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6 Non-Playoff MLB Teams Under the Most Pressure to Compete in 2017

The 2016 MLB postseason is officially in full swing as the remaining eight teams battle for the right to hoist the World Series trophy within the next few weeks. This also means that 22 other squads are already turning the page with their eyes set on making a run at October in 2017.

Every organization goes into a season with the best of intentions, but a lot can happen over 162 games – both good and bad. For a number of teams, the bad outweighed the good, which is why an invitation to play in the postseason never arrived in their respective mailboxes.

Here are six teams feeling a ton of pressure to compete and secure a spot in the playoffs next October:


Overview of Mexican and Puerto Rican Winter League Baseball

The Mexican League is well known for their creative fans who show great passion for the game. Often you get to see them dressed up as superheroes or a symbolic figure in their culture. The league is made of 2 divisions of 4 teams each. Tomateros de Culiacan were the champions last year and represented Mexico in the Caribbean Series and ended up winning it all. Mexico will be hosting “La Serie Del Caribe” which is the Caribbean Series which features the four leagues champs. Each club gets to represent their country and usually is more like a national team series since each team takes the best players in the league no matter which club they belong to.


Overview of Mexican and Puerto Rican Winter League Baseball

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