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BBBA Audio/Video Casters Week In Review:

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is not only a membership for writers, we also supports podcaster/videocaster/ or vloggers.

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is not only a membership for writers, we also support podcasters/videocasters and vloggers.  We have many talented people who are doing an awesome job covering the game of Major League Baseball.  If you know a show that is good and think they should be on this page, check out our contact information and send us a note.

Chuck Booth (Owner/Lead  Analyst) 

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We have an outstanding amount of baseball fans that are doing audio and video presentations for the game of baseball that are not even being paid for it.

I would put the content of these shows up against a lot of the paid professionals of the MLB – or any other entity that possesses the wherewithal to be able to do that.

If you want to keep scrolling down, all of the information listed below is all of the shows for the week from all, or maybe you have a favorite, then you can just click on one of the highlighted shows. 

In this opening week we had Sully Baseball talk a lot about the Pirates, D’Backs, Cubs and the Cardinals in opening week.  He keyed on where Tim Lincecum may end up, and the opening start for Zack Greinke.  Like everyone else, he also submitted his yearly predictions.

Sully also delivered an emotional podcast where he implores everyone to love their extended family more on April 2, 2016 – because you don’t know when you may lose some one.

BBBA Audio/Video Shows

Sully Baseball April Podcasts

The “BBA” Live  guys talked about the opening week, and a lot about what the NL East will look like this year.

The Hall Of Very Good Interviewed Kato Kaelin.

The Jays from the Couch guys continued to kill it on their coverage of Canada’s only team.

The Pirates Breakdown was happy to see their club begin 3 – 0 after sweeping the Cards after giving their predictions.

Seamheads (Gateway To Heaven) wondered if anyone was going to make it through the week for St. Louis in light of the Tommy Pham injury.

MLB This Week went through their season picks – and also talked about some of the technology of the game as a fan.

Past here is how to subscribe and listen to these shows. 

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BBBA Members Video/Audio Shows + Links This Week

Sully baseball hosts a 20 Min Daily Podcast

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

(Sully has a Streak of 20 minute shows everyday since Oct.24/2012)

(Latest Podcast In the Player Below)

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BBBA Members Video/Audio Shows + Links For The Week That Was


Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Latest Podcast:

Domestic violence is finally going to be dealt with in baseball.

I am not sure what commissioner Manfred should do about Jose Reyes, Yasiel Puig and Aroldis Chapman. But I DO know that saying things like David Ortiz said does not help.

Players are role models. If you don’t like that, quit and join a beer league.

It is a do the right thing NOW edition of the Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 25, 2016

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

(Sully has a Streak of 20 minute shows everyday since Oct.24/2012)

(1220 Straight Days With An episode)

Week Archives

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MLB Mascots Make No Sense

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Friday, March.15/2013

The Swinging Friar

The Swinging Friar.

MLB Reports:  Welcome to our newest Kids writer  Jason Alpert-Wisnia – for being selected to join our MLB Reports Kids Writing team.  We are pleased to present the readers with a youthful look to the game of baseball.  Moms and Dad’s – if you have a young kid who loves baseball and wants to write about the game, please email us at  We will be selecting three more kid writers for our website this year. 

By Jason Alpert-Wisnia: (MLB Reports Kids Writer – visit his website here )

The MLB teams, no matter if in the AL or the NL,need mascots. The mascots are a pop-culture icon for the team that brings a fun and cheerful aspect to the ballpark, no matter how the game is going, and is great for using on products the team can sell for large amounts of profit. But, team’s mascots usually have reasons for being what they are. But, some teams mascots make NO sense what-so-ever on why their thereBut no matter how crazy and wacky, there is always a reason for what they are, even if the reason is not very good and is very unrealistic or sensible.

But no matter how weird, the mascots are are still a BIG part of the team, no matter what, but some teams are seriously odd, and really don’t make sense when compared to what the team’s team name and logo are about, or make sense, but are used and have personalities that don’t make much sense.

Phillie Phanatic Montage:

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