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Carlos Beltran Is The Best Active Hitter For A Postseason Career

Wednesday, October.17/2012

Carlos Beltran is only amongst a select few active and retired players that possess 300 Career HRs (334) and 300 Stolen Bases (306) for their Career. At age 35, this year may be his last chance to win a World Series.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer):

I love that baseball is a game of numbers.  Every once in a while you stumble upon an awesome mind-blogging stat or ten that makes you sit and back and think, wow, that guy is awesome.  I have a decent memory when it comes to the history of the game.  So it came as no surprise to me that Carlos Beltran continues to be putting up video game statistics in the postseason.  Having started this article, unfortunately the man has left the 3rd game of the National League Championship Series with a strained left knee.  This is a shame.  I hope that the slugger can come back in this series as he is listed on the injury report as Day-to-Day.  Just how good is Carlos Beltran in the Playoffs?  Check out these stat lines.  In 111 career AB, the man has a .378 AVG with  14 HRs, 25 RBI and has a staggering OPS of 1.327 (His OBP is .489 and Slugging is .838.)  These are unbelievable numbers and easily the highest OPS in the history of MLB for a playoff career.

When the St. Louis Cardinals lost Albert Pujols to free agency last year, it was a risky yet bold move to pick up the often injured slugger.  The franchise signed Beltran to a 2 YR/26 Million Dollar contract (or just over 10% of the contract that Pujols signed for.)  The team also re-signed Rafael Furcal and Lance Berkman to help carry the load offensively.  Showing the wisdom as they have so often done, the Cardinals proved to work their payroll model and still improve their club in the process.  While Furcal and Berkman would succumb to injuries during the year, Beltran has produced at a high rate for a nice portion of the year.  At the 82 game mark, the outfielder had 20 HRs with 65 RBI and was a co-frontrunner (along with Joey Votto) for the National League MVP.  While his numbers slumped a little in the second half, the club still knew they had a proven playoff performer.  Beltran also played in 151 games this season, his highest amount since 2008 with the New York Mets. Read the rest of this entry

Detroit is One Game Away from the World Series

Wednesday October 17th, 2012

Sam Evans: In the first three games of a thrilling ALCS, Detroit showed its dominance over the New York Yankees. In fact, even though the Yankees still technically have a chance, World Series tickets at Comerica Park go on sale Wednesday morning… and Tigers fans should be ready to use them. Detroit has been led by the outstanding performances of Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, and Delmon Young. With Game Four coming up tonight, here’s a quick look at how Detroit has managed to win the first three games, what’s gone wrong with the Yankees, and what lies ahead for both of these teams. Read the rest of this entry

Jason Giambi: From Slugger to Managerial Candidate in Colorado

Wednesday October 17th, 2012

Codey Harrison(Lead MiLB Prospect Analyst): Jason Giambi, who was once a superstar with the Athletics and Yankees, is more recently known for his role with the Colorado Rockies as the team’s go-to pinch hitter. Giambi, currently rehabbing from offseason surgery, has been given a chance to interview for the vacant Rockies Managerial position. Most people in baseball believe Giambi doesn’t have a legitimate shot at being named the Rockies next manager, given that Giambi is still an active player and has no coaching experience. However it is worth noting that during his tenure in the Rockies organization, Giambi has helped the young Rockies hitters grow and mature on and off the field, as well as discussing strategies with former Rockies manager Jim Tracy. A mentor and leader, Giambi now has the chance to graduate to MLB manager.

The Rockies this year become known for unconventional decisions running the franchise, whether it was the failed experiment of the 4-man starting rotation, or believing in Jim Tracy for so long as they did- given that so many people in baseball thought of Tracy as arguably the worst manager in all of baseball. This is a team that is seen to be run almost completely by the front office. With so much politics and turmoil surrounding the team, it may be very difficult for the Rockies to get an experienced winning manager to take the job. Thus the team may need to look in order directions, including giving Giambi a shot at the vacant role. Read the rest of this entry

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