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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 22, 2014

Photo: Mark Kolbe - Getty Images

Photo: Mark Kolbe – Getty Images

I slept through the Major League Baseball opener last night. So did most of Los Angeles.

That’s a problem.

Also the Dodgers better not get cocky about their role in Los Angeles’ hearts.

That and more on today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Clayton Kershaw and Scott Van Slyke added full WOB’s to their total.
Paul Goldschmidt added 1/2 a WOB.

For the updated tally of “Who Owns Baseball” on MLB Reports, Click HERE.

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Who Owned Baseball Yesterday (March 21) – Updated Yearly ‘WOB’ Standings


Gary Vazquez -  USA Today Sports

Gary Vazquez – USA Today Sports

Clayton Kershaw pitched into the 7th inning, letting up one run and walking just won, getting the win for the Dodgers, 3-1.

Scott Van Slyke homered and doubled, leading the way to the Dodgers 3-1 triumph over the Diamondbacks.

Paul Goldschmidt’s 2 hits were in a losing effort for Arizona against Los Angeles in Sydney, but worthy for 1/2 a WOB.

They owned baseball on March 21, 2014.

My explanation for “Who Owns Baseball” can be found HERE.

At the end of the year, we will tally up who owned baseball the most individual days and see how it compares to the final MVP and Cy Young vote.

To view the Yearly Leaders for Who Owned Baseball Standings – Click the READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY ICON OR SCROLL DOWN.

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