Who’s Ready To Dominate In 2013?: Red Sox MGR John Farrell’s Answer Will Surprise you

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Sunday, February.03, 2013

John Farrell thinks WHO is going to rebound??!!

John Farrell thinks WHO is going to rebound??!!

By Saul Wisnia,  Red Sox Correspondent (Read his blog ‘Fenway Reflections’ here):

The winter goodwill tour of John Farrell, which has included road trips to meet with players and town hall-style visits with fans, continued this past week when the new Red Sox manager had a friendly Q&A with media and callers during WEEI Sports Radio’s Hot Stove Show.

Farrell was optimistic in discussing the versatility and power of his lineup, but what really excited the new skipper was hyping the player he believes is poised for a breakthrough year in 2013:

John Lackey.

John Lackey Interviews in Better Days:

Sometimes it was easier for Lackey not to look.

Sometimes it was easier for Lackey not to look.

“I think he has a chance to have as big an impact on our team as anybody on the roster,” said Farrell, who had seen Lackey in Dallas the previous week. “He looks great; when people see him on the field for the first time, I think they are going be surprised at how he has reshaped his body physically and mentally.”

Lest anybody forget, Lackey is the Free Agent Right-Hander the Red Sox signed to a Five-Year/$82.5-Million Contract before the 2010 season. The former Angels ace rewarded his suitors with back-to-back ERAs of 4.40 and 6.41 in the first two years of the deal, and then missed all of 2012 after having Tommy John surgery.

Farrell was pitching coach for the Red Sox during Lackey’s first summer in Boston, and observed him from the opposing dugout in ’11 as manager of the Blue Jays. Asked what he thought of former pitcher Tim Wakefield‘s prediction that Lackey would be the 2013 “Comeback Player of the Year,” Farrell said simply, “I think Wake is right.”


“He [Lackey] has dropped about 12 to 15 pounds. I had a chance to see him throw, and his arm looks loose,” Farrell stated. “He’s upbeat, and looking forward to putting some of those recent experiences behind him. The way he’s talking with eagerness about getting back on the mound … there is a different side of John Lackey in here than what has been seen.”

Maybe he’s talking about JL Version 2007, who went 19-9 for the Angels and led the American League with a 3.01 ERA. At the still relatively young age of 32, is Lackey capable of returning to that level of success?

His manager thinks so.

 “I’m not making excuses for anything that’s happened in the past, but the best thing that John can do is pitch as he’s capable of. Now he’s healthy; he’s had his arm fixed and his elbow repaired, and will have a chance to do just that. I think we have yet to see the John Lackey that was signed here.”

After three forgettable years, it’s certainly time.

Lackey Version 2007: Can he get that mojo back?

Lackey Version 2007: Can he get that mojo back?

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of www.mlbreports.com and their partners.***

A big thank-you goes out to our ‘Red Sox Correspondent’ Saul Wisnia for preparing today’s featured article. Saul shares his Fenway Reflections at http://saulwisnia.blogspot.com. Born just up the street from “America’s Favorite Ballpark,” he is a former sports and news correspondent at The Washington Post and feature writer at The Boston Herald. He has authored, co-authored, or otherwise contributed to numerous books on Boston and general baseball history here, and his articles and essays have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Red Sox Magazine, Boston Magazine, and The Boston Globe. His most recent book, Fenway Park: The Centennial, was excerpted on http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/.  Wisnia lives in Newton, Massachusetts, 5.94 Miles from America’s favorite ballpark, with his wife, two kids, and Wally (the cat, not the Green Monster).  Feel free to follow Saul on Twitter 

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  1. Let me me very clear here As a pitching Coach John Farrell was said to be very good .However that part of Mr Farrell is past history now he must prove he can manage a baseball team?Whether the Media in Boston and the fFans need to know this manger in Torontogot. A pass from the Fans and Media it is my hope that they give John Farrell more of a chance to prove himself than they gave Bobby V For like it or not Bobby V never had any chance in Boston he was used And abused from beginning to the endby With that sais ownership media and fans In regard to John F one needs to know that he didn’t exactly distingish himself in Toronto in two seasons that he was there As far his comment about John L I believe seeing is believing we have to remember he coming off arm surgery Based on his track record he doesn’t get any passes inBoston Iam aware that the Redsoxhave been very busy this past winter if nothing else they have cleaned up the Clubhouse and that should have been done before the 2012,Baseball Season With that all said I wouldn’t be buying any playoff tickets or world series tickets it’s going to be a Hot Summer in Boston and the chances of a winning baseball team are slim

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