Ranking the Top 10 Hitters In The MLB Right Now: Part 2 (6-10)

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Below is Part 2 of the Top 10 hitters in baseball. You can read Part 1 here.

Tuesday February.26, 2013

Keith Allison, Flicker.com

Cano has only missed 7 games in the last 4 years.  He has hit over .300 in those seasons – belted 40 + Doubles and scored over 100 Runs.  He has averaged 29 HRs and 102 RBI also for that span.  The man has won 3 straight Silver Slugger Awards.  Cano’s Career 3 Slash Line is .308/.361/.854. With this being a contract year, he could stand to land himself a historic contract with an MVP type season. Picture by Keith Allison, Flicker.com

By Jake Dal Porto (Baseball Writer)

The top hitters in the MLB right now includes 5 awesome hitters.  It was hard to comprise the list, but here it is.

6. Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano is in line for a huge payday after this season, and his numbers can justify his demands.

OK, Yankee stadium partially inflates his power numbers. Cano had a 59.3 HR/FB (Home Run to fly ball ratio) to Right Field, which is quite a figure seeing that the mean for baseball’s best power hitters is in the 20 percent range, to all fields.

It’s safe to say that Cano grasped the idea of the infamous shorter porch in Right Field, and who wouldn’t? On he same token, that shouldn’t give us the wrong idea about his power. According to ESPN’s Hittracker Online, Cano was eighth in the American League with nine “no doubt” Home runs, telling us that his power isn’t solely due to the friendly hitter confines of Yankee Stadium.

The thing is, there’s more to his game then Home runs. He had the fifth highest oWAR (Offensive WAR) in baseball last year, and finished eighth in the MLB in Adjusted OPS+.

Given the dearth amount of talent at Second Base these days, Cano could be in line for a 8-year, $200+ Million contract next winter.

Robinson Cano at the 2011 Home Run Derby:

(Keith Allison, Flicker.com)

After the 1st 2 months last season, Hamilton has 21 HRs , 57 RBI and an OPS over 1.18.  A chewing tobacco addiction quit was blamed for a horrendous slump that ensued in June and July.  Despite Hamilton not feeling 100% –  he still bombed 43 HRs and added 128 RBI last year.  His Career 3 Slash Line is  .304/.363/.913. (Keith Allison, Flickr.com)

7. Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton had a rocky 2012 season, but his overall stats, specifically his power numbers, are among baseball’s best.

But let’s take a path down memory lane.

Hamilton went from hearing MVP chants in April and May to the sound of constant “booing” in front of his home crowd in September and October. His varied production did have a lot to do with the mixed reactions from his ex-fans in Texas.

Through his first 47 games of the season, he hit .368 and compiled 21 Home Runs, which set him on pace for 73 HRs. Then when the calendar flipped to June, his bat went ice cold, and the boo birds emerged. He had an OPS of just .687 in June and July combined, and hit just 8  Home Runs.

Hamilton’s aforementioned overall numbers, though, make the “boos” from Rangers fans somewhat questionable. He hit a career-high 43 Home Runs (second in baseball), totaled 128 RBI (second), led baseball with a .292 ISO (isolated power) and had a .930 OPS (10th). There’s not much to criticize.

While Hamilton is not the most consistent hitter there is, he’s definitely one of baseball’s Top 10 hitters.

Keith Allison, Flickr.com

Joev Votto signed an 11 YR/252 Million Dollar (Minimum) Contract Extension through 2023 – with a Team Option for 2024.  Why would the Reds do this?  The man features a Career 3 Slash Line of .316/.415/.968 – and has led the NL in OPS the last 3 years.  He also has led the NL in Walks the last 2 campaigns,  really significant in 2012 because he missed 51 games.  (Keith Allison, Flickr.com)

8. Joey Votto

We move from inconsistent with Hamilton, to one, if not the best, consistent hitters in Joey Votto. Had Votto avoided a knee injury that put him out for a good chunk of the summer months, he would probably rank higher than Hamilton.

From Apr. 5 to Jul. 15, Votto totaled a slash of .342/.465/.604, along with a BABIP of .398. He also had more Walks (66) than Strikeouts (65).

Seemingly well on his to an MVP bid, Votto suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee, which shelved him from Jul. 15th to Sep. 5. The injury didn’t seem to hinder his consistency, as he .316 for the remainder of the season, but his power was the clear victim. His slugging percentage dipped 100 less than his average slugging percentage, and he didn’t hit any home runs for the remainder of the season or playoffs.

Votto didn’t qualify for many of the key stats given that he only had 374 at-bats. Still, he finished the year with some impressive marks, slashing for .337/.474/.567 with a 1.041 OPS. He was just his typical self, and I would expect much of the same in 2013.

Keith Allison, Flickr.com

The Big Man has a Career 3 Slash Line of .287/.393/.929 .  In just 8 years, he has belted 260 HRs and knocked in 764 RBI.  His approach to being patient is making him a better hitter overall. 2012 was the 1st full season of his career where he did not SO 100 times.  –  (Keith Allison, Flickr.com)

9.Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder is a debatable selection, as he’s known more for his power than consistency. But it’s time we start realizing that he’s more than a .250 hitter who hits 30-50 Home Runs per year.

Fielder hit 30 Home Runs and drove in 108 RBI in 2012, his first year with the Tigers. Yes, his Home Run total is down slightly compared to his lofty totals in previous years, but he compensated for that by hitting .313 –  with a .412 On-Base Percentage.

Critics will point to Fielder’s weight as a caveat. There’s a case to be made in that regard, but he’s technically about as durable as they come if you want to go by the numbers. He’s played in 162 games in two straight seasons. Since 2006 — his first full year in the majors — he has played in an average of 160 games per campaign. Simply, he’s not a liability, neither is his bat.

10.Giancarlo Stanton

With no disrespect to Adrian Beltre, Adam Jones and Chase Headley, Giancarlo Stanton is a better hitter when he’s healthy.

Stanton has yet to play a full season, but even with a short sample size, he’s show flashes of brilliance, specifically in the power department. In only 449 at-bats last year, he hit 37 Home Runs and totaled a Major-Leading .608 Slugging Percentage, though he didn’t qualify with enough Plate Appearances.

Naturally, his booming Home runs totals in limited action make you wonder what type of numbers he can put up in 600-plus At-Bats? Perhaps in 2013 that question will be answered.

For the Best Hitters from 1-5, you can read Part 1 here.

Giancarlo Stanton is an elite power hitter collecting 93 Home tanton led the National League in Slugging Percentage - with a .608 clip in 2012, amidst 37 HRs and 86 RBI in just 449 AB.Runs during his short career..

Giancarlo Stanton is an elite power hitter collecting 93 Home Runs in his 1st 3 years.  Stanton led the National League in Slugging Percentage – with a .608 clip in 2012, amidst 37 HRs and 86 RBI in just 449 AB. He has 93 Home Runs during his short career.

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