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An Interview With Baseball Superfan And Photographer Jill Marie Workman

Thursday, December.13/2012

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Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

I recently had the privilege to meet Jill Workman on Twitter through a mutual friend.  We started talking about love for the game of baseball and sharing war stories of fandom.  I was extremely impressed with Jill’s devotion to baseball photography.  I think the MLB Fans have a certain rabidness towards the game that is both encompassing and inspirational.  That Jill will spend countless hours, at great individual cost, in order to ply her hobby as a photographer, represents the aforementioned qualities I just spoke of.  After filtering through thousands of her pictures, I wanted the whole baseball community (including our readers) to see her fine work.  I am glad that Jill agreed to do this interview.  There is always a place on this website to express the passionate people who make the MLB the best fans in the World! Read the rest of this entry


Baseball Brought My Daughter And I Closer Than Ever!

Thursday, December.13, 2012

Warner Park is home to the Madison Mallards, a collegiate summer baseball team that plays in Madison, Wisconsin

Warner Park is home to the Madison Mallards, a collegiate summer baseball team that plays in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jessica Jensen (Special Guest Baseball Writer:)

As a parent, your life changes when your child is admitted to the hospital. It was the day before the Fourth of July, the physicians who attended my oldest daughter knew that something was wrong based on her blood work, but no one could tell us exactly why certain levels were elevated. Not knowing why she couldn’t eat or drink in case emergency surgery was needed was terrifying. The Fourth of July at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee is a slow day, so it wasn’t until the fifth that my daughter had an MRI. When she was finally discharged from the hospital, she went home with an osteomyelitis diagnosis, and two full styrofoam coolers of medication. For a while my family joked about the drugs in my refrigerator, my daughter required around the clock IV antibiotics that had to be kept cold. My sister is a nurse, but I’m not, and neither is my husband, so the home health nurse had to demonstrate a lot of things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle.

After the initial shock wore off, I was left with a low energy child who was removed from many activities she enjoyed due to the PICC line in her arm. She couldn’t swim, I was afraid to let her do too much outside, although there wasn’t much running around she could do with her severe limp. During this time, my Twitter friends were amazingly supportive. I had read about the baseball family, but I didn’t feel included in it until I posted tweets about my daughter and her condition. In an effort to get my daughter out, I talked to my sister and brother-in-law. My sister is not a baseball fan, but my brother cheered the Cardinals to victory last year. It was tough, but I decided I would heap coals of fire on his St. Louis roots by inviting him to a college baseball game. Read the rest of this entry

State Of The Union: What’s In Store For The 2013 Chicago Cubs?

Thursday December 13th, 2012


Bernie Olshansky (Baseball Writer):

Needless to say, it has been a dismal last few years for the Chicago Cubs. The last time they made the playoffs, it was 2008 and they were swept in the NLDS. They have not won a World Series since 1908 and do not look like they will be ending that drought anytime soon. The Cubs had a horrible 2012 in which they went 61-101. The record basically tells the story. The Cubs ended up trading Ryan Dempster, a fixture in the Cubs’ pitching staff for the past decade converting from a closer to a starter mid-tenure. In this feature, I will cover what’s ahead for this storied franchise.

For 2013, the Cubs really have not made any improvements. So far, their big offseason signing has been Nate Schierholtz, who was traded from the Giants to the Phillies as part of a package for Hunter Pence. Schierholtz will be joined in the outfield by Brett Jackson, a highly regarded prospect, and Alfonso Soriano. This outfield is not exactly a marquee group, but it will get the job done. Soriano should continue to provide some pop as he has hit 82 HRs in the past three years combined, and Brett Jackson should get on base and drive in runs with his gap-to-gap power. Schierholtz will fit right in with the rest of the lineup. Read the rest of this entry

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