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Cleveland Indians Top Prospects

The major selling point of this system is the success of the pitching coaches in recent years. The Major League rotation is one of the best in baseball, and there are many top prospects who may challenge for those spots. The age range for both pitchers and fielders offers a look for continued success with players breaking through to the top level both now and three years into the future. A team coming off of a World Series run will not need a complete roster overhaul, allowing the lower level clubs to develop their players at the right pace.

Cleveland Indians Top Prospects

MLB Power Rankings: Early Win Predictions In 2017


Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017

Over the last week we have seen some factors that have changed some win totals and rankings.  Unfortunately the saddening loss of Yordano Ventura will cause the Royals to lose a win or 2.

We saw Jose Bautista re-sign with the Jays, Mark Trumbo re-sign with the O’s and the Phillies sign Michael Saunders.  These are significant signings for the 1st 2 – and Saunders becomes one of Phlladelphia’s best clubs.

The Marlins also traded for Dan Straily.

For the MLB Rankings, we are also factoring in the World Series chances of each club.

It is important to also recognize the 300 games of the MLB Interleague.  The American League holds a 13 year winning streak, and adds to their victories in the year.

So far in 2017, we have the Junior Circuit registering a record of 167 – 133 vs the Senior Circuit.  Before you throw stones at me – it was exactly this record that the AL hung vs the NL in 2015.

Going back to Kansas City….I really hope I am wrong about their pending 2017 record.  Hopefully they also go and sign a Jason Gammel or Doug Fister to help the rotation.

Lets also hope that we don’t have any more deaths have to be figure out where we have teams wins at.  It is awful.  I hate using the Miami Marlins win total as a struggle to grip with the loss of Jose Fernandez. Read the rest of this entry

The Greatest Detroit Tiger By Position: Center Field


As we continue on exploring the greatest Tigers by position of all-time, we move on to what I am guessing is a slam dunk before any research is done.  Before getting to the list however, looking back I’ve covered the all-time best Tigers catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, and left fielderleft fielder.  You can click on any of the previous links to check out that position.

Moving on to center field, we changed the criteria up a bit for outfielders where I still am looking for at least five years with the Tigers and playing a majority of time at that positon.  The one change I did make however to gaging the outfield spots, is opening it up to majority of games played at that position, but looking at all outfield numbers, since it’s much more common to see a players shift positions.

For the Center Field spot, we have four qualifiers: Ty Cobb, Mickey Stanley, Ron LeFlore, and Chet Lemon. Austin Jackson just misses out being traded mid-way through his 5th season in Detroit, but could be back via free agency this season.  Since this is a shoe in, we’ll take a look at all of the players…

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dWAR Doesn’t Care One Bit About Your Reputation



Don Mattingly was a great first baseman.

Wasn’t he?


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 23, 2017


Duane Burleson/Getty Images North America

Sunday, we learned about the tragic deaths of Yordano Ventura and Starling Marte. These were two lives cut short and two very different careers ended in the worst way.

Meanwhile, an awful Tweet by a fan about the death of Ventura made me realize we need to do small things to make this experience of living a little better.

Paying respect on this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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