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Feb MLB Power Rankings/2017 Win Predictions


Last Updated Feb 12, 2017

For a detailed rundown of how I compared some of the teams to other websites click here

Overall MLB Rankings in Parenthesis

American League (1235 – 1195)

AL East (425 – 385)

Boston Red Sox 90 – 72 (4)

Toronto Blue Jays 88 – 74 (9)

Baltimore Orioles 84 – 78 (14)

NY Yankees 83 – 79 (18)

Tampa Bay Rays 80 – 82 (20) Read the rest of this entry

A Look Back On HIs Career With John Halama

Some paths to the major leagues are longer and more winding than others. Just being drafted is far from a guarantee that any success will ensue. Hard work and an ability to take and adapt to instruction are just as important as having raw skill. Left-handed pitcher John Halama knows only too well what it takes to work his way up from a mid-round draft prospect to a successful major league career.


Koufax, Kershaw and the Power of Orthodoxy


Part of the Koufax orthodoxy, of course, is his legend: Retired at 30, at the height of his game, the height of his fame. And then, gone. He never hawked a book, lent his name, or became an autograph factory.Never a hint of scandal, a suggestion of bad behavior. He’d make his Spring Training visits to the Mets or the Dodgers, to see old friends and talk to the kids, and the press covered these casual afternoons like matters of state. Then he’d disappear again, go back to his life. Fifty years of repose; fifty years of grace; fifty years of dignity. Five decades, essentially, of silence. Baseball’s Garbo. All the while, his legend grew, until it overshadowed even his magnificent accomplishments on the mound. He’s not just the best pitcher in Dodgers’ history; he was—is—often mentioned among the greatest handful of pitchers of all time, more monument than man to generations of fans.

The thing is, it’s pretty clear that Clayton Kershaw, not Sandy Koufax, is the best pitcher in the history of the Dodgers’ franchise. READ MORE

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 12, 2017


Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

It is Sunday and time for The Sunday Request.


This is the stupidest idea I have heard of in a while. There are ways to improve baseball that don’t involve starting a runner on second in extra innings.

It is a “Don’t Break What Isn’t Broken” episode of Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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