The New York Yankees Week In Review: The Good And The Bad Of Week Three

Wayne Cavadi

A frightening start to the week has quickly turned positive as the New York Yankees are on the verge of a sweep of division foes. I keep insisting that it is not time for fans and the Yankees to press the panic button, and the way this week has ended, it is the right course of action. Is it ugly right now? You bet, but it’s also April.

1. Can’t blame the starters this week.

As The Pooch said earlier in the week:

You get quality starts out of Pineda, Eovaldi and Severino… and get swept.

It’s true. Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi and Luis Severino came out against the first place Oakland As and threw 18 innings of quality baseball, allowing just six runs over that span. Equally impressive is that the three pitchers combined to walk just two batters.

The problem was the bullpen. Last week’s player of…

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