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Affleckersley … or why the careers of Dennis Eckersley and Ben Affleck have mirrored each other

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Friday Feb.22/2013

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By Paul Francis Sullivan (Lead Baseball Writer):

One was a starting pitcher who became a Hall of Fame reliever. The other is a one time pretty boy actor who has transformed into an acclaimed movie director.

Besides the Red Sox connection, what do Dennis Eckersley and Ben Affleck have in common? If you take a closer look, their careers are quite similar.


Both were born in the East Bay but wound up living in Massachusetts

Yup, Mr. Boston, Ben Affleck, was born in Berkeley California in 1972. He moved to New England when he was a kid and obviously became a big Red Sox fan. He and Jennifer Garner still have a home in Massachusetts.

One of the Red Sox of Affleck’s youth was Dennis Eckersley, who was born in Oakland (and would obviously return to the East Bay for his greatest seasons.) He lived in Wayland, Massachusetts during his playing days and now lives in Ipswich. Read the rest of this entry

An American Hobby: Baseball Memorabilia – ‘The Obscene Gesture Card’

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Friday, February.22, 2013

Old Hoss Radbourn led the MLB with a record of 59-12 with a 1.38 ERA and 678.2 IP in 73 Games Started.  He completed all 73 Games he started that year.

Old Hoss Radbourn led the MLB with a record of 59-12 with a 1.38 ERA and 678.2 IP in 73 Games Started. He completed all 73 Games he started that year.

By Lee Edelstein (‘Baseball Memorabilia Enthusiast’ – visit his website here)

MLB Reports:  We are pleased to present you with Baseball Author Lee Edelstein as the newest writer with us at the Reports.  Lee will be providing us with great stories about baseball memorabilia on a regular basis.

MLB Reports

An American Hobby

Blog 2

Old Hoss Radbourn

Only twenty-four players in MLB history have won 300 or more games.  It’s a very exclusive club that doesn’t look like it will have any new members for the foreseeable future.  Andy Pettitte, with 245 Wins, is the closest active pitcher, but Andy is forty years old and it is doubtful that he will reach or even chase 300.  CC Sabathia, age 31, with 191 Wins, Justin Verlander, 29, with 124 Wins, and Roy Halladay, 35, (199 Wins) are potential candidates.  Each, though, has a long way to go and history says it doesn’t get any easier. 

Allie Reynolds, a great Yankee pitcher, after being roughed up in a game at the end of his career, was asked by a sportswriter if he was throwing the ball as hard as he used to.  Allie’s response, “I’m throwing it harder than ever.  It’s just taking longer to get there.” 

Old Hoss Radbourn Story:  59 in ’84 with Edward Achorn:

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My Adventures As A MLB Fancave Top 30 Finalist In Phoenix!

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Friday, February.22/2013

a     cape in the cave 1

By Aaron Roberts (Dodgers Correspondent / MLB Fancave Top 30 Finalist 2013):  

Here are all of the videos I have done for the MLB Fancave and also my latest blog entries.  Bookmark the next link here for this will have all of the dedicated information for my quest to be in New York as an MLBFancave Dweller all of the 2013 Year.  Thanks to the MLB Reports for allowing  me this platform!  Right after the videos and a page break – are the 3 days I spent in Phoenix with 29 other prospective cave dwellers. 

The Videos:

Interview with Adam Kennedy:

Dodgers and Angels Fan In Love – MLB Top 30 MLB Fancave Finalist Video:

Taking the Campaign to the streets of LA:

Get to know your LA Dodgers MLB Fancave Representative:

Vote For me (Thomas Roberts AKA – #CapeintheCave):

You can vote for me by either clicking on this link here: – This Link also contains my 2 minute application video.

Or going to the MLB Fan Cave website, clicking on “Vote” at the top and finding “Thomas Roberts.” I have my submission video on there so you can watch that as well. You can also come be my friend on Twitter  Facebook (Facebook.com/Bertsball) Instagram (@Bertsball) and my Blog (Bertsball.blogspot.com) I post about the Dodgers, Baseball and my campaign frequently on each of them.

Thank You so much and I appreciate everyone’s support! Read the rest of this entry

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