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Colin Rea Traded Back To The Padres After One Start With The Marlins

Colin Rea and Andrew Cashner were acquired by the Miami Marlins on July 29th from the San Diego Padres. The Marlins sent top prospect, Josh Naylor, and multiple other prospects to the Padres in return. Unfortunately, it looks like Rea’s time in Miami has been cut short after an arm injury suffered in his first start. Little did we all know, but there was a return policy also included in the original trade.



Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings 7/6/16


P – Michael Pineda (vs. Chicago White Sox): $10,600. Over his last six starts, Pineda has been on fire. In that timespan, he owns a 2.74 ERA and his opponents are only batting .201. He is coming off one of his best starts of the season last time out against the Texas Rangers, in which he struck out 12 batters.

P – Sonny Gray (vs. Minnesota Twins): $5,900. Gray has faired very well against mediocre offensive teams (Rays, Reds, Brewers, Angels), but he has been blown up against elite offensive teams (Pirates, Rangers, Red Sox, Mariners) this season. Luckily, Gray will make the start against a team that has struggled offensively this year on Wednesday. During June, he had a very strong month, posting a 3.23 ERA.


Michael Conforto Might File Grievance Against The New York Mets

a michael conforto

By Trey Rose (BBBA Featured Writer, owner of 

Young star, Michael Conforto, was demoted a few days ago because of a massive slump. Following May 1st, Conforto was batting .148, with a .217 OBP, and a .303 slugging percentage. Many people believe his struggles may stem from a wrist injury, but Conforto assured the media it was a mechanical issue rather than medical.

Well, it looks like the wrist injury may be a bigger issue than previously stated. On June 14th, Conforto received a cortisone shot to treat the injured cartilage in his left wrist. This cortisone shot could prove that Conforto is in fact too injured to play, which could lead to a grievance case. In the Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreement, it states that teams may not send injured major league players to the minor leagues. Rather, the team must place the player on the major league disabled list. This could have big repercussions on the New York Mets if Conforto decides to file this case.

You be wondering, “why would Conforto file this grievance,” but it’s very simple, money. By sending him down, Conforto is losing roughly $2,000 a day when you take into account major league pay compared to the minor leagues. Not only is he losing money, but he is also not losing service time, which could delay his future free agency. While this must be frustrating to Conforto, it is very unlikely he will go through with the case.

In order to win a grievance case for this situation, the player must not be healthy enough to play for the minor league club. Conforto has a few things going against him that would more than likely cause him to lose this case.

First of all, before he was demoted, he was very adamant when stating that his problems don’t stem from an injury, but rather his mechanical approach at the plate. In other words, he took full responsibility for his struggles. Second of all, he did play his first game at Triple-A, which shows he is able to play. Now he could be playing through an injury in which he shouldn’t be playing, but that could be tough to prove. Of course it is still possible for Conforto to file this grievance, but there are quite a few issues against his case.

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Noah Syndergaard and His Fantasy Owners Dodge A Bullet

I checked my phone yesterday, as I got a notification, and my heart skipped a beat. The notification read, “Mets RHP Noah Syndergaard left today’s game after 6 innings because of elbow discomfort, will see team doctor.” First of all, I’m a huge fan of Thor. Second of all, I own him in two of my fantasy leagues. Third of all, I hate to see another young pitcher plagued by the dreaded Tommy John Surgery. Well have no fear folks, all Thor fans have dodged a bullet.


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Astros’ Prospect, Alex Bregman, Hit In The Head By A 94 MPH Fastball

Many Houston Astros and fantasy baseball fans have been wondering when Alex Bregman will finally make his MLB debut. Unfortunately, it might be delayed after taking a fastball to the head on Monday night. Luckily Bregman got up on his own power and he seems to be okay, but he sat out last night as a precautionary measure. Hopefully this event doesn’t hurt Bregman physically or his approach at the plate.


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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings 6/22/16

P- Cole Hamels (vs. Cincinnati Reds): $10,400. So far in June, Hamels has posted a 2-0 record with a 1.88 ERA in four starts. He is taking on a Reds’ offense in which he has dominated throughout his entire career. In 14 career starts against the Reds, Hamels is 9-1 with a 1.96 ERA.

P- Lance McCullers (vs. Los Angeles Angels): $8,200. The Astros need to win this series, so you know McCullers is going to be fired up for this one. In his four starts this season, he is 2-1 with a 2.55 ERA. In 2015, he faced the Angels four times and went 1-1 with a 2.52 ERA.


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The Reasons Why Stephen Strasburg Is A Top-Five Pitcher In Baseball

As good as Stephen Strasburg was in the 2nd half of the 2015 year, ( 6 - 2 with a 1.90 ERA post ALL - Star), he has continued to assert himself as a top 5 pitcher in the MLB with his 8 - 0 start in 2016

As good as Stephen Strasburg was in the 2nd half of the 2015 year, ( 6 – 2 with a 1.90 ERA post ALL – Star), he has continued to assert himself as a top 5 pitcher in the MLB with his 8 – 0 start in 2016 – with a 2.79 ERA for`10 GS in his time this campaign so far.  The 27 Year old RHP converted his recent success into a 7 YRs/$175 MIL contract extension – and is full value for it if he throws like this. 

Trey Rose (Featured BBBA Fantasy Baseball Writer/Owner – 

Stephen Strasburg is a completely different and much more dominant pitcher this season. In 2015, Strasburg struggled with injuries. This led to an 11-7 record, 3.46 ERA, 155 strikeouts, 26 walks, and a 2.81 FIP in 127.1 innings. So far in 2016, Strasburg is 8-0, with a 2.79 ERA, 86 strikeouts, 18 walks, and a 2.29 FIP in 67.2 innings. Something has clicked and Strasburg is thriving in 2016.

Strasburg’s elite strikeout rate is what propels him to a top-five starting pitcher in fantasy baseball. He is averaging 11.44 strikeouts per nine innings in 2016. On top of his strikeout rate, he is also limiting his earned runs, but his FIP suggests that his ERA should reduce even more.

His mid-to-upper 90’s fastball and filthy breaking pitches are keeping hitters off balance and limiting consistent contact. From a statistical standpoint, see the link below that compares some of the top pitchers in the game and helps depict why Stephen Strasburg is a top-five pitcher in baseball:

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Yu Darvish Is Returning On Saturday… All Fantasy Owners Can Rejoice


Trey Rose (Featured BBBA Fantasy Baseball Writer/Owner – 

Fantasy owners, the time has come, Yu Darvish will be making his season debut on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Darvish is returning after 22 months of rehab following Tommy John Surgery.

He has made five rehab starts in the minor leagues and he has been very sharp. In those five starts, he has thrown 20 innings, with a 0.90 ERA, and 21 strikeouts. He has also hit 97 MPH with his fastball, which is a great sign of positive health. It looks like Darvish is back and ready to dominate for the Texas Rangers.


What Is Taking So Long With The Angels And Tim Lincecum Deal?

Matt York - AP

Matt York – AP

Trey Rose (Featured BBBA Fantasy Baseball Writer/Owner – 

Which team will sign former Cy Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum? It is a question many baseball fans have been pondering for weeks. It looks like we could have an answer very soon.

It was reported a few days ago that Lincecum signed with the Los Angeles Angels, but there is no finalized answer quite yet. The deal is pending a physical, but it has been nearly three days since hearing any verdict of the final decision.

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Felix Doubront To Have Tommy John Surgery Apr.12, 2016

Felix Doubront. Getty Images.

Doubront to have Tommy John surgery on Tuesday

You’ve already heard this news I’m sure and we all (at least I did) completely saw it coming. Felix Doubront, who was named the Oakland A’s fifth starter in late March, couldn’t even make it through his first exhibition game against the Giants. 

The now-interim fifth starter (perhaps permanent, we don’t know!)  Eric Surkamp came into the game, pitching seven scoreless innings and helped the A’s win that ballgame. 

It was an exhibition game but to hold that San Francisco Giants’ potent offense, keep them from scoring and secure an Athletics’ victory over a despised rival is a pretty big deal.

This post is supposed to be around Doubront. If you’d like to know more about Surkamp just CLICK HERE to read my column on Today’s Knuckleball.


Tim Collins, KC (TJ is coming this month, for his 2nd TJ Surgery)

Felix Doubront, OAK – Apr  12

Jairo Diaz, COL – Mar.18

Jarrod Parker, OAK – Mar.17 (TJ Watch List, would be his 3rd surgery)

Andrew McKirahan, ATL – Mar.10

Carter Capps, MIA – Mar.8

It was pretty obvious, the outcome off Felix Doubront’s injury. He left the game with forearm soreness ( Tommy John surgery sign number one). He had an MRI (sign number two). Got the doctor’s opinion and decided to seek a second opinion (sign number three and the nail in the coffin of the diagnosis of a torn ulnar collateral ligament and the inevitable, Tommy John surgery).


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Tito Back To Fenway: Red Sox Fans Embraced Him, The Team Lost The Opener – Then Streaked To The AL East Lead

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Sunday, June.02/2013

On top of leading the Red Sox to 2 World Series Titles, Tito also lead the club to a lot of other successful seasons. He got the team to at least 86 Wins in each of his 8 seasons in Boston and helped them win 90+ games in 6 of those years.

On top of leading the Red Sox to 2 World Series Titles, Tito also led the club to a lot of other successful seasons. He got the team to at least 86 Wins in each of his 8 seasons in Boston and helped them win 90+ games in 6 of those years.  The Red Sox also ended a curse for the World Series that lasted 86 years to finally end.  Now with Cleveland, he will help the franchise try to win a World Series for the 1st time since 1948.

By Ryan Dana (MLB Reports Writer and Red Sox Correspondent): 

First of all, sorry for the delay with this article. It’s been a little over a week since my last article, and already another series has passed since the end of the one I want to talk about. Nevertheless, Terry Francona aka Tito made his return to Fenway as an opposing manager for the Cleveland Indians.

I was actually lucky enough to be in attendance for his first game back on Thursday May 23, and the atmosphere was awesome as it usually is at Fenway. Terry Francona received a standing ovation, deservedly so, and his Indians beat down the Red Sox 12-3.

This series was more than just Francona’s return though. It was somewhat of a litmus test for the Red Sox.  The Indians have shown they are a formidable team this year sitting only a half game out of first place in the AL Central (29-24 Record) and having one of the most potent offenses in the game at the moment.

Heading into play Sunday, Cleveland’s vaunted offense still ranks  4th  for HRs (69), 4th in Runs Scored (271) and 5th in OPS (.769). The Red Sox however, showed they were the better team by winning 3 of 4 in the series. Boston’s offense reigned supreme against the Indians as do their season statistics. Boston surpassed Cleveland based on their final 3 games of their series last weekend.

Boston are in 1st place in the AL East with a record of 34- 23  and have a Run Differential of + 57, (49) better than the New York Yankees) after a 11 – 1 drubbing Saturday. The Red sox are also now 1st in the MLB in Runs Scored (286) and 2nd in OPS (.783). They also trail just Detroit for OBP in the MLB (.347 to .346).

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All-Star Studded Injury Report + Chipper Jones Retirement Effect On The Braves

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Monday, April 1/2013

Chipper had a lifetime slash line of .303/.401/.529 with 2726 Hits and 468 HRs. He played the game the way it was supposed to be played, with class and all out effort.

Chipper had a lifetime slash line of .303/.401/.529 with 2726 Hits and 468 HRs. He played the game the way it was supposed to be played, with class and all out effort.

By Ryan Dana (MLB Reports Writer): 

The start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season is upon us. While that is beyond awesome, unfortunately there is a list of really good players who will likely not start the season playing for a Major League team. Most of these players are out due to injury, but there are also a few others I would like to mention that are out due to retirement, suspension, or the fact that they have still yet to sign with a team.

It will be a bittersweet Opening Day for the Atlanta Braves who will be without Chipper Jones this season. He spent his entire 19 years of Major League service time with the Braves, and after an MVP season in 1999, a 1995 World Series Championship, and 8 All-Star appearances, Chipper has decided to call it a career. Jones was one of, if not the best, switch hitter of all time.

Chipper Jones Highlights

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The Corey Hart Dilemma In Milwaukee

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Sunday March. 10/2013

Hart is a 2-time All-Star (’08 and ’10) who has been very valuable to the Brewers with his ability to play multiple positions, and hit anywhere in the order effectively. He also brings 100% effort to the field every night which has made him a fan favorite.

Hart is a 2-time All-Star (’08 and ’10) who has been very valuable to the Brewers with his ability to play multiple positions, and hit anywhere in the order effectively. He also brings 100% effort to the field every night which has made him a fan favorite.

By Ryan Dana (MLB Reports Writer): 

Corey Hart, 1st Baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, is currently on the shelf for a third straight Spring Training. In 2011 it was an oblique strain, in 2012 it was torn cartilage in his right knee, and in 2013 it is a torn meniscus in his knee. In each of the past two seasons the injuries didn’t seem to have a negative effect on his production when he returned.

Hart will be 31 on opening day, and this his second knee problem in the past two years, so it is concerning. However, seeing him come back earlier than expected from the last surgery is keeping him optimistic that he could come back early from this one too. Doctors have said Hart should be back by late May, but like I said, the hope is he can return sooner, but he’s still a little while away. That leaves the Brewers with a big hole to fill.

Corey Hart moved to 1st base from Right Field after Mat Gamel tore his ACL last season, and Hart had success there. Unfortunately Gamel has torn his ACL again this spring, so he is not an option to replace Hart. Just to give you an idea of the production they will be without while Hart is on the DL. Hart hit .270/.334/.507 in 2012 all right around his career average. Over the past 3 campaigns Hart has averaged 29 HRs and 83 RBI per season while averaging 141 Games Played per season.

Corey Hart Highlights – Mature Lyrics so Parental Guidance is Advised:

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Time For the Nationals to Shut Down Jordan Zimmermann: Why Stop at Strasburg?

Friday September 14th, 2012

Jonathan Hacohen:  Before fans of the Nationals start to write any angry comments in respect of this article, please do me one favor.  Stop. Read the article in its entirety and then pass judgement. That’s the least I can ask from each of you.

Now that being said, I have a bone to pick with the Nationals. While I love the game with a passion, I also need to separate the fan in me from the writer. When it comes to the topic of Stephen Strasburg, I honestly have a hard time doing that. Shutting down Stephen Strasburg to me is like ripping up the winning lottery ticket. You just don’t do it. Too many stars have aligned this season for the Nationals, to have the season put into possible jeopardy due to a decision that could have been avoided. Putting it bluntly- Stephen Strasburg should be pitching right now. To the end of the season. And throughout the playoffs. You just don’t take out your ace when you don’t need to.

I have talked with colleagues, players, fans…everyone and anyone who has an opinion on the subject. Believe me, there are many of them. If I had to take an informal poll of say 200 people with knowledge on the game, about 195 are against the move. Plain and simple. In my eyes, it seems that everyone sees the logic to keep him pitching (including Strasburg himself), except GM Mike Rizzo and manager Davey Johnson. Even Johnson I am not that sure about. How often do you criticize your boss? Exactly. Read the rest of this entry

What to Expect from Tim Lincecum in the Second Half: The Return of the Giants Ace to Form?

Thursday July 12th, 2012

Sam Evans: Tim Lincecum has been proving doubters wrong his whole life. Despite his small frame, Lincecum has managed to win the Golden Spikes award and two N.L. Cy Young awards. However, in 2012 Lincecum hasn’t looked like the same pitcher. He has not only lost velocity on his fastball, but his numbers across the board are not what we expected from one of the best pitchers in the game. It’s hard to conclude what has caused Lincecum to struggle in his first fifteen starts. But the question on everyone’s mind is: what is next for Lincecum?

From 2007 to 2011, Tim Lincecum ranked fifth in Wins Above Replacement among all starting pitchers. He was simply dominant. In 2008 and 2009, Lincecum became the first pitcher ever to win back-to-back Cy Young awards in their first two full seasons. The Giants largely owe their 2010 World Series title to Lincecum and his 2.43 ERA in the playoffs. Heading into the 2012 season, the Giants reportedly offered Lincecum a five-year, $100 million contract, which he turned down to sign a two-year deal worth about $40 million. Looking back at it, Lincecum probably should have taken the deal which offered him long-term security. Read the rest of this entry

What Would Baseball be Like Without Tommy John Surgery?

Saturday July 7th, 2012

Sam Evans: Just in the 2012 season, more than thirty pitchers have lost their seasons due to Tommy John surgery. Even in an era where pitchers are congratulated for throwing just two hundred innings, the wear and tear on a pitchers arm still causes them to be forced to have Tommy John surgery. Some have tried to blame it on pitchers arm slots and delivery, but the truth is every pitcher is vulnerable. Obviously, Tommy John surgery is going to continue to be a big part of the game. But my question is: what would major league baseball be like without Tommy John surgery?

MLB reports features two tools that prove to be very useful when learning more about Tommy John surgery and the pitchers affected by it. First of all, the Tommy John surgery tracker, which you can find here, not only gives you an up to date look at the pitchers out with Tommy John (the latest being Daniel Hudson of the Diamondbacks) but it also tells you about Frank Jobe and how he saved Tommy John’s career. The other Tommy John resource MLB reports has to offer is a story that Johnny Anderson, a Toronto Blue Jays player wrote about his two Tommy John surgeries-you can find that here. Read the rest of this entry

Buster Posey Out for the Season: Time for a Rule Change?

Monday May 30, 2011

On the Reports, we will be occasionally featuring an up-and-coming baseball writer that has come to our attention and share their work with you, the readers.  Part of our mandate at MLB reports is to provide the best baseball coverage and analysis in the business.  MLB reports ultimately is designed to expose our readers to the world of baseball and the stories, facts, insights and profiles behind it.  In order to meet this goal, we would like to give exciting young writers the chance to showcase their talents and provide a fresh pool of ideas to our site.  In today’s feature, we are excited to have Brian Lozier as our guest writer with his post on the Buster Posey injury.  Brian’s topic was to look at the Posey injury and whether a rule change is required in baseball.  Enjoy! 


Brian Lozier (Guest Writer for MLB Reports): Injuries are another way of saying “Unfortunate event”.  Things that are literally out of the hands of the people involved.  There is nothing there to prevent injuries, slow them or make what unfolded heal any faster.  Nothing can change an injury after it occurs, so people try to take measures into their own hands and prevent future occurences from happening.  But at what cost to the game do we try to prevent injuries from taking place?

In the extra-inning thriller staged in AT&T Park in San Francisco this past Wednesday, former Rookie of the Year winning catcher Buster Posey suffered a broken leg and is out for the rest of the season and possibly the start of 2012 as well.  A future All-Star candidate, Posey was run over by Scott Cousins of the Marlins, who scored the go-ahead run in the 12th inning.  Posey, becoming an everyday catcher last season after being called up in May, played the role of protector of home plate on the play.  Posey took his destiny and the future of his team in his hands by doing all that he could to fight for his team to pull out the win.  The resulting cost though to the Giants organization was devastating.

After an MRI came back showing a broken fibula and three torn ligaments, Posey’s agent, Jeff Barry reached out to Joe Torre and the MLB head office with a plead for a change of the rules in order to stop collisions at the plate.  Barry stated that “You leave players vulnerable.  I can tell you MLB is less than it was before [Posey’s Injury]”.  Barry went on to compare the incident to a helmet to helmet collision in the NFL.  “If you go helmet to helmet in the NFL, it’s a $100,000 fine.  In baseball, you have a situation in which baserunners are slamming into fielders. It’s brutal.  Borderline shocking.  It just stinks for baseball.”

I can understand an agent’s view to wanting to keep players safe.  I can see the importance of Major League Baseball taking measure to stop “senseless” injuries and preventing side-liners and career-ending plays.  However, I have to draw the line when people ask to remove excitement from this great game.  Train wrecks have been a part of baseball since the sport came into existence.  The most famous of which might have been the 1970 All-Star Game and the Pete Rose collision at the plate.  Or perhaps the collision to end game 6 of the 2003 World Series.  I will let you be the judge.

Understanding one’s role and doing what it takes to win is a major part of being a Big-Leaguer.  The speedster on each squad knows that it’s his job to steal bases.  Consequence: Possible broken fingers.  Outfielders on the other hand, are expected to catch balls on the fly. They might break a rib as a result, but it’s a part of their role.  Pitchers go out knowing they could take a ball to the face or throw out an arm every time they step out onto a mound.  But it’s what they do and is necessary for their respective teams to win.  The above logic is no different when it is applied to the catcher.  A catcher defensively at the end of the day must first and foremost, stop the baserunner.  No question, no doubt.

What would happen if the rule changed and home plate collisions were a thing of the past?  No one knows for certain, but it’s almost safe to say it would turn home plate into another first base.  This would result in every close play into a force out situation.  This would be a nightmare for teams when facing a contact pitcher.  The result would be raising concern in places where most teams whole have a sigh of relief.  Imagine stopping the notion of a  deep sac fly to score a winning run.  Or worse, stopping the suicide squeeze.  Baseball would almost become a game without a soul.

I admire Jeff Barry for standing up for his client, I really do.  In fact, more agents need to stand up for their players.  I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of the game and the intensity of the sport that fans deserve.  Why would anybody want to agree to this rule change?  By abandoning home plate collisions, proponents of the rule change would be removing chance, excitement and thrill to the game of baseball.  The clash of the titans at home plate during a game shows heart and guts to win a game which could possibly lead to a future World Series ring.  Although not a perfect system which can result in the occasional injury, baseball needs to be played in the way it was meant to be.  My baseball includes home plate collisions.  It has been a part of the dynamic of baseball for all these years up to and including today and should continue to have a place in the sport for years to come.

***Thank you to Brian Lozier for preparing today’s article on Buster Posey and rule changes in baseball.  You can follow Brian on Twitter.***

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