Corey Dickerson Is Doomed After His Trade To The Tampa Bay Rays

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Earlier last week, Corey Dickerson was traded from the Colorado Rockies with Kevin Padlo to the Tampa Bay Rays for Jake McGee and German Marquez.

This trade has everyone scratching their heads. From a fantasy baseball perspective, it has many owners very upset and questioning the future for McGee, Dickerson, and their team.

The Rockies get 2 years of team control over McGee, who is will more than likely be their closer, whereas, the Rays get 4 years of team control over Dickerson, who will be fighting for a spot in the outfield, first base, or DH. 

In my opinion, I believe the Rays got the better end of the deal, but I don’t think it will help either team in the long-run. You can see my reason why Corey Dickerson is doomed below:



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