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The Miami Marlins: State Of The Union for 2013 Part 2: The Pitchers

Friday, December.14, 2012

Nolasco might be the the next guy to be traded for more prospects.

Nolasco might be the the next guy to be traded for more prospects.

Nicholas Rossoletti (Guest Baseball Writer and Marlins Correspondent):

Last week, we took a closer look at how it would be possible to revive the Marlins from not only several years of under-performing expectations, but also, how to reinvigorate fans after the latest fire sale which can only be called a public relations disaster of massive proportions for the organization.  In that article, which you can find here , the discussion was focused on the three offensive pieces that would be necessary for the Marlins to begin competing in the near future and bringing fans out to the new ballpark.  While everyone knows that “chicks dig the long ball”, long-term success is ultimately sustained and championships won by consistent, steady pitching.  

The Marlins former championship contenders have always been built on strong starting pitching, whether the 1997 team built on veterans Kevin Brown, Al Leiter, Alex Fernandez and later on, a young Livan Hernandez or the 2003 team with youthful group of Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett, Brad Penny and  Dontrelle Willis.  Since the break-up of the 2003 team, the Marlins have sought a consistent group of pitchers to help bring them back to greatness.  But adjustments, injuries and the failure to develop some talented pieces has led to a long list of failed Marlins starters and lost seasons.  Now the Fish find themselves in the familiar position of having to develop young pitching. Read the rest of this entry


State Of The Union: What The Minnesota Twins Must Do To Compete in 2013

Friday December 14, 2012


Kyle Holland (MLB Reports intern): 

The last few years for the Minnesota Twins had been nothing more than atrocious. They have finished in last place in the AL Central both of the past two season finishing 63-99 and 66-96 respectively. The 2011 season was highly disappointing due to the fact the Twins finished first in 2010. They didn’t have Mauer for a good portion of 2011 due to injury so they were hoping for a strong comeback in 2012. He did not disappoint making the All-Star Game in 2012 and finished with one of the top Avgs in the American League.  Justin Morneau played the majority of the season and is starting to come around offensively.  While the team can’t count on him putting up AL MVP numbers again, he should be average amongst American League First Basemen.

So what exactly do the Twins need to do to get back to their success in the last decade prior to 2011? The simple answer to this question is pitching. Read the rest of this entry

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