The Iron Sheik: WWE Legend Speaks with MLB reports in the Interview of a Lifetime

Monday October 22nd, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:  If you are familiar with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE- formerly WWF), then you will know today’s guest very well. Who are we kidding…you would have to be living under a rock not to recognize this name. A legend and celebrity throughout the entertainment world, the Iron Sheik can be best described as a Wrestling Icon. The mustache, bold head, Iranian flag and camel clutch were his trademarks. For years, this former wrestling heavyweight champion was booed by fans all over the world as one of the biggest heels in the history of his sport. Today, we pinned down one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in the interview of a lifetime.

While he may be retired from professional wrestling, the Iron Sheik today is in greater demand than ever. Sheik merchandise including t-shirts are selling like hotcakes. A feature documentary on the Sheik is set to be released soon as well. Knowing the Sheik, it will be explosive and entertainment to the max. Double thumbs up! From a villain in the golden age of wrestling, the Iron Sheik has reinvented himself into a modern-day hero. While his brash language may have insulted fans 20 years ago, today people embrace his boldness and confidence. Chances are that if the Iron Sheik met you, that he probably would not like you. And guess what…you would probably be ok with that. It’s funny how time can change our perspectives.

On social media, @the_ironsheik is one of the most popular Twitter accounts that I have ever come across. If you are not following him on Twitter, then you are truly missing out. Rarely a day goes by that the Sheik does not slam someone on Twitter, including targets like former rival Hulk Hogan and even Jose Canseco. One of the best feuds of all time has been the Twitter exchanges between the Sheik and Canseco. Neither one backs down and fans just can’t get enough. While they will likely never face-off in the squared circle, the verbal matches between the Iron Sheik and his enemies are epic battles. Check out as well much of the Iron Sheik’s postings on YouTube. We would have included a clip- but it was impossible to find one without a “f-bomb” explosion. The Sheik tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. In our modern-day world of vanilla statements by celebrities, listening to the Sheik is refreshing. A true breath of fresh air. After all, America is supposed to be the land of free speech. And the Iron Sheik exercises that right to the max.

In today’s interview, I covered many topics with the Sheik, including his thoughts on Jose Canseco as a wrestler  and Hulk Hogan as an adult film star. He definitely did not hold back in discussing these guys. To say that he dislikes both would be an understatement. He loves Iran and America. He doesn’t follow baseball, but enjoys a beer. He could kick Jose Canseco’s behind…and yours…and mine. He is an original and a pioneer in his industry. He could not walk down the street in any city in the world without being recognized. He is the Iron Sheik – and today, he is our featured interview. Hold on to your hats and get ready to enjoy the ride. It will be a bumpy one!

(Please note: This interview may not be suitable for young readers. The Iron Sheik is a colorful personality and his language may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Not that the Sheik really cares what you think or say. But don’t say that we didn’t warn you!)


MLBR:  Mr. Sheik.  It is a pleasure to be speaking with you on MLB reports.  Most people call you The Sheik or Sheikie Baby. What do you your friends call you?


Sheik:  Hello to all the intelligent wrestling and the baseball fans, not like the Gary Bettman. Sheikie Baby, Legend, Bubba. But you friend, so call me Bubba or Legend. But never insult me like the jabroni Ultimate Warrior.


MLBR:  Thanks Bubba! So we are a website devoted to baseball.  Have you ever played the sport?  What do you think of it?


Sheik:  Baseball intelligent sport that I respect big time, I never play because my #1 sport is the wrestling. Still, if I could I take baseball bat to the raisin b^**s of hulk Hogan and hit real raisin b^**s home run.


MLBR:  We have noticed that you have a great feud going on twitter with Jose Canseco.  How did that start?  What do you really think of Jose Canseco?


Sheik:  Jose Canseco a Mexican, he worse than dog (beep). He tell on all the boys about the testosto and he lose the respect from the locker room. He big time jabroni for that.

I never turn my back on the locker room. If I see him, I beat the (beep) out of the stupid (beep). He not worth dog (beep). New Jose Canseco is the Alex Rodriguez. If he don’t show he play good for the Yankees, then I make him humble. He make $29 million and he deserve to get old country way.


MLBR:  If you had wrestled Canseco in your prime, do you think he could have lasted five minutes in the ring with you?


Sheik:  Come on Bubba- don’t insult the gold medal Olympic champion Iron Sheik! He not even in the howdy doody class. I am the real champion I can beat the (beep) out of him with my little finger.


MLBR:  We saw a video of you throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game with Nikolai Volkoff.  Tell us about that experience.


Sheik:  Oh I remember that was good time. They give me cold beer, so they make me happy.


MLBR:  Do you keep in touch with Nikolai and many of the wrestlers from your generation?


Sheik:  Nikolai my good friend. He still cheap son of a b—- but I love him. My agent Page Magen always invite old-time like the Honky Tonk, Superfly Snuka. My company WWE invite to see all the boys which make me happy.


MLBR:  As you hail from Iran, we were wondering what the sports scene is like out there.  What are the  most popular sports in Iran?  How does baseball and wrestling rank in your homeland?


Sheik:  Iran my home country: number one sport was the Wrestling. Number 2 was the Table Tennis. My life my everyday was the Wrestling. Iran always be #1 in the Olympics. Baseball is the America sport.


MLBR:  During your wrestling career, you did not seem to like the U.S.A. very much.  What is your opinion today of the country?  Do you get to visit Iran much these days?


Sheik:  USA  number 1 country in the world. They make me world-famous and they make me have the world news and for the Sheikie Baby, I am the real happy man who make it in this country. I meet the  Vince McMahon Sr. and put me over in the WWF. I still proud to be the Iranian. I don’t go back to that country only because the Ahmedinajiad is a no good (beep) piece of (beep).


MLBR:  If you didn’t go into professional wrestling, what would you have done for a living instead?


Sheik:  Don’t insult the legend. Sheikie Baby born to wrestle like world champion and if not, I drink the cold beer and beat the (beep) out of anyone like the Steve Austin.


MLBR:  We couldn’t possibly interview the Sheik without asking you about the Hulk Hogan feud. Did you ever get along with him?  What do you think of Hulk Hogan today and have you seen his sex tape?


Sheik:  Hulk Hogan have no (beep). He have grasshopper (beep). He never show the respect to the legend and he make sex tape because he broke and a dumb (beep). He don’t deserve my time. F— the Hulk Hogan.


MLBR:  Thank you very much for taking time for us today Bubba.  Any final words you would like to leave for your fans?


Sheik:  If you respect the Sheikie Baby and you want to take care of the Legend-  you buy my t-shirt: or book me for movie TV or special party speak to my agent @pagemagen on the Twitter and you follow me on the Twitter @the_ironsheik – otherwise go f— yourself and have a good day.

***A special thank you to the Legend (aka Bubba, aka Iron Sheik) for joining us today for this special interview.  You MUST follow the Iron Sheik on Twitter (@the_ironsheik). Be sure to tell him that MLB reports sent ya (otherwise he will lay the smack down on all of us!)

We definitely look forward to the upcoming release of the Iron Sheik’s documentary. It will definitely be a classic- so make sure to check it out!***





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