MLB Mock Rule4 Draft 2013

a 2013 MLB Draft

MLB Mock Draft 

Before I start I just want to say that baseball is a very tough game so when I say he can be a all star or that he can have a curveball that is just unhittable – it may not happen……. and actually is very doubtful to fully reach the ceiling.

The Houston Astros always were drafting at the end of the 1st Round during the Killer B's ERA.  They haven't had too much to show for in the last 15 Years.  They did manage to draft a few nice picks in the later rounds.  The scouting staff will have the most amount of work they have had in decades in the next 13 Months

The Houston Astros always were drafting at the end of the 1st Round during the Killer B’s ERA. They haven’t had too much to show for in the last 15 Years. They did manage to draft a few nice picks in the later rounds. The scouting staff will have the most amount of work they have had in decades in the next 13 Months.  They clearly look they have more of a need for a Pitcher – as some of their young hitters have come along way in 2013 already.

This draft is almost always drafting for the best available and factoring in slot dollars not fitting a need. So here is my mock draft.

1. Houston Astros- Mark Appel P Stanford

In my view the best player in this draft but also a very intriguing one. He declined above slot dollars when the pirates drafted him at 8 last year to return his senior year at Stanford.

That is a major risk as if he doesn’t sign he has to play a year of independent league ball and will then be eligible for the draft next year. I believe he signs for about 5 Million because the Astros can pressure him because he is a senior.

He is originally from the Houston area and posses a devastating fastball, two excellent secondary pitches also no 12-6 curve and outstanding control. He will be an Ace and it won’t take long if the dollars match up. He is a Boras client. 

2. Chicago Cubs- Jonathan Gray P Oklahoma

He really sprung up the rankings this year with that powerful fastball. I believe he has top of the line stuff but only average control. He might get the biggest signing bonus in this class as Jed & Theo are narrowing in on a pitcher.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he went number one & it wouldn’t shock me if he went fourth but it would shock me if he isn’t a frontline pitcher someday. 

3. Colorado Rockies- Kris Bryant 3B/OF San Diego

This is absolutely a case of drafting the best available otherwise they would go pitching. This draft has a “big 3” with Appel, Gray, & Bryant and then it falls off.

Bryant has incredible power and will be scary to watch in Colorado.

The Rockies would have LOVED Appel or Bryant here as I doubt they would get the opportunity to select this high in the coming years and they need frontline pitching. Either way I actually think Bryant is the “safest” pick in the draft due to his raw power combined with his college prowess. 

4. Minnesota Twins- Kohl Stewart P HS(Texas) 

The best high school pitcher in this class and a non boras client. He is extremely raw & very far away although his potential roof is up there.

He is a type 1 diabetic but that should be not much of an issue as other athletes like Jay Cutler have it and have been just fine. He has an explosive fastball right now but everything needs work and refinement but when it’s all said and done you could be looking at a superstar. 

5. Cleveland Indians- Clint Frazier OF HS(Georgia) 

High ceiling high school outfielder that will most likely be compared to Meadows his entire career. You are looking at a potential franchise player but has a long road ahead. 

6. Miami Marlins- Austin Meadows OF HS(Georgia) 

There has been alot of talk about the Marlins going cheap here with someone like Braden Shipley, Rob Kaminsky, or Reese McGuire but they also love Meadows.

I believe if Meadows is gone then they go Shipley but I believe they should go for ceiling as they need more players to market around to an area that’s been crushed as far as fan support goes.

The future franchise faces are Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich, Giancarlo Stanton (or his trade return) Jake Marisnick, & Jacob Turner and you have to believe the Fish would like to add another big name. Meadows can be a real impact player but has a ton of development to go through. 

7. Boston Red Sox- Braden Shipley P Nevada

This is where the draft really starts to thin out & it gets to more of a crapshoot as to who goes where. Shipley can be a solid #3 pitcher with an above average fastball and shouldn’t take that long to reach the show. 

8. Kansas City Royals- Colin Moran 3B North Carolina

The third baseman from the number one ranked Tar Heels club should be a solid player. I don’t see a superstar in his but he should be a above average regular. This of course is drafting for best available & not for need as we’ll see what happens to Moose down the line. 

9. Pittsburgh Pirates- Reese McGuire C HS(Washington)

A high school Catcher who has light years of development ahead but could be a true face of the franchise. I am a little scared as there is not usually many top prospects from Washington state and the competition is not as strong as let’s say Texas so I’m worried he is just playing against severely worse opponents. I am a big fan though and believe he will be successful. 

10. Toronto Blue Jays- JP Crawford SS HS(California)

A true shortstop who will be able to play the position for a very long time. He has above average speed but the bat is a question mark along with what kind of power he will develop. He could be a nice lead off hitter with above average defense if all goes well. 

11. New York Mets- Hunter Renfroe OF Mississippi State

I believe he profiles for an outfield corner very nicely with solid power and a about average bat. The mets do have a big need here although this is also drafting who might be the best available. 

12. Seattle Mariners- Trey Ball P HS(Indiana) 

He seems to be what will equate to a #3 starter if it all works out. Personally I’m not that high on him as I don’t see the ceiling and he has plenty of development to go through. 

13. San Diego Padres- Eric Jagielo 3B Notre Dame

This draft is light on college bats and Jagielo will be an option for many teams. He could develop into an average 3B with above average power. He won’t take that long either maybe just a couple years. 

14. Pittsburgh Pirates- Ryne Stanek P Arkansas

His draft stock has slid considerably but personally I’m a bigger fan than most. He can have an explosive fastball with 3 average secondary offerings and can be a fringe 1 high2 pitcher. With the right seasoning and improved control he will be a stud. 

15. Arizona Diamondbacks- DJ Peterson 1/3B New Mexico

He is what can be a middle of the order bat with 30HR plus power. His position is of question but it will be on either side of the infield  I see him being a first baseman in the long run although I think he can handle third for a couple years. 

16. Philadelphia Phillies- Dominic Smith 1B HS(California)

The heir apparent to Ryan Howard in a number of years and that’s a large number. Dominic might be the top 1B bat in the high school class but he needs years of seasoning offensively and defensively. High risk here but also very high reward. 

17. Chicago White Sox- Jonathan Crawford P Florida

A safer pick for the team that really hasn’t had a good farm in years and its effects are really showing. Crawford doesn’t have a very high ceiling but can be a capable starter and solid #3. A safe pick for a team that has holes throughout the farm and some big ones on its major league squad. 

18. Los Angeles  Dodgers- Sean Manaea P Indiana State

He has plummeted down draft charts but I am still very high on him. There are signability issues here which I understand that he’s a Boras client but I just don’t see the leverage at all. The dodgers haven’t been afraid to make big moves and this would be a large one as Manaea can easily become a #2. I see a big future in this kid and Tommy John can only hold him back so long.

19. St. Louis Cardinals- Jon Denney C HS(Oklahoma) 

The Cardinals to me are the model organization of baseball. Denney can be the eventual replacement for Yadier Molina and can be quite a good one but comes with substantial risk. 

20. Detroit Tigers- Aaron Judge OF Fresno State

He is not your prototypical OF standing 6’7 at 245 pounds but can be an outstanding player. He has incredible raw power he has yet to tap into. I am big on him for the future and am intrigued by his stature. Detroit has plenty of rebuilding to do to that system. 

21. Tampa Bay Rays- Ian Clarkin P HS(California)

Clarkin is pretty much your high school lefty that throws 95 which means he will get drafted high. Tampa Bay has taken numerous high school arms and made them successes as they are one if the best organizations in baseball. 

22. Baltimore Orioles- Austin Wilson OF Stanford

He seems destined for a corner OF spot with some average hit and power tools. He won’t be a superstar but should be a average to above average regular. 

23. Texas Rangers-Alex Gonzalez P Oral Roberts

His fastball has a ton of movement an with his three pitch mix some wonder if he’s destined for the back of the pen but I think he will be a starter probably a #4. Jon Daniels Thad Levine and Don Welke have done an outstanding job of drafting and developing so leave it to them. 

24. Oakland Athletics- Nick Ciuffo C HS(South Carolina)

He will be able to stay behind the plate throughout his career and should be a average hitter. He will take his time.  

25. San Francisco Giants – Tim Anderson SS East Central CC

A speedster who will most likely play shortstop. He has a nice amount to learn but his speed tool should help him power through it while refining other areas of his game like secondary pitch awareness. 

26. New York Yankees- Phillip Ervin OF Samford

The kid can run 

27. Cincinnati Reds- Rob Kaminsky P HS(New Jersey)

A nice three pitch mix with his fastball normally at 95. He is from an unusual place for baseball prospects but as we all know Jersey can turn out good ones (Trout). 

28. St Louis Cardinals- Billy McKinney OF HS(Texas)

They would be taking this kid for his bat. The defense needs to really be learned although I see him as a corner OF than a 1B. 

29. Tampa Bay Rays- Alex Balog P San Fransisco

He’s not as good as the last San Fran pitcher to go in the first round (Zimmer) but he can be somebody. He stands 6’6 and has at least 3 pitches with a chance for a fourth. I’m higher on him than most teams. 

30. Texas Rangers- Marco Gonzales P Gonzaga

He will have 3 pitches but they grade out to what could be above average pitches all of them. I see him as a #3. 

31. Atlanta Braves- Hunter Harvey P HS(North Carolina) 

The son of former all star Brian Harvey and can touch 95. He may be a starter but I think he would be excellent in the back of the pen. 

32. New York Yankees- Oscar Mercado SS HS(Florida)

My one need pick of the first round as the Yankees need to find a replacement for Jeter in a few years and you could bet that one of their 3 first round pick will be used to do it. He has a large amount of development left but also a high ceiling so he’s a lotto ticket. 

33. New York Yankees- Cavan Biggio 2B HS(Texas)

Yuuup he’s the son of son to be Hall of Famer Craig Biggio and a very talented athlete. Mix his hit and power tools with the bloodlines and you might get something special. 

The Cardinals had 6 of the top 100 Prospect that were listed by MLB prior to 2013.  Carlos Martinez, Kolten Wong, Oscar Taveras, Shelby Miller Michael Wacha and Trevor Rosenthal. 4 of them have seen action for the current club.  This is incredible considering the franchise success in the last few years - resulting in late 1st Round Draft Picks

The Cardinals had 6 of the top 100 Prospect that were listed by MLB prior to 2013. Carlos Martinez, Kolten Wong, Oscar Taveras, Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha and Trevor Rosenthal. 4 of them have seen action for the current club. This is incredible considering the franchise success in the last few years – resulting in late 1st Round Draft Picks.

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