USA Residents in any of the USA Airports.)  Not only that, but the Canadian cardholder doesn’t even need be present as part of the rental.  The rates are start at 230 Air Miles for an economy car, 250 Air Miles for a compact and 310 for a Full-Size Car.  The only state that the rental rates are cheaper belong in Florida where the economy car rental goes for only 175 Air Miles for an economy car, 200 for a compact rental and 250 for Full-Size Car.  The daily rate of the car rental in each airport is covered, the only thing that you would be responsible for are the taxes.  I will give you an example.  I rented a car in San Francisco Airport that carried a daily rate of $49.99, but was about $77 after taxes.  I used 230 Air Miles to redeem for the free day, all that was left was about $27 in taxes once the redemption was made. Read the rest of this entry

The Priceline ‘Bidding Tutorial’ for Baseball Road Trips

Saturday March 17, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)-I am constantly grateful for living in an era that you can negotiate prices for almost anything.  Such as everything we do in life, you become better at something the more  you practice at it.

I use Priceline for most of my lodging on baseball road trips.  The only circumstances I would not use Priceline is if I am only going to be staying in a room for five hours or less.   For Cars, I usually have 20 free car rentals a year but that is only since I rent cars for 365 days a year.  People owning their own cars are better off bidding on Priceline. So here is the process that I came up with that tends to have the greatest results. Read the rest of this entry

Public Transit is A Cheap Method of Travel to MLB Parks

Friday, February 24, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- I am sure all of us know how grinding it is to make a baseball game in terms of traffic.  Well add to that problem with unfamiliarity of the area and this can be a stressful time.  I learned some valuable lessons in my 30 park trips.  Some of the expertise I crafted came from deep research.  If you are traveling with 1-3 people, you are better off trying to find yourself on public transportation.  In most cases, price and time wise, taking public transportation is effective.  You just have to know what you are dealing with.  I will break down all 30 MLB Cities-with quick hints and suggestions. Read the rest of this entry

Air Miles Can Save You a Fortune on Baseball Road Trips

Friday, February 17, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)–  With my apologies to our friends of the USA right off of the bat, this blog is geared towards Canadians who are familiar with Air Miles.  You might still want to read this since you probably know someone north of the border, or could score free ticket vouchers for the ‘Rogers Center in Toronto.’  For years I have traveled on heavy discounts from collecting Air Miles@ How do you do this you ask? Read the rest of this entry

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