Tommy John Surgery List From 2000 – 2013

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner): & Website Founder Jonathan Hacohen 

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We talked last week about the Tommy John Surgeries from 1974 – 1999.  Well, after the millennium hit in 2000, it has really come to the forefront.

It is now estimated that 1 out of every three pitchers will now undergo the procedure once in their career.

Whether they make the Major Leagues, or stay in the Minor Leagues, this surgery is becoming a predominant part of baseball culture.

Tommy John Surgeries from 1974 – 1999 here.

What is Tommy John Surgery?

Matt Harvey is he latest superstar pitcher to go under the knife with Tommy John Surgery.  At the time of his diagnosis, he was the firm leader for the NL Cy Young, and was the bonafide ace of the Mets.  Now the young man will try to make it back to the Starting Rotation by the start of the 2015 season.

Matt Harvey is he latest superstar pitcher to go under the knife with Tommy John Surgery. At the time of his diagnosis, he was the firm leader for the NL Cy Young, and was the bonafide ace of the Mets. Now the young man will try to make it back to the Starting Rotation by the start of the 2015 season.

One thing that troubles me is when I hear parents having their young sons going under the knife when it isn’t even necessary.

It has been said that you can come back any stronger.  Folks this is a misconception.   The reason why pitchers become better hurlers after TJ surgery is because of their rehabilitation.

It is a long way back to recovery from this operation, and for some it doesn’t work.

Ladies and gentlemen, you only need to read about Ryan Madson to see this.  Also players like Darren Dreifort never fully came back to his stature before.

So please don’t do this surgery without absolute need.

Thankfully 85 – 90 % of the people that do it come back to pitch.

Again, we are going to start weekly segments on all of these guys listed.  I hope at the end of the study, we can see if the players performed better or worse after TJ Surgery.

We will be adding more players to this list as we go on.  This is the majority of them.



Matt Harvey – Mets (TJ Surgery Oct.23/2013)

Andrew Knapp, PHI: Oct.13/2013

Rafael Betancourt – Rockies (TJ Surgery Watch)

Mike Adams – Phillies (Tj Surgery Watch)

Jason Marquis – Padres Aug, 2013

Dylan Bundy – Orioles:  June, 2013

Daniel Hudson – Dbacks (2nd Time): June.18/2013

Scott Elbert – Dodgers:  June.8th, 2013

Ramon Ortiz – Blue Jays (2nd Time) – Diagnosed to need it – June.3/2013

Jaime Garcia – Cardinals:  May.24th, 2013

Eric O’Flaherty – Braves – May.21/2013

Joel Hanrahan – Red Sox: May 17, 2013

Jonny Venters – (2nd Time) Braves: May.16, 2013

Gavin Floyd – White Sox: May 7th, 2013

Jason Motte – Cardinals: May 7th, 2013

Chad Billingsley – Dodgers:  April 24th, 2013

John Ely – Astros: April 24th, 2013

Alex White – Astros:  April 11th, 2013

Casey Kelley – Padres – April 1st, 2013

Rafael Furcal – Cardinals:  SS:  Mar.15th, 2013 (positional player)

Frank Herrmann – Indians:  Mar.13th. 2013


Randy Wolf – Orioles:  October. 26, 2012

Manny Banuelos – Yankees:  October 3, 2012

Chad Billingsley – Dodgers:  TJ Watch (September 8, 2012)

Juan Carlos Oviedo (AKA Leo Nunez) – Marlins:  September 6, 2012

Lucas Giolito – Nationals:  August 31st, 2012

Josh Tomlin – Indians:  August 22nd, 2012

Carl Crawford – Red Sox:  August 23rd, 2012

MLB Tommy John Surgery Updates:  Feature Article by Bernie Olshansky (August 16, 2012)

Drew Hutchison – Blue Jays:  August 7, 2012

Scott Atchison – Red Sox:  TJ Watch (August 2, 2012)

Neftali Feliz – Rangers:  August 1, 2012

Eric Surkamp – Giants:  July 25, 2012

Colby Lewis – Rangers:  July 23, 2012

Joe Wieland – Padres:  July 17, 2012

Luis Perez – Blue Jays:  July 17, 2012

Todd Coffey – July 4, 2012 (2nd TJ surgery)

Daniel Hudson – Diamondbacks: July 1, 2012

Felipe Paulino – Royals:  June 22, 2012

Brandon Beachy – Braves:  June 21, 2012

Kyle Drabek – Blue Jays:  June 19, 2012 (2nd- 2007)

David Herndon – Phillies:  June 19, 2012

Charlie Morton – Pirates:  June 14, 2012

Ryan Beckman – Pirates:  June 12, 2002

Andrew Carignan – Athletics:  June 7, 2012

Juan Pablo Oramas – Padres:  June 3, 2012

Jose Contreras – Phillies:  June 3, 2012 (announcement expected soon)

Cory Luebke – Padres:  May 21, 2012

Blake Wood – Royals:  May 19, 2012

A.J. Jimenez – Jays:  May 19, 2012

Danny Duffy – Royals:  May 14, 2012

Tsuyoshi Wada– Orioles:  May 2, 2012

Mike Pelfrey– Mets: May 1, 2012

Joe Beimel-Free Agent:  May 2012

George Sherrill – Mariners:  April 29, 2012

Michael Pineda– Yankees: April 26, 2012 (honorable mention: torn labrum, arthroscopic surgery)

Jeremy Bonderman– FA:  April 24, 2012 – returned to the MLB with the Mariners in 2013

Brian Wilson– Giants:  April 20, 2012 (2nd surgery- 1st in 2003)

Danny Herrera– Mets:  April 2012

Scott Baker– Twins:  April 17, 2012

Michael Kohn– Angels: 

Joey Devine– Athletics: April 11, 2012 (2nd surgery- 1st April 21, 2009)

Ryan Madson– Reds:  April 11, 2012 (Target Dates with the Angels in 2013)

Joakim Soria– Royals: April 2012 (2nd surgery) (Target Date in 2013 with Texas)

Jose Ceda– Marlins: April 3, 2012

Sergio Escalona– Astros:  March 24, 2012

Arodys Vizcaino– Braves: March 2012

Joel Zumaya– Twins: March 2012 (2nd surgery)



John Lackey– Red Sox:  November 1, 2011 – Returned in 2013.

Kyle Gibson– Twins:  September 7, 2011 – Returned in 2013 for the Twins organization in the minors

Carlos Carrasco– Indians: September 6, 2011

Juan Gutierrez– Royals:  September 2011

Zack Cozart (SS)- Reds:  August 12, 2011

Brad Hawpe (1B/OF)- Rangers:  August 5, 2011 – Returned to the Majors with the LA Angels in 2013

Rubby De La Rosa– Dodgers:  August 2011 – Retunred

David Aardsma– Yankees:  July 22, 2011 – Was in Spring Training with the Yankees before being DFA’D.

Brett Anderson– A’s:   July 14, 2011

Johnny Anderson- Jays:  July 12, 2011 (2nd surgery- 1st in 2010)

Jose Casilla– Giants:  July 2011

Carlos Monasterios– Dodgers:  July 2011

Joba Chamberlain– Yankees:  June 10, 2011

Rich Hill– Red Sox:  June 9, 2011

Daisuke Matsuzaka– Red Sox:  June 2, 2011

Mason Tobin– Rangers:  June 1, 2011 (2nd surgery- 1st 2010)

John Lamb– Royals:  June 2011

Drew Naylor– Phillies:  June 2011

Jorge De La Rosa– Rockies:  May 25, 2011

Cam Bedrosian– Angels:  May 2011

Jenrry Mejia– Mets:  May 2011

Stephen Marek– Jays:  May 2011

Boof Bonser– Giants:  April 2011

Matt Gorgen– Diamondbacks:  March 2011

Adam Wainwright– Cardinals:  February 28, 2011

Alan Farina, TOR: July.15

Carlos Monasterios: July.15

Brett Anderson, OAK: July.14

Adam Wainwright, STL: Feb.28

Boof Bonser, OAK:


Jamie Moyer– Phillies:  December 1, 2010

Stephen Strasburg– Nationals: September 2010

John Baker – Marlins:  September 2010

Hector Ambriz– Indians:  September 30, 2010

Manny Corpas– Rockies:  September 7, 2010

Erick Threets– A’s:  September 2010

Michael Ynoa – A’s:  August 24, 2010

Kris Medlen– Braves:  August 18, 2010

Ben Sheets– A’s:  August 9, 2010

Kyle Blanks– Padres:  July 28, 2010

Donald Veal – Pirates:  May 2010


Jose Arredondo – Angels:  December 11, 2009

Jordan Zimmermann– Nationals: August 2009

Edinson Volquez– Reds: 2009

Jason Isringhausen– Rays:  June 16, 2009 (3rd TJ Surgery)

Bill Bray – Reds:  April 2009

Dallas Trahern – Marlins:  2009

Erik Bedard – Mariners:  2009 (2nd TJ Surgery)

Andrew Sisco – Athletics:  2009


Jaime Garcia– Cardinals:  September 8, 2008

Tim Hudson– Braves:  August 8, 2008

Jake Westbrook – Indians:  June 7, 2008

Mark Prior– Cubs:  2008

Billy Wagner:  2008

Shaun Marcum – Blue Jays:  2008

Jason Isringhausen – Cardinals: 2008 (2nd TJ Surgery)

Chris Capuano:  Brewers: 2008 and (Dbacks: May 17, 2002)- 2 surgeries


Josh Johnson– Marlins: 2007

Ambiorix Burgos – Mets:  August 28, 2007

Matt Bush– Padres:  August 26, 2007

Andrew Brackman – Yankees:  August 2007

Chris Carpenter– Cardinals:  July 24, 2007

Brad Lincoln:  April 2007

B.J. Ryan – Blue Jays:  2007 (2nd surgery)


Francisco Liriano– Twins:  November 2006

Kelly Johnson – Braves:  June 1, 2006

Bryan Morris, LAD: Sept.28

Brandon Backe, HOU: Sept.07

Carlos Martinez, MIA: Mar.01

Bartolome Fortunato, NYM: May.18

Brian Anderson, KC

Aldaberto Flores, MIA,

Al Reyes, STL (2nd time)

Christian Garcia, NYY: (2nd Time)


Cesar Izturis, LAD: Sept.16

Brian Anderson, KC: July.21

Mike Lincoln, STL: July.13

Anthony Varvaro, SEA: June.27

Bobby Korecky, TOR: June.05

Grant Balfour– Twins:  May 13, 2005

Carlos Almanzar, TEX: May.11

Andrew Bailey, OAK: May.05

Joe Mays – Twins:  2005

Eric Gagne– Dodgers:  2005 (2nd surgery- 1st in 1997)

Octavio Dotel:  2005

Anthony Vavaro:  2005

Chris Saenz, MIL:


Roy Olmedo, CIN: Nov.9

Scott Williamson, BOS: Oct.30 (2nd TJ Surgery)

Jason Grimsley. BAL: Oct.13

Sean Burnett, PIT: Sept.22

Shawn Hill, MTL: Sept.08

Rafael Soriano, SEA: August.17

Jim Hoey, BAL: July.20

Mike Lincoln, STL: July.13

Shaun Komine, OAK: July.01

Nick Adenhart, LAA: June.17

Dustin McGowan, TOR: May.14

Fernando Rodney, DET: Apr.29

Jorge DePaula, NYY: Apr.22

Phil Dumatrait, CIN: Apr.01

Pedro Beato, BAL: Apr.01

Brian Duensing, BOS: Mar.31

Cory Sullivan, COL: Mar.15

Chris Spurling, DET: Mar.04

Zack Braddock, MIL:

Tim Wood, MIA:

Preston Larrison, DET:

Michael Megrew, LAD:

Mark Rodrigues, CLE:

Kevin Ohme, STL:

Joe Torres, LAA:

Jeff Manship, MIN:

Billy Simon, BOS

Arismendy Castillo, LAD

Angel Garcia, MIN

Brandon Gomez, SD

Brett Gray, CIN

Dustin Molleken, PIT:

Dustin Nippert, ARI:


Zack Segovia, PHI: Oct.10

Billy Traber, CLE: Sept.21

Tim Spooneybarger, TB: Sept.09

Runlevys Hernandez, KC: Sept.05

Brian Tallet, CLE: August.26

C.J. Wilson, TEX: August.11

Ryan Dempster, CIN: August.03

Mark Wohlers, CIN: August.01

Rick Ankiel, STL: July.16

Paul Byrd, ATL: July.01

Seth McClung, TB: June.26

Scott Strickland, MTL: June.17

Anthony Pluta, TEX: June.6

Brian Moehler, HOU: May.29

Ricky Bones, MIA: May.01

Matt Wise, LAA: Mar.25

Manny Delcarmen, BOS:

Luke Hagerty, CHC:

Mike Stodolka, KC:

Scott Lewis, CLE:

Scott Feldman, TEX:

Shawn Kelly, SEA:

Tom Sheam, HOU:

Brian Wilson, SF:

Armando Galarraga, MTL:

Ben Kozlowski, TEX

Ben Diggins, MIL:

Anibal Sanchez, BOS:

Andy Ashby, LAD


Bob Wickman, CLE: Dec.09

Erik Bedard, BAL: Sept.10

Doug Brocail, DET: Sept.01 (2nd TJ Surgery)

John Axford, SEA: Dec.01

Jesse Foppert, SF: Sept.16

J.R. House, PIT: Sept.01

Benito Baez, MIA: August.23

Jon Lieber, CHC: August.08

Steve Chiasson, CHC

Jeff Zimmerman, TEX: July.30

Danny Patterson, DET: June.28

Brian Tollberg, SD: June.25

Tyler Yates, NYM: June.19

Matt Thornton, SEA: June.10

Jason Christiansen, SF: May.30

Jay Bulger, ARI: May.28

Chris Capuano, ARI: May.17

John Franco, NYM: May.15

A.J. Burnett– Marlins:  April 29, 2003

Pete Harnisch, CIN: Apr.21

Derek Thompson, CLE: Mar.05

Jack Taschner, SF: Feb.28

Will Ohman, CHC: Jan.16

Hong-Chih Kuo, LAD: (2nd TJ Surgery)

Jayson Durocher, MIL:

Francisco Rosario, TOR:

Joakim Soria, LAD:

Kevin Jarvis, SD:

Phil Norton, CHC:

Ryan Vogelsong, PIT:

Jesus Delgado, BOS:

Jeff Bajenaru, CHW:

Jason Grilli, MIA:

Cha Seung Baek, SEA:

Mike Steele. DET:

Bob Cramer, TB:

Dave Eiland, TB: (2nd TJ Surgery)

Brandon Claussen, NYY


Chris Narverson, STL: Oct.05

Bobby Bradley, PHI: Oct.01

Lance Painter, TOR: Oct.01

Adam Eaton, SD: August.21

Pet Hentgen, BAL: August.09

Kevin Walker, SD: August.01

Kris Benson, PIT: May.22

Doug Brocail, DET: Apr.27

Darren Dreifort, LAD: (2nd TJ Surgery)

Dave Eiland, TB:

Garrett Stephenson, STL:

Gerik Baxter, SD:

Jason Frasor, TOR: (2nd TJ Surgery)

Jose Capellan, ATL:

Luke Scott, CLE:

Matt Mantei, ARI:

Matt Holliday, COL:

Nate Bland. LAD: (2nd TJ Surgery)

Chance Caple, STL:

Sean Henn, NYY:

Scott Downs, MTL:

Rod Beck, BOS:

Chin-Hui Tsao, COL:

Steve Green, LAD:

Xavier Nady, SD


Bill Simas, CHW: Dec.22

Kyle Snyder, KC: Sept.07

Scott Erickson, BAL: August.08

Scott Radinsky, STL: June.10

J.M. Gold, MIL: June.01

John Patterson, ARI: May.01

Michael Tejera, MIA: April.01

Randy Williams, CHC: Mar.15

Scott Williamson, CIN:

Sterling Hitchcock, SD:

Rokcy Coppinger, MIL:

Ryan Shealy, COL:

Odalis Perez, ATL:

Orber Moreno, KC:

Lance Carter, KC: (2nd TJ Surgery)

Matt Riley, BAL:

John Smoltz, ATL:

Juan Pena, BOS:

Ken Cloude, SEA:

Joe Roa, SF:

Jason Stumm, CHW:

Jae Seo, NYM:

Andrew Brown, ATL

Dan Kolb, TEX

David Cortes, ATL:

Hong-Chih-Kuo, LAD:

Tommy John Surgeries from 1974 – 1999 here.

Tommy John- Dodgers:  September 25, 1974 (Dr. Frank Jobe performed first operation)

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