MLB Reports Writer/Senior Reporter Lori Martini Interviews ‘Baseball Fan + Rapper’ Steven Cooper

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Steven Cooper is an artist/rapper based out of Kansas City, MO who’s starting to make a name for himself in the pop/hip-hop world.  Currently he’s giving away his album “Stereotype” for FREE until it hits 100K downloads before releasing any new material.  

His music is anthemic, positive and inspirational which is a refreshing direction to instill in the youth.  

He will be performing his song “Born To Do”at the Staten Island Yankees on Wednesday, July 23rd and at the Brooklyn Cyclones on Thursday, July 24th.  MCU-PARK-sunset

LM: Steven, I saw that you’re based in Kansas City.  Was that where you grew up?
SC: My childhood was spent moving around a lot with my family, but we eventually ended up near Kansas City.  It’s in a small college town called Warrensburg, which is where I went to high school.
LM: What inspired you to start writing and pursuing a career in music?  Is anyone in your family musically inclined?
SC: My Grandma played Saxophone when she was younger, but overall my family isn’t that musical.  I first started getting interested in music in middle school.  I was starting to buy albums and they were so interesting to me.  I had a lot of issues as a kid so music became an outlet and something I could pour my thoughts into.
LM:  Who are your musical influences?  
SC: My early influences were mainly rock and pop groups.  Of course Michael Jackson was a huge influence on me.  To this day I still try to write positive upbeat music because of him.  Other than that, I grew up listening to Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bone Thugs N Harmony, etc.  I was pretty eclectic in my music tastes as a kid so I think that reflects in my music today.
LM: Being that you’re performing at the Cyclones and SI Yanks, are you a baseball fan and what team do you root for? 

SC: I grew up playing little league and pursued baseball for a bit in high school, so I’ve been a fan of the sport for a long time.  Being on the road all the time makes it difficult to keep up with the teams, but I’m still a big fan of the Kansas City Royals.
LM: Have you ever performed at a stadium before?  What was your biggest crowd?  What is your dream gig?

SC: I’ve performed at several stadiums.  I was asked to do the Royals Family Day one year.  I’ve played major conferences and festivals that have been held at stadiums.  I even had the chance to perform for thousands at a stadium in South Korea.  My largest show was a festival in Myrtle Beach for 25,000.  
My dream gig would be to perform on SNL.  I’m a HUGE SNL fan and have always dreamed of hosting or performing on it.
LM:  “Born To Do” and other songs were featured on ESPN, FOX, CBS, ABC Family etc.  Obviously there is a sports connection there.  Were sports a big influence in your life?
SC: I’ve always loved sports.  I love how they bring people together no matter who you are, how much money you make, where you’re from, etc.  You’re part of a community when you’re at a sporting event.  I think it’s very similar to concerts.
LM:  How was it to perform at halftime during the MMA event at Harrah’s Casino?  

SC:  That show was a blast.  I watch MMA every now and then so it was pretty surreal to be standing in the middle of the ring performing.  The crowd seemed to love it and I’m looking forward to doing many more events with them in the future.
LM:  I noticed that you have AKON on your track, “Bigger.”  He’s one of the top rappers/writers in the industry.  He obviously sees something in you to be featured on your track.  How did that come about?   
SC: I received a call from one of Akon’s producers who was shopping around the song.  They asked if I’d be interested in working on it and of course I jumped at the chance.  The producer had been familiar with my work because of a song I did with Tech N9ne back in the early 2000’s.
LM: What’s up next for you?
SC: I just finished a new project and am trying something new with it.  We’re letting our fans decide when the project will be released and having them share my previous album in order to release it.  You can read details at my website.
Other than that I will be joining the Camplified Tour here in a few weeks and will be touring for the rest of the year.
You can visit Steven on his site:
Follow him on Twitter:
Download his album “Stereotype” for FREE here:

Bigger by Steven Cooper (Featuring AKON)

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