MLB Mascots Make No Sense

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Friday, March.15/2013

The Swinging Friar

The Swinging Friar.

MLB Reports:  Welcome to our newest Kids writer  Jason Alpert-Wisnia – for being selected to join our MLB Reports Kids Writing team.  We are pleased to present the readers with a youthful look to the game of baseball.  Moms and Dad’s – if you have a young kid who loves baseball and wants to write about the game, please email us at  We will be selecting three more kid writers for our website this year. 

By Jason Alpert-Wisnia: (MLB Reports Kids Writer – visit his website here )

The MLB teams, no matter if in the AL or the NL,need mascots. The mascots are a pop-culture icon for the team that brings a fun and cheerful aspect to the ballpark, no matter how the game is going, and is great for using on products the team can sell for large amounts of profit. But, team’s mascots usually have reasons for being what they are. But, some teams mascots make NO sense what-so-ever on why their thereBut no matter how crazy and wacky, there is always a reason for what they are, even if the reason is not very good and is very unrealistic or sensible.

But no matter how weird, the mascots are are still a BIG part of the team, no matter what, but some teams are seriously odd, and really don’t make sense when compared to what the team’s team name and logo are about, or make sense, but are used and have personalities that don’t make much sense.

Phillie Phanatic Montage:

Dinger;The Rockies Dinosaur:



This dinosaur is a purple triceratops, with orange and grey polka-dots on his cheeks. The Rockies are named after the Rocky Mountains, which is near Denver where they play, and mountains are in the team’s logo. BUT, there are NO triceratops in the team’s playing history. But,the reason they have the dinosaur almost NOBODY even knows about, unless you are a serious Rockies fan. For some reason, on the sight for Coors Field, they uncovered dinosaur fossils.

He was picked to be a triceratops since they found a 7-foot long and 1,000 pound triceratops head fossil. I’m guessing almost NOBODY knows what Dinger is based on, because truly, I don’t think many people pay attention to facts like that, unless they are true hardcore Colorado Rockies fans.

Gapper;One of the Four Reds Mascots:

3 of 4 Reds mascots

. 3 of 4 Reds mascots.

The Cincinnati Reds have four mascots; Mr.Red, Rosie Red, and Mr.Redlegs. Mr.Red is a version of Mr.Met, just with a Reds hat and a Red jersey, and is a tall humanoid with a over-sized baseball for a head. Mr.Redlegs is basically a copy of Mr.Red, he just falls off of ATVs before games, which gives him more popularity than many of the other Red mascots.

Rosie Red is basically to sum it up is the female version of Mr.Red and Mr.Redlegs, and what’s strange is she is the only female mascot in the MLB. But there is ONE other Reds mascot that makes NO sense what-so-ever, named Gapper.

Gapper is a weird red monster, with lots of red fur as well as some blue fur and looks like a monster. He originally was created by the man who wore the Phillies Phanatic costume and was the mascot for the Phillies for some time. Gapper is named after the Gap in seats in the Great American Stadium, where the Reds play.

He compared to the other mascot makes truly no sense. But overall, Gapper is truly the most unpopular Red’s mascot of all the four, and is said to make no sense being a Reds mascot. But, there is seriously NO true reason why the Reds even need him. With three other mascots, I think of him as a waste of time and money for the Reds.

The Swinging Friar:The Priest of the Padres:

The Swinging Friar

The Swinging Friar

The San Diego Padres mascot is a….for some reason a friar named The Swinging Friar. He is a fat and balding friar, with a big smile. He wears a long cloak, sandals,and a rope around his waist. This kinda is weird for a team to have as a mascot, since it’s a religious character.

This may be awkward for some fans, and many people have petitioned and complained about how it’s a religious character, but there’s a reason to who he is. When San Diego was created, Spanish missionaries settled by Franciscan friars. Even though the Swinging Friar is the official mascot of the Padres, many fans get mixed up with the San Diego Chicken. The chicken was one of the first MLB mascots, and from there started the popularity of mascots.

To me, I think they should have kept the Chicken, since he was more famous and popular than the Swinging Friar, and I think it was seriously NOT worth it to switch to the Swinging Friar, and I think the switch was a HUGE popularity drop for the team’s mascot.

Raymond:The Rays Blue Version of the Lorax:



The Tampa Bay Rays mascot, is a blue creature with lots of grey fur. He wears large shoes and a backward baseball cap, and a Tampa Bay Rays jersey. He’s classified to the fans as a “Seadog” born in the Gulf of Mexico, but does he really look like a seadog?

He looks exactly like the Lorax, a midget orange creature who protects the forest in a book by Dr.Seuss, just with different coloring. There even is NO reason why they have him as a mascot, and there is no evidence why they should have him as a mascot. I just feel like he’s a copy of a classic book character.

Phillie Phanatic: the Crazy Green Monster:

The Phanatic routinely wrecks the field during rain delays with his ATV

The Phanatic routinely wrecks the field during rain delays with his ATV

The Philadelphia Phillie’s mascot is a green furry creature, with a weird cylinder mouth, with a small tongue in it. He wears a Phillies hat and a jersey. But, like Gapper, the Phillie Phanatic was inspired by another mascot. He was based on the idea of the San Diego Chicken. If you think about, that chicken is reason why all teams have mascots, and we can thank the Phillies for keeping the Chicken’s memories alive in the form of the Phanatic.

Mooses are NOT GOOD Mariner Macots:

The Mariner Moose used to do weird act like the Napolean Dynamite dance and hang on the roof before a broken ankle on the outfield fence at Safeco stopped the risk taking

The Mariner Moose used to do weird act like the Napolean Dynamite dance and hang on the roof before a broken ankle on the outfield fence at Safeco stopped the risk taking.

The Seattle Mariners have a freakin’ moose for a mascot. He was voted on to be the mascot by Mariner fans, but at first seemed to be a bad idea. But, after breaking its ankle while being moved around on inline skates being towed by a ATV. And that’s the reason why the team changed their field to a different turf. Also since than, the Moose drives his own ATV, not being driven by one, to his own need for safety, which brought down his popularity.

OVER USED Baseball-Headed Humanoid Mascots:

Mr. Met

Mr. Met

Since it’s baseball, MOSTLY every single team wanted to have a mascot which incorporated the idea of a baseball in the costume,but WAY TOO MANY teams used it.

The Mets have Mr.Met, the Braves have Homer, and the Red have Mr.Red and Mr.Redlegs and Rosie Red. The idea is just that there’s a creature with a baseball for a head, and a human body.

The idea is used so much that the mascots are not as popular as they could be, because if the teams could make the mascots individual and special from each other, they maybejust maybe the mascots would be way more popular.

Mascots in the MLB now based on which mascot it is and what team their from, the mascots can be SERIOUSLY stupid. But, a good amount of mascots are great and hilarious and in my opinion are good. But, just make sure teams aren’t copying each other or over using ideas, and they team’s mascots will be WAY MORE popular.

All teams but 4 in the MLB have a mascot.  The Angels, Cubs Yankees and Dodgers do not currently have mascots.  Although the Dodgers do have a rally frog and the Angels have a Rally Monkey.  The Cubs don't have a mascot - but they do have long time fan Ronnie Woo - woo as their unofficial cheermeister.  The Yankees only had one ever mascot named Dandy (1979 - 1981).

All teams but 4 in the MLB have a mascot. The Angels, Cubs, Yankees and Dodgers do not currently have mascots. Although the Dodgers do have a Rally Frog and the Angels have a Rally Monkey. The Cubs don’t have a mascot – but they do have long time fan Ronnie Woo – w=Woo as their official cheermeister. The Yankees only had one ever mascot named Dandy (1979 – 1981).

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

A big thank-you goes out to our ‘MLB Reports Kids Writer’ Jason Alpert-Wisnia for preparing today’s featured article.  Jason is the son of our Boston Red Sox Correspondent Saul Wisnia.  He is 12 years old and loves the Red Sox too.  His dad tells him routinely that he has been spoiled as a Boston fan ( 2 World Series before the age of 7).  He has designed, performed the layout and edited his own written work at his personal website . Jason is the 2nd kids writer for us at the MLB Reports (1st is Haley Smilow).  You can find everything he posts on the MLB Reports on a page we call ‘JAWS Of Wisnia’ here   Jason likes the nickname of ‘JAWS’ because his initials are JAW.  Feel free to comment on all of his work (especially positive ones) or leave a comment for his dad to pass on to him via Twitter

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