Mets Ownership: The Wilpons Have To Start Spending To Compete!

Monday November 26, 2012

Owner of the Mets Fred Wilpon

Kyle Holland (MLB Reports Intern):

It’s no secret that the New York Mets are in a tough division to compete with. They are way behind the payroll of the Phillies and look up to the Nationals and Braves talent wise. So where exactly did the Wilpon’s, majority owners of the Mets, go wrong in building a talented team?

First, lets look at the payroll situation. In 2012, the Phillies ranked number 2 in payroll with approximately $173,459,000. The Mets were ranked at number 14 with their payroll at approximately $93,357,000. How can the Mets compete in a division where the top payroll in the division is about $80,000,000 more? They can’t, that’s why they have finished in the bottom 2 of the division every year since 2009.

Citi Field is one of the newest Ball Parks in the Majors and should produce enough revenue for the Mets to be one of the top Salary Teams in the MLB. The Wilpons have been spending less every year on the club since the Bernie Madoff fiasco came to fruition.

Next, let’s compare the talent of the Mets to other teams in the NL East. We’ll take the Marlins out of the picture because they’re not better than anyone with that recent trade. So we can look at the Washington Nationals. They finished with the best record in the MLB at 98-64. That record is no fluke; it took a lot of talent to do that. They had a bunch of different guys with a bunch of different specialties.

Ian Desmond is a prime example of one of these players. He’s nowhere near a superstar, but he gets the job done. He led the team in average with a .292 average, not spectacular. He also led the team in steals with 21, again not spectacular. The 2012 Rookie of the Year, Bryce Harper, is also a solid player. Most people know that at only 20 years old, he is going to end up being a superstar. He led the team in runs (with 98) despite missing the 1st 5 week, so you know what that means. He got on base! How can the Mets compare with this? They had two great hitters, David Wright and Daniel Murphy hitting .306 and .291 respectively. Who’s the best after them? Ike Davis hitting .227.   Davis had a nice second half power surge with 20 HRs and a .888 OPS in  75 Games.  He will need to put it together for a full season if the Mets have any chance to be in the same stratosphere as the Phillies, Nationals and Braves in 2013. They can’t have two or three people carry the team, that just does not get the job done.

So how are the Mets’ contracts looking? Dickey (5.0 million), Santana (25.0 million), and Wright (16.0 million) all expire after the 2013 season. Santana and Wright will most likely be resigning, but Dickey may be gone before the 2013 year even starts. If they get rid of Dickey, they can get some good prospects and start the rebuilding process.

If the Mets are looking to rebuild anytime soon they should focus on fielding as their pitching for the future should be set. Their pitchers are extremely young and have loads of ALL-Star Potential. Zack Wheeler, the Mets top prospect, is only 22 and should be an absolute stud when he gets older. He’s ranked in the top 10 in the top 100 prospects and was a fantastic addition to the team in exchange for Beltran in 2011. The number 2 prospect for the Mets, Jeurys Familia, is also a young pitcher. At only 23, he has already spent a good amount of years in the minors, signing in 2007. He already has little experience in the majors during September call-ups 2012, so he knows what to expect. The Mets should have a solid pitching staff in years to come.

In a division like the NL East, the Mets are really going to need some work to get back into the race in future years. This is however not impossible. If they can sign some solid prospects for not a lot of money it is entirely possible. A lot of people want to see this happen as they can get a 4 way race going between the Mets, Phillies, Nationals, and Braves. The NL East will start to compare to the AL East in competition much earlier than later with the right moves.

The only other way this club will compete before then is if the Wilpons sell the team.  There is no excuse for the Mets to be amongst the lower half of salary in the MLB.  The have a great TV contract, they charge steep prices at Citi Field, plus they have one of the rabidest fan bases in all of the League. If they start investing in the team a little more, you would definitely see the inlfux of buts in the seats as the return.  If you don’t believe me, just look at any MLB Fan Bulletin Website.  Not only are they passionate, but they speak their minds whether the team wins or loses.

Mets’ top prospect, Zack Wheeler.

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  1. I’m regard to the Mets it’s only partly a money issue .If you look At the history of Wilpons sole ownership it been aa total disaster .He should sell and get out his track record as one sole owner is terrible .In regard to the money issue to be perfectly honest they have been burened by some of players they have payed good money to.So from aspect you can understand the money issue with players .However they have some moe highly priced executives in baseball my question is you can paythesevguys big salaries but you can’t put a decent. Prod on the field .This doesn’t make good sense In addition tell what have these well payed executives done in regard to making the on the field Mets respectable You don’t need to tell Iknow and it’s nothing .Now we here that the Mets may trade Wrightv&Dickson So you see again there is a problem with paying these guys .If were Wright&Dickson I would want to sign a extension with a baseball team going no place fast.In essense it’s not only about money it’s also and more so the way ownership manages the Club my answer is sell and give so one else a chance you have had yours One additional point Jeff Wilpon is a cancer to this org and team he needs to be removed from any and all contact with the team .It mattes little that he is the Son of present owner

  2. Trading Dickey only isn’t the way to rebuild. IMO you would be able to rebuild faster if you trade Wright and Dickey and maybe even niese. You could get a good amount of nice prospects in return for them.

    • That is a valid point too Brandon, although I think the Mets are waiting to see how the season goes next year. If it goes awry before the trade deadline, you could always trade Wright then and demand some great prospects from contenders. The youth of this team is the building blocks of the future, that is also correct. The Mets fans would be more forgiving of a mid-season trade as well instead of an off-season move. It will be entertaining in Flushing Meadows, NY either way.

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