An Early Preview of the 2012 World Series

Sunday October 21st, 2012

Sam Evans: With St. Louis and San Francisco in a battle to be the National League representative in the World Series, it’s not too early to preview what each team would look like in a seven-game matchup with the AL Champs, the Detroit Tigers.  

The NLCS between St. Louis and San Francisco has been absolutely thrilling. You have to imagine the huge pressure that each and every one of both team’s players have been dealing with. With the Cardinals winning the first game, the Giants winning Game Two, the Cards taking the next two, and the Giants winning Game Five, the Cardinals lead the series 3-2 heading into Game Six tonight in San Francisco. One would have to think that even with the Giants recent win and home field advantage, St. Louis has a slight advantage due to their recent postseason magic. After all, they are the defending champs.

Meanwhile, Detroit has had a lot of time on their hands since winning the ALCS on Thursday. So instead of just sitting around and waiting to find out where they will be playing, Detroit is flying out their Instructional League team to play a couple of scrimmage games. Detroit will play their Instructional team today and tomorrow in a couple of scrimmages. In my opinion, this is a fantastic idea for the Tigers. This way their hitters don’t lose their timing in the extra couple days off. Not to mention, it must be a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience for a lot of the young Instructional League players.

A St. Louis/ Detroit matchup in the World Series would be a fantastic matchup pitting Mississippi against Detroit. St. Louis started Lance Lynn in Game One of the NLCS but likely won’t choose him to start Game One if they made the World Series. No matter who they start, St. Louis really doesn’t have anyone who would be able to pitch at the same level of the Tigers’ Justin Verlander. With Verlander well-rested and the Cardinals lacking a talented enough group of starters to contain Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, I would give the Tigers the advantage if these two teams end up meeting.

San Francisco and Detroit in the World Series would be a matchup of two very balanced teams, that both have recent postseason experience. The Giants have an experienced starting rotation that relies on veteran pitchers and a couple of younger pitchers as well. The Giants offense hasn’t been great this postseason, but if Buster Posey and Hunter Pence get going, they could easily score some runs on the Tigers. Detroit definitely could hit a few homers over the short right field wall at AT&T Park, but in seven games, I would give the Giants a slight advantage. The Tigers would need to continue their hot streak, but the layoff could still create some rust.

All three remaining teams have all had tremendous postseason success over the last couple years, but Detroit is the only team without a recent World Series win. Unless the Giants offense can heat up and take these last two games from St. Louis, I don’t see any team being able to take the World Series Championship away from Detroit.

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  1. Being a twins fan is hard to see the tigers in it!! But good for them!! They way they took the yanks, they will be tough to beat!! Unless too much time off…Which will be an argument for any team in any sport who finishes much earlier….Is the long time off, good or bad!!

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