Stoking The Fire – Week 7: Bullet Version Of Free Agent Signings + Trades This Winter

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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2014 Winter Transactions

Dodgers Sign SP Dan Haren -1 YR/$10 MIL: Great Depth move for the probable 2014 NL West Division champs!

Rays Sign C Jose Molina – 2 YRs/$4.5 MIL: Great Defensive Catcher, club doesn’t spend a ton either.

Cards Sign SS/OF – Jhonny Peralta 4 YRs/$52 MIL: Hate the PED aspect of this – smart deal for Cards.

Angels Sign RP – Joe Smith 3 YRs/$15.75 MIL: The club still needs 4 more relievers and 3 starters.

Yankees Sign C – Brian McCann 5 YRs/$85 MIL (6th Year Option at $15 MIL):  Great early strike for the Bombers!

Angels and Cards Trade OF Peter Bourjos for 3B David Freese: is Jerry DiPoto high?  Fight at the trainers table next year.

Red Sox Trade for RP Burke Badenhop:  Depth move.

Mets Sign OF Chris Young – 1 YR/$7.25 MIL: Disclaimer – had to have his middle initial B. as to not confuse with the pitcher Chris Young.  Brutal deal – wasting money..

Royals Sign P Jason Vargas – 4 YRs/$32 MIL:  Underrated guy/

Rangers acquire 1B/DH Prince Fielder for INF Ian Kinsler:  Fielder is going to bomb again! Detroit should have waited a year for this one

Padres sign SP Josh Johnson – 1 YR/$8 MIL (with $1.25 MIL for 26 Starts): JJ went to the right place to get right…could be his last stop.

Orioles sign Edgmer Escalona –  1 Year Major League Contract: very minor deal

Indians sign OF: David Murphy – 2 YRs/$12 MIL (3rd year Team Option  $7 MIL): Good depth move, not sure it will work out.

Giants sign SP Tim Hudson – 2 YRs/$23 MIL:  Smart move after declining on Zito.

Rockies sign RP LaTroy Hawkins – 1 YR/$2.25 MIL – Smart move for a Veteran leader to cover Betancourt’s.

Reds sign 2B/OF Skip Schumaker – 2 YRs/$5 MIL: Depth in case they trade Phillips

Phillies sign Carlos Ruiz – 3 YRs/$26.5 MIL: Good deal based on limited Catchers now.

A’s exercise team option on Brett Anderson SP 2014 – 1 YR/$8 MIL: 2015 Team Option is still $12.0 MIL or $1.5 Buyout:  He better pitch good in 2014, otherwise he will be elsewhere in 2015.

Rockies and player exercise Team Option Matt Belisle RP –  1 YR/$4.25 MIL:  Rox will need Bullpen to be solid again.

Athletics Exercise their Team Option on OF Coco Crisp – 1 YR/$7.5 MIL:  Crisp was the underrated MVP of the 2014 year.

Rays sign OF David DeJesus – 2 YRs/$10.25 MIL – 3rd Year Team Option for $4.25: The Rays are always diligent with their FA signings/

Rockies exercise Team Option SP Jorge De La Rosa – 1 YR/$11 MIL: Bounce back year for De La Rosa in 2013, can he duplicate in Denver for 2014?  Hard to do that at Coors Field

Rangers sign RP Jason Frasor – 1 YR/$1.75 MIL:  Rangers Bullpen is a big plus.

Rays exercise Club Option SS Yunel Escobar – 1 YR/$5 MIL – 2015 Team Option is also $5 MIL.  He came up big in the 2nd half – and his deal of one year Team Options falls in Rays way.

Blue Jays exercise Club Option on RP Casey Janssen – 1 YR/$4 MIL:  Great year of a Closer that was missed out because the team was poor.

Yankees sign SS Derek Jeter – 1 YR/$12 MIL:  The Yankees overpaid by $4 MIL, and what is worse, the Team Captain didn’t help them by accepting the deal – in a year of the Luxury Tax.

Red Sox exercised Team Option SP Jon Lester – 1 YR/$13 MIL: No brainer, only too bad for Lester that he wasn’t a FA now.

Athletics sign INF Nick Punto – 1 YR/$3 MIL with a 2015 Team Option for additional $2.5 MIL: An overpay – albeit minor scale – but Billy Beane never makes that many errors.

Royals exercised Team Option 2014 on SP James Shields – 1 YR/$13.5 MIL:  KC sign this guy long – term now

Rangers sign C Geovany Soto – 1 YR/$3.05 MIL:

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