You Could Try To Attempt A World Record By Going To All 30 MLB Parks In 25 Days In 2017 By Driving!


So I have done about everything there is to do in for World Records in going to all the 30 MLB Parks.  I was able to hit all 30 MLB Parks in just 23 Days during 2012, besting my own 2009 record of 30/24.

The only way I could have done anything more substantial was to do what my idea was in 2015.  I went to 224 MLB Games in all the 183 Days of MLB Action – live at all 30 MLB Parks, spanning the entire season – and showing up at a ballpark every single day.

I am now 40 years old and don’t feel like doing this anymore, but every year I put out a schedule for all 30 MLB Parks in the forms of a record.

I honestly don’t think that I would top 30 MLB Parks in 23 Days since there is practically never any schedule that would allow that to be attempted.  If someone on this globe wants to take a run at – I welcome it.

However, my buddy Josh Robbins holds the Ground Record (all 30 MLB Parks) done by land – in just 26 Calendar Days during the 2008 season.)


The rules are simple.  You have to be in attendance for every pitch of every game for all 30 MLB games you attend.  You are not permitted to show up in the building once the game has started, or you are disqualified.

You can’t leave the premises until the last out is recorded.  There is no air travel allowed here.  You can use any method of ground transportation (planes, trains and automobiles.)

You are not permitted to put the public’s safety at risk by being reckless at speeding or have another person speed for you in a driver’s seat.

You have to go to all 30 MLB Parks one after another, and can’t go to one twice without being disqualified,

Rainouts, or cancellations can thwart your trip at any time.  This includes if you are at a game that is suspended for any reason, (you may be disqualified at that exact point if they never resume it.) 

You are allowed to make up that exact resumption if they reschedule it in the perimeter of your initial schedule.

Okay, now that the ground rules have been laid out.  We get to the scheduling itself.  Later on in the week I am posting a Doubleheader schedule by ground for the entire 2017 MLB Calendar, but this is the first blog I always do.

In this laid out streak chase, the distance to cover is 18500 Miles in 25 Days.  There will be 5 doubleheaders along the way, and zero margin for error if you want to break the mark.

One failed attempt does still grant you a tie for the record should you be able to make it up somewhere.  That is a lot trickier doing this by ground.  The only option for a tie, is going to a Park one day before the streak starts, and allowing yourself to have a retro game if necessary.

For the purposes of this itinerary, we will be heading to Comerica Park to do this exact thing, as I feel it is the toughest doubleheader that will be attempted for the trip.

This trip would start on Thursday May 18, at 1:05 Eastern Standard Time for that exact retro attempt.  I have done this scenario for each of my 5 World Record Attempts previously – and actually used my 2012 retroactive game to complete my 30 in 23 mark.

The streak would conclude at Angel Stadium on Monday June 12, 2017 – 25 days later.  It is not for the weak at heart, and you will spend countless hours on the road, impossible delays, car fatigue and average over 750 Miles traveled a day.

Many of these drives I have done myself.  4 of the 5 doubleheader chances, I have completed before in streaks.  There are a few trips that will be tight – and many exceed 1000 Miles in one day, so you would need one or two other people to help steer your rental car with you.

If you do go for the record, then good luck – and we will feature your mach to greatness here on the website. Pick our brains, as we are willing to help all suitors gnn for the record.

Retroactive Game: Could be used as Game #1 if failed Doubleheader of Great American Ball Park and Comerica Park fails on Sunday May 21, 2017

Comerica Park – vs Orioles Thursday May 18, 2017, 1;05  After the complete game, there is a nice 1300 Miles to Houston in order to pick off the hard to get Minute Maid Park.  This should be a 17 hour trip, and you will receive around 26 hours to accomplish the feat.

Game #1 – Friday May 19, 2017, 7:10

Minute Maid Park vs Indians – 7:10.  After this game, there is a 1000 Mile journey to St. Petersburg, that last around 15 hours and a loss of time zone. There is a 17 hour move to get there, so there is not much time for rest.

Game #2 – Saturday May 20, 2017

Tropicana Field vs Yankees, 4:10.  Watching a contest in the “Slop” will have you counting for outs, and awaiting the trip to Cincinnati afterwards.  936 Miles to Cincy, and there should be 18 hours to arrive there smooth, for about a 14 hour trek.

Game #3 – Sunday May 21, 2017

Great American Ball Park vs Rockies, 1:10.  The is the 1st of 2 games o the day – in what is the 1st Doubleheader attempt.

Keep in mind you will have already been to Comerica Park in case you miss the 2nd leg of this trip, but it is better to break than tie the record,

All that separates you from Detroit is 263 Milss, about a 4 hour trip.  Provided the game in Cincy doesn’t exceed much more than 3 hours. there is a decent chance to pull this off.

Game #4 – Sunday May 21, 2017

Comerica Park vs Rangers, 8:05 PM.  Thanks to a ESPN Sunday night game this maneuver is even possible.  The extra hour start time gives a real shot to do.  Especially since it is a weekend game.

Whether you complete this – or have to refer to the retroactive game, this will be #4 in the books.    After the contest, there is no rest for the weary, completing a 710 Mile drive to new Sun Trust  Park in Atlanta. 

The Braves posed a major problem with the timing, but this is the best scenario.

Game #5 – Monday May 22, 2017

Sun Trust Park vs Pirates, 7:35.  Due to another tough schedule, the 4th 1K trip ensues postgame to Fenway Park.  Not to worry, better to do a lot more driving early – rather than later.

Game #6 – Tuesday May 23, 2017

Fenway Park  vs Rangers, 7:10.  Watching a game at Boston’s beautiful park is worth it every time.  At least there is only a 436 Mile trip to do in order to make it for Camden Yards the next day.  There are Doubleheader Attempts 2 days in a row here.

Game #7 – Wednesday May 24, 2017

Camden Yards vs Twins – 12:35.  The 3rd best park in the league (in my view) – will be iconic during this matinees, and you will use an Amtrak Train (and Uber) to make it toward Philadelphia and Citizens Bank Park later for a night cap.

It would be ideal for the game to end by 4:00 – so you could board the 4:48 train to Philadelphia from BAL Penn Station. and arrive at PHL – 30th St at 5:56. 

Taking the train eliminates all traffic congestion.  From PHL – 30th station you are about a 20 minute ride via Uber to CBP.

Game #8 – Wednesday May 24, 2017

Citizens Bank Ball Park vs Rockies – 7:05.  This should be a doable Doubleheader unless Extra Innings or weather prevent you from an average game – even by American League standards.

The reward is you only have to drive 100 Miles after the game to New York for a Yankees/Mets Doubleheader the next day to conclude the 1st 7 days.

Game #9 – Thursday May 25, 2017

Yankee Stadium  vs Royals – 1:05.  The New York Yankees and Mets is actually the easiest Doubleheader of all to hit on  It is merely a subway ride on the 7 train, connected from the D, B or 4 Train after the game in Manhattan.

Game #10 – Thursday May 25, 2017

Citi Field vs Padres – 7:10.  While the 1st week ends with 10 Games in 7 Days – you are about to be thrown to the travel wolves with your biggest challenge after the game in Flushing Meadows.

There is no easy way to knock off the Marlins, Rays, Astros and Rangers if there are not flights involved.  On this night, you have to make it 1300 Miles and about 20 hours via the road.  There will not be much time of anything for delays.

If the game lasts 3 hours, there is 1 hour to spare from travel time to the start of the game in downtown Miami the next evening.  Power drinks. and steady driving will be key here.

Game #11 Friday May 26, 2017

Marlins Park vs Angels – 7:10.  If you had the fortitude to make this, you are drained of energy but will need to complete another 1050 Miles back to Washington in the postgame drive.

Game #12 Saturday May 27, 2017

Nationals Park vs Padres – 4:05.  The District is a growing brand of excitement for the club the last few years in Washington.

If you survived this drive. a nice 373 Mile drive to Cleveland after is all that is required for your next game tomorrow.

Game #13 Sunday May 28, 2017

Progressive Field vs Royals – 1:10.  This is the 4th Doubleheader Attempt, and you gain the extra hour for the Sunday Night Game again in Pittsburgh, just 132 Miles away.

This is the 3rd easiest Doubleheader to complete.  You have about a 2 hour and 15 minute drive after the game, and you have until 8:05 to make it inside PNC Park.

Game #14 Sunday May 28. 2017

PNC Park vs Mets – 8:05.  The Three Rivers and Clemente Bridge provide a gorgeous backdrop for the venue.  Unfortunately you will have a big drive to Toronto in the postgame. At east it is only 313 Miles an about 5 hours…

Game #15 Monday May 29, 2017

Rogers Centre vs  Reds, 7:07

You’re at the halfway point here with games, and magically would have just gone through day 11 at this posi.  a 525 Mile drive to Chicago follows this.

Game #16 Tuesday May 30, 2017

US Cellular Field (Don’t care they changed the name to Rate whatever) vs Red Sox – 7:10.  T a 411 Mile journey to the Twin Cities is next

Game #17 Wednesday May 31, 2017

Target Field vs Astros – 1:10, a 561 Mile drive to St. Louis follows this matinee.  You could make it for a hotel stay just outside the city..

Game #18 Thursday June 1, 2017

Busch Stadium vs Dodgers – 12;45.  Okay maybe the idea here would be to set up in St. Louis for 2 days.

With this matinee being over, you could sleep after the game to prep yourself for the last doubleheader the following day back in Chicago at Wrigley and Miller Park for the night game.

Game #19 Friday June 2, 2017

Wrigley Field vs Cardinals – 1′:20.  You will need a 3 hour game or less to have a chance at the night game to Miller Park.

You can choose to chance driving to Milwaukee in high traffic, or park you car at Milwaukee’s Airport Amtrak Station in advance. and take the 5;08 train from Chicago Union Station, that gets to MKE at 6:29, bypassing all the traffic again.

In order to make it to Union Station in Chicago, you could take the redline train back from Wrigleyville, or hire an UBER.

Game #20 Friday June 2, 2017

Miller Park vs Dodgers – 7:10

If you hit all 5 doubleheaders – and all other games thus far, it will be just 10 games left in 10 days and cities, with no more doubleheader risks.  Here comes another 1K road trip (1019 Miles to be exact), to arrive at The Ball Park In Arlington now differently named.

Game #21 Saturday June 3, 2017

Globe Life Park In Arlington vs Astros – 6:15.  It is the battle of the boot series in Texas.  At least only a 509 Mile Drive to the K in Kansas City is not horrible before the biggest trek on the trip.

Game #22 Sunday June 4, 2017

Kauffman Stadium vs Indians – 1:15.

You will have the hardest drive of the journey here.  It is a 27 hour marathon to lug 1820 Miles to the BAY AREA.  You do gain 2 hours, so it will take all of your might to arrive in Oakland about on time for the game the next night.

Game #23 Monday June 5, 2017 Coliseum vs Blue Jays, 7:05.  It is the worst ballpark in the Majors but the fans are the best when it comes to environment.  737 Miles/11 hours is the mileage/time it takes in order to arrive at Chase Field the next day.

Game #24 Tuesday June 6, 2017

Chase Field vs Padres, 6:40.  Phoenix is near the lower California teams, but not that much near Denver, which will take 866 Miles and hours to get to.  i don’t know why we always pick matinees?  Actually it is the way the schedule goes.

Game #25 Wednesday June 7  , 2017

Coors Field vs Indians – 1:10.  This is going to be tricky but doable afterward again.  It is 1313 Miles from Denver to Seattle, and I did the move in 18 hours myself if you can believe it in 2015!  if you make this to Seattle, you have no more 1k+ drives at all!

Game #26 Thursday June 8, 2017

Safeco Field vs Twins – 7:10.  Safeco Field is 818 miles away from the nearest park, oh yeah, it is the next park you will enjoy the next day.

Game #27 Friday June 9, 2017

AT & T Park vs Twins – 7:15. Almost saved the best for last, but unfortunately is the midway point to lower California.  A drive of 500 Miles with a nice scenic route through wine country.

Game #28 Saturday June 10, 2017

Petco Park vs Royals – 1:10.  With the last 5 games involving a dome and 4 California clubs, you should be able to get your games without weather incidents.  This is nice one.  It is 100 miles away for virtually the next two games.

Game #29 Sunday June 11, 2017

Dodgers Stadium vs Reds – 1:10.   You can spend 3 nights in the same lodging and really go out in style to set the record.

Game #30 Monday June 12, 2017

Angel Stadium vs Yankees – 7:07.  An iconic franchise to end the game against the premiere playet.  You have set the record, now it will just take you 4 days to drive back across the country to return your rental car.

Chuck Nooth with Larry Lucchino in the Fenway RF Nation area..

Chuck Booth with Larry Lucchino in the Fenway RF Nation area in 2012..

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I am happy to be back at the helm of the MLB Reports, after completing my record 224 Games in the MLB Trip in 2015.  It was the 4th time I have seen all 30 MLB Parks since 2008. During that time away I was fortunate to do 100 Media Interviews

Interview on CSN Philly during the month of July.

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