Canadian Residents May help USA Residents with Free Car Rental Days via Air Miles

Friday, May.25/2012

Its Travel Blog Friday:

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-Renting cars in all 27 MLB cities is an expensive proposition.   Some of the bigger cities can charge from $50-$90 per weekday for just your run of the mill economy car.  Throughout my travels in the last 5 years I have discovered many new ways to combat such prices.  Earlier this year, I stumbled upon the latest nugget that I will share for you here.  Air Miles is a Canadian reward that people have been collecting up here since 1991.  It is designated with many of sponsors in order to collect Miles to redeem them for various redemptions.  Most of the time these rewards are personalized to the cardholder themselves.  I found a rare exception.

I learned that Canadians can transfer Air Miles, (in exchange for car rental redemptions towards USA Residents in any of the USA Airports.)  Not only that, but the Canadian cardholder doesn’t even need be present as part of the rental.  The rates are start at 230 Air Miles for an economy car, 250 Air Miles for a compact and 310 for a Full-Size Car.  The only state that the rental rates are cheaper belong in Florida where the economy car rental goes for only 175 Air Miles for an economy car, 200 for a compact rental and 250 for Full-Size Car.  The daily rate of the car rental in each airport is covered, the only thing that you would be responsible for are the taxes.  I will give you an example.  I rented a car in San Francisco Airport that carried a daily rate of $49.99, but was about $77 after taxes.  I used 230 Air Miles to redeem for the free day, all that was left was about $27 in taxes once the redemption was made.

Since most of our readers hail from the USA, I will tell you how to bypass the fact that while you can’t take advantage of the program being for a Canadian collector, you can still take advantage of this car redemption.

Option #1- If you know a Canadian who has collected Air Miles, and is willing to part with some of their Miles, they can call up 1-888-247-6453 and go through the process of redeeming Miles for you.  They will be allowed to put your name on the car rental at any of the airports.  All you have to do is to show up at the Airport with the same identification that they have stated your name to be.  If your friend really trusts you, they can even give you their 4 digit pin code and you can call in for the redemption yourself.  The category of redemption is travel and the operator will prompt you into the category of car rentals.

Option #2- Again, you can sign up for your own Air Miles Card here providing you use an address of a permanent Canadian Resident.  A card will be issued to that house.  You never even need to use the card for these car rentals.  Once the redemption is made, Air Miles sends a confirmation e-mail to you and the impending car rental at the given Airport Location.  You will still need to have your Canadian resident earn the subsequent Air Miles needed in order for that redemption.  Additionally, you may receive 100 Free Air Miles  by signing up for a e-coupon Notification subscription by Safeway Grocery here .  You can even use your American 10 digit Safeway Card in order to sign up but make sure you use your friends Canadian address on the form.  Just make sure when you sign up for your card that you choose the ‘Dream Reward’ as your reward preference and not the ‘Cash Reward.’  Okay, so you have signed up and received 100 Air Miles for free.  This leaves you just 130 Air Miles short for a car rental.   This is where you can talk with your Canadian friend about having them help you collect those extra Air Miles.  Routinely, I can collect 130 Air Miles at Safeway in Canada, by spending about $30-$40.

If you do use this offer in the USA Airports, you are guaranteed to have National/Alamo as the car rental company at.  Again, this company has separated itself as the premier rental car company by its excellent customer service, brand new fleet and exceptional benefits as a valued member of their rewards program.  What I love most about National/Alamo, is that they never charge you a dime over your total car rental in forms of a credit card deposit.  If your free rental car costs $10 for the day after the taxes, that is all they will take for an authorization.  Also, National/Alamo still recognized me as an Executive Elite Member of National’s Emerald Club while I redeemed these free days. I am always given the royal treatment and for this I am grateful.  It really makes me feel great to be recognized as a person that rents from this company for 365 days a year.

The last thing to talk about is the one-way airport drop fee waiver option that is available within the States of California and Florida.  If you rent from any Airport in these 2 states, you are allowed to drop off the car in any of the states other Airports.  Meaning you can pick up a car in San Francisco’s International Airport (SFO) and drop it off in San Jose (SJC), Oakland (OAK), Sacramento (SMF), San Diego (SAN), Los Angeles Airports: (LAX, SNA, LGB or ONT) and you will not be charged the high price of  a one-way drop fee(provided it is within the 24 hour time limit.)  The same rule applies in Florida in conjunction with the cheapest price of 175 Air Miles for an economy rental car out of any airport.  This is by far the best value and perk out of this car rental deal.  There are 7 MLB cities in these 2 states, and not having to drive back to a city in which you came from saves invaluable time, money and effort.

So network your Canadian friends right now and make plans to visit MLB Parks.  If you need any additional information on this matter, email me at and I would be happy to discuss the rules and regulations with you on this deal.  If you live in Canada, this is the best redemption you could possibly use with your Air Miles in terms of value.

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