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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 24, 2017


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A lot of people don’t like Field of Dreams. I get it.

I still love it and the reasons why I do reflect that what we love and what we consume, including baseball, do not exist in a vacuum.

No guilty pleasues in this episode of Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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How Might Pedro Martinez’s Past Struggles Help This Year’s Red Sox?

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Monday, Mar.04, 2013

After doubting his own  ability - Martinez posted a 55 - 33 Record with the Montreal Expos and had a 3.06 ERA.  He turned his 1997 NL Cy Young year with the Canadian Franchise into a possible Hall of Fame selection.  He is trying to help with the confidence issues facing the Sox hurlers now.

After doubting his own ability – Martinez posted a 55 – 33 Record with the Montreal Expos – and had a 3.06 ERA with them from 1994 – 1998. He turned his 1997 NL Cy Young year with the Canadian Franchise into a possible Hall of Fame selection for the rest of his career. He is trying to help with the confidence issues facing the Sox hurlers now.

By Saul Wisnia,  Red Sox Correspondent (Read his blog ‘Fenway Reflections’ here):

News Flash: Pedro once struggled:

One of the delights of Red Sox spring training this year has been the return of former ace-turned-special instructor Pedro Martinez. In addition to working with young and veteran pitchers on their mechanics, Pedro has been a media darling — smiling his way through numerous radio, TV, and print interviews.

 Of all the sound bytes and quotes, however, the one that struck me as the most poignant has been largely ignored. During an early-morning interview on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan show on Feb. 19, Martinez was asked by Gerry Callahan if he thought he could help Daniel Bard regain his form as one of baseball’s best setup men. “Yes,” the future Hall of Famer said, before adding that he understood exactly what Bard had gone through during a disastrous 2012 campaign that included a demotion to the minor leagues.

Martinez, the Sandy Koufax of his era, relate to an epic slump? How could that be?

Pedro Martinez Career Montage:

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Master Schedule For All 30 MLB Parks In Double Header Opportunities In 2013

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Updated Last on March.25/2013


By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

Over the course of 4 years of massive baseball travel, I have attempted 28 MLB Doubleheaders – and completed 22 of them.  I Every year I take a look at the new MLB schedule and the 183 days worth of games.  In the list (after the youtube clip I post), will feature every doable double-header scenario for a fan to view baseball games.  Keep in mind that if you have never seen a MLB Park before – that rushing a day is not advised at all in these journeys. 

The most common doubleheader is Wrigley Field or US Cellular Field – to be combined with Miller Park as part of a day-night doubleheader.  The Yankees and Mets do play a few games on the same day together and are listed.  The o.Co Coliseum in Oakland and AT & T Park also have a few doubleheader chances this season.

Other great doubleheader partners include both Dodger and Angel Stadium – combined with Petco Park if there is a matinée contest involved.  Progressive Field and PNC Park also lends itself to easily connected doubleheaders if one has a day contest.  Also watch out for Sunday Night ESPN games as part of programming as Eastern teams feature that 8:05 PM EST start time – which will lend it available to double up with a day matinée.  The Phillies are compatible with both New York teams Via Amtrak Train option – and also with the Baltimore Orioles. 

These doubleheaders mostly are located in different cities and some might even include a doable flight in the middle.

Field of Dreams Has To Be Part Of Your Trip Link Up Top and Video Down Below:

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“The Baseball Stadium Insider: A Comprehensive Dissection of All Thirty Ballparks, the Legendary Players, and the Memorable Moments” – By Matt Lupica: Guest MLB Blog

Saturday July 21st, 2012


Matt Lupica (Guest MLB Blogger): 

Hello baseball fans!

If there’s one thing that can be said about baseball, it’s that it really separates itself from the other major sports because it features venues that differ greatly from one another. If you are like me, then you appreciate every little caveat, feature, gimmick and statistic about each individual Major League ballpark. That said, attention to every detail is something I pride myself on and with baseball as my true passion, it was a no-brainer when it came to authoring what I feel is the most in-depth book regarding all thirty current stadiums. I introduce you to The Baseball Stadium Insider.


My love for baseball began in fifth grade when my class was assigned a project on a historical figure. Looking down the list of names, I noticed one that stood out more than any others: Roberto Clemente. The rest was history. My love for baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates and everything about the game was officially born. Read the rest of this entry

Field of Dreams Movie Site Traveler Guide

Friday, March.02/2012

If you build


They will come!!

Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth (Baseball Writer)- If you are a baseball fan, chances are you have seen one of the best baseball movies all time in “Field Of Dreams”. From sitting on the same benches of Kevin Costner, to viewing the Field that happens to have been built after plowing down a corn field, this place is a perfect day trip for the avid baseball fan! One story I heard was so good I am passing it on to you.

A group of baseball players that played ‘extras in the field’ during the filming of the movie continued to play a regular Sunday night game after the picture went to Hollywood.  Tourists liked this idea so much that they asked the Land Owners if they could have the players play every year.

The following year, and unbeknownst to a 300 passenger bus of Japanese Tourists (in the middle of the night mind you), the group of ball players walked through the cornfields and reached the grass in the outfield as the tourists gasped with nervous energy.  The tour guide never told this group that these players were to arrive.  The Japanese tourists cheered feverishly as the players took the field and played.

 The Japanese tourists were so impressed with the caliber of play (and for what these ball players had done for them), that they hired these two teams to travel all throughout the Japan year-round and play exhibition style games.  All of the extras (who all had played semi-pro in some fashion) had a great career now.  Even to this day, there is a new generation of men playing with the old style “Sox” jerseys.


Fly into Milwaukee via Air Tran on any flight you can find from the best Airline in America.  Try to tie it in with the Chicago teams, Milwaukee, St. Louis or Minnesota on a baseball vacation.  Luckily for you, Milwaukee is one of the cheaper cities to rent a car, and/or pay for lodging. Use Priceline ( to bid on your hotel rooms-and you will be amazed at what price you will only have to pay.

To drive to the Field of Dreams Movie Site will take you about 4 hours from the Milwaukee International Airport.  The park is still as beautiful as it was when the movie was a hit nearly a quarter-century ago.  This amazing landmark must be on a baseball fan’s bucket list.  Not only is it a fantastic attraction- but there is no cover charge to see the Field!

Those who visit are welcome to bring bats, balls and gloves to break out in a pick-up game.  Visitors from all over will just come and do the same.  Be sure to buy something from the gift shop on your way out as that is how the kind landowners are able to keep up the maintenance of this truly amazing ballpark in Iowa.

*******There is a Best Western in Dodgeville,  which is a 90 minute drive North East from this movie site-where you can stay for under $100 a night.  Dodgeville does have a Walmart and is one of the nicest heritage towns in America.

So be like James Earl Jones & Kevin Costner and GO THE DISTANCE!!!!

*** Thank you to our Baseball Writer– Douglas “Chuck” Booth for preparing today’s feature on MLB reports.  To learn more about “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” and Chuck Booth, you can follow Chuck on Twitter (@ChuckBooth3024) and click here for Chuck’s website,***

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