San Diego Padres Payroll In 2014 + Contracts Going Forward

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I am not going to beat up the Padres in this article.  They have a tough division to contend with and need the new 2016 CBA to provide more of an equal playing field.

Here is some good news, the Padres only be losing 7 guys to Free Agency before the 2015 year, so if the young flock of talent can show some improvement, the future years look good.

Chase Headley, Chris Denorfia, Josh Johnson, Tim Stauffer, Huston Street, Seth Smith and Nick Hundley are up for the open market.  Look for the franchise to trade most of these guys near the Trade Deadline.

Headley’s departure will hurt, but they do have Jedd Gyorko to take 3B.  Joaquin Benoit can easily assume the role of Closer for Steet.

Seth Smith is a PH/4th OF and his replacement should be okay.  Tim Stauffer is a replaceable relief core.

Denorfia is another Outfielder the team cold withstand losing.  The club has Will Venable, Cameron Maybin and Carlos Quentin all for multiple years.

If Johnson pitches well out of the rotation this year he will outprice himself out of SD.

A team 2015 Vesting Option will automatically kick in for next year if Johnson fails to make 7 Game Starts for San Diego, or he may just be adios anyway if he pitchers to well.  This is one to watch for sure.

Best case for the Padres to re-sign him is if he has an average season..

If he is a bust, the team would let him go the route of Edinson Volquez this past offseason.

Hundley will be the second option at Catcher to Yasmani Grandal, so therefore look for the brass to turn down his $5 MIL Team Option in 2015, thus making him a Free Agent.

If there were ever a case to shown how small market teams have a tough time competing with the big market teams, the NL West will soon be a test case for it.

The Dodgers are floating in the $230 – $240 MIL range for the next several seasons, and the Giants are hovering around the $150 MIL plateau and rapidly climbing to keep up with Los Angeles.

The D’Backs have broached the $100 MIL barrier, and will need every resource to work out as their core becomes more expensive.

The Rockies might only have a payroll just above San Diego, however they have superstars on their team to draw in fans in Troy Tulowitzki.  The fans are still great at attending Coors Field as well.

The small market teams faring well in the last 20 years are the Twins, (2001 – 2009), after several losing seasons (92 – 00).

The Rays (2008 – 2014 version is comprised of a Roster Tree stemming from high draft picks from 1998 – 2007 – when they endured 9 straight losing campaigns, as 71 wins as their watermark for victories in that timespan.

Only the Athletics have bucked the trend (fashioning one of the best top 10 records for the last decade.  This has more to do with Billy Beane doing a phenomenal job more than anything.

When you are being trumped bu a few big market clubs in your Division like San Diego is, it will take a lot of high draft picks, and the other clubs to age with the core players.

San Diego can only afford to carry a payroll ranging from $80 – 95 MIL, therefore their young controllable assets better pan out, otherwise it is curtains for competing in this talented Division.

This squad will live and die with the following players: Andrew Cashner, Yonder Alonso, Jedd Gyorko, Everth Cabrera, Cameron Maybin and Eric Stults.

Also guys that are in their system as top prospects: Austin Hedges, Matt Wisler, Max Fried, Hunter Renfroe and Casey Kelly could really help out by seeing their potential come forth to the big club in spades.

At least San Diego doesn’t have much in terms of long – term commitments.  Quentin is the highest paid guy at 2 YRs more at $18 MIL with a Mutual Option for 2016.

Maybin is in the 2nd year a 5 season pact that has potentially $29.3 MIL left on it.  He will earn $5.1 MIL in 2014, $7.1 MIL in 2016 and $8.1 MIL in 2017 before the team decides on a 2018 Club Option for 2018 worth $9 MIL.

The last of the $20 MIL club is Joaquin Benoit, who inked a 3 YRs contract worth $22 MIL this winter.

Corey Leubke also had his 2nd Tommy John Surgery, effectively causing him to miss the entire 2014 campaign. SD is still on the hook for $3.2 MIL this year – and $5.4 MIL next, although insurance would recoup some of the cash.

Luebke will need to make an incredible comeback in 2015, for this organization to pick up his Team Options in both 2016 and 2017, of $7.5 MIL and $10.0 MIL respectively.

There are a boatload of Arbitration Eligible players in 2015, including Ian Kennedy (3rd and last year before FA), Eric Stults, Everth Cabrera, Tyson Ross, Andrew Cashner, Dale Thayer, Yonder Alonso, Kyle Blanks, Alexi Amarista and Joe Wieland.

This is 9 guys all likely to command nice pay hikes.  The $28.5 MIL on the books already will be significantly jolted skyward after these guys are dotted on new deals.

The Padres could probably make 1 or 2 Free Agent signings in 2015 that would be noteworthy.  Starting Pitching is probably what they would covet the most.

If they do make a trade with Chase Headley, Street and Smith – they should seek more and more hurlers in return.  That is the only way to make it today’s world for San Diego.

Contract Outlook From 2014 – 2016

San Diego Padres Payroll
POS Pitchers
AGE 2014 2015 2016
SP1- Eric Stults 34 $2,750,000 ARB2 ARB3
SP2- Ian Kennedy 29 $6,100,000 ARB3 FA
SP3- Andrew Cashner 27 $2,400,000 ARB2 ARB3
SP4- Cory Luebke 28 $3,125,000 $5,375,000 $7,500,000
SP5- Jason Marquis 34 FA
SP6- Josh Johnson 29 $8,000,000 SIGNED
SP7- Clayton Richard 30 FA
SP8- Robbie Erlin 23 NON-ARB1 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3
SP9- Burch Smith 23 NON-ARB1 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3
SP10- Casey Kelly 24 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3 ARB1
SP11- Joseph Wieland 23 NON-ARB3 ARB1 ARB2
SPS- Tyson Ross 29 $1,980,000 ARB2 ARB3
RHMR- Tim Stauffer 30 $1,600,000 FA
LHMR- Alexander Torres 26 NON-ARB1 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3
RHSU- Dale Thayer 33 NON-ARB3 ARB1 ARB2
RHSU- Nick Vincent 27 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3 ARB1
CL- Joaquin Benoit 36 $6,000,000 $8,000,000 $8,000,000
CL- Huston Street 30 $7,000,000 FA
1B- Nick Hundley 30 $4,000,000 FA
2B- Yonder Alonso 27 NON-ARB3 ARB1 ARB2
SS- Jedd Gyorko 25 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3 ARB1
3B- Everth Cabrera 27 $2,450,000 ARB2 ARB3
LF- Chase Headley 29 $10,525,000 FA
CF- Seth Smith 31 $4,500,000 FA
RF- Alexi Amarista 24 NON-ARB3 ARB1 ARB2
Cameron Maybin 26 $5,100,000 $7,100,000 $8,100,000
C- Rene Rivera 30 NON-ARB3 ARB1 ARB2
1B- Yasmani Grandal 25 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3 ARB1
3B- Tommy Medica 25 NON-ARB1 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3
OF- Will Venable 31 ARB2 ARB3 FA
OF- Kyle Blanks 27 $987,500 ARB3 FA
OF- Carlos Quentin 31 $9,500,000 $8,000,000 $10,000,000
OF- Reymond Fuentes 22 NON-ARB1 NON-ARB2 NON-ARB3
Chris Denorfia 33 $2,250,000 FA
2014 payroll 2015 payroll 2016 payroll
Budget Totals 78269514 28477015 33602016

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