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BBBA Members Video/Audio Shows + Links This Week

Sully baseball hosts a 20 Min Daily Podcast

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

(Sully has a Streak of 20 minute shows everyday since Oct.24/2012)

(Latest Podcast In the Player Below)

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BBBA Members Video/Audio Shows + Links For The Week That Was


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Latest Podcast:

Domestic violence is finally going to be dealt with in baseball.

I am not sure what commissioner Manfred should do about Jose Reyes, Yasiel Puig and Aroldis Chapman. But I DO know that saying things like David Ortiz said does not help.

Players are role models. If you don’t like that, quit and join a beer league.

It is a do the right thing NOW edition of the Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 25, 2016

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

(Sully has a Streak of 20 minute shows everyday since Oct.24/2012)

(1220 Straight Days With An episode)

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MLB Reports Writer/Senior Reporter Lori Martini Interviews ‘Baseball Fan + Rapper’ Steven Cooper

Steven Cooper - Promo 1

BY Lori Martini (MLB Reports Senior Reporter) Follow her On Twitter

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Steven Cooper is an artist/rapper based out of Kansas City, MO who’s starting to make a name for himself in the pop/hip-hop world.  Currently he’s giving away his album “Stereotype” for FREE until it hits 100K downloads before releasing any new material.  

His music is anthemic, positive and inspirational which is a refreshing direction to instill in the youth.  

He will be performing his song “Born To Do”at the Staten Island Yankees on Wednesday, July 23rd and at the Brooklyn Cyclones on Thursday, July 24th.   Read the rest of this entry

Harlem Shake Shenanigans Come To Spring Training:

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Thursday, March.14/2013

Just another idea by some Major League Clubs

Just another idea by some Major League Clubs.

MLB Reports:  Welcome to our newest Kids writer  Jason Alpert-Wisnia – for being selected to join our MLB Reports Kids Writing team.  We are pleased to present the readers with a youthful look to the game of baseball.  Moms and Dad’s – if you have a young kid who loves baseball and wants to write about the game, please email us at  We will be selecting three more kid writers for our website this year. 

By Jason Alpert-Wisnia: (MLB Reports Kids Writer – visit his website here )

Across Youtube in the past month, the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer has been the topic that SO many videos are all about. It all started when some dudes danced to the song on Youtube. It got LOTS of views, and so hundreds of versions have come out using Harlem Shake but with different people and things and in different places.

The idea is one per son comes out in some sort of mask and shakes their head, in a random place while everything behind him is normal and is in a regular mood, but when the song says “Do the Harlem Shake!” the whole scene changes and becomes crazy and it gets a little strange.This itself has NOTHING to do with baseball, except for one thing.

A few weeks ago, the Arizona Diamondbacks in Spring Training decided to do a publicity stunt, and post it on Youtube. If you haven’t already guessed, they did the Harlem Shake.

The video was posted by the official MLB Youtube account and at the time I’m writing,the video had about 177,000 views at the time, which is not too bad for views.

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PSA About Bullying From The MLB Reports Via Lori Martini: I’m Not Perfect Video Featuring Dance Moms Miami Cast

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Wednesday December 19, 2012

Lyrics to Lori Martini's Anti-Bullying Video "I am Not Perfect"

Lyrics to Lori Martini’s Anti-Bullying Video “I am Not Perfect.”

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner): & Lori Martini (Senior Reporter and Baseball Writer):

Earlier this year, I had the great honor of meeting Lori Martini.  She was instrumental in helping me set the ‘World Record for Fastest To See All 30 MLB Parks’ in April, by attending 10 Games with me.  We had a nice little media blitz around the whole trip.  I even interviewed  Lori as our Citi Field Expert.  The next week, she wrote a great review about the New Marlins Ball Park, that is one of the highest viewed on the internet and has also written a few other articles. Later on in the summer, Lori interviewed Yankees Prospect Tyler Austin for the MLB Reports.  Before any of this all happened, I was already a fan of Lori’s music prior to meeting her in person. Her songwriting is incredible and she is finally receiving some recognition for it.  Lori has now used that recognition for a greater cause….

In April of this year, Lori Martini’s song “I’m Not Perfect” was placed on Dance Moms Miami and subsequently Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition on Lifetime.  Since then, the song has exploded and has inspired many young girls and boys.  It has become their anthem as it deals with accepting yourself for who you are and champions anti-bullying.  There are hundreds of fan made videos that combined have over 1 Million hits and counting.  These kids are doing covers of the song; they use it for their dance recitals; for their school projects; for anti-bullying videos; they score it to their favorite shows, dancers, singers and artists etc. Read the rest of this entry

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