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The Tigers Prevailed in the 1987 AL East Race Before Losing The ALCS: In 2012, They Want a Parade!

Friday, October.19/2012


Most of the 1984 Tigers were still on the roster in 1987 when the Tigers wrestled the pennant away from the Toronto Blue Jays. Those 7 games the two teams played in their final 10 games were better than anything I watched in the playoffs that year including the World Series!

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer):

In 1987, 3 of the 4 teams that are in the 2012 MLB LCS Round also qualified back then.  The Cardinals and Giants won the NL East and West respectively while the Tigers won the AL East.  The only difference was that the Yankees are in this version of the ‘Final Four’ now and the 1987 opponent of the Tigers was the eventual World Series Winners the Minnesota Twins.  The Tigers were 3 years removed from their World Series Championship team and still held a majority of their core players from that run in 1984.

I was 11.  I only point that out because most of us find our true sporting identity around this age.  It would also be the last time my 3 brothers, my dad and I would watch every pitch of the post season together ever.  That is why I remember the club so well.  While I had transformed into a New York Yankees and Don Mattingly fan, I watched the Detroit Tigers all of the time on the WDIV Channel (Channel 4).  As someone who lived in BC Canada cable subscriber we only ever received the Tigers, the CUBS (WGN), the Braves (TBS), the Blue Jays (TSN and CBC), the Expos (RDS and French Channel CBC) and the Mariners (KING 5).  Those Braves and Mariners were bad in the 80’s and the CUBS you could only watch if you were sick from school because they always played day games.  So it was a heavy dose of the Expos, Blue Jays and Tigers. Read the rest of this entry

2012 NLCS Recap: The Cardinals are 1 Win Away from the World Series

Friday October 19th, 2012


Kyle Holland:  The 2012 postseason has been all but “normal” so far, considering all division series went to 5 games. Conclusion? The NLCS has yet to disappoint. The St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants. Both teams had to battle to even still be playing to this point. The Giants had to come back down 0-2 and beat the hot Cincinnati Reds in three straight games in Cincinnati.

The Cardinals, after first having to win the play-in wild card game, had to beat the Nationals, who had the best record in baseball. To make it worse, the Nationals were up 6-0 in game 5… and blew it. Both of these teams have a lot of fight, and experience this late in the season.

There is something unique about the Giants and Cardinals facing off in the 2012 NLCS. This is the first time in MLB history that the last 2 world champions are playing in the LCS (the Giants in 2010 and the Cardinals in 2011). Read the rest of this entry

Why Terry Francona is a Bold Signing For The Indians

Friday October 19th, 2012

Jake Dal Porto: The Indians needed a new manager and Terry Francona wanted to get back into managing. A perfect fit? Not yet. But the Indians made a bold move by signing Francona for four years.

For one, it’s saying that the Indians planning on winning over the next four years, because Francona probably wouldn’t just sign with Cleveland if there was no hope that they could be contenders in the near future. Heck, he could probably manage almost any other team he wanted to, at least the ones with openings. But no, he went with the dreadful Indians. That’s saying something, especially considering that Francona is an elite talent evaluator.

Secondly, it’s saying that Cleveland want experience over fresh blood. Sandy Alomar Jr. certainly seemed like the front-runner for the job in the preliminary stages of the searching process. But the prospects of that happening quickly faded as Francona emerged. Read the rest of this entry

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