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Who are the Top Five Second Basemen in Baseball?

Wednesday February 29th, 2012

Bryan Sheehan (MLB Reports Intern):

5. Chase Utley: Utley, thought of as the hands-down best second baseman just a few years ago, makes this list after coming off an injury that caused him to have arguably the worst season of his career. Chase has seen a downward trend offensively since 2009, and his history of downplaying and withholding information about injuries to get more playing time and avoid the DL has in fact hurt his play. Though an amazing show of his dedication to the game, Utley’s willingness to play hurt has limited his hitting, as evidenced by his total 109 RBIs over the last two seasons. Coming into 2012, though, Chase seems 100 percent healthy, and may bring some of his 30 plus-home run power back with him. Add this to the fact that his all-star caliber fielding hasn’t shown any decline, and Utley stacks up as a great player.

4. Brandon Phillips: Speaking of defense, how about the two-time defending NL Gold Glove winner, Brandon Phillips? A complete monster in the field, Phillips committed just six errors in 2011, boosting his fielding percentage to a great .992%. But the Gold Glove was not the only hardware Phillips brought home last year: his .300 average and 82 RBIs helped him win the NL Silver Slugger at second base. The biggest part of Phillips’ game may be his consistency, as he is the only player to have at least a .260 average, 15 home runs and 10 steals in each of the last six seasons. When looking at Brandon, it is pretty much assured that he will bring contact, gold-glove fielding and a bit of power and speed to the Reds in 2012. Read the rest of this entry

NL East: Value Picks, Up-and-Coming Players and Red Flags in Fantasy Baseball

Wednesday February 29th, 2012

Peter Stein (Fantasy Baseball Analyst – MLB reports): The National League East is filled with many big name fantasy players, particularly the Philadelphia Phillies with their starting rotation and hitters like Howard, Utley, Rollins, Victorino, and Pence. However, this division is intriguing, because teams like the Braves have a plethora of up-and-coming players. Furthermore, scattered throughout the rest of the division are players who have potential to provide sneaky good value. Read the rest of this entry

Tom Glavine is Underrated

Wednesday February 29th, 2012

Sam Evans: There is no question that Tom Glavine is a Hall-of-Famer. However, Glavine seems to still be underrated by baseball fans. Just how good was this three hundred game winner?

Tom Glavine was born in Massachusetts and after high school, he was drafted both into the NHL and MLB. Glavine made his MLB debut in 1987 with the Atlanta Braves. Over the next twenty-one years, Glavine would throw over four thousand innings, and record 305 wins. He won games not by a blazing fastball, but by possessing outstanding command of his fastball and changeup. Read the rest of this entry

Shawn Griffith Interview: Call Him Griff… and a Future MLB Closer

Tuesday February 28th, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:   We are definitely fortunate to have many of the Blue Jays top prospects appear here on the Reports. Perhaps because we are based out of Toronto. Or maybe the Jays just have some of the friendliest prospects in the game. Whatever the reason- today’s guest is no exception. Shawn Griffith is the latest Jays prospect to sit in the hot seats and talk ball with us. Griff was a 37th round pick of the Jays pack in 2009. Right after signing, Griff jumped right into pro ball and played for two different levels right off the bat. He finished his professional debut with some very obscene numbers. In 2009, Griff pitched in 25 games to the tune of a 0.53 ERA, 9 saves and a whopping 52 strikeouts in 33.2 innings. Try a 0.683 WHIP on for size to boot. Overall, in his 3 seasons, Griff has a formidable 9-6 record, 3.31 ERA, 1.197 WHIP, and 66/147 BB/So in 117 innings pitched. Making it as far as high-A Dunedin in the last 2 seasons, the MLB reports crystal ball is seeing AA in Griff’s future. Get an apartment rented in New Hampshire Griff…as you will soon get to know what exactly a Fisher Cat is!

For a pitcher with a closer mentality and tools, we get to know Shawn Griffith today. From his time in George Mason to his 2012 outlook, this is the complete Shawn Griffith story. One of the most polite young men you will ever meet…and he even brings tea to the bullpen every game. Talk about a sophisticated reliever! On that note, we are proud to present our exclusive interview with one of the top Blue Jays reliever prospects, Shawn Griffith:


He was Known As “The Kid”: A Tribute to the Life and Career of Gary Carter

Monday, February 27, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- I was born in 1976.  I have two older brothers that were born in 1975 and 1974.  Another brother was born in 1978.  My dad had all of us at the baseball park to watch his men’s league windmill team play baseball for every weekend of the summer.  By the time I was 4, I also tagged along to my brother’s T-Ball baseball practices.  My dad would let me play with the older kids because he knew I loved the game enough to become good at it.  While my other brothers liked baseball, I loved it.  So as they played cars and watched cartoons, I was happy to be watching baseball with my dad on our old 12’ black and white television screen that you had to pound on with a clenched fist once a day in order for it to focus right.  My dad and I would watch the Montreal Expos on the French Channel in Canada.  We always muted the sound, opting for a Bob Seger Record instead, but we would watch the game with laser focus.  My dad had been a huge Thurman Munson and Yankees fan, so when Munson died in a plane crash, it hurt him a great deal .  My dad’s love waned from the Yankees for a bit after.  He started to like baseball on TV when I began asking to watch it.  He and I sat on the couch and watched Gary Carter play.  The Expos were an exciting team at the turn of the 80’s decade with the likes of Gary Carter, Andre Dawson and Tim Raines.  I can remember seeing how involved Carter was in orchestrating the leadership of his team.  Read the rest of this entry

Who is Eddie Mata? Inside the Mind and Baseball Soul of the 2012 MLB Fan Cave Finalist

Monday February 27, 2012

Jonathan Hacohen (MLB reports):  In life, we experience certain moments- certain events, which stay with us. Which stick it in our minds for many years after they occur. I experienced that this evening, when I finally got to place a call to Eddie Mata. After weeks of e-mails and twitter exchanges, I got to speak to Eddie in real-time. Eddie Mata. On the phone with MLB reports. A night that I will remember for years to come.

I know what your next question may be.  Who the heck is Eddie Mata? Well, if you have been living in a cave this winter, let me fill you in on my latest interview. Actor Michael Rapaport knows who he is.  So does screenwriter Dana Stevens, actors Jon Lovitz and Peter Dante, Miko Brando and a host of others. All of these famous international stars know the name Eddie Mata. Now it’s time that you get to know Eddie Mata as well. To know Eddie is to love him.  Read the rest of this entry

Garrett Maines Interview: Jays Catcher Prospect- on that Minor League Grind Just Tryin to be Showbound!

Sunday February 26th, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:   When you think “Blue Jays catcher”, the names Arencibia and d’Arnaud. Arcencibia is the Jay’s power hitting major league catcher, who has quickly become a fan favorite in Toronto. Travis d’Arnaud is one of the Jays top prospects in the minors- and actually, one of the top prospects in the game, regardless of pitching. With the Jays as an organization having some of the best catching talent in baseball, we are ready to throw more names in the mix. Back in December, we interviewed Jays catcher George Carroll. Well, the Toronto Blue Jays have a serious catching factory going, as we were lucky to get some time to speak to catching prospect, Garrett Maines. 

Drafted by the Pirates in 2009, Garrett chose to finish in school and finish his degree (way to go Garrett!) In 2010, Garrett signed with the Jays, after playing a season of indy baseball. After getting his feet wet in the Gulf Coast League in 2010, Garrett made it to Canada in 2011…playing for the Vancouver Canadians of the NorthWest League. Garrett really delivered in his 2nd professional season. He showed good pop, with 4 home runs in only 27 games. He hit .263, with a .337 OBP and .500 SLG, helping lead the Canadians to a league title. Clearly, this kid has some serious pop in his bat! Now going into 2012 and coming off a championship year, Garrett is hungry for more. After a hard offseason of workouts and preparations, Garrett is ready for 2012. Ready to take the next steps in climbing up the Jays organization ladder. Ready to work hard, offensively and defensively in becoming a solid all-around catcher. Remember the name Garrett Maines- this Jays prospect is going places! And if you need some quality baseball bats, give Garrett’s grandma a call. He comes from a serious baseball family! Today on MLB reports, we are proud to feature our exclusive interview with the man behind the mask, Garrett Maines:


The Angels Got C.J. Wilson For a Bargain

Sunday February 26th, 2012

Sam Evans: The Angels 2011 offseason was the most surprising and significant winter in team history. They signed the best player of the last ten years, and brought in the best available free-agent starter. After a seemingly dormant start to the 2011 offseason, the Angels and new General Manager Jerry DiPoto made a phenomenal splash heading into the new season. This offseason will affect the Angels (and their payroll) for years to come.  The rest of the AL West better watch out! Read the rest of this entry

Ask the Reports: ATR Answers Your Baseball Questions – February 25th, 2012

Saturday February 25th, 2012


Jonathan Hacohen:  Posted every Weekend: Your top baseball questions from the past week are answered. E-mail all questions to, message us on Twitter and post on our Facebook Wall!

Let’s get to your top questions of the week: Read the rest of this entry

Michael Kickham Interview: Giants Lefty Prospect Starter- Kicking it into Gear

Saturday February 25th, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:   How do the San Francisco Giants do it? When you think of quality starting pitching, the names Cain, Lincecum and Bumgarner are bound to enter the conversation. The Giants appear to have a factory where they are able to produce quality pitching prospects at will. Well, you know that we love discovering and analyzing top prospects on the Reports. We are fortunate to have found a great one in the Giants system. Starting pitcher (of course). Left-handed (of course). Stands 6’4″ (of course). Michael Kickham is a name that you will be hearing for many years to come in baseball. A 6th round pick of the Giants back in 2010, Kickham is going into his 3rd professional season. As a 22-year old in the South Atlantic League (A-Ball) in 2011, Kickham certainly looked like a poised veteran. He made 21 starts, throwing 111.2 innings. Kickham struck out 103 and only walked 37 batters, for a SO/BB ratio of 2.78…and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Considering the lack of depth of pitching in major league organizations these days, it baffles my mind how the Giants keep doing it. The key is two-fold. Good scouting/drafting and player development. Clearly the Giants knew what they were looking for when they drafted Michael Kickham. Now he is on the fast-track to joining Bumgarner and company in the Bay area. 

Get ready to learn the Michael Kickham story. From the draft to his journey thus far in the minors. Find out what makes a top MLB prospect tick. What motivates him and drives him to succeed. Michael Kickham gives us a peak into the mind of a pitcher…and a lefty one at that. Today on MLB reports, we are proud to present our exclusive interview with Giants prospect pitcher, Michael Kickham:


Public Transit is A Cheap Method of Travel to MLB Parks

Friday, February 24, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- I am sure all of us know how grinding it is to make a baseball game in terms of traffic.  Well add to that problem with unfamiliarity of the area and this can be a stressful time.  I learned some valuable lessons in my 30 park trips.  Some of the expertise I crafted came from deep research.  If you are traveling with 1-3 people, you are better off trying to find yourself on public transportation.  In most cases, price and time wise, taking public transportation is effective.  You just have to know what you are dealing with.  I will break down all 30 MLB Cities-with quick hints and suggestions. Read the rest of this entry

2012 MLB Home Run Leaders

Friday February 24th, 2012


Rob Bland:  The last two seasons have seen Jose Bautista lead the MLB in home runs.  His seemingly out of nowhere run to being one of the top 3 hitters in baseball looks to continue in 2012.  Can he continue to hit home runs at a ridiculous pace, or will he fall off? Will someone such as Curtis Granderson or Matt Kemp become MLB’s newest home run champ?  I will take a look at some of the top choices to take over this title, as well as a few dark horses. Read the rest of this entry

Casey Bond Guest Blog: The Big Moneyball Oscars Giveaway!!!

Thursday February 23, 2012

Casey Bond-  Guest MLB Blog:  It’s getting to be that time of the year again…yes, I am sure you are thinking of baseball, and I agree.  Spring training seems like it was just yesterday for myself (it wasn’t really that long ago), and I was showing up with a fresh new rebuilt body after the long recouping off-season, along with a very positive outlook to start Spring Training off right. 

It was always a pleasure meeting new faces, even though they would be some of my competitors for positions in the organization, and having a camaraderie unlike any other.  Nothing quite beats the feeling of baseball in the air, with all of the sights, smells and sounds that come with it…

However, this year, it will be two-fold for myself as far as “that time of the year” goes.  I’m not only excited to see baseball making its annual round-trip back to the freshly groomed fields where many of my great friends will be and have been, but I’m also enjoying the season of awards in entertainment (as this industry has become my world).  I feel so fortunate to have baseball and the Oscars intertwine with one another, not to mention that the film I’ve had the pleasure to be in IS ABOUT BASEBALL.  A blessing is perhaps the only way to explain it.

WIth “Moneyball” up for 6 Academy Awards, of course our hopes are high to come away with some hardware.  What a perfectly timed Oscars it would be to coincide with the beginning of baseball.  It’s almost as if the film follows the timeline perfectly- from starting with the end of last season, and going all the way through Spring Training and the current season.  A passing of the torch from Film Award Season to Spring Training would seem perfectly aligned, if Moneyball could step away with an award.

Once again, I thank all of you MLB reports readers for the support you have shown.  This time of the year is a testament that baseball always lives on, and so do films and entertainment.  For them to intermingle together so well, at this exact time, is truly something special…

Casey (Twitter @CaseyBond)

NOW…For the Big Moneyball Oscars Giveaway, Courtesy of our good friend, Casey Bond:

Do you LOVE MONEYBALL? How would you love to own some MONEYBALL memorabilia? Then today is your lucky day! Casey is ready to send you a personally autographed photo from one of the MONEYBALL premieres he attended. So how do you get one of these pics into your collection? Simple. Head over to Facebook, log onto Casey’s Facebook page here, click the “like” button and write on Casey’s wall that MLB reports sent you. Then e-mail us at with your Facebook name and mailing address. That’s it. Nothing to it! Then sit by your mailbox patiently. As soon as Casey can get his hands on some stamps, your MONEYBALL memorabilia will be on its way! (This offer applies to U.S. and Canada residents only, while supplies last)

A BIG MLB reports thank you to Casey Bond for returning back to us with his latest Guest Blog. For a Hollywood actor, producer and director with a busy schedule, we very much appreciate Casey taking the time to talk about Moneyball and its big upcoming night at the Oscars! Casey was also very generous in providing “The Big Moneyball Oscars Giveaway” as part of this feature. The man loves his fans and really knows how to create a buzz! In addition to following Casey on Twitter and “liking” his Facebook Fan Page, please make sure to bookmark his website (  Casey will be CONSTANTLY providing personal behinds the scenes photos, videos, etc. of upcoming events that he will be a part of such as Red Carpets and Premieres! If you love Baseball and Hollywood, welcome to the world of Casey Bond!

(Editor’s Note:  Casey Bond was an outfielder in the San Francisco Giants organization. He left the diamond and became an actor on the silver screen. In Moneyball, Casey portrays former Oakland A’s pitcher, Chad Bradford. Moneyball was a best-selling book by Michael Lewis that became a hit Hollywood film in 2011. To grab your copy of Moneyball on DVD or Blu-Ray, get to your local video store or favorite on-line retailer like Amazon. Destined to be one of the finest cult classic baseball films of all time, Moneyball the movie needs to be in the DVD/Blu-Ray collection of every baseball fan!)

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Which MLB Managers Are in the Hot Seat?

Wednesday February 22nd, 2012

Bryan Sheehan (MLB Reports Intern):  A new year of baseball brings with it so many questions, rumors and, most importantly, expectations about every team in the league. Will the Marlins improve? Can the Red Sox make the playoffs this year? And behind every question and prediction is the team that hometown fans and front-office executives expect to win. More specifically, the manager of each team is expected to take the players that he has and mold a winning ball club; if he can’t, he’ll be the first one to go. Read the rest of this entry

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Can Heath Bell Keep the Magic Alive in Miami?

Wednesday February 22nd, 2012

Sam Evans: Over the last three seasons, Heath Bell has recorded more saves than anyone in baseball. Whenever the Padres had a late-inning lead they could rely on Bell to shut the door. In 2011, Bell got the job done in San Diego once again. He tallied 43 saves in 48 opportunities. Unfortunately, he didn’t pitch in as dominant of a fashion as we are used to seeing from Bell. His strikeout and line drive percentages both were askew from the standards we are used to seeing from him. In 2012, Bell will have to rekindle his previous success, in order to continue his triumph as one of the games premier closers Read the rest of this entry

NL Central: Value Picks, Up-and-Coming Players and Red Flags in Fantasy Baseball

Tuesday February 21st, 2012

Peter Stein (Fantasy Baseball Analyst – MLB reports): The NL Central loses a lot of its offensive firepower in 2012 with the departure of Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. Not to mention Ryan Braun’s suspension, which makes him a tough player to value come draft day. I still struggle to put a price on Braun in my league, because if his value falls too low than he can be had at a price that will be very keeper friendly in 2013. However, despite the loss of some top dollar talent, the six-team NL Central division is loaded with prospects and potential sleeper picks. At the same time there are a number of newcomers and other players who I have identified having inflated values. Read the rest of this entry

Having Long Term Managers Produces Results

Monday February 20, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth:  Let’s face it, we live in a right here, right now world.  With this motto, baseball manager have great expectations for instant results.  This rule even applies to managers who have a great track record.  The template from yesteryear was simple, hire a manager that had been coaching in your organization for years.  This way, it would be an easy transition into the Manager role.  When the managers were hired, they were given years to shape the team.  It wasn’t unheard of for managers to be with a Major League Team for 20-30 years, when you factored in coaching and Manager positions of elevation.  Today we take a look at four skippers who personify this philosophy: Tommy Lasorda, Tony La Russa, Cito Gaston and Sparky Anderson. Read the rest of this entry

Christian Colón Interview: Ready to Take His Game to Kansas City

Sunday February 19th, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:   A special day on MLB reports. It is the first official day of Spring Training, as camps officially open and pitchers/catchers report for most teams. To honor this special day, we present a very important interview. An exciting interview. For today, we are featuring the highest MLB draft pick to grace the pages of MLB reports. Christian Colón of the Kansas City Royals. Originally a 10th round pick of the Padres in 2007, Christian waited to sign. The gamble paid off, as the Royals took the shortstop prospect in the 1st round of the 2010 draft, 4th overall. Christian completed his second professional last year, playing for AA Northwest Arkansas of the Texas League. He showed a nice overall game, stealing 17 bases in 127 games, while popping 8 home runs. Christian drove in 61 RBIs and scored 69 runs. With the ability to play shortstop as well as second base, the Royals have a very exciting prospect on their hands. With a prospect base including the likes of Hosmer, Myers, Moustakas, Lamb and Perez, expect Christian Colón to join the other top Royals prospects in KC very soon. The Royals look to build a dynasty, with playoff aspirations becoming a near reality. Christian Colón is certainly excited about to become part of that future.

Today on MLB reports, we proudly present Royals prospect and future lead-off hitter, Christian Colón:

Read the rest of this entry

Inside the Mind of a Devoted Phillies Phan: Thoughts Going into the 2012 Season

Sunday February 19th, 2012

Christina Angelos (Guest Writer – MLB reports): 


One strike away; nothing-and-two, the count to Hinske. Fans on the their feet; rally towels are being waved. Brad Lidge stretches. The 0-2 pitch — swing and a miss, struck him out! The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball! Brad Lidge does it again, and stays perfect for the 2008 season! 48-for-48 in save opportunities, and let the city celebrate! Don’t let the 48-hour wait diminish the euphoria of this moment, and the celebration. And it has been 28 years since the Phillies have enjoyed a World Championship; 25 years in this city that a team that has enjoyed a World Championship, and the fans are ready to celebrate. What a night! ~ Harry Kalas, Phillies broadcaster

After nearly 50 hours had passed since the first pitch of Game 5 of the 2008 World Series, the Phillies finished off the Rays in an elimination game. Brad Lidge remained perfect all season and closed out the final game with a strikeout. The Phillies earned their second championship in their franchise history and the first championship since 1983.

I waited 19 years for this kind of happiness and joy. And when it happened, I had no words. I’ve seen the good and bad things in my life, but just once, I had absolutely no words. No words. Nothing could match the excitement I felt at that moment. Nothing.  I am glad to know I have seen a championship once and hoping for more.

That’s why we follow baseball. That’s why we engage so much effort in such an endeavor. Sometimes it rewards us. And October 29, 2008, I was rewarded. We were all rewarded. We were champions. Champions of baseball.

Easily the greatest moment. Read the rest of this entry

Ask the Reports: Your Baseball Questions Answered – Sunday February 19th, 2012

Sunday February 19th, 2012


Jonathan Hacohen:  Posted every Weekend: Your top baseball questions from the past week are answered. E-mail all questions to, message us on Twitter and post on our Facebook Wall!

Let’s get to your top questions of the week (TONS to answer… better jump in): Read the rest of this entry

A Tribute To Danny Tartabull

Sunday February 19, 2012

 Sam Evans: In the midst of all the great power hitters of the nineties, Danny Tartabull’s name often gets lost. This offensive-minded outfielder usually ended up on bad teams, but he found ways to put up strong numbers for most of his career

Tartabull was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1962. His father, Jose, played in parts of seven Major League seasons for the Athletics and Red Sox. Growing up under the lights of Hiram Bithorn stadium, and with a father who played professional baseball, there must have been pretty high expectations for Danny Tartabull. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the third round of the 1980 MLB amateur draft. The Bull’s first couple of seasons in the minors were pretty impressive. His numbers show that he demonstrated a great ability to get on base.  Nonetheless, Tartabull spent four seasons in the minors before he finally got at a shot at the majors with the Seattle Mariners. (more…)

Air Miles Can Save You a Fortune on Baseball Road Trips

Friday, February 17, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)–  With my apologies to our friends of the USA right off of the bat, this blog is geared towards Canadians who are familiar with Air Miles.  You might still want to read this since you probably know someone north of the border, or could score free ticket vouchers for the ‘Rogers Center in Toronto.’  For years I have traveled on heavy discounts from collecting Air Miles@ How do you do this you ask? Read the rest of this entry

Ricky Romero: Future CY Young Award Winner?

Friday February 17th, 2012


Rob Bland:  When Ricky Romero was taken 6th overall in the 2005 MLB Draft, ahead of the likes of shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, and outfielders Andrew McCutchen and Jay Bruce, I was shocked, and to be honest, a little bit angry.  Romero was a good pitcher at Cal State – Fullerton, but he was raw; an unfinished product that still needed a lot of work.  Tulowitzki was a tremendous defensive shortstop with plus power potential.  He was bound to be a good Major League shortstop, whereas Romero was still very much a question mark.  McCutchen is a superstar in the making in Pittsburgh, and Jay Bruce is really starting to come together, hitting 100 home runs in his first four seasons.  While these three position players often come up in conversation that they will be perennial All-Stars or future MVPs, Romero has not quite garnered that attention.  He was an All-Star in 2011, albeit after a number of players declined their invitation to participate. But will Romero ever gain notoriety as a potential Cy Young Award candidate? Read the rest of this entry

The Aroldis Effect: What’s In Store for the Game’s Hardest Throwing Pitcher?

Thursday February 16th, 2012

Sam Evans: In the history of baseball, no pitcher has ever thrown a baseball faster than Aroldis Chapman. In 1876, when the National League was founded, Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever telephone call. The athleticism of baseball players and overall talent in the league has improved significantly since then, but it is amazing that we now have over four hundred Major League pitchers that have an average fastball speed that’s at least 90 MPH. Aroldis Chapman is a phenomenal talent, who with the right coaching, has a chance to make more than a few All-Star teams. Read the rest of this entry

Willy Kesler Interview: The Big Cat is Ready to Pounce on Seattle

Wednesday February 15th, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:  Good news Mariners fans! The Big Cat is headed to your city one day very soon. No…Andres Galarraga has not come out of retirement. Your cat is a homegrown talent, being groomed for a spot on your pitching staff. Willy Kesler is his name. The 24-year old Kesler was a steal of a pick by Seattle in the 18th round of the 2010 draft. He went from the University of Mexico to pro ball and the transition has been seemless. How good is this kid? Try a 2.21 ERA over 2 seasons, with a 1.260 WHIP. Kesler rarely gives up a long ball and a strong 3.52 SO/BB ratio. At the rate that he is going, we could be seeing him in the Mariners pen as soon as 2013. With a young team based on gifted pitching talent, Kesler is coming up at the right time with the right organization. Plus he loves Bull Durham- so we know he is legit. Hailing from Colorado, today we get to meet one of bright pitching prospects in the Mariners organization. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you- Willy Kesler: 

Read the rest of this entry

When Will the Chicago Cubs Win the World Series?

Tuesday February 14th, 2012

Bryan Sheehan (MLB Reports Intern): I was going to write a long lede, comparing Valentine’s Day and people’s love for baseball in the cheesiest way possible, but seeing as how this isn’t the movie Fever Pitch, I’ll save it. What I am going to do, though, is talk about a city that is in love with a baseball team that hasn’t done much but disappoint for the last hundred years or so. Read the rest of this entry

Eddie Mata: Top-50 Finalist for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave

Tuesday February 14, 2012

MLB reports:  If you are a fan of baseball, then surely you know about the MLB Fan Cave. Last year, in the inaugural edition of the Cave, Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner got to spend the whole MLB season in the Cave. Two baseball fans, two lucky winners of the Fan Cave contest got to live out their baseball dream. Staying in New York city, having every MLB game playing on many televisions in their domain.  It is how baseball was meant to be watched and lived! Now for 2012, MLB is looking for their next cave dwellers- which they will pick 6 lucky contestants to be in the cave this year. One of the lucky finalists for the role is Eddie Mata.

For Eddie to advance to the final 30, he needs as many votes as he can get…you can vote all day and everyday as much as you can until Feb 22. To vote for Eddie, click on this link below and it will lead for a vote and you can see his video audition:

I have enjoyed getting to know Eddie over the past few days. We started off by speaking on Twitter and then exchanging e-mails. The man is a riot to the say the least. He can crack jokes with the best of them- and dishes as well as he takes jabs. All in good fun of course, as any true-blooded baseball fan knows. Eddie is one of the lucky ones. He was picked as a top-50 finalist for the MLB Fan Cave from 22,000 entries. If you like statistics, those are incredible odds. Now Eddie is working towards being part of the final 30 contestants, who will be going to Arizona spring training for the MLB competition to be chosen to be a part of the MLB Fan Cave.

To support Eddie, you can “like” his Facebook page:  Eddie Mata for MLB FanCave 2012. You can also follow Eddie on Twitter (@EddieMata). Eddie would love to hear from you, so feel free to send him your comments and of course, talk baseball!


Good luck to Eddie on his quest to join the MLB Fan Cave and we look forward to seeing you in New York this season!


Please e-mail us at: with any questions and feedback.  You can follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook .  To subscribe to our website and have the daily Reports sent directly to your inbox , click here and follow the link at the top of our homepage.

NL West: Value Picks, Up-and-Coming Players and Red Flags in Fantasy Baseball

Tuesday February 14th, 2012

Peter Stein (Fantasy Baseball Analyst – MLB reports): As part of a six series installment to prepare for fantasy drafts, I examine the National League West from a strictly fantasy perspective. Instead of your run of the mill position-by-position rankings, I identify players who fall into the following three categories: value pick, buyer beware, and up-and-coming. The traditional rankings often do a disservice and give owners too close-minded of an approach, particularly in the ROTO format. An owner cannot have a clear-cut strategy and ranking system, as one must adapt to the circumstances on draft day. Remember that you are often building a team for five categories, and you cannot predict which categories you will need to target to offset weaknesses as the draft progresses. Therefore, the key to success is to understand which player’s are over and undervalued, by looking at determinants such as: performance trends, offseason movement, and skill development. We are all aware of the fantasy studs, but the way to build a winning roster is to identify players who provide sneaky good value. Read the rest of this entry

Is Yu Darvish the Next Young International Baseball Superstar?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer) One of the first names I forgot in my blog about ‘young phenom pitchers’ taking the league, plus a city by storm was Fernando Valenzuela.  I immediately thought of another blog right after.  That is young International Phenom pitchers.  I picked 4 pitchers that hail from other places other than the USA to concentrate the story on.  I came up with Valenzuela from Mexico, Hideo Nomo from Japan, Eric Gagne from Canada and Juan Marichal from the Dominican Republic.  The 4 baseball players all flashed onto the scene as young pitchers, 3 of them dominating their peers from the get go.  Eric Gagne, the 4th member of this study, only started to dominate when the Los Angeles Dodgers sent him to the bullpen.   Speaking of the Los Angeles Dodgers, three of these four pitchers were both with the club when they started out.  It is a credit to their scouting staff.  There is a reason why no other team has turned out more ‘Rookie of the Year’ players in the last 30 years than the Dodgers. (more…)

L.V. Ware Interview: The Hometown Prospect is Grinding His Way Back to Atlanta

Sunday February 12th, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:  Get ready for a real treat today fans. This is another interview that has been a year in the works. He has a hectic schedule, but we finally pinned down one of the great young players in the game for an interview. One of our favorite all-time twitter masters is finally here. Atlanta Braves outfielder prospect, L.V. Ware. If you spend any kind of time on Twitter, the name L.V. has come up in your timeline at some point. One of the most fan-friendly athletes that you will ever meet, L.V. has that special charisma about him. Baseball fans from all over flock to speak to him.  With almost 3,000 followers on Twitter and growing by the day, L.V. is certainly cementing his place in the baseball social media world. 

Now for the 411 on L.V. Ware. The Atlanta Braves prospect will be 25-years of age come opening day. He can play all three outfield positions, but center is his primary position. His game is built on defense and getting on-base. He can steal you a base, as shown by his consistent base stealing over his career (highlighted by a career-high 30 steals in 2010). When Curtis Granderson is your primary modern-day role model, you know that you aim high. I can definitely see why L.V. would look up to Granderson. He plays the game the right way and has become one of the best all-around outfielders in baseball. But besides working hard on the field, Granderson is a true ambassador to the game- working tirelessly for charities and kid-centric organizations. Hailing from Atlanta, I could see L.V. taking on a Granderson-type role in the community as a member of the Braves one day. He understands the importance of his role as a role model and leader. The Braves have a good one in their system and Atlanta fans will definitely enjoy this young man for years to come.

Exclusively on MLB reports, we proudly feature our interview with the one and only, L.V. Ware- Atlanta Braves Prospect. Ever wonder what the L.V. stands for? Plus you won’t believe what L.V. would be doing for a living if he wasn’t playing baseball. Get ready to find out all these answers and more: Read the rest of this entry

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