PSA About Bullying From The MLB Reports Via Lori Martini: I’m Not Perfect Video Featuring Dance Moms Miami Cast

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Wednesday December 19, 2012

Lyrics to Lori Martini's Anti-Bullying Video "I am Not Perfect"

Lyrics to Lori Martini’s Anti-Bullying Video “I am Not Perfect.”

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner): & Lori Martini (Senior Reporter and Baseball Writer):

Earlier this year, I had the great honor of meeting Lori Martini.  She was instrumental in helping me set the ‘World Record for Fastest To See All 30 MLB Parks’ in April, by attending 10 Games with me.  We had a nice little media blitz around the whole trip.  I even interviewed  Lori as our Citi Field Expert.  The next week, she wrote a great review about the New Marlins Ball Park, that is one of the highest viewed on the internet and has also written a few other articles. Later on in the summer, Lori interviewed Yankees Prospect Tyler Austin for the MLB Reports.  Before any of this all happened, I was already a fan of Lori’s music prior to meeting her in person. Her songwriting is incredible and she is finally receiving some recognition for it.  Lori has now used that recognition for a greater cause….

In April of this year, Lori Martini’s song “I’m Not Perfect” was placed on Dance Moms Miami and subsequently Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition on Lifetime.  Since then, the song has exploded and has inspired many young girls and boys.  It has become their anthem as it deals with accepting yourself for who you are and champions anti-bullying.  There are hundreds of fan made videos that combined have over 1 Million hits and counting.  These kids are doing covers of the song; they use it for their dance recitals; for their school projects; for anti-bullying videos; they score it to their favorite shows, dancers, singers and artists etc.

Screen Still from the "I'm Not Perfect Video"

Screen Still from the “I’m Not Perfect Video.”

In addition these girls look to Lori for guidance.  She has inspired a few fans to start writing lyrics and they come to her for critique.  She also talked one such tween out of committing suicide and has inspired her to write stories to get her feelings out.  This girl now writes for her school paper and is thriving.

If this weren’t enough, Lori also went on a 2 month Fundraising campaign, in order to collect enough money to write and produce her very own anti-bullying concept video. This video came as a huge project that Lori gladly undertook because it conveys an important message. It was also a costly venture. Lori put forth an incredible effort to make this happen by selling a lot of her own Baseball memorabilia  and New York Mets Tickets.  Lori does as much charity work as I have ever seen by anyone in my life.  This is just another reason why she is a such a fantastic role model for young people. When doing research for her Citi Field Interview earlier this year, I saw years upon years of helping friends through Suite Parties at Citi Field…or running marathons for Team McGraw and helped a friend raise money and awareness for Brain Cancer.

This anti-bullying concept video is a PSA I am proud to promote on this website.  All of us have seen bullying take place in our lives and personally affect our loved ones.  This problematic behavior is not subsiding in our world as the recent  Cyber-Bullying Death of Amanda Todd (from British Colombia Canada) illustrates a new wave of bullying not seen before by previous generations, in addition to many bullying tactics that have always gone on.  I have many nieces and nephews already in or entering grade school.  I BELIEVE it is our civic duty to raise as much awareness as humanly possible with whatever power or authority we can—-when it comes to something so brutal in this world as ‘Bullying.’  I urge you to do the same.    I will always promote a PSA such as this—and  especially if it is one of our writers who has the cause.

Here is the official video for “I’m Not Perfect” which features the cast of Dance Moms Miami:

You can purchase I’m Not Perfect on iTunes:

As well as a Karaoke version:

e Official Music Video for "I'm Not Perfect" featuring Kimmy Kopke, Lucas Triana, Hannah Epstein and Sammy Small from the Dance Moms Miami cast DIRECTED by BOWIE ALEXANDER. It's geared towards anti-bullying & features a PSA with Season 10 American Idol contestant Devyn Rush. Please donate to

The Official Music Video for “I’m Not Perfect” featuring Kimmy Kopke, Lucas Triana, Hannah Epstein and Sammy Small from the Dance Moms Miami cast DIRECTED by BOWIE ALEXANDER. It’s geared towards anti-bullying & features a PSA with Season 10 American Idol contestant Devyn Rush. Please donate to

*The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of*)

Thank you to our Senior Reporter and  Baseball Writer Lori Martini,  for helping to prepare today’s feature on The MLB Reports.  To learn more about Lori Martini and her story click here, you can also follow Lori on Twitter:     and check out her song ‘Believe’ here on Youtube, (Formerly Justin Turner ‘s walkup song for the Mets and was recently heard on VH1’s House of Consignment.) A great role model for young people, Lori Martini is an accomplished actress, songwriter, and die-hard Mets fan.

***Here are some more links to check out Lori Martini’s brilliant work as a Songwriter, Actress  and Producer.***

lori martini 1

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