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Sunday June.02/2013

Miguel Cabrera is absolutely unconscious this season so far;.  He has a 3 Slash Line of .369 (Leads AL)/.445 (Leads AL/1.121 (2ndi n AL), with 17 HRs (2nd AL) and a mind - blowing 65 RBI through 54 Games Played.  He is on pace for 51 HRs. 195 RBI and about 250 Hits.  He keeps getting better every single year if possible. Despite his prominence - and a lineup full of ALL - Star hitters and Pitchers, the Tigers are limping along at just a few games over .500.  It certainly isn't this 30 Year Olds fault.

Miguel Cabrera is absolutely unconscious this season so far; He has a 3 Slash Line of .369 (Leads AL)/.445 (Leads AL/1.121 (2nd in AL), with 17 HRs (2nd AL) and a mind – blowing 65 RBI through 54 Games Played. He is on pace for 51 HRs, 195 RBI and about 250 Hits. He keeps getting better every single year if possible. Despite his prominence – and a lineup full of ALL – Star hitters and Pitchers, the Tigers are limping along at just a few games over .500. It certainly isn’t this 30 Year Old’s fault.

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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I will be doing a stat fueled rankings list on this Thursday.  These rankings will have some stats and  random thoughts of what I will be talking about in today’s podcast with the Big Ticket Show (AKA, Triple Play Podcast.)

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Cardinals 2013 30/30 Preview

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Beyond this picture are the rankings in written form,  Come back on Thursday for the best 200 Stats of the month for all 30 MLB teams. 

The Cardinals are the model franchise in the game of baseball since 1982.  The team is competitive every year since based on its decision making by the whole organization. At 37 - 18, they are asserting themselves in the tough NL Central.  They have reinforcements coming in the name of Oscar Taveras.  They have already implored the help from youngsters Shelby Miller, Tyler Lyons and this year

The Cardinals are the model franchise in the game of baseball since 1982. The team is competitive every year since based on its decision making by the whole organization. At 37 – 18, they are asserting themselves in the tough NL Central. They have reinforcements coming in the name of Oscar Taveras. They have already implored the help from youngsters Shelby Miller, Tyler Lyons and John Gast this year.  This team is without Rafael Furcal, Jason Motte, ace Chris Carpenter, Jake Westbrook, Jaime Garcia (*60% of their 2012 rotation) and that comes on the heels of losing Lance Berkman and Albert Pujols also in the last few years.

* Denotes Division Leaders – Last Month Ranking in Parenthesis

1.  St. Louis Cardinals* 37 – 18 (4) The Cardinals are unbelievably doing this season’s sensational players with several key players and rookies.  Since the last monthly ranking, St. Louis has 17 – 8. 

The teams Starting Pitching and farm system is virtually unparalleled.  If the keep this up and make another World Series birth in 2013, they would have to be considered the best team from 2004 – 2013.

Death, Taxes and the Cardinals are really good every year!  For the last few weeks I have tended to not put them number #1, however they just keep winning – and Adam Wainwright is the best pitcher in the NL right now – with proven playoff pedigree.

2.  Atlanta Braves* 33 – 22 (7)  The Braves are atop of the NL Lead by at least 4.5 heading into action on Monday.  They hold a 5.5 Games lead on Washington.  For some reason, the Braves have been able to do this despite Jason Heyward hitting .141, B.J. Upton .153 and Dan Uggla at a .180 clip. 

Can you imagine how good these guys would be faring if they were having normal seasons?  The MLB Reports was right in saying that Tim Hudson is nearing the end of his days as a Starter – can he eek out enough for one more push? Also have an easy schedule down the rest of the year with their NL East foes.

3.  Texas Rangers*  34 – 21 (1) The only reason they are not #1 this month is that the Oakland Athletics are hot on their tails.  If the A’s usurp the Rangers for the AL West Division, then I hate the clubs chances in a 1 game playoff (even if they have Yu Darvish.)  It is imperative this club doesn’t sneak in the back door to the playoffs. 

For them to do this, they might need to win 95+ games to win this Division.  Having LA buried by almost 10 games is good.

4.  Detroit Tigers* 30 – 24 (2) A very pedestrian month of going 11 – 13 has masked the fact that Miguel Cabrera is the best player in the game.  Seeing Jose Valverde blow up the other day must give Dave Dombrowski the onus to trade for a proven closer. 

Can you say Tom Wilhelmsen from Seattle – or Huston Street from the Padres?  You have Avisail Garcia, Quintin Berry and Andy Dirks to trade, plus if you want to get crazy, Drew Smyly could be added for another piece in return like a Mike Morse – or a Carlos Quentin with those aforementioned Closers. 

5.  Cincinnati Reds 35 – 21 (6)  The oldest professional baseball team has turned in a 17 – 7 last 24 games.  If they were leading the NL Central, and not the Cards, it would be them in 1st overall for these rankings.  Point blank here:  The RedBirds and Cincy are both making the playoffs in my opinion.  Whoever wins the Division may win 100+ games  in order to do this. 

Joey Votto is having another MVP like season – and Shin-Soo Choo is just the right elixir out of the Leadoff Spot.  Billy Hamilton should be called up as a defensive replacement for Choo in September – and into the playoffs.  

Brandon Phillips is still the most underrated overall player in the NL.

6.  Boston Red Sox* 34 – 23 (3)  I have given the BoSox the slight edge of their rival NY Yankees based on Run Differential, plus overall offensive production.  I think not enough is said about how Mike Napoli is always on a winner – and in the playoffs! 

You add David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia and the Boston Karma right now, and I think there is a chance for a magical season.  Having someone off the bench like Jonny Gomes, definitely helps the club. 

And whats this?  Jon Lackey looks like he might be able to pitch.  The club is about 2 Bullpen arms in trades from really putting a scare into everyone concerned.

7.  New York Yankees 31 – 24 (8)  With an abysmal week that featured a 4 game sweep by the New York Mets, the club couldn’t have picked a better time to bring back Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis

Will Tex go through his usual 2 month malaise to start a season – or with the weather heating up, does this determine when the First Baseman will hit his usual numbers? 

Don’t give up on Ichiro either, he is far better when the weather heats up to.  Ichiro Suzuki is a different case, he will see his best results only if Derek Jeter comes back into the fold. 

CC Sabathia is 37 – 11 (with an under 3 ERA) for his career at New Yankee Stadium.  Hiroki Kuroda is the clubs best pitcher, and Mariano Rivera, plus Andy Pettitte always seem to come up clutch. 

8.  Oakland Athletics  33 – 24 (12)  The Oakland club is 104 – 60 in their last 164 Games.  (.634).  Yes Yoenis Cespedes provides the kins of force that is the catalyst for their team success.  They are 29 – 14 (.674) with the big ‘Cuban’ player during the 2013 year, while the are only 4 – 10 without him. 

In 2012, they were 82 – 47 (.636) .  If you take the two years combined that is 111 – 61, or…645 baseball.)  He is the difference, believe in him.  The club is disciplined, has a great Bullpen with Sean Doolittle and Grant Balfour – plus destroys all the teams they are supposed to beat. 

They are going to eat up the AL West Division all year long and will probably have a great chance for the 2nd Wild Card Position (if they don’t run down Texas that is)

9.  Arizona Diamondbacks* 31 – 24 (13)  Riding  a 15 – 9 stretch over their last 24 games, the team has asserted itself as a legitimate shot to take this NL West Division crown this year. 

Patrick Corbin has been filthy dominant, and Paul Goldschmidt is emerging as one of the greatest power hitting players in the NL.  Jason Kubel and Cody Ross are perfect in their time splits as well. 

Didi Gregorius is catching the world on fire, so much so – that Gerardo Parra is flying under the radar.  Their Bullpen also has found a more even playing level in recent weeks – going back to being  strong suit for the club. 

Ian Kennedy is looking better in each start.  Jake Dal Porto (MLB Reports Writer) – wrote a brilliant piece about their future in pitching here.

10.  Tampa Bay Rays 30 – 25 (16)  The youngest American League franchise has played to a tune of 16 – 9 over their last 25 contests.  David Price has not been himself – and it doesn’t seem to matter. 

James Loney is adding power to his lofty .333 Batting Average – and Evan Longoria is back to playing like a top tier Third Baseman. 

The fate of their season will lay with Wil Myers, Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Desmond Jennings

The Rays have the best field manager in the game with Joe Maddon.  He has the team loose, has the team played to its maximum ability.  This team scares all Yankee and Red Sox fans.

11.  Pittsburgh Pirates  34 – 22 (15)  I have some good news and some bad news for the Bucs fans.  They are playing .607 baseball right now and have the 3rb best record in the MLB right now. 

Too  bad that the 2 other clubs ahead of them in the Division are the Reds and Cards.  This is the best Division in baseball right now.  The Cubs are not that bad with their pitching, plus the Brewers have several players in the top of all offensive categories. 

The Pirates fans might have to settle for their 1st +.500 season with about 85 – 90 Wins.  Francisco Liriano continues to pitch well. 

Neil Huntington should try and pull the trigger on a blockbuster right now.  A.J. Burnett is talking retirement, and you have Wandy Rodriguez

12.  San Francisco Giants 29 – 27 (5) A 10 – 15 Record over the last 25 games has to have Brian Sabean concerned.  Hist Starting Staff is absolutely crushing the team. 

I think all of the extra innings these guys have all played in over the last 3 years are taking its toll on Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Co.  The offense is the best it has ever been, with the Bullpen also picking up the slack. 

Barry Zito is a good AT and T Park pitcher – but is prone to big innings on the road.  If you are a San Fran fan, plead with the management to go and trade a few prospects for Starting Pitching. 

Ricky Nolasco from Miami, and/or James Shields should be on your hit list.  I think their best baseball in 2013 is yet to be player, but they have to shake it up.

13.  Baltimore Orioles 31 – 25 (9)  The O’s are the biggest mop bucket team out there.  Buck Showalter is weaving his magic wand yet again.  Chris Davis is the most unbelievable surprise of the MLB so far this year.  He has a 2013 3 Slash Line of – .354 (2nd AL)/.738 (1st AL)/1.178 (1st AL), with 19 HRs (1st in AL) and 51 RBI (2nd in AL). 

Oh yeah… he has clubbed 37 Extra Base Hits after you add his 18 Doubles to the mix.  The guy is on pace for a 50 HR and 50 Double Season. Considering his achievements, with the steady contributions from Adam Jones (.318, 11 HRs and 37 RBI) and Nate McLouth (.300, 36 Runs and 18 SB), it is shame the club has wasted these efforts in the last month with a .500 mark.

 Jim Johnson has crash landed – and their Starters have regressed.  This is  a tough AL East, where I think Baltimore will finish in 4th (just outside the playoff bar in the AL).

14.  Washington Nationals 28 – 28 (10)  There are just years in baseball where the best team just doesn’t have anything break their way.  It is almost as if the baseball gods were striking down heavy thunder for the club shunning the ‘normal’ rules of baseball – by shutting down a perfectly healthy Stephen Strasburg for the playoffs in 2012. 

I though all along this would bite them in the rear in 2013, however i never envisioned them hovering around .500.  Bryce Harper is on the DL, Ryan Zimmerman can’t make a throw from 3rd Base and Jayson Werth can’t stay on the field.  Gio Gonzalez has regressed. 

I think the club missed the veteran leadership of Mike Morse more than what has been said.  2013 may not be their year.  They are lucky they reside in the NL East.  If they can figure out some of these problems, they do have an easier schedule than a lot of other NL Teams.

15.  Cleveland Indians  30 – 25 (17) The ‘Tribe’ rode a nice 16 – 11 month behind the strong pitching effort from Justin MastersonUbaldo Jimenez may be getting right in a Cleveland uniform at the most opportune time.  The club is capable of exploding on any team with their hitters. 

They should try and trade Asdrubal Cabrera for an additional Starter to help the cause.  At this point, the club needs more pitching.  The franchise is unlikely to resign him – and he has turned his campaign around, hitting for a .288/.333/.833 Slash over the last 28 days. 

Jason Giambi is putting forth some key blows for clutch hits.  Losing Chris Perez for an extended period of time will hurt.  The team will receive a heavy does of Twins, Royals and White Sox to feast on in the second half. 

They have a nice punchers chance to make the playoffs.

16.  Colorado Rockies 29 – 27 (14)  The Rox only went 11 – 13 over the last month – yet they are still only 2.5 Games Back of the Division Leading Arizona Diamondbacks.  When you have Troy Tulowitzki healthy all year, your team has the outside chance of an incredible hot streak (like 2007 and 2009 Rockies did). 

If you are the other clubs in the National League, it is right about now you wish the team was 10 – 15 Games under .500.  Jorge De La Rosa has provided great stability in the Stating Rotation. 

You add Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler (Coors Field Sluggers) and a streaky Michael Cuddyer – then lookout.  Rex Brothers is anchoring a Bullpen that is getting it done. Colorado is like the aging fighter and can throw that lethal surprise roundhouse punch.

17.  Los Angeles Angels 25 – 31 (23) The Angels just finished a 14 – 11 span that included an 8 game winning steak.  However, they split against the slumping Dodgers in a 4 game stanza, before being schooled by AL cellar dweller Astros in the last 2 games.  Seriously?? Angels, you were riding an 8 game Win streak – and then you go 2 – 5 this week?  Weaksauce.. 

Josh Hamilton has authored a 365 day 3 Slash Line of .238/.319/.843 with 30 HRs and 89 RBI in 154 Games Played and 180 Strikeouts.  Congrats to you Mr. Hamilton, you are now in the Dan Uggla type conversation. 

The only thing worse than looking at the 5 YR/$133 MIL contract is Albert Pujols (.243/.317/.726) struggling to walk down the street – while yielding a 10 YR/$242 MIL deal.  Unless these guys pick it up, sayonara “Angels!”

18.  San Diego Padres 26 – 29 (27) The ‘Pods’ have gone 13 – 11 in their last 24 Games Played – and since a 2 – 10 start, the club has authored a 24 – 19 span. 

The San Diego team is an underrated bunch with inconsistent players.  If Carlos Quentin can stay on the field, and avoid charging the mound, the club may stick around all year.  They are only 5 Games behind Arizona. 

Huston Street is on the 15 Day Disabled List.  This will give Luke Gregerson a chance to win the Closers role in my view.  Huston Street may be part of a Trade Deadline moves.

19.  Philadelphia Phillies 26 – 30 (21)  Domonic Brown clubbed 13 HRs in May – giving the franchise some promise for the future.  However, this may have also given the fans a false sense of competitiveness. 

The team always seem to get right near .500 – before receding back a bit.  Cliff Lee is light outs right now.  Cole Hamels, where have you been since signing your deal?  Delmon Young hitting 5th – really Charlie Manuel

This is the last kick at the can for the Philly team for the next several seasons – what does Ruben Amaro Jr. do?  Maybe a cupcake upcoming schedule will bring the club back into the race in the NL East. 

Philly should be thanking its collective gods, that the Nats haven’t taken the world by storm, and that the Braves are prudent to slumping in between torrid streaks.

20.  Chicago White Sox 24 – 29 (22)  Lets see, the team finally reaches .500 for the year at 24 – 24, before the Cubs come in obliterate the Southsiders.  A 2 game losing streak ensues to the A’s. 

It is going to be a long season South Chicago.  I will say this every rankings, for the love of god, will you please take Adam Dunn (.180/.305/.689) in 1132 Career Games for the Pale Hose.  Mr. Dunn, you are the new generations Rob Deer.  Love the 12 HRs, but not at expense of a 200 + SO season in which your OBP is .245. 

The franchise should try and sell high on Alex RiosJake Peavy would be another great trade candidate. 

21.  Los Angeles Dodgers 23 – 31 (18)  I would be paying fans to carry signs that last year the Oakland Athletics were 23 – 32 – before reeling off 71 – 36 final 107 Games Played. 

Maybe with Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp hitting the DL, we will see Yasiel Puig man up to take the club on his back.  Either that, or we will be watching the all ex – Major Leaguer’s son brigade last year with Dee Gordon, Scott Van Slyke, Jerry Hairston Jr and Tony Gwynn Jr. 

What, Eric Young Jr and Will Venable weren’t available to join? Maybe Ken Griffey Jr. has one more streak left in him.  He may have more than 2 HRs in the games that Matt Kemp has played in this year.  It may be the best game seen at Dodger Stadium when it becomes the father son game. 

22.  Kansas City Royals 23 – 30 (10)  Wow.. last time I did one of these rankings, the club was 17 – 10, since then they are 6 – 20.  Can you derailed?  This is so bad for the longest playoff less years streak in the Major Leagues.  So what do they do?  They hired the best player in the franchises history (George Brett) as the teams Hitting Coach.

Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are running out of time.  Maybe they both need some time in the Minors like Alex Gordon once did. 

If they don’t turn it around, they should try to get back some good young players with James Shields.  His value will never be any higher with how well he is pitching right now.  If the bats never come around – it doesn’t matter if they threw out Bret Saberhagen, Mark Gubicza, Tom Gordon (The Flash) and David Cone out there.

23.  New York Mets 22 – 31 (26) How did they fare after a 4 game sweep of the Yankees?  By losing the 1st 2 games to the Miami Marlins.  Matt Harvey, David Wright and the ALL – Star Game will be the best parts about Citi Field in 2013.  Stop playing the crowd meter when Ike Davis hits to drowned out the boo’s. 

Rick Ankiel has hit his 30 AB per team expiry date (Sorry Rick, you know I love you dog, but after clubbing for Houston and New York in your 1st week or so both, you hit the skids.  I am hoping a team like Cincinnati will pick you up as a defensive replacement for Shin-Soo Choo.) 

The Mets rank higher than other teams with similar records, because the NL East has one team over .500 heading into today.  They could string together a couple of wins here or there based on weaker strength of opponent.

24. Minnesota Twins 24 – 29 (24)  The Twins fans can’t be fooled thinking that they have a great shot in 2013.  This is not like past Twins teams that always seemed to get it done down the stretch. 

The Big Baggie in the Outfield advantage has not followed them from the Metrodome to Target Field.  The club should unload Josh Willingham (Tampa) and Justin Morneau (BAL as DH) in order to pick up some more prospects. 

Until their pitching is Major League Level talent, there is no point trying to keep competitive.  They sustained a great 10 year run prior to 2011.

25.  Seattle Mariners 24 – 32 (20)  The M’s loving hanging out in the 4 – 9 Games behind .500 mark.  The club is just not all the way there.  Meanwhile, they look pretty good for signing Jason Bay to a 1 YR/$1 MIL contract (8 HRs in 115 AB). What is good about the Trail, B.C, Canada native, is that he actually walks. 

Please stop using Endy Chavez as your Leadoff Batter!  The club is plagued by several weak hitting positions.

Mike Morse (Detroit) should be traded if they are not within earshot of the Rangers and A’s in a few weeks.  Continue to build through the Draft too.  Time is ticking on Jack Z and Eric Wedge.

26.  Toronto Blue Jays 23 – 33 (25)  Miraculously this team has put forth a .500 effort over the last 24 games at 12 – 12.  They sit 10.5 Games Behind the Boston Red Sox and 8.5 Behind the 2nd WildCard Playoff Bar Team (Yankees). 

There is another problem.  there are 4 teams way ahead of the sole Canadian franchise.  These teams all play each other plenty (where there will be a guaranteed winner every night).  This means that 8 Games deficit is actually more like 16 Games. 

Trade anybody that has an expiring contract this year (Adam Lind and Josh Johnson) – while reloading for 2014.  You have Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Brandon Morrow, Emilio Bonifacio, Maicer Izturis, Melky Cabrera, Brett Lawrie, Colby Rasmus all coming back. 

Make sure you sign patient OBP hitters in the off season – and don’t be afraid to sign another FA Starting Pitcher or two – without a history of arm trouble.

27.  Chicago Cubs 23 – 31 (28)  You may be thinking… The club goes 12 – 11 over their last 23 contests and only 1 spot moved forward.  Their chances to make the playoffs are pretty slim with looking up at St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. 

They must hope to trade exchangeable parts like Carlos Marmol (Atlanta or Cleveland bound), Matt Garza (Yankees Trade Bait), David DeJesus (would Texas come calling?), Alfonso Soriano (Baltimore as a DH?)

28.  Milwaukee Brewers 21 – 33 (19)  The Brew Crew has pulled up lame with a 7 – 16 last 23 games.  All is not lost, you made out incredibly well picking up Jean Segura in the Zack Greinke deal.  Their offense is still scary at times.  Nice for Carlos Gomez to be contributing such fine play.  The pitching… well.. lets not go there.

29.  Houston Astros 19 – 37 (30) The  team has won 4 straight…..Stop the presses.. Chris Carter showing he has 30+ HR prowess – and now Matt Dominguez and Jason Castro also don’t look half bad. 

All of a sudden, they are only 4 Games Behind 14th Place in the AL (Blue Jays).  A 9 – 13 last 22 Games Played is not that bad for this team. 

Trade Bud Norris, maybe Erik Bedard and Jose Veras if you get the chance.  This should be an exciting week with the 1st pick in the Draft.

30.  Miami Marlins 15 – 41 (29)  The Marlins may definitely challenge the Mets all time Loss season before it is all said and done in 2013.  They will gain some relief when Christian Yelich is called up – and Giancarlo Stanton returns to the lineup. 

But that may only offset the team possibly trading Ricky Nolasco, Kevin Slowey, Steve Cishek and Mike Dunn.  They should move these guys to stockpile even more young talent. 

I am amazed the Marlins are drawing even 15 – 20,000 for games this week.  Marcell Ozuna does look like he will stick and I like this Derek Dietrich fellow.

The Triple Play Show will have 5 shows per month.  Each show will be about 1 hour

The Triple Play Show will have 5 shows per month. Each show will be about 1 hour.  Once a Month, I will join them in studio to run the gauntlet of all 30 clubs in the MLB Reports Power Rankings.

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