Master Schedule For All 30 MLB Parks In Double Header Opportunities In 2013

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Updated Last on March.25/2013


By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

Over the course of 4 years of massive baseball travel, I have attempted 28 MLB Doubleheaders – and completed 22 of them.  I Every year I take a look at the new MLB schedule and the 183 days worth of games.  In the list (after the youtube clip I post), will feature every doable double-header scenario for a fan to view baseball games.  Keep in mind that if you have never seen a MLB Park before – that rushing a day is not advised at all in these journeys. 

The most common doubleheader is Wrigley Field or US Cellular Field – to be combined with Miller Park as part of a day-night doubleheader.  The Yankees and Mets do play a few games on the same day together and are listed.  The o.Co Coliseum in Oakland and AT & T Park also have a few doubleheader chances this season.

Other great doubleheader partners include both Dodger and Angel Stadium – combined with Petco Park if there is a matinée contest involved.  Progressive Field and PNC Park also lends itself to easily connected doubleheaders if one has a day contest.  Also watch out for Sunday Night ESPN games as part of programming as Eastern teams feature that 8:05 PM EST start time – which will lend it available to double up with a day matinée.  The Phillies are compatible with both New York teams Via Amtrak Train option – and also with the Baltimore Orioles. 

These doubleheaders mostly are located in different cities and some might even include a doable flight in the middle.

Field of Dreams Has To Be Part Of Your Trip Link Up Top and Video Down Below:

Miller Park is a perfect doubleheader partner with either Chicago Park - particularly since they have a roof

Miller Park is a perfect doubleheader partner with either Chicago Park – particularly since they have a roof

Amongst some of the cool flying doubleheaders you may want to try are:  Toronto (Skydome) and either Chicago Park (US Cellular and Wrigley Field).  There is a downtown airport in Toronto that carries flights in the 5:30 PM range – that arrive in Chicago just after 6 PM – when you factor in the hour you gain on the time difference.  There are traditionally a few partners for doubleheaders during Patriots day in April with Boston (11:05 AM EST start time) and Nationals Park on the 4th of July (11:05 AM EST).  Cincinnati is also a very nice double header attempt partner with the Chicago parks when it has its 12:35 PM EST starts.  Since it is only about a 40 minute flight from CVG to ORD, you actually spend no real time in the air when it comes to the clock.  American Airlines is the carrier that his this flight. (CHICAGO AMTRAK STATION (UNION) has a 5:10 PM train that arrives in Milwaukee at 6:30.  From there you can ride into Miller Park (15-20 minutes via HWY 94 and National Ave) If you are unsure of how to achieve a double header opportunity, please email me:

Baseball Master Double Header Schedule for 2013 Road Trips:

3 CHW MIL 1:10 7:10 DRIVE
4 NYM NYY 1:05 7:05 SUBWAY
7 HOU TEX 1:10 7:05 FLIGHT
10 DET CLE 1:10 7:05 DRIVE
11 DET CLE 1:10 7:05 DRIVE
14 WSH NYY 1:35 8:05 FLIGHT
21 NYM PHI 1:10 8:05 GROUND
21 BAL PHI 1:35 8:05 AMTRAK
23 MIN CWS 12:10 7:10 FLIGHT
24 BAL PHI 12:35 7:05 AMTRAK
25 PHI NYY 1:05 7:05 AMTRAK
25 NYM NYY 1:10 7:05 SUBWAY
1 DET CLE 1:05 7:05 DRIVE
1 MIL CHC 12:05 7:05 DRIVE
2 CHC MIL 1210 PM 7:10 GROUND
3 CHC MIL 120 PM 7:10 GROUND
8 PIT CLE 12:35 7:05 DRIVE
8 SD LAD 1240 pm 7:10 DRIVE
8 CHC MIL 1:20 7:10 GROUND
15 PHI NYY 1:05 7:05 AMTRAK
15 MIN CHC 12:10 7:05 MSP-ORD
18 CLE PIT 1:05 PM 7:05 DRIVE
20 CLE CWS 12:05 7:10PM FLIGHT
22 MIL CWS 12:10 PM 7:10 DRIVE
26 WSH NYM 1:35 8:05PM DCA-LGA
26 TOR NYM 1:07 8:05 PM YYZ-LGA
GAMES START AT 12:40 pm AND 6:40 Pm
28 TOR CWS 12:37 7:10 YTZ-MDW
30 SD LAA 12:40 7:05 DRIVE
1 CLE PIT 1:10 7:15 DRIVE
2 LAA SD 12:35 7:10 DRIVE
5 ATL STL 12:10 7:15 ATL-STL
12 SD LAD 12:40 7:10 DRIVE
12 CHC CWS 1:20 7:10 SUBWAY
20 MIN STL 12:10 7:15 MSP-STL
4 WSH ATL 11:05 7:10 DCA-ATL
6 NYY PHI 1:05 7:15 AMTRAK
10 MIL CHC 1:10 7:05 DRIVE
11 CLE CHC 12:05 7:05 CLE-ORD
21 TOR BOS 1:07 8:05 YYZ-BOS
21 NYM BOS 1:10 8:05 DRIVE
21 WSH BOS 1:35 8:05 DCA-BOS
27 OAK SF 12:05 6:05 DRIVE
31 SD LAD 12:40 7:10 DRIVE
31 DET CLE 1:05 7:05 DRIVE
1 CLE PIT 12:05 7:15 DRIVE
1 CLE CHC 12:05 7:05 CLE-MDW
1 MSP CHC 12:10 7:05 MSP-ORD
7 CIN CWS 12:35 7:10 CVG-ORD
7 SD LAA 12:40 7:05 DRIVE
8 PIT CLE 12:35 7:05 DRIVE
12 TOR CWS 12:37 7:10 YTZ-MDW
14 MIN STL 12:10 7;15 MSP-STL
17 CHC MIL 12:05 6:10 DRIVE
21 MIL CHC 1:10 7:05 DRIVE
21 NYM NYY 1:10 7:05 SUBWAY
30 CHC MIL 1:20 7:10 AMTRAK
4 CHC MIL 1:20 7:10 AMTRAK
7 OAK SF 1:05 6:05 DRIVE
11 CLE CWS 12:05 7:10 CLE-MDW
11 CIN CWS 12:35 7:10 CVG-ORD
12 MIN STL 12:10 7:15 MSP-STL
12 NYM PHI 1:10 7:10 AMTRAK
13 CWS MIL 1:10 8:05 DRIVE
14 MIL CWS 12:05 6:10 DRIVE
18 CWS MIL 1:10 7:10 DRIVE
19 PIT CLE 12:35 7:05 DRIVE
19 DET CLE 1:05 7:05 DRIVE
20 CHC MIL 1:20 7:10 DRIVE
25 LAA SD 12:35 7:10 DRIVE

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

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About chuckbooth3023

I played competitive baseball until 18 years old and had offers to play NCAA Division 1 University Baseball at Liberty University. Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age 19. After two nearly made World Record Attempts in 2008, I set a New World Record by visiting all 30 MLB Parks (from 1st to last pitch) in only 24 Calendar Days in the summer 0f 2009. In April of 2012, I established yet another new GWR by visiting all 30 Parks in only 23 Calendar Days! You can see the full schedule at the page of the . In 2015, I watched 224 MLB Games, spanning all 30 MLB Parks in 183 Days. Read about that World Record Journey at

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  1. Might have to try out the Clev / Pitt doubleheader…Surprised there wasn’t a Clev / Cin in there too….Thanks for the info.

    • cleveland and cincy may be doable by car for when cleveland has 12:05 PM games and cincy is playing at 7:05 pm by car, however there is 249 Miles involved there so much harder to connect. Plus we like to see every pitch if possible (Kind of like my GWR Rules). No flights directly go between the two cities for a proper start time, I totally researched this one.

    • No way to do a Cle to Cincy double header if you wanted to catch every pitch. You are pushing it with the Detroit to Clev doubleheader also if you want to catch every pitch also.Just have to hope the 1st games are quick games and no traffic in each downtown for both of those to ever happen.

    • HI Roger,

      Your are right for the most part about both. Detroit to Cleveland is 168 Miles and traffic is tough. Cleveland and Cincinnati would be a little easier as Cleveland schedules day games for 12:05 PM on weekday games. If you can get a nice game that ends by 3, then you could drive the 3 Hours and 55 Minutes it says on Google Maps down the I-71. For most people, I think they would probably leave the 1st game early (if it didn’t count for anything). Amongst ballpark chasers, we credit anyone for viewing 4 1/2 innings for any game as they have met the criteria to say they have seen the MLB Park. When I was doing my World Record Trips, I got foiled in a Det-Cle doubleheader by extra innings. The game almost ended at 3:45 PM. I would have loved to at least attempted that Double Header. When chasing a record you must stay for every pitch. There is no Cleveland-Cincy scenario this year anyway. Thanks for reading. It is one of the biggest adrenaline rushes to need the doubleheader games to end. Please read more if you want to see some of my crazy quests.

  2. I’m new to Chicago, but I’m surprised that the Cubs and White Sox don’t have more games where they play at staggered times just because of the Cubs’ added number of day games!

    • It because the teams have deals with each other – in order to maximize ticket sales within the given cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or easy DH attempts like Oakland – San Fran or San Diego – LAA, or Baltimore – Washington.

  3. If you’re going to see the White Sox (Stars at Night), you’d better fly into Midway rather than O’Hare. Also, almost everybody in Chicago calls it the L, even when it’s underground.

    And since when is a 12:40/6:40 start a true doubleheader? I suspect they will charge you a second admission if you try to watch both games.

    • Believe me, I know all about the difference between Midway and Ohare. Most of those flights get in 90 Minutes before the game at Wrigley. In a worst case scenario you can take the CTA Blue Line from the airport and catch a bus to make it in about an hour and 15 min. Chicago traffic is brutal.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about video from youtube.

  5. Thanks for the extensive breakdown as usual. Will you be attempting another trip in 2013?

    • HI Josh,

      Thanks for the comment. I am probably going out for the Astros and Brewers openers and that is it. I may go to all parks again in 2014. Having this website takes a lot of time. Do you want to do a follow up article to your Factor 12? Hope all is well with you.


  6. I would like to write a follow up article soon. We’ve posted every season 1905-2012 every pitching season on Do you run the site now? How did that happen? good job

  7. What an immense amount of work you guys put forth for that research. It looks sharp and definitely beats out any of the new sabermetrics stuff for pitching. Anything you want us to re-post here with you guys being given the credit – we would be glad to do. We will also provide our readers the link to your site and twitter handles. Email me at I bought the site last November. It is a lot of hard work – but we are turning out record numbers. Thanks for reaching out. Good to talk to you.

    Meanwhile, we will add you to our blogsphere.


  8. Thanks Chuck. Keep up the good work. I will keep you posted with a follow-up report.

  9. Wouldn’t Oak-SF be easier to do by subway (BART) like NY and awalk rather than dealing with bay bridge traffic, tolls and high parking prices. In any event thanks for the list. I was just looking as possible DH’s with wash, balt philly or NY combinations and found this on chasers today. I like all levels of baseball so doubleheaders are easier to find for me. I’ll do University of Washington and Seattle Mariners as just one example. Also noticed your DH with det-cleve. sounds like a good idea to add cleveland to my alrady scheduled Buffalo Bison game on 4/10. Thanks

  10. HI Bob,

    You can definitely take the BART system as part of the Oakland and SF doubleheader. The funny thing is that if you are traveling with multiple people – it is not always cost conducive. Coliseum lets you park for free at the BART Station – and you can always bypass the wait for the Bay Bridge by driving south to the San Mateo Bridge. I personally always rent a car in Oakland – just because it is a little rougher of a neighborhood.

    Being a Saturday matinee will help calm down some of the fans. I always use free car rental days that I accrue for SF and OAK. If I was just to go to a game in SF, then the BART, light rail service, buses, or cabs for that matter – are all better to take to AT & T Park. Another thing I have done in the past is park at the Fishermans Wharf and pay the flat rate for the day $10-15) – because I usually hang out there anyway – then take a cab to and from the game. The cab is only about $15 each ride.

    But to answer you – yes BART system is a good way to visit both parks – just watch out for the Tailgaters!!

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