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Oakland Athletics Top Prospects

Look out for other talents still yet that could emerge on the list in the future. Tyler Ramirez has a strong hitting pedigree and multiple potentially exciting tools just drafted out of UNC. Sandber Pimentel has the brute strength right now that makes his upside relevant. Skye Bolt has worn out his stay on many scouts minds but still has a lot of pure talent to counter that initiative. All in all the Athletics top prospects are in a questionable state with many question marks moving forward. That doesn’t mean that they will not have a significant impact, as the organization is built to support that notion.

Oakland Athletics Top Prospects 2017

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 7, 2017



Atlanta has become a city synonymous with sports suffering, especially after this Super Bowl. Maybe a rebuilt Braves team can turn that around.

It is a George Peach edition of the Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Danny Goodwin: The Most Can’t Miss Prospect of All-Time


Only one player in the history of major league baseball was good enough to be selected first in the draft… twice.  He was chosen ahead of some of the best players in baseball history. And his story shows that extraordinary talent doesn’t guarantee extraordinary success at the Major League level.


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