30 MLB Team Power Rankings: Month Of June 2014

Welcome to your new World Series Favorite. according to the oddsmakers.  I see their rationale.  The A's have the best record in the Majors, and also the biggest lead within their Division.  Oh yeah..this club has back to back West Titles, and a deep lineup in a parity league that is the AL.  While I don't endorse them as the favorite for the World Series right now (based on predicting playoffs solely), there is no doubt I ranked them #1 in power rankings

Welcome to your new World Series Favorite. according to the oddsmakers. I see their rationale. The A’s have the best record in the Majors, and also the biggest lead within their Division. Oh yeah..this club has back to back West Titles, and a deep lineup in a parity league that is the AL. While I don’t endorse them as the favorite for the World Series right now (based on predicting playoffs solely), there is no doubt I ranked them #1 in power rankings

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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*** Denotes Division Leaders

Records are before play Thursday June.26, 2014

RK Team   Last Wk Rnk  ()      Current Rec –  Last 31 Days Rec

1.  ***Oakland A’s (2) 48 – 30:  17 – 10:  The A’s are still the best team in the Majors for the last 2 1/2 years.  Coco Crisp on another hot spell.

Josh Donaldson and Brandon Moss both in the top 5 for HRs, and Sonny Gray/Scott Kazmir among several starters for ERA, WHIP and quality starts.

Yoenis Cespedes has the power numbers to be a perfect complement to the top guys, and the bar can always be raised higher.

Sean Doolittle is authoring one of the greatest Bullpen efforts ever for a Closer. A 53/1 Strikeout to Walk ratio is beyond filthy.

2.  ***Detroit Tigers (3) 42 – 32: 14 – 13:  A nice rebound after they dropped out of 1st place temporarily.

Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez will exceptional June’s, and Miguel Cabrera is still on pace for 130 RBI.

Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer had sub-par starts, but look to correct themselves now.

Joe Nathan is making the late innings nervous for Tiger’s fans, after they had to endure Joaquin Benoit, Phil Coke, Jose Veras and Jose Valverde over the last few years.


3.  ***Milwaukee Brewers (8) 48 – 32:  18 – 10:  This team is extremely solid from top to bottom.

Scooter Gennett and Khris Davis have been about as good as they could be, plus Jonathan Lucroy is having a career year.

Kyle Lohse still doesn’t receive the respect he deserves.

This club is getting to the point if the Cards run them down, they will still be a playoff team.

4.  LA Dodgers (6) 43 – 36: 15 – 12:  Clayton Kershaw ramping it up, and now the club is only 3 games behind the Giants for 1st in the NL West.

Matt Kemp‘s bat has been resurrected and now they just need to keep Hanley Ramirez on the field.

This club should be active at the Trade Deadline.  They have Joc Pederson to dangle in a transaction that could net them a significant piece.

The time to win is now, and they are not going to have any team help them by taking one of Kemp or Andre Ethier‘s contracts.

Scott Van Slyke is still a perfect 4th OF.

The Bullpen has been better of late, with Brian Wilson correcting his issues – and collecting his 1st Save yesterday.

5.  ***SF Giants (1) 46 – 32: 14 – 13:  Tim Lincecum with his 2nd No hitter versus the Padres in the last year will mask the team has struggled the last 2 weeks well.

Matt Cain and Tim Hudson haven’t thrown like they could in the last few starts.

Angel Pagan out of the lineup is a huge loss.  This club hit the wall when he was hurt for the last half in 2013.

Brandon Belt coming back to the fray pretty soon will be a nice shot in the arm.

6.  ***Washington Nationals (12) 41 – 36: 16 – 10:  The record over the last few weeks has been decent, and this club is becoming healthy.

Not sure if Ryan Zimmerman will stay in OF, but his presence in the lineup everyday has helped the offense lately.

Doug Fister is asserting himself as a top of the rotation starter in DC – and Tanner Roark has allowed 2 ER or less in 11 of his 1st 20 Pro MLB Starts.

The Relief Core is dominant, and with the Braves not playing great, I fully expect this team to blow away the field in the NL East shortly.

7.  LA Angels (9) 43 – 33:  15 – 11:  The club has finally dropped the Raul Ibanez experiment for good, and the emergence of C.J. Cron is now underway.

Josh Hamilton and Kole Calhoun being back everyday has helped the offense.

I still worry about the workloads for Tyler Skaggs and Garrett Richards in the second half, yet this franchise may be able to pull off a trade to supplant their roster.

8.  ***Toronto Blue Jays (7) 44 – 36:  14 – 14:  It has been a lackluster few weeks since the Jays put up their big winning streak.

Beating the Yankees for a series this week is a nice way to make a statement after being swept in New York last week.

6 guys with double digit HRs: Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Bautista, Brett Lawrie, Colby Rasmus, Melky Cabrera and Juan Francisco, while Adam Lind is the DH hitting .333/.412/.513.

When you add in Jose Reyes being productive – and Dioner Navarro round out the lineup.  Hopefully Lawrie will come back and stay healthy when his finger heals.

9.  St. Louis Cardinals (5) 43 – 36: 15 – 13:  It is time to pull off a blockbuster trade for an ace pitcher.  Cards are best with a 1 – 2 punch from the Starting Staff.

David Price should be 1st on this list, and you may have to give up great prospects for him.  You are able to acquire this guy for 2 Pennant Drives, for about $27 MIL.  Do it.

This team was complete when they had both Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter.

Young starters like Michael Wacha and Shelby Miller may see the Innings catch up to them later this campaign.

I don’t even care if you have to include either Oscar Taveras or Carlos Martinez to get it done.  At the same time, why don’t you ask Tampa to include Ben Zobrist for 2B too.

Matt Adams has picked up the slack for a lot of the offense.

10. Baltimore Orioles (10) 41 – 36: 15 – 13:  The Orioles don’t usually streak either way, but if they can ever have Chris Davis and Nelson Cruz heat up at the same time, it would propel them to 1st place.

Adam Jones quietly cranking it up.  Steve Pearce has been a great utility find.

Post Season birth may depend on whether they can get Ubaldo Jimenez to be the good version of himself.

11. Seattle Mariners (16) 43 – 37: 18 – 12: This club needs to find a guy to DH.  Having Willie Bloomquist doing the job – hitting 9th his futile.

I am all for 2nd chances, but Endy Chavez doesn’t belong in the Majors.

Robinson Cano has wharfed into 2001 – 2010 Ichiro Suzuki.  A Batting Avg of .330, with 200 hits (probably) and not much power.

Felix Hernandez is doing it again, and the club welcomes back Taijuan Walker soon.

Kyle Seager, Logan Morrison, Brad Miller and Mike Zunino have stepped up their power game recently, but Jack Z. needs to pull off a deal for some hitters.

12.  Atlanta Braves (4) 40 – 37: 13 – 15:  This team has to stop hitting B.J. Upton 1st with his .200 BA and barely .270 OBP.  Put Jason Heyward back there.

Craig Kimbrel is a lifesaver for the Starters and Reliever’s alike.

My prediction is that this club will fade, and especially if the management doesn’t acquire a starter for them.

They should be in the Price sweepstakes, and/or Jeff Samardzija market too.

Evan Gattis carrying the club, plus maybe Justin Upton will heat up again, with another HR streak started the last few days.

13.  Kansas City Royals (15) 40 – 38: 16 – 12:  The Royals with the big 11 game win streak to tease the fans, and now see themselves trailing the Division by 4 Games, with leading the AL Central by 1.5 Games just 1 week ago.

14.  Cincinnati Reds (17) 39 – 38:  17 – 11:  Health is finally looking good for the roster, with Mat Latos having been back for a few weeks, with Joey Votto as well.

Jay Bruce is finally hitting, and Devin Mesorace is slugging .660 – and knocking in a run a game.  The Catcher just finished a 5 game HR streak.

Billy Hamilton has hit nearly .300 since the first few weeks of the year.

15.  New York Yankees (11) 40 – 37: 13 – 14:  The Yankees lost 4 out of 6 since they managed to pull out a 8 – 2 run.

The Bronx Bombers need to have their offense be ignited.  Mark Teixeira, Jacoby Ellsbury, Ichiro Suzuki and Brett Gardner are the only guys doing their job nicely.

I think Derek Jeter has been okay too for June, but he is still just hitting .270 – with no power.

Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran need to have better 2nd half’s.

They need to add Starting Pitching as Vidal Nuno is killing them.

16.  Pittsburgh Pirates (20) 39 – 39:  16 – 12:  Gregory Polanco reaches on base every single game, and Andrew McCutchen still paying MVP caliber baseball.

Having Neil Walker back into the fold should help.  Pedro Alvarez needs to bring his “A” Game.

Tough Division this year, with the NL Central holding the best record out of the 6

17.  Miami Marlins (19) 39 – 39: 12 – 14:  Holding steady through a myriad of cast-offs.  Ownership has said they would add payroll.

Washington or Atlanta better go off on a run, otherwise the Fish maybe suitors in the Trade Deadline Market.  They have the talent to pull of some maneuvers.

18.  Cleveland Indians (22) 38 – 40: 14 – 12:  “The Tribe” goes on vicious streaks either losing or winning.

Lonnie Chisenhall has been the savior of the team.  Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and Jason Kipnis need to produce like last year.

19.  Boston Red Sox (23) 36 – 43: 15 – 14:  David Ortiz rescues a game about every 3 days.  He needs some help though.

Dustin Pedroia is having an off year.  These guys may be just like the 2013 San Fran Giants by the season is all said and done.

20. New York Mets (26) 36 – 42:  14 – 14:  Bartolo Colon has had 8 great starts in a row, Chris Young has homered in back to back games, thwarting off a DFA, and Curtis Granderson has been locked in of late.

Maybe the offseason acquisitions are going to pay off in the end.  The squad should keep Granderson in the leadoff spot.

Or even have him hit 2nd – as he did for some of his Yankees days.

21.  Philadelphia (27) 35 – 42: 13 – 16:  Ryan Howard is going to smash 30 HRs and 100 RBI, and it won’t matter.

A.J. Burnett would have been a great commodity to flip if he didn’t have that groin issue.

The offense has been better than anticipated, the pitching has not been.

The club should definitely trade Jonathan Papelbon.

22.  Minnesota Twins (24) 36 – 40: 13 – 15:  Ron Gardenhire has done a great job keeping the team relative.

The franchise should trade all Veterans like Kurt Suzuki and Josh Willingham, and if the squad struggles after that, just chalk it up to growing pains.

23.  Chicago White Sox (21) 36 – 43: 10 – 17:  If I were the Sox, I wouldn’t want Jose Abreu to enter the HR derby either.

The recent play should signal a chance to open shop for trades with Adam Dunn and Alexei Ramirez.

24.  Texas Rangers (13) 35 – 42: 9 – 17:  It was only a matter of time before it all unraveled.  20 DL stints is just too many to combat.

This team has to pack it in for this season and regroup for 2015.  There is no way they are making a remarkable comeback in the Division.

25.  Colorado Rockies (14) 35 – 43: 8 – 19:  a free falling squad will only keep fantasy baseball owners interested in this team for the rest of the year.

I am happy for the renaissance of Justin Morneau.

26.  Tampa Bay Rays (18) 32 – 48: 9 – 19:  David Price, Ben Zobrist, Matt Joyce and Grant Balfour should all be moved.

27.  San Diego Padres (25) 34 – 45: 11 – 16:  This team was constructed wrongly. I for one, I am not surprised at their season.  They should trade all veterans.

28.  Arizona Diamondbacks (28) 33 – 48: 12 – 16:  The D’backs need to clean house with all management and on field authorities.

29.  Houston Astros (29) 33 – 46: 13 – 14:  A 1 – 8 record over the last 9 games, comes on the heels of a 12 – 6 stretch.

30.  Chicago Cubs (30) 32 – 44: 13 – 14:  Lost in the horrid season is that Anthony Rizzo has become a great professional hitter.


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