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MLB Doubleheader Master Schedule In 2017

Best Source of Information for all 30 MLB Ballparks - and network of stadium afficionado's

Best Source of Information for all 30 MLB Ballparks – and network of stadium afficionado’s

First off, if you have never been to one of the 30 MLB Parks, we don’t advise on doing a doubleheader as part of your initial experience with the venue.  2 Games in one day takes a lot of travel,planning, and receiving the utmost experience in a stadium requires time.

However, if you are already versed in a park, than we are giving you a list of all doable Doubleheaders for the entire 2017 Calendar MLB season,

Most of these are within 2 to  4 hours away from each other (if not a shorter distance.)

In my lifetime of ballpark chasing, I have now done almost 100 Doubleheaders as part of my journeys.  The more baseball in a day, the better I feel.

In the meantime, consider visiting my buddy Craig’s website – and for Park Guides to every cathedral in the MLN!  If you have any questions about going to the park. hit my up – Read the rest of this entry

MLB Interleague Master Schedule In 2017: AL Looking To Speedbag The NL For A 14th Straight Year

AL vs NL

We go over this every season, but I am shocked to not see that much coverage on the issue.  The American League has absolutely thrashed on the National League in Interleague for the last 13 years.

Don’t tell me this is an anomaly.  This is a massive trend.  Plus no, the answer is not to eliminate MLB Interleague to level out the playing field.

I am already not going to watch the ALL – Star Game this year because it doesn’t mean anything.  Yes. I may be in the minority of the game actually being worth something in the MidSmmer Classic.  For those keep scoring at home, the League that actually won the All Star Game incredibly played 3 less games than the loser thanks to MLB’s brilliant (insert sarcasm here) 2 – 3 – 2 format.

But I guess no one else remember’s guys high fiving each other in the dugout once they were lifted in the ALL – Star Game, so they could catch a plane.  I will watch the HR Derby, and that is it.  I digress. Read the rest of this entry

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