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MLB DFS Picks For FanDuel – 4/25/16

 (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

There is awesome value with the Detroit Tigers players on Monday.  You have Miguel Cabrera all the way down to $3700, Victor Martinez to $2600 and Justin Upton to $3000.  I have the Tigers 2 – 5hitters all lined up in a stack.

Against conventional wisdom, I have Carlos Gonzalez against a LHP.  With it being Jeff Locke, and CARGO hitting right behind Nolan Arenado, there would have been a nice 3 – 4 combo.  Except for than it would mean a weaker OF move with Nori Aoki, and Jose Iglesias at SS.

Now I get to use  J.D. Martinez, Carlos Correa and Kyle Seager instead of Arenado, Iglesias and Aoki.

When you can put together a lineup where all 8 guys have been ALL – Stars in the past, and are capable of doing some yard work, than this is exciting. Some of the guys are struggling for sure, but that is why they are priced so low currently.

Starting Pitchers 

Marcus Stroman vs White Sox, $8100

Ross Stripling vs Marlins, $7600

Rick Porcello vs Braves,  $7400

Team Stacks

Detroit Tigers vs Kendall Graveman

Seattle Mariners vs Doug Fister

Colorado Rockies vs Jeff Locke

Sample Lineup 

P – Rick Porcello, $7400

C – Victor Martinez,  $2600

1B – Miguel Cabrera, $3700

2B – Robinson Cano, $3700

3B – Kyle Seager, $3000

SS – Carlos Correa $4100

OF – Carlos Gonzalez, $4000

OF –  Justin Upton, $3000

OF –  J.D. Martinez, $3300

$34, 800, 000 ($200 Left)

If you’re not familiar with the points breakdown, here’s the format utilizing a $35 million salary cap.  

Scoring System: https://www.fanduel.com/spring-training?t=lobby

1 Starting Pitcher (SP)

1 Catcher (C)

1 First Baseman (1B)

1 Second Baseman (2B)

1 Third Baseman (3B)

1 Short Stop (SS)

3 Outfielders (OF)

Game Types: https://www.fanduel.com/how-it-works


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a gambling ring

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A big thanks goes out to our ‘Chief Writer/Part Owner’ Hunter Stokes for preparing today’s featured post.

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MLB Power Rankings 2016: Week 4 – April

One is the #1 club in the whole MLB right now, and the other was the biggest mover and shaker of the week for week 3 of MLB action.

One is the #1 club in the whole MLB right now, and the other was the biggest mover and shaker of the week for week 3 of MLB action.  Both are leading the Central Divisions in their respective leagues behind awesome starting pitching and timely power.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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Disclaimer:  We based these rankings on best strength to win the World Series.  Therefore some teams that have an easier division to play in, with the least path of resistance to the postseason overall may be ranked a lot higher than a club who is equally talented, yet may play in a juggernaut of a division.

Game Records were before the results of the ESPN Sunday Night Game was played.

After a crazy week in which we saw our 1st no hitter, and massive long 16 inning game in Washington, we have for you the MLB Power Rankings.

There was no movement from the top 3 clubs.  The NL West saw the Dodgers take a decent lead on the Giants – and that is major critical, as that is the team most likely to give them trouble in their quest for a 4th straight Division crown.

Bryce Harper has pulverized the Phillies, Marlins, Braves and Twins thus far.  His late inning heroics are taking him to the next level.

The biggest mover and shaker this week was the White Sox, who climbed up 7 slots.  The Giants dropping 8 positions was the biggest decline.

Bad weeks were had by the Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees and Astros.  All clubs in the AL who are supposed to contend for a playoff slot.

The Mariners won their 3rd straight road series against the Angels (after beating the Yankees and Tribe 1s), and sit just a half game back in the AL West.

Oakland had started 7 – 0 on the road, before yielding 15 runs over the last 2 losses to the Blue Jays.  They are tied with the Rangers for the lead in the Division, but it is just a matter of time before they are bounced out in my opinion.

Cleveland had a nice week of 4 – 2 to jump up 5 spots in the rankings. and are that much closer to bringing back Michael Brantley.

Gaining only one spot but having an awesome week were the New York Mets.  All the boys are hitting now, and they are 8 – 2 in their last 10 contests. Read the rest of this entry

MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings – 4/25/16

zz draft kings

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

Call it a hunch – but I think the Detroit Tigers are due to break out Monday.  How long can Miguel Cabrera, J.D. Martinez and Justin Upton kept off the powersheet?

The value is there right now for a full stack against Kendall Graveman.  I love Jordan Zimmermann, but I believe he will also surrender some runs tomorrow.

Give me the Boston Red Sox over the Atlanta Braves any day  Rick Porcello has actually thrown better of late, and that is a cupcake offense in Atlanta.

I will always do a separate Coors Field entry, but that is just a safeguard. I still have Nolan Arenado vs Jeff Locke in the game Monday.

Toronto has scored 15 runs in their last 2 games, and are about to hit their stride.   I opted for Troy Tulowitzki.  I was looking at Jose Bautista, however he holds poor numbers versus Miguel Gonzalez. Read the rest of this entry

MLB Schedule For Week 4 Of 2016: April 25th To May 1st (95 Games)

These teams have combined for 8 out of the last 20 World Series - but each of them had represented in the AL for every year since the WildCard was alotted. The last time neither team participated in the playoffs was 1993

These teams have combined for 8 out of the last 20 World Series wins (in 10 appeareancs – but at least one of them had represented in the AL during the playoffs for every year since the WildCard was alotted – until 2014 saw that come to an end. The last time neither team participated in the postseason prior to that was 1993.  The Yankees ended up making the Wild Card Game in 2015 to start a new streak.  The Bronx Bombers are struggling and aging rapidly, while Boston tries to see a bunch of new players all gel into a club that could contend.  They are the ESPN Sunday night game on May 1st.

BOLD Red is Interleague Play

MLB Schedule For Week 4 Of 2016:  April 25th To May 1st (96 Games)

MLB Scheduling 2016

Day + Date     Away and Home, Times Start In EST

Week 4

Monday Apr 25 (12 Games)

White Sox @ Blue Jays 7:07

A’s @ Tigers 7:08

O’s @ Rays 7:10

Reds @ Mets 7:10

Red Sox @ Braves 7:10

Yankees @ Rangers 8:05

Indians @ Twins 8:10

Pirates @ Rockies 8:40

Cards @ D’Backs 9:40

Royals @ Angels 10:05

Padres @ Giants 10:15

Astros @ M’s 10:10

Marlins @ Dodgers 10:10 Read the rest of this entry

The New York Yankees Week In Review: The Good And The Bad Of Week Three

Wayne Cavadi's Online Portfolio

A frightening start to the week has quickly turned positive as the New York Yankees are on the verge of a sweep of division foes. I keep insisting that it is not time for fans and the Yankees to press the panic button, and the way this week has ended, it is the right course of action. Is it ugly right now? You bet, but it’s also April.

1. Can’t blame the starters this week.

As The Pooch said earlier in the week:

You get quality starts out of Pineda, Eovaldi and Severino… and get swept.

It’s true. Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi and Luis Severino came out against the first place Oakland As and threw 18 innings of quality baseball, allowing just six runs over that span. Equally impressive is that the three pitchers combined to walk just two batters.

The problem was the bullpen. Last week’s player of…

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Steven Wright Is Pitching Himself Into Permanent Status With The Boston Red Sox

zz steven wright

Andrew Martin (Featured BBBA Writer/Owner – baseballhistorian.blogspot.com)


The Boston Red Sox have gone through their fair share of pitching woes over the past several seasons. Despite signing a blue chipper in David Price last offseason, the 2016 season has still been one of inconsistency for their staff.

While it seems there is still work to be done, the surprise emergence of knuckleball starter Steven Wright may end up going a long way towards fortifying the team’s starting rotation.



Bryce Harper And Mike Trout Get All The Attention That Manny Machado Deserves Some Of Too

Manny Machado

Trey Rose (Featured BBBA Fantasy Baseball Writer/Owner – dynastydigest.sportsblog.com) 

It is no secret that Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are considered the two best players in fantasy baseball, but Manny Machado deserves to be in that discussion.

One of the most discussed questions in fantasy baseball is, “which player is the best?” Prior to 2015, an overwhelming majority would have given that honor to Mike Trout.

After a history-making season in 2015, Bryce Harper broke onto the scene and people started to question whether or not he should be considered the best in the business. While Harper and Trout were getting the spotlight, I’m sure Manny Machado was thinking, “well, what about me?”

Machado deserves to be in the discussion for one of the best fantasy baseball players after his breakout 2015 season, and his torrid start to 2016. Before discussing Machado, lets take a look at Harper and Trout.

To read the rest of the article, click the link below:




5 Of The Biggest Surprises In The MLB So Far In 2016

z trevor story


Matt Musico (Featured BBBA Writer/Owner – chinmusicbaseball.com) 


The MLB’s regular-season schedule is 162 games long for a reason – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. While we’re not even at the three-week mark yet, it’s still long enough for us to get a good glimpse as to which players are off to surprisingly great starts.

Baseball is a game of failure, but it’s also a game of averages. Even if a player is white-hot for a certain period of time, they’ll eventually come back down to Earth and maybe even go into a slump to even things out (unless your Bryce Harper). However, some players may use a hot start to propel themselves to a new benchmark moving forward when it comes to their career norms.

Whether the current narrative about players is good or bad, they still have five months of games left to prove themselves, one way or the other. With that in mind, here are five players who have been pleasant surprises thus far.

And yes, I know the obvious ones like Harper, Tyler WhiteTrevor Story and others are not on this list. I did that on purpose.


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 24, 2016


USA Today Sports

It is Sunday and time for The Sunday Request


Man. Tough crowd. Just a few starts in and Corey Kluber is called a fluke? Yes, I think Cleveland has the pitching to turn the season around.

They are a Cleveland team! What could possible go wrong?

It is a river on fire episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Tanner Roark, Odubel Herrera, Troy Tulowitzki, Phil Hughes, Ryan Braun, Ian Desmond and YES, Corey Kluber all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports

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