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MLB Interleague Master Schedule In 2017: AL Looking To Speedbag The NL For A 14th Straight Year

AL vs NL

We go over this every season, but I am shocked to not see that much coverage on the issue.  The American League has absolutely thrashed on the National League in Interleague for the last 13 years.

Don’t tell me this is an anomaly.  This is a massive trend.  Plus no, the answer is not to eliminate MLB Interleague to level out the playing field.

I am already not going to watch the ALL – Star Game this year because it doesn’t mean anything.  Yes. I may be in the minority of the game actually being worth something in the MidSmmer Classic.  For those keep scoring at home, the League that actually won the All Star Game incredibly played 3 less games than the loser thanks to MLB’s brilliant (insert sarcasm here) 2 – 3 – 2 format.

But I guess no one else remember’s guys high fiving each other in the dugout once they were lifted in the ALL – Star Game, so they could catch a plane.  I will watch the HR Derby, and that is it.  I digress. Read the rest of this entry

St. Louis Cardinals 2017 Keys: Aledmys Diaz


St. Louis Cardinals 2017 Keys: Aledmys Diaz
By Bill Ivie

The dawn of Spring Training is just around the corner. Coverage for the last few months has focused on changes. Now, the focus becomes projections. What are the keys to success? Who can a team rely on.

For the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the biggest keys is Aledmys Diaz.

You’ve no doubt heard of Diaz by now. The casual fan probably couldn’t say the same thing this time last year. His unexpected arrival in 2016 changed that.

This time last year, Diaz was still just a minor league player, brought in on a free agent contract after defecting from Cuba. The Cardinals signed him in hopes that he was the future as their shortstop. An injury to Jhonny Peralta seemed to open the door. The signing of Miguel Tejada seemed to close it just as fast.


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 26, 2017


Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport

It is the 10 year anniversary of the Red Sox second championship this century. The legacy of the team is not a cute and cuddly one.

Honoring the middle child in this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Read the rest of this entry

Odds To Win The 2017 MLB Divisions


It is coming to that time where we all start making our predictions, and also plunk down more cabbage on the yearly bets. The 1st week of the February usually will come out with Player Prop Bets, and Teams Win Totals of Over and Under.

I don’t need to remind our long term readers that we have excelled in this foray since the beginning of introducing Gambling 101 as a category to mlbreports.com.

We look to continue our 70% best bet percentage.  I am looking to bounce back in the regular season in particularly as I made up the most of the money in player props, HR Derby and World Series Odds.

Today we are focusing on the MLB Divisions.

The AL East is the strongest Division in the game as 4 clubs are at least half decent. and even Tampa Bay is not that bad. Read the rest of this entry

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