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You Could Try To Attempt A World Record By Going To All 30 MLB Parks In 25 Days In 2017 By Driving!


So I have done about everything there is to do in for World Records in going to all the 30 MLB Parks.  I was able to hit all 30 MLB Parks in just 23 Days during 2012, besting my own 2009 record of 30/24.

The only way I could have done anything more substantial was to do what my idea was in 2015.  I went to 224 MLB Games in all the 183 Days of MLB Action – live at all 30 MLB Parks, spanning the entire season – and showing up at a ballpark every single day.

I am now 40 years old and don’t feel like doing this anymore, but every year I put out a schedule for all 30 MLB Parks in the forms of a record.

I honestly don’t think that I would top 30 MLB Parks in 23 Days since there is practically never any schedule that would allow that to be attempted.  If someone on this globe wants to take a run at – I welcome it.

However, my buddy Josh Robbins holds the Ground Record (all 30 MLB Parks) done by land – in just 26 Calendar Days during the 2008 season.) Read the rest of this entry


Just a Few Words About Jake Daubert


The forgotten MVP, there was never a player easier to root for than Jake Daubert.


All 30 MLB Clubs Ball Park Home Openers In 2017 With Starting Times

SunTrust Park will open up its gates for baseball for the 1st time ever on Friday Apr 14, 2017. It is the last home opener to have its game on the schedule for the 2017 Regular Season.. IMAGE -

SunTrust Park will open up its gates for baseball for the 1st time ever on Friday Apr 14, 2017. It is the last home opener to have its game on the schedule for the 2017 Regular Season..

We are not too far away from Spring Training folks.  That also means that the majority of the clubs have posted start times for all of their home openers upcoming to start the season.

After this post is published we will continue to monitor the schedule for any changes and will have them updated.

The season kicks off with a trio of games in Tampa Bay, Arizona and St. Louis on Sunday Apr 2, 2017 – and the last home opener will be at the new ballpark in Atlanta (SunTrust Stadium) on Friday Apr 14, (7:35).

For those of you that love ballparks as much as I do, if you click on the actual stadium highlighted itself, it will take you to some of the best advice on how to gameplan your Ball Park Chasing adventures.

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The Los Angeles Angels Have Had a Great Offseason

Outside of watching Mike Trout dominate on a nightly basis, there wasn’t much else to be happy about in 2016 with regard to the Los Angeles Angels.

They went a disappointing 74-88 and missed the playoffs for the fourth time since 2012, which was Trout’s rookie season. To make things worse, it’s also been hard to feel optimistic about the organization’s future in recent years.

It’s getting better, though.

ESPN’s Keith Law (subscription required) no longer views them as baseball’s worst farm system, but coming in 27th out of 30 teams isn’t anything to party about. On the big-league level, big contracts to C.J. Wilson and Jered Weaver have come off the books, leaving just one more year of paying Josh Hamilton and another five years (womp womp) of Albert Pujols.

Without the financial means to throw money at a free agent or the farm system to offer a boatload of intriguing prospects in a trade, general manager Billy Eppler had to get creative this winter, which is exactly what he’s done.

Are the Angels now playoff contenders? Probably not, but they look better on paper for 2017 than they did in 2016.

Let’s see how much of a lift the roster could have with a series of moves that haven’t grabbed a ton of headlines over the past few months.


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 25, 2017


Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America

The Dodgers have a window of opportunity to win the World Series. They have some of the big building blocks in place.

But this has been a strange off season where they have been big spender to essentially stand pat.

Bleed Dodger Blue in this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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