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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast Archives Apr.1, 2013 – Apr.30, 2013 (Episodes 160 – 189)


Paul Francis Sullivan (please call him Sully) does a podcast 365 days a year – unless it is a leap year – then he will do another 1. He has done a show everyday since Oct.24/2012. This to date represents a streak of 1216 days consecutively!

Past the CLICK TO READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY are episodes 160 – 189 of the Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Youngsters Making An Impact In 2016; National League Central

Schwarber, Kyle

Shane Kay (Featured Baseball Writer/Owner – sonsof84tigers.mlblogs.com 

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Spring training camps are up and running with games just around the corner and we’re taking a look at a couple of young players for each team that I think will have a larger impact in 2016.

We started with the American League East, moved to the AL Central, hit the AL West, swung it to the National League East and today we touch on the NL Central. Keep on reading as we go division by division!

Chicago Cubs

Kyle Schwarber, OF – I’ve got Schwarber on this list for numerous reasons.  The first of course is his power potential and seeing that over the length of a season (played 69 games in 2015). 

Second, we’re going to see a more disciplined hitter I think.  Schwarber as a minor leaguer carried a .333 batting average in his two seasons, but only hit .246 with the Cubs, and struck out 28% of time in the Majors compared to 20% in the Minors, so adjustments will be made.  

Additionally, Schwarber had a very good .842 OPS for Chicago last year, but his Minor Leaguer career shows room for improvement as well where he had a 1.042 OPS. 

The main focus for Kyle this year though, will have to be working on hitting lefties much better, as he hit just .143 off of them, with just a .481 OPS in 61 plate appearances.  This is one guy I am seriously excited to watch grow this year.


Is This The End Of Cliff Lee?

Ground Rule Triple

Cliff Lee

Ground Rule Triple Blog (Featured Baseball Website – groundruletriple.com)

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Philadelphia Phillies’ Cliff Lee works against the San Francisco Giants in the first inning of a baseball game, Monday, May 6, 2013, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

The 37-year-old’s career might be over, after his agent remarked that Lee’s camp “doesn’t anticipate him playing at this point”.

It was reported earlier in the offseason that there was plenty of interest in the veteran left-hander, but Lee has stated before that he would only pitch if it was the perfect situation for him.


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 23, 2016


Rick Scuteri / USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs are the team to beat.

Read that sentence again. It seems strange to think about it, doesn’t it?

But seeing that they are the team to beat, don’t be surprise of someone beats them!

It is a don’t mention the Billy Goat episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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