Michael Conforto Might File Grievance Against The New York Mets

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By Trey Rose (BBBA Featured Writer, owner of dynastydigest.sportsblog.com) 

Young star, Michael Conforto, was demoted a few days ago because of a massive slump. Following May 1st, Conforto was batting .148, with a .217 OBP, and a .303 slugging percentage. Many people believe his struggles may stem from a wrist injury, but Conforto assured the media it was a mechanical issue rather than medical.

Well, it looks like the wrist injury may be a bigger issue than previously stated. On June 14th, Conforto received a cortisone shot to treat the injured cartilage in his left wrist. This cortisone shot could prove that Conforto is in fact too injured to play, which could lead to a grievance case. In the Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreement, it states that teams may not send injured major league players to the minor leagues. Rather, the team must place the player on the major league disabled list. This could have big repercussions on the New York Mets if Conforto decides to file this case.

You be wondering, “why would Conforto file this grievance,” but it’s very simple, money. By sending him down, Conforto is losing roughly $2,000 a day when you take into account major league pay compared to the minor leagues. Not only is he losing money, but he is also not losing service time, which could delay his future free agency. While this must be frustrating to Conforto, it is very unlikely he will go through with the case.

In order to win a grievance case for this situation, the player must not be healthy enough to play for the minor league club. Conforto has a few things going against him that would more than likely cause him to lose this case.

First of all, before he was demoted, he was very adamant when stating that his problems don’t stem from an injury, but rather his mechanical approach at the plate. In other words, he took full responsibility for his struggles. Second of all, he did play his first game at Triple-A, which shows he is able to play. Now he could be playing through an injury in which he shouldn’t be playing, but that could be tough to prove. Of course it is still possible for Conforto to file this grievance, but there are quite a few issues against his case.

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