Odds To Win The 2017 MLB World Series:


Last time we did these odds we talked more about why clubs should be wagered on, and now I will explain how we listed our top 5 bad value bets.

The New York Yankees head the category for this one.  There is no rhyme or reason this club should be parallel with their crosstown rivals the Mets – and ahead of the Cardinals, Rangers or Mariners for their odd.

Quite simply, the club is not as good as those other squads right now.  The direction of the organization to the youth movement may change that scenario in the near future – however can you really bank on any of their Starting Pitchers in a playoff series?

Also if you have the Blue Jays and Red Sox already ahead of you on the list, a lot of other 2nd place clubs in each of the other Divisions may hav a better leg up on you to snare the 2nd Wild Card Spot.

I like the Detroit Tigers as more of a chance to make the playoffs the Bronx Bombers in 2017. I will say that if they are in contention, that the money is always there to  acquire guys midway through the year (hopefully all on expiring contracts.)


The 2nd worst odd is the Rangers at +2000.  I have a problem with how they are going to replace the offense lost in Prince Fielder, Ian Desmond, Carlos Beltran and Mitch Moreland (they will miss Moreland and Desmond’s defense too).

Maybe either Tyson Ross or Andrew Cashner can regain their previous form from a few years ago, and a guy like Matt Bush may provide a next level out of the Relief Core, but they are still short 1 – 2 offensive players.

Now go and sign a Mike Napoli or Chris Carter to help the franchise out for this year, and I may see a spike in confidence, however Seattle looks a lot better than them in 2017 – and they pay a better rate.

Not enough people are keying in on the loss of David Ortiz either.  I mean good lord, the man carried an OPS over 1.000 in 2017.

While it is nice that young players like Andrew Benintendi and Blake Swihart may breakout, however duplicating Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley JR, Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia and heck, even Sandy Leon‘s limited PA numbers will be difficult.

I understand that the Red Sox Starting Pitching overall is better, but do you think Rick Porcello is going to replicate his Cy Young season of last year?

Granted the club has the 2 best Left Handed Starters in the American League, but I saw a worse second half for Chris Sale at the end of 2016.

After an incredible start in early 2016, Sale slowed down.  Here is his ERA broken down by month.  Apr – 1.66, May – 2.99, June – 3.93, July – 4.85, nice bounce back month in August of 2.85, but then ended Sept/Oct with a 4.39 mark.

David Price is as good as it gets in the regular season, and he should be more consistent in 2017, however with his abysmal career playoff record, coupled with Sale never being into the postseason ever, there are too many unknowns for them to be favored just slightly behind Cleveland.

I am not saying the Boston Red Sox are still not going to win the AL East, because I believe they will – this has a lot to do with the playoffs.  I would trust Cleveland a lot more as a postseason bound team. and Boston should not be a higher favorite to win than the Tribe.

Along the lines o good teams that will win their Division easily are the Chicago Cubs.  I just hate the odd of +350 here.  It is not worth the gamble.

The depth has been slightly affected to what it was in 2016, and we have not had repeat champs in since the Yankees at the turn of the millennium.  It takes a lot of pitching to win for a 2nd straight season.

Also remember this club was down in both the NLCS and World Series in 2016 before winning each series.  A better idea is to wait until they reach the playoffs again and bet when they are down in any series if that situation arises.

Lastly we have the Kansas City Royals.  I hate that we have to put anything on them like this, however with the passing of Yordano Ventura, it has put their Starting Rotation on notice now.  I wasn’t sure they had enough before this horrible tragedy.

It may end up working out that Kansas City goes the way of a rebuild/re-tool.  I wouldn’t blame them for one bit if they trade Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain and Alcides Escobar all during the season for younger players with team control.

This wouldn’t have to be a five year project – as they should request MLB ready Pitching/Position Players in return, I just see them as a .500 team as the current roster is constructed.  Much like they were in 2016.

Odds To Win the 2017 World Series

Blue color means best value favorite with odd in parenthesis

Maroon color means worst value with odd in parenthesis

Chicago Cubs +350 (4)

Boston Red Sox +475 (3)

Cleveland Indians +700 (4)

LA Dodgers +1000

Washington Nationals +1100 (3)

Houston Astros +1400

SF Giants +1600

Toronto Blue Jays +1600

NY Mets +1800

NY Yankees +1800 (1)

Texas Rangers  +2000 (2)

St. Louis Cardinals +2000 (5)

Seattle Mariners +2500 (1)

KC Royals +3500 (5)

Baltimore Orioles +3500

Detroit Tigers +3500 (2)

Colorado Rockies +4000

Pittsburgh Pirates +4500

Miami Marlins +5000

LA Angels +6600

TB Rays +8000

Arizona D’Backs +8000

Chicago White Sox +10000

Philadelphia Phillies +10000

Atlanta Braves +10000

Oakland A’s +10000

Minnesota Twins +17500

Milwaukee Brewers +20000

SD Padres +20000

Cincinnati Reds +22500


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By Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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