The Chicago Cubs Visit The White House: A Firsthand Account

The official moment for the country to pinch itself came today, as the Chicago Cubs visited the White House.  The Cubs arrived at the personal request of President Obama, the Chicagoan at the end of his presidency. 


In fact, Obama today said to the team, “It took you long enough.  I mean, I only have four days left. You’re just making it under the wire.”

The Cubs may have waited 108 years to win the World Series, but it was a rush to visit the White House.  Major League Baseball champions typically wait until the subsequent regular season to go to the White House, but this time was unique. 

Unlike Game 7 of the World Series, there was no rain delay in today’s event, as it was held inside the historic East Room.  The chandelier-adorned room was originally designed by George Washington and James Hoban as a “public audience room” and it has been home to historic events such as the signing of the Civil Rights Act.  The tradition of baseball champions visiting the White House can be traced back as far as the 1860s. 

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